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  1. "O my I really must say, you really know how to steal the day", Zecora said to the show pony landing in front of her. "Now if you can kindly show me the way, to how I can pick up my good I need". Zecora looked on with excitement at the show pony, hoping to be lead to somewhere to grab all the things on her list.
  2. (( Sorry been so long but holidays plus some work kept me busy, but back to normal now)) Ramble wiped his face as he had some bread left on it, "Tell you what you interesting pony, do well enough with your missions and I just might personally shout you a chiropractor pony for your needs".
  3. (( Sorry been so long but holidays plus some work kept me busy, but back to normal now)) Zecora smiled at Ollie as she came up with an idea, "Tell you what my little colt, why don't you and I bolt off. With two of us looking for a shop, we should be able to come out on top". Zecora motioned for Ollie to join her, as she wanted some company in this big city of Canterlot. "Since you would know this city better then me, reckon you could show me. Maybe we could start at the markets, I must fill these baskets", Zecora said again smiling at Ollie.
  4. (Your fine I changed it to PM first once got a few players) "Well well well what do we have here standing in front of me, why it is two very young and full of energy ponies", Zecora said as meeting a few ponies who actually talked to her put a smile on her face. Zecora looked over both colts with pure delight as she finally got to chat with a few ponies, ever excited that she might now be able to ask for some help. By where were her manners, Zecora thought as she was yet to introduce herself to the two young colts. "O and silly me for today, I didn't even say howdy", Zecora stated with a smile on her face. "My tribal name is indeed Zecora, it rivals my stylish main in which it stands for. I am indeed a not a pony as you can plainly see, from where I come from we mainly have zebras", Zecora said holding her head up proudly. "Now I wish to ask a favor of you both, seems my task in this city it to great, maybe with some guidance from you I can finally follow through with my plans to complete my list", Zecora said showing the colts a list of rare herbal plants and flowers she needed to collect.
  5. "Well in most cases you would have to under go a 3 month training course, then go on a mission supervised by a council member to prove you got the chops to handle what we ask you to do", Ramble said finishing up his meal. "But in some cases like yours we will grant special privileges to gain access, as you have proven beyond a doubt you got what it takes to be a member".
  6. "Glad ya asked mate", Ramble said as the food arrived, as Ramble had a slice of jelly cake put in front of him and a drink of apple juice. "As a member of the Venture League, you will be working with other members to complete missions set by clients that need our specialty help. Every time you accept a mission as part of a team, you will get the equipment and supplies you need, and a percentage of the clients fee", Ramble said half enjoying his cake. "So in short we work on a mission based system, with small teams taking on client missions, and all sharing in the rewards of said mission".
  7. Zecora walked into a flower shop, hoping to find some of the items on her list she needed. “Good morning and welcome to Sunflowers, home of the best flowers in Canterlot”, the store owner said, as she was behind the counter watering some flowers. “Good morning miss I hope today you can help me as I’m in a bit of a twist, I need to procure all the items on my list”, Zecora said showing the list to the pony behind the counter. The pony behind the counter took the list and had a look at it for a moment, “I’m sorry err” the flower merchant looked puzzled for a second. Zecora noticed the look on her face, and was none to happy that she couldn’t tell she was a zebra. The sweat was pouring the face of the flower merchant, “Listen I’m sorry I don’t got any of the flowers on your list, most of these I have not even seen or are extremely rare”, she said handing back the list to Zecora. “I see so nothing unique I can get from this Boutique, well I will be on my way then”, Zecora said walking out of the store a little disappointed. Zecora walked out of the shop and again into a big starring crowd of ponies, who could not help but look at her with fear or curiosity. Zecora trotted off with her empty bags and went around the corner, in search of more shops.
  8. “Wonderful let’s go, I know a great little café in town that does great salads”, Ramble said really excited. Maybe a little to excited as he was really egger to have a chat Finder, and try and convince him to join the Venture League. “Clover I will drop by your shop tomorrow on our way out and sort your fee out”. “Yup no problem thanks again Ramble for the help, and thanks Finder, drop by my shop anytime for favour”, Clover said as she walked off with her bags full. About an hour later Ramble, Clover, Vim and Finder were at the café, ordering their meals to eat. “Ok so Finder let me get strait to the point”, Ramble said handing the menu back to the waiter. “Your skill at finding things is second to none, I have not seen someone who can find things as great as you can. So I would love if you joint the Venture League, your skills in finding things objects is just to good to pass up. Loads of team leaders will want you to join them on grand adventures, not to mention myself”. “Some of the great benefits include all the equipment you can access, plus lodging at many of our houses around Equestria, not to mention all your expenses paid for. You can still run your own business if you wish, as going on missions is an optional choice not an order, so you can work what ever missions you need into your lifestyle”.
  9. Zecora was so happy, and really ready for what was to come today. As Zecora could see Canterlot in the distance, today was going to prove interesting indeed. Zecora was not 100% sure on this point, but it could be the first time any zebra had been in Canterlot. But for Zecora the chance to see how things in Canterlot worked was a golden opportunity. Heads turned, ponies gazed and a few ponies dropped what was in their mouths, as all were stunned to see what was coming down the street. Zecora walked into Canterlot with a little bit of doubt, Zecora knew that she would turn a few heads, but not all of them. “What is this I see, every single pony is looking at me, seems I can’t go about my shopping in peace”. Zecora was in town to do some shopping for ingredients she needed, most of which were rare herbs and plants she could not acquire in the Ever Free Forest. So Zecora was going to spend a day or two in Canterlot, she also wanted to see the capital of the ponies, as this could prove to be a valuable cultural exchange. But with every pony starring at her like this, could she do anything normal in Canterlot. Well Zecora is about to find out as she starts heading for the shops, to start gathering all the items on her list.
  10. Ramble smiled upon hearing the good news of a second way out of the Ever Free Forest, which did not involve going through those tigers again. “Wow I must say Finder you are incredibly resourceful, and your uncanny talent for finding things is the best I have seen in a long time”, Ramble said with a smile on his face. “Ok ponies roll out, follow Finder and let’s blow this forest”, Ramble said as he pointed to Finder who was leading the way. It took about another 3 hours, but all 4 ponies came out of the forest in close proximity to Ponyville. Ramble tapped Finder on the shoulder, “Say Finder what ya say to dinner tonight and a nice bed to sleep, call it a favour for helping us. You can eat all you can handle on me, and I would love to chat with you about a few things over dinner”, Ramble said with the world’s biggest smile on his face.
  11. Ramble thought for a second, “Hmm you might have a good point there, let’s hope what ever animal you’re following loves this plant enough to visit more of them”. “Actually no we don’t need to go any further into the forest”, Seed Shore said looking pretty pleased with a double sack full of the plants she needed. “You sure Clover, we can keep going we got some daylight left”, Ramble stated as he really wanted to see more of Finder’s skill. “Ya I’m sure any more and it will go off before I can use it all, this much will last me a year, this plant can’t last any longer then that, even with air tight pressure sealing”. “Ok then lets get the hey out of here, those savage tooth tigers don’t normally give up that easily”, Ramble said with a little concern. Ramble pulled out his map, while some of the other ponies check their bags and equipment, “Ok I know this is normally my area of expertise, but sometimes I just can’t make out where I am specially in some unknown area of the Ever Free Forest”, Ramble said scanning his map and using his compass. Ramble was thinking and looking around when it hit him, “Say Finder reckon you could follow our paths we made to come in here and guide us out of the forest?”
  12. I watch random episodes here and there, plus watch the whole thing through about once every 2 or 3 weeks. As I work on my computer form home watching an episode while I work, is something I enjoy.
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