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  1. So I was lying awake and for some reason this place for stuck in my head. I can't sleep, so I thought I might as well dig it up. I can't believe it's still going with so many familiar names! Hello blasts from my past!
  2. It's always nice to just know that you got looks good enough to hit on.
  3. I for one, welcome the face of terror into my happy place. I'm sure it'd like some tea.
  4. I'm in the middle of moving, so all my costume stuffs are in a box somewhere. Darn, my job is the perfect place to really wear something terrifying, too.
  5. Speak of the devil and he'll outsource me to come. Things settled, so I should be around a bit now, bit I've eaten those exact words many times.
  6. I thought I'd drop by a bit and saw the banner. First renaming the spam forum then all those recognisable faces at the top. It's leaking out of control!
  7. I feel you Rosie. I have 25 8 year olds 8 - 4 then rehearsal 5 - midnight. Every day this week.
  8. Still could be sexual if you're into that kind of thing. I'm sure someone has a thing for remakes.
  9. Farewell and good luck in your travels!
  10. So it actually sounds like other players are in relation to you in game (left/right, quieter the further apart your characters are)
  11. You can do it like me and have a hugely modded server for roleplay, complete with positional voice chat. My computer hates me for it.
  12. He does the dance in that video, so yes, he is epic here.
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