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  1. Why not both. I've been at work all day until late, but that don't stop me dressing up.
  2. And so it was decided the role would go to dreamysunday, on a day that historians would soon forget about, only to be discovered by a grad student writing a thesis for his doctorate in Meh (Meme and Entertainment History) in a dusty filing cabinet in the back.
  3. Well great. Now I'm drooling. I'm going to need to buy something sweet before I go nuts.
  4. Alrighty then. I'll play. Middle Name: The (but really Jack) Pets: Noname the beta fish (pronounced No-na-mae) Favorite Food: Australian Curry Meat Pie Favorite Song: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy Relationship Status: Just me and the fish Yes or No: Maybe Favorite Color: Phlox (yes it's real) Favorite Movie: The Emperor's New Grove Favorite Anime/Cartoon: Gravity Falls Favorite Television Program: Stargate Atlantis Not-favorite Color: Neon green Favorite Holiday: Christmas Number of Siblings: 2 Pet Peeve: Eating loudly Biggest Mistake: Letting my roommates clean and cutting the returned deposit in half. I once dressed up as a: time traveler from '85 Most grievous injury: Road rash all along one side Special talent: Comedic timing Current underwear color: Union Jack Current sock color: None Current hair color: Brown Favorite foreign country: Canada Favorite Animal: Tasmanian Devil Is Pemby considered "cute?": Eh...? Blood - exciting or gross? Depends on why it's visible Favorite Weather: Sunny, but cool and crisp enough to go for a walk Least Favorite Weather: Cold and overcast, and not raining Favorite Season: Spring Visited other countries? Which ones? Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, China Favorite Pokemon: Eevee Favorite Fruit: Avocado Short term life goal: Graduate Long term life goal: Successfully integrate art and engineering into a job I enjoy. Milk choice: Chocolate
  5. Or we could all just watch Bee Movie. I think that's an option. Edit: so is Angie's
  6. Did someone say something about punishing Davroth?
  7. 12:45am The fishtank filter in the room over is very loud with it's splashing. The breeze stopped coming in, so the room started to get stuffy. I am out of brownies. I should probably sleep, but television. I swat a mosquito, for I am not one.
  8. Now I really miss the ability to insert flash...
  9. Awww. I won't be able to be here. Happy late birthday, anyway. Have a drink on me.
  10. This is an opinion I will also stand behind 100%.
  11. Because critics can't just watch a film for a fun time. I enjoyed it for a bit of mindless entertainment.
  12. It did once, for quite a while. *shudders* Anyway, work decided I wouldn't be allowed the free time to peruse the place for a week. Anything happen, other then what seems to be an argument over color theory?
  13. I can get behind that motto. See, there I am. Hiding behind the "D".
  14. The chair. It comes. Make sure to keep your arm, legs, tails, and assorted limbs within the armrests at all times. It looks like a bumpy ride.
  15. And the darkness becomes not something to cower from, but a guiding tunnel. Something that makes the light that much easier to find. It's shown you the brightness. You just have to go get it.
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