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  1. Strawberry Jam Thank goodness she made up her mind to stop by this shop after all. “It’s a small plant, it typically has dark purple flowers before the fruits grow. The fruit itself is what I’m most interested in, they’re called Moon Berries.” Strawberry started walking around the shop, looking at the various plants as she continued. “When the berries are at their ripest, they’re said to glow like the moon.” When she first discovered the patch of berries in the forest, she thought for sure her eyes were playing tricks on her. It was a breathtaking sight, and even if she couldn’t find a way to cultivate them herself she’d be happy just to go take a look at them again. “I’ve never actually gotten to taste them yet, though I’ve heard tales of their flavors.” She began pacing back and forth, “Problem is, they only last a few minutes after being picked. If they’re not prepared immediately, they end up with an incredibly bitter taste.” She made a fake gagging noise to emphasize her point. Just talking about it brought back the memories of her first batch of jam from overripe moon berries, the taste didn’t leave her mouth for weeks. She still regrets not just eating one on the spot, she just had to try to bring them all the way back to cook. “I can’t very well move my kitchen to the Everfree Forest, and I’ve never seen or heard of any other place that can grow them. I was hoping you’d know a bit more about it, or at least know how to grow them closer to Ponyville.” Strawberry stopped pacing and finally turned back to Spring, hoping for a positive response.
  2. Strawberry Jam Judging from the pony's reaction she was in luck after all. Strawberry continued to smile as she made her way completely into the shop, letting the door close behind her. "Oh! Do you have any Platostoma palustre by chance? I've been having the darndest time getting a hold of my own to grow, ever since I tried that dish with grass jelly I've been-" She stopped herself, didn't want to get caught up in this conversation again. Taking a deep breath, she continued, "I was actually hoping to get a bit of advice about migrating a specific kind of rare plant to a more controllable habitat. I haven't seen you around here before so I figured I'd see if you knew anything about it." She took a few steps closer to Spring, extending her hoof as her energetic demeanor returned. "I'm Strawberry Jam, by the way. It's nice to meet you!"
  3. Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam trotted down the streets of Ponyville, her head turning quickly from side to side as she surveyed each of the buildings she passed. She was looking for something specific, a shop she hadn't visited in a while. Sure, the other times she visited she may have stayed a few hours longer than intended, and might have talked about the different ways to make blackberry jam to the point of the owner having to come and insist she leave and not return unless she planned on actually buying something... But today was different! Strawberry may not have the intention to make a purchase, again, but she needed help finding a particularly elusive fruit. The last time she tried on her own it nearly ended in a disaster, and she didn't even manage to bring back the plant in one piece. It turns out just taking it from the forest didn't work as well as she'd hoped, and she couldn't find any info in any of the books she read since then. Today, she was going to ask if any of the nice ponies that worked the shop knew anything about it, if anypony knew it would surely be them! Finally, she found the shop she was looking for. Taking a few steps up to it, she stopped in front of the door. If the owner was in she'd get an earful for coming back without buying anything for sure. Taking a peek through the front window, she looked around for any signs of the pony in question. Thankfully, it seemed today the shop was being run by a pony she didn't recognize, and if her luck was good, somepony who didn't recognize her. Putting on her best smile, she burst through the front door, "Hi! I'm not here to talk about Jam today!"
  4. You can if you'd like! I could start it as well if you wanted, doesn't make much of a difference to me!
  5. I just made a new Earth Pony who runs a small Jam shop out of Ponyville, Strawberry Jam Perhaps she could hear about Spring Rain and see if she would be willing to assist her in finding an elusive and rare fruit in the Everfree Forest to use in a special Jam? Strawberry knows a lot about preparing fruits, but not nearly as much about finding and tending to them as she'd like, so something less high stakes might also work as well.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Strawberry Jam Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Blue (#115986) Coat: Pink (#EA88AC) Mane/Tail: Bright pink with a white stripe (#FF9DFF / #FFFFFF) Physique: Average for an Earth Pony, she wears a set of purple earrings. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Owner of Jams & Jellies, a small shop that specializes in strawberry jam, though does sell jams and some jelly desserts using other fruits as well. Cutie Mark: Jar of Jam with a Strawberry on it. She never had much of a talent for cooking full meals, but had a passion for food nonetheless. After many experiments gone wrong, she settled on making jams from the leftovers of an unsuccessful fruit-based meal. After finding she enjoyed this more, she eventually got her cutie mark in jam making. Unique Traits: Can tell when a fruit is at the perfect ripeness for making it into a jam. History: Born in Manehattan, she lived a relatively unimpressive life until she got her cutie mark. After realizing her talent for jam making would go nowhere in the big city, she moved in with her aunts in Trottingham. There she spent her days learning how to make jams, wine, and various other foods using fruit. Once she was old enough to set out on her own, she started selling her own jams at various events throughout Canterlot. A few years of doing this got her enough savings to open up a small standalone shop of her own in Ponyville. She now runs the shop “Jams & Jellies”, selling strawberry based jams (Strawberry always was her favorite), jellies, and other various goods made with all sorts of fruits. Character Personality: Upbeat and cheerful, Strawberry Jam is always happy to meet new ponies, especially if it means she can further expand her small business. She can sometimes be a bit slow to realize when somepony is avoiding a particular topic, and will over-apologize when she makes a mistake. She loves talking about fruit, and while her main talent lies in Jam making, any kind of preparation that involves fruit and sugar will hold her interest. She’s quick to jump at learning new ways to prepare fruit, even if trying new things not jam related isn’t her strong suit. Character Summary: Strawberry Jam is an upbeat and cheerful pony who runs a small shop, Jams & Jellies, out of Ponyville. She’s particularly skilled in making Strawberry Jam, but enjoys preparing fruits in all sorts of sweet ways.
  7. Amber’s neutral expression gave way to a slight smile hearing Twinkle express such interest in the ancient magic on display, it was nice not being the only pony around who could appreciate this type of thing. She felt a little bad immediately being suspicious of her when she first approached, it seems she was just looking for somepony to talk to about the display. It’s not like there were many other ponies checking out the room of artifacts, it was no wonder she stood out to Twinkle. “Spells?” She thought about it, her favorite spells were hard to pin down. She usually enjoyed deconstructing the spells more than actually casting them, mostly because she wasn’t nearly powerful enough to cast half of them. The ancient magic she enjoyed required… Quite a bit more than an average unicorn could muster on her own. If she had to choose, it would be the specialty of the pony she looked up to, Star Striker. “I really like the way transmutation was used. I’ve read that they used to be able to alter so much more than just simple objects and creatures, there are tales of Star Striker changing the very fate of those around him. To be able to alter not only what you look like, but who you are!” Amber let out a deep sigh, “I was actually hoping to find something more about that in the journal, I’ve been tracking a particular fate transmutation spell down for months now and all the remaining signs point to here. It would be so much easier if I could just go in there and take it, it’s not like anypony would miss it. You and I were practically the only ones who even gave those things the time of day! I bet nopony in this city even cares about the history behind it! I- I uh..” She realized she was standing on the bench, waving her hooves around wildly. Taking a moment to calm down she slowly took her seat again. She closed her eyes and her expression returned to it's normal, emotionless state, “... Sorry about that.”
  8. Amber Shadow Readings? Amber glanced around and looked at Twinkle’s cutie mark. Ah, that made a lot of sense, actually. She knew it was only a matter of time before she started attracting ponies like this with a destiny as catastrophic as hers. Whether she was here to stop or assist her with whatever it was fate told her, it couldn’t hurt to find out. Perhaps she could even get a reading later to help her with her own goals. The mention of the artifacts, and subsequently her special talent, caught her off guard though. “I- Uh..” Not good, if Twinkle knew what Amber was planning, there was a chance the guards were already on their way and she was merely stalling. She might already know about her mark, turning in a pony with a curse like hers would surely- Calm down Amber, not everypony is out to get you. She reassured herself. When Twinkle gestured to her horn, and not her cutie mark, Amber could feel her nerves calming slightly. She wasn’t questioning her about fate or destiny, setting her up, or anything else ridiculous. She was just curious about her horn, something that seemed to catch the attention of a lot of ponies, even if the topic made her uncomfortable. “I do enjoy reading about ancient magic,” Amber replied, sidestepping the true nature of the question. “The way the spells were formed in the old days has always fascinated me.” She let out a sigh, turning away from Twinkle, “I heard they had Star Striker’s journal here, and I was hoping to take a look at some of the spells inside but…” There was no harm in telling her that much, she hadn’t even noticed Twinkle was watching her in the museum so dodging the subject would probably be suspicious. She noticed Twinkle’s ear twitch, and saw her quickly turn to look down the alleyway. Amber didn’t hear, or see, anypony down that way and paid it no mind.
  9. Since there's such a wide range of people who RP here, this is something I was quite curious about. What are your favorite moments (Or scenes) from one of the RP Threads in the WoE RP board? It can be from a thread you started, participated in, or just followed closely but never joined in! If you have one, post a link to the thread / post in question. I'd love an excuse to read up on some of the RPs on here.
  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Gale Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon Eye colour: Blue (#2EB7E6) Coat: Lower Body: Red (#A21F0A), Wings: Dark Red (#821808), Feet: Yellow (#FFB500) Mane/Tail: Brown (#56413D) Physique: Average height for an adult griffon. He has two sets of scars, one over his left eye and the other on his neck. Residence: Small farming village in The Neighples Delta Occupation: Retired Army & Guard, currently a farmer Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: He has years of experience in fighting, though he’s gotten a bit older he can still stand up for himself better than the average griffon in battle. History: He joined the Royal Army when he was young, during which time he was saved by a unicorn, someone he would owe a life debt to. After serving for 10 years, he was able to leave his position and become a guard for a small town in the Neighples Delta. It was during this time that his debt was called on, and he was made the guardian of a young unicorn foal by the name of Amber Shadow. Having no choice, he begrudgingly raised her as his own, and after a few years actually began caring for her as if she was his own child. During his time working as a guard, he had a bad encounter with some other Griffons, to protect Amber, and ended up with two sets of scars from the ensuing fight. After this, he left his position and began working as a farmer, something he believed was more suited to someone raising a foal. Amber would often bring back old books she found, or bought, when she was young. Gale eventually began reading them himself, and found that he quite enjoyed the stories and history many told. He won’t admit to enjoying it, but he loves sitting down and relaxing with a good book. After Amber was old enough, she set out on her own, leaving Gale to live alone again. He continued his work as a farmer, finding himself enjoying the calmer work over being a guard. Character Personality: Standoffish and short tempered to everyone except those he’s closest with. He makes it a point to come off as tough, bragging about his time in battle, or as a guard at every change he gets if he feels he isn’t being respected enough. When it comes to those he’s close with, like family, he’s quick to help. He won’t admit to caring about them directly, and will often make excuses when assisting to make it seem like less of a big deal. He’s more open to kindness from non-griffons after raising a pony as his own child, though he’ll never openly admit it. Character Summary: Gale worked in the Army and in the Guard in his younger years. After an old debt was called in, he raised a young unicorn as his own child. He’s quick to protect those he cares about, and is short tempered to those he doesn’t. He picked up reading as a hobby from Amber, and enjoys sitting down with a good book to relax.
  11. Amber Shadow Startled by the sudden appearance of another pony while she was deep in thought, Amber quickly flipped her notebook closed. She turned to the voice and nearly jumped out of the bench when she found herself face to face with the peach colored unicorn. She scooted back some, putting at least a little more distance between the two of them. When did she sit down here? She looked down at Twinkle's extended hoof, then back up to the unicorn. Hesitating, she slowly reached her own hoof out to shake. "Amber." Thinking about it, there wasn't much reason for anypony to approach her in this city other than to sell her useless trinkets, and she certainly didn't recognize Twinkle Dawn's name. If all she wanted was to sell her something, she was out of luck, "I'm sorry, I don't have the bits to buy any souvenirs."
  12. Placeholder Characters Amber Shadow RPs When in Roam, do... A heist? Strawberry Jam Gale
  13. Amber Shadow Roam, a beautiful city on the far eastern shore of Equestria. Being so far from Canterlot, not many ponies from the Heartland bring it up in day-to-day conversations, but you wouldn’t guess that from the number of ponies in the bustling streets. Amber only just arrived the day before, but she was already sick of it. Not of the city itself, no, there was more than enough history to keep her interested. The thing that bothered her were the ponies themselves, couples acting all lovey-dovey as far as the eye could see. Roam may have once been the trade capital of Equestria, but now it was no more than a tourist destination for lovers. It wasn’t all bad, she supposed. The constant stream of tourists guaranteed that the city was well kept. Libraries and museums full of ancient trinkets and tomes were dotted throughout the city, something that wouldn’t be possible without the constant influx of visitors. And even better, nopony seemed to stare at her much, considering her slightly unusual appearance. They were much too focused on staring lovingly at their partner to even watch where they were walking, occasionally bumping into another couple from time to time. She let out a quiet groan of distaste, none of this was appealing in the slightest. Pushing her way past the swarms of lovestruck couples, she made her way to the largest museum in the city. Inside were hundreds of various artifacts, jewels, books, and other significant pieces of Roam’s history all on display for anypony to see. After many weeks of searching, she was certain the book she was looking for was on display at this very moment. Amber made her way into the museum, nodding politely to the guard as she walked through the entrance checkpoint. The museum was run by the city itself, and with her funds running worryingly low, the free entry was a blessing. She trotted past dozens of art exhibits; Statues, paintings, sculptures, there was just so much art here. Too much art if you asked her. Finally, she found herself in a relatively unoccupied wing of the museum, “Ancient Tomes and Artifacts.” Seems the ponies of the city weren’t as interested in magic and history as they were in the art that was ever prevalent. She walked up to each item on display; they were, of course, protected by a magic-nullifying glass case. Not powerful enough to stop magic entirely, but enough to prevent any curious onlookers from accidentally activating an artifact. Finally, she stopped in front of a display with an old, worn out book. The book was closed, and the title on the front was faded with time, but the plaque was very clear on exactly what this tome was. “Star Striker’s Journal.” She whispered to herself, nearly pressing her face against the glass to get a closer look at it. ‘Ugh, why couldn’t it have just been in the library?’ She thought to herself, there wasn’t even a reproduction copy in circulation, so the only way to read the contents inside was to actually read this book. She knew they wouldn’t just give up an important piece of the city’s history to anypony who asked, so that was out of the question. She took a step back, looking around the display room. There were plenty of other artifacts that held some actual power in here, assuming they weren’t replicas, any attempt to take something from the museum would surely be met with more force than she could handle on her own. Just her luck, she finally got a proper lead on the spell she was looking for and she wouldn’t even be able to see it through. Letting out a deep sigh, she turned around and walked the winding journey back outside the museum. Moving past the various ponies trying to sell her trinket and baubles on the streets, she eventually found herself in a quieter part of the city. She needed to think, and the heart of Roam was no place to do so. Finding a bench, she sat down and pulled a small notebook from her saddlebag. If she was going to get her hooves on that book, there was only one way to do it. She would have to steal it. Though, she had very little experience as an actual thief, and certainly didn’t know the museum well enough to get away with it. As much as she hated to admit it, she would need help. Relying on others wasn’t really her thing, but she knew her own limits, and this was certainly well beyond her. She jotted down a few notes about the museum, and checked her funds again. She grimaced when she saw how pathetically little money she had at the moment, she was hoping to get through Roam without taking on any jobs.
  14. Thanks! I look forward to RPing with the folks here as well. I'm not the best at art, I can't draw nearly as good as I want but I know all I really need to do is practice, practice, practice. Speaking of practice, feel free to hmu in DMs here or Discord about a pony you'd particularly like some art of. I can't promise anything quality, but I can give it a shot!
  15. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Amber Shadow Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Purple (#ae3df4) Coat: Amber Orange (#f4983e) Mane/Tail: Amber’s mane and tail are pale blue (#4a77a7). They both have a lot of volume, so she likes to keep them at a medium length, never letting her mane get long enough to touch her back. Physique: Amber’s a bit taller than the average pony, with a slightly longer and bent horn. She also wears two electric blue earrings in her left ear. Residence: No permanent residence, traveler. Currently in The Foothills of Equestria, Roam. Occupation: Amber doesn’t stick with a single job, to fund her travels and search for spells she will often take up odd-jobs in any town she passes through. She prefers to do jobs she can utilize her magic for, but anything will do as long as she can get paid in the end. Cutie Mark: Three blue triangles, stacked on top of eachother. The symbol is a representation of ancient magic (Not necessarily powerful magic, just old), as she has a special talent in understanding and using magic from before her time. As of now, however, she does not realize this. Due to a legend, many mistranslations over hundreds of years, and an event that took place when she was a Filly, she believes her cutie mark to be a curse. She got her cutie mark while practicing magic when she was young, unknown to her, a much older spell than she thought. The spell itself wasn’t powerful or important, but when neither her nor her parents were able to figure out what her cutie mark meant an expert was called in. The expert explained that the symbol matched an ancient symbol representing the ruin and destruction of kingdoms, and that Ember would bring nothing but pain and destruction to the world (This, of course, was not true in the slightest. She was no more powerful than anypony else and was not destined for anything great or evil like this). Fearing the worst, her parents sent her off to an old friend who owed a favor, a griffon, to be raised away from ponykind. Unique Traits: Amber has a knack for understanding and breaking down ancient spells and magic. If she is unable to cast a spell on her own, she can usually break the spell down into small steps. Even if the spell won’t produce the same result, the smaller spells can still be useful. History: Growing up, Amber lived a fairly unordinary life. She was always a little less outgoing than other ponies, but had no problems making plenty of friends. Things changed drastically for her when she got her cutie mark, which was incorrectly labeled as something representing the destruction of kingdoms (It was, in fact, just an old symbol representing magic itself. The misunderstanding stemmed from magic being used for wrong over hundreds of years and being misunderstood in the translations). As a result of the cutie mark misunderstanding, she was sent to live with an old acquaintance of her father’s, a griffon. It was difficult for her as a filly to live in an area where there were not only no ponies, but ponies were seen as much lesser beings. Because of this, she ended up spending lots of time on her own, sometimes spending days out of the town before returning. She also hid her true feelings about things as best as she could during these years, nothing good came of giving your opinion to the griffons where she lived. Once she was old enough to properly set off on her own, she happily left the griffon town and began traveling throughout Equestria to search for a way to rid herself of her cursed cutie mark. She spent many years searching for modern magic that could do this, but would always come to the conclusion that nothing like that exists in the current day. She turned to ancient magic, studying up on Old Ponish as well, and began experimenting with spells much older than her. She may have been able to understand ancient magic, but that didn’t always mean she was powerful enough to properly cast it. During a particularly rough financial time for her, she rushed through creating a spell she believed would be able to at least partially hide her mark. Instead, the spell misfired and nearly broke her horn. Luckily she was only left with a bent horn, and her magic was untouched. After this close call, she took more care to understand what she was getting into. After years of travel, and meeting many different ponies from all over Equestria, she finally started opening up more to friendship. It didn’t go well for her at first, but even though she never stuck around in one place for too long she ended up making a few close friends she writes to. Making friends that don’t judge her for her cutie mark has helped boost her self-esteem, to the point where most days she completely forgets about her original goal of erasing her own mark and instead simply enjoys parsing through spells. In the back of her mind, she still remembers the things that were said to her years ago, and fears that one day she will cause some horrible event to happen. She still doesn’t fully understand her own cutie mark, and she’s too afraid to seek out the answers herself. Character Personality: When first meeting her, she often comes off as dull, or boring. However, if a conversation turns to something she likes, she could go on about it for hours. It usually only takes one or two conversations for her to start opening up more. She’s quick to give her opinion on things, though she’s learned to hold back a little and tries not to overstep and insult others with thoughtless remarks on things she doesn’t care for. When she’s stressed, or needs to clear her mind, she will often go hiking in the wilderness, going through spell formulas in her mind. Character Summary: Amber Shadow is a unicorn. When she was younger her cutie mark was mistaken for a curse of destruction and despair when it was in fact an ancient symbol representing magic. Because of this she was sent to live with griffons for her younger years. After this, she spent years traveling Equestria searching for a spell to rid her of her ‘cursed’ cutie mark. Making friends along her journey has helped her slowly begin to forget her original goal, and she’s more able to simply enjoy researching ancient magic.
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