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  1. Not sure how to do this... I can't find anything to help me, but how do I give this a Final tag to get this approved? Never mind. Found it.
  2. I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, it's just don't find it as good as several other things.
  3. Started on DeviantArt. "What in the world? What's all this art of Dr Who as a pony? This has to be good." Found his scene on YouTube and fell in love with Apple Bloom. Gave the full show a look. Found myself sometime past midnight finishing the final episode of season 1. If there was any sort of doubt about my love of ponies now, they were banished as soon as the first episode of season one came out. The last thing I said before finally deciding I was truly a Brony was: "Is that... Q!!!!!!"
  4. Thanks for the support about coming out as a Brony, guys. I'm working on it.
  5. Edit: Forgot all about the glasses, and added a picture.
  6. Name: Page Turner Sex: Male Age: Stallion (22) Species: Earth Pony Coat Color: Light Brown/Yellow (HTML: e5ba82) Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: A mess of ling unkempt brown hair adorns both the head and flank (HTML: 5d4d18) Eye Color: A dull blue Cutie Mark: An open book Physique: Slightly well built in the legs, due to so much walking. Noticeably shorter then the average pony, but not in any hindering way. Has horrible eyesight, so he has to wear glasses all the time. Origin: Born in Hoofington, but doesn't live in any particular spot, traveling Equestria, sleeping in his wagon, or an inn. Does spend a lot of time in Appalosa, though, and considers that to be the closest thing to a home. Roleplay Type: Mane Occupation: Book peddler. Mainly deals with rare tomes and manuscripts. Motivation: A desire to learn. Travels to learn about Equestria and it's inhabitants. Reads to learn anything else. A bit like Twilight Sparkle, except with a much more active approach. Likes: Books, fillies and colts, a good nights sleep, new discoveries, major events, magic, stories, anypony willing to lend a hoof, a good laugh Dislikes: Large amounts of sweets, closed minds, sad ponies Character Summary: Let's see here... I'm not that great at talking about myself... I grew up in Hoofington, and came out top of my class there. I discovered my cutie mark after a geography lesson. I promptly went to the library and began reading up on all the different races (the zebra culture had me enthralled) and locations throughout Equestria. My parents found me asleep in a book with a fresh cutie mark on my rump. After graduating, I set out to expedience the world for myself, taking a large amount of books with me. After seeing the sights, I began to run low on bits, and once in Appalosa, I was forced to sell some of my beloved books. But the mare I sold them to had a few rare books of her own, which I bought off of her, and managed to sell to someone else for a higher price. That was the start of what is now a mobile bookstore I pull around. This bookstore is my life. It keeps me from having to stay in any one place, and often has that one book somepony's looking for. The joy in their eyes is worth everything to me. I also have a small section in the back dedicated to picture books and bedtime stories. Fillies and colts have always held a special place in my heart, probably from being so close to my little brother. I have played many a game of tag and make believe (I've been the star of several tea parties), and I always host a story-time outside my wagon everywhere I go. Even if you're a fully grown pony, you can always count on me to do whatever I can to help out. All you have to do is ask or act like something's really wrong. I'm always willing to make new frinds that I can sit down with and laugh the night away. I always work my schedule around major events, such as the summer sun celebration, as they're great for business, as well seeing a glimpse at all the different cultures of Equestria. The few times I actually stop for a while, I usually spend the days trying to live like a normal resident, and the nights reading any new books I've obtained recently. I've become enthralled with the subject of magic and done a considerable amount of research on it, mainly the prospect of earth ponies having some sort of magic. A strong supported of performers, I always loved a good show, be it magic tricks or a play. Sorry if I'm a little random with my monologue. The only time I can make a sold speech is with lots of research. And I don't think anypony's written about me, so who would I cite? Image made using Pony Creator
  7. Thanks! I read the rules before signing up (I'm just that type of person), so I'm almost ready to go. Can't wait.
  8. Thanks everypony. I look forward to my time here.
  9. About myself.: I'm a programmer from Australia. I enjoy toys far more then an adult respectfully should, but this makes me a favorite among kids. My free time is usually spent doing things film related (editing, animating) or preforming onstage (preferably Shakespeare). I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and love Back to the Future, Star Trek, Dr Who, Firefly, and many many more. A bit of a closet brony, only just started coming out when I found out my friends are into the show, too. How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: Equestria Daily How did you became a fan of FiM?: Was looking at Dr Who art, and came across Dr Whooves. Everything went nuts from there. My one favourite main cast pony?: AppleJack I guess this is my first post here. Hello everyone. I always enjoy a good bit of role-playing and have been looking for a good MLP site to do so. Obviously, I found it. Not much more to say, as my personal explanation covers almost everything you could know about me. So.... yea. Hi.
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