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  1. I'll tell you now, the thing just runs into wall keeps trying to hide in the corner. It now sits in a box in the shed. Thank god I got it cheap in a yard sale.
  2. And a fine hello to you, too. And not so rough next time, kay?
  3. Heeeeeeeey Fawkes!! Too long, mate. Also, Rose....WHAT THE #%@&
  4. It happened before... This thread will never die.
  5. I feel my comment works great in either context.
  6. Are you the only assistant teacher? Cause 15-20 is a decent but challenging amount.
  7. This is the only place I know that I can pop in then find myself lying on the floor. Turns out my feet both flop towards the outside, so I look like I'm in a ballet second position.
  8. Sounds about right. I couldn't even make it, but somehow that all makes sense.
  9. I guess I'll get changed for the season, too
  10. Well Nasty, I will admit to tapping along to the song.
  11. Guess I won't be playing Undertale, anymore. Thanks.
  12. People may laugh at this comment, but I believe it.
  13. The things I unknowingly do for people now includes dancing on stage in a Speedo. Good to know.
  14. I think just go with a few patio umbrellas stacked up to look like a tree
  15. Wow. That is quick. Unless you're on dial up.
  16. I just realized Patch gave the same argument a lot more eloquently.
  17. But they need food to regenerate the liver? Why not just eat the food?
  18. I'm down. All this girl talk isn't for me. But the cucumber has got me interested.
  19. I was going to join in this conversation, but I think I'll just leave you guys to your virtual girls.
  20. I'm a fan of the animations and comics, but haven't actually touched the game.
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