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  1. I'm pretty sure the desaturation wasn't in-universe and was mostly for the viewer.
  2. This was another episode that displays the current protagonists are running out of steam and need replacing if the show is going to continue being mostly episodic. The conflicts need to be external for them to have any problems. Fluttershy solves the problem fairly early in the episode and even before, there wasn't much there. Here's to hoping Starlight and a few others overtake the show, as a new direction is needed. I doubt it'll happen and given the audience, that's honestly fine. The above is more a pipe dream I have for the show. This immediately came to mind when reading that. The big eyes goes along with the adorable factor of the show. I don't think eyes determine intelligence. I see what you're saying though.
  3. This was actually a good one other than Pinkie being overly obnoxious... again. She got in the way of the interactions, but I want to give it a pass considering it felt like we were supposed to put ourselves in the shoes of Starlight and Maud this episode. The dialogue mostly felt natural all the way through. Oh right, the flashback bit between Starlight and Maud was kind of dumb. It reeks of the writing style of having everything connected purely for the sake of attempting cohesive storytelling. It's forced and was unnecessary. Overall, I really liked this episode though. Despite my complaints, nothing was truly off-putting.
  4. She's a huge liability and should be kept away from others considering the danger she poses. She's an infant with immense power and like all infants, is overly irrational with no understanding of how the world works. All this makes her highly dangerous to have around. Anyway, she's adorable, but I'm overall indifferent to her at the moment. She hasn't really developed a personality yet. (Which is fine, she's an infant.)
  5. Twilight brought an infant to a hospital ward full of children who all have a contagious disease. She is the best aunt. Gonna get that one out of the way for Flurry early it seems.
  6. Get a little more sunlight and... we'll talk.
  7. It's a continuation of the other Knighty post where she looks at what everyone else was looking at, then comes to the conclusion of, "Oh, I do have a flank."
  8. Glad they used characters that don't get much screen time altogether. It was a nifty thing to close the season with a new team. Always glad when the show focuses on Starlight, as having a more flawed character can lead to more interesting scenarios and character growth. I'm still on the mindset that Twilight shouldn't be a focus at all anymore. The Trixie and Discord banter felt really spot on. Really most of the episode all felt really well done. Not sure about the whole stag beetle transformation thing yet, but with my headcanon for how changelings work, that kinda makes sense. If this weren't a kid's show, the last thing that Chrysalis says to Starlight would legit be terrifying and I'm curious if she'll make a return, even next season. (Also my headcanon is that some of the changelings didn't buy the whole friendship shenanigans at the end and followed her. We just didn't see it.) I'm still hoping for the next season to go a different direction as far as character focus. While it might be jarring at first to some, almost completely shifting focus away from the main cast and having a new cast could help the show. I found it to be one of the better finales with the pacing, writing, and characters being a lot better this time around.
  9. This was one of the more entertaining ones for sure. I agree with Mojo, though I think it was a bit above average and I couldn't find any major problems with it like I have for many of the last few. Plus that face Twilight makes when Vapor tells Sky that she was helping him as hilarious. Also I'm pretty sure we can all take a guess where Sky and Vapor go sometime after the episode ends.
  10. That's a cool design, especially on the hooves and the bits on the end of the tail.
  11. Your last visit to my profile was on my birthday!


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      Awe. Happy Late Birthday! :Pinkie:

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