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  1. Team Valor!

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  2. Is it bad that I gave myself a thumbs up to confirm that the hand is on the proper side in that picture? I feel like that's bad. Kinda like when you forget which direction 'Left' is, so you make your fingers into 'L's and hold them in front of you face. ... which I also do.
  3. This reminds me so much of City of Heroes. It was one of my most favorite games of all time. So, naturally, I have to throw a character in here! Supervillain Name: The Wolf Spider Birth Name: Bruschi Bonetrotter (Dog) Weapon Designation: X-107 Powers: All of The Wolf Spider's abilities are either biologically or cybernetically enhanced. Since Diamond Dogs don't share the same 'super' properties that ponies do, his creators had to improvise. His abilities are his super strength, muscles enhanced with specialized drugs to stimulate growth and rapid repair that allows him to push his body to supernatural limits. In addition, his sight and hearing has been enhanced with neurologically implanted amplifiers, making him a far more efficient hunter. Along with enhanced stamina and an artificial healing factor, it takes a lot to put him down and keep him down. The most glaring of his cybernetic modifications is the 'spider pack' on his back. Attached directly to his spine and wired to integrate into his nervous system, he can control the four robotic spider legs, as well as their armaments, as if there were a part of his organic body. These legs allow him to scale buildings, hack, slash, and stab at his enemies with their sharp edges, and have built-in armaments that allow him crowd-control capabilities. Depending on a manually selected firing mode, the legs can be designated to fire an automatic barrage of magic bolts at 900 bolts per minute (3,600 bolts per minute should all legs be designated to this armament). They are also equipped to fire stun grenades (with magical neutralizers), smoke canisters, and specialized 'web shot' that can constrict an opponent and slow their movement. The spider pack gets it's power from a magical power pack of an unknown engineering origin, which attaches to the underside of the spider pack, giving it the appearance of a spider's abdomen. It can power all of the pack's weaponry, as well as the movement of the legs in general, for several weeks, if not months, and is perpetually charging. It is believed that the time The Wolf Spider disappears is time he takes to recharge before attacking again. Over his eyes, The Wolf Spider wears a special visor that allows him to track movement, identify targets, and scan his environment, able to detect magic signals at a variety of frequencies and intensities. This visor has four glowing red lenses, which give him another feature to add to his 'spider-like' appearance. Alias: He is unable to integrate into civilian life, and must hide in the shadows between directed functions. Backstory: Bruschi Bonetrotter was, actually a happy subject of Equestrian-controlled Diamond Dog territory. Rather than resent the ponies who taxed their land, he realized that these super-powered allies were a great boon to his people. They prospered, and lived happy and secure under the watchful eye of Sunlight Sentinel. In his youth, he grew out of the aggressive and greedy tendencies he had as a bigger dog, and instead was raised to believe he could use his stature for good. Bruschi, while bigger than most Diamond Dogs, grew up to have a 'gentle giant' reputation among his tribe. He would help his elders with manual labor, laugh as pups climbed on him, and was always there to lend an ear when someone in the tribe had a problem. He was such a popular figure among the tribe, that when a group of scientists from Equestria, claiming to be with the Equestrian Scientific Corps, were looking for candidates to make non-pony supernatural beings, Bruschi was first to be nominated by everyone in the tribe. He was to be afforded a tremendous opportunity to do real good in the world, and make his tribe proud! Saying his farewells, he went with the scientists to an undisclosed location to the Northwest of Equestria proper. There, his transformation began. But it wasn't at all like he expected. First, they injected him with many different experimental serums. Some made his blood boil to the point where he was steaming, crying in agony. Others made him so cold he could barely move. Some made in paranoid, angry, depressed. Some also made him stronger. Faster. Tougher. Once the positive reactions were weeded out, his 'sensitivity training' began. Day by day, he was systematically tortured, drugged, and experimented upon, both mentally and physically, all the while begging to go home, to be returned to his family and people. But his pleas fell on deaf ears, his treatment persisting until he could no longer feel pain, and could no longer register emotion. Nothing shocked him, nothing scared him, nothing angered him. His identity was stripped away, beaten and punished if he ever referred to himself as 'Bruschi'. "You are X-107." They constantly reminded him, until there was no Bruschi Bonetrotter. He was weapon designation X-107, experimental group 'Protocol Echo'. By now, they had him at the very limit of natural strength and endurance. Indeed, he was the very picture of fitness, with a cold, unfeeling heart to match. But he was far from done.It was at this point the true work began. "Remain calm, 107. We will now begin Phase 2. You will be augmented with several cybernetic devices that will make you unmatched in this world of "Superheroes". We are obligated to warn you that only approximately 15.7% of all subjects survive their augmentation. We're also obligated to inform you that you have no choice." X-107 underwent several surgeries, in which a large, mechanical spider pack was infused directly to his spine, and a specialized control visor attached to his face, giving him the appearance he now has today. Once he awoke, the scientists seemed pleased that the procedure was a success, but further testing was still required.It was another couple of years of weapons and equipment training, getting his brain used to controlling more than 4 limbs. He practiced with each and every weapon set, undertaking months upon months of martial training until the spider pack may as well of been a part of him all his life. He was able to integrate the razor-sharp legs and their built-in weapon systems with deadly proficiency, and the visor assisted him with complex battle algorithms, feeding him tactical advice depending on the signatures around him. He was ready. His training was complete. But they did not make him a superhero. They made him a super slave. X-107 was immediately sold to an unknown entity only known as 'The Mastermind', fit with a black and red uniform, and air dropped into a remote area of Equestria. His reign of terror in the name of this enigmatic 'Mastermind' has made him the stuff of nightmares, having hunted down several heroes and innocents since he first appeared. This poor, repressed soul knows nothing but the hunt, and strikes his prey swiftly and without mercy. Notable Allies: (Up for anyone to claim to be his Mastermind, or any villains wanting to be on his side!) Notable Personal Rivals: (Also open for suggestions!) General Notability: The Wolf Spider is a killer, plain and simple. He hides in the shadows, always stalking his mark, and strikes with a supernatural coordination of body and machine. Very few can stop him, and even fewer dare to speak his name. The newspapers refer to him as just 'The Spider', just further stripping the identity of the Diamond Dog within the monster. He is hated by many, feared by more, but his notoriety is not important to him. All he knows is to serve and defend the Mastermind at all costs.
  4. Now that he had gotten at least SOME destruction out of his system, he could fill the void with enough focus to do his job again. Splendid! But not one, but two guests arrived one of them speaking before the second arrived. Another talker. "Sheild Tsunder. I believe that I am invited to this.. "Gathering" as you'd call it?" "Sheild" Another talking unicorn, even. He could feel his rage slowly start to bubble back up. Meanwhile Revenant was taking care of the sneak pony prisoner still, and Dog just stared in the second's direction hoping for guidance. Was he to carry on as usual? Could he destroy them? "Dog-" "Dog!" he bellowed back, honestly without even thinking about it. He just knew he had to give some kind of acknowledgement. "-take care of him." "Dog take care of pony!" he assured, going right back to guard duty. Carry on as usual, or at least that was how he understood it. But remembering that the first had annoyed him, mostly for being a unicorn and being social, the irrational guard dog just glared, bearing fangs as he did with the first talkative unicorn. "Password!" he demanded, but then remembered there was two. "One at time! Give Dog password! Then Dog search!" of course, he was trying not to shout... But it was hard not letting stress get to him. Normally he was employed by WRAITH in situations where he could easily find an outlet for stress. But his demeanor changed once again, ears perking as he heard the announcer inside the warehouse. A sharp whine left the Diamond Dog, anxiously looking back toward the door. He knew he couldn't just leave the door to see Number 1. He was ordered not to! But the temptation was certainly there. His expression had changed from angered to desperate, gesturing for the guests to come to him. "Password! Quickly!" He wanted to at least listen to the speech without having to worry about guests in front of him.
  5. Hello everyone!  I'm sorry for my disappearance over the past week, I was unavoidably detained. I will be posting and finishing up a game of telephone Pictionary soon. Once again, very sorry for the absence! 

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      Glad you found the keys to the cuffs. Now that you're out of the Fungeon welcome back to the light.

  6. I like steak. Like, a lot.

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      I like that stake.

  7. Dog was beside himself. He wanted to crush something. Or some pony. He had a target, but was called off by Number 2. Not fair! The guests were starting to go back inside, but Dog was still stuck standing there as his friend and the lucky sneaky mare figured their little predicament out. But the guard dog was too frustrated to worry about restraint. Catching a glance at the helmet in his paws, as if he forgot it was there earlier, he let out a huff, and a grunt, and with loud metallic groaning and cracking, that helmet was crushed flat in his paws as if it were made of aluminum. Dog physically seemed to relax once the deed was done. He finally got to break something, and he didn't seem to care about potential consequences. He tossed the wrecked helmet over his shoulder, letting it hit the ground outside the warehouse with a hard 'clack!'. He sighed with great relief, rolling his shoulders with a smirk on his big, dumb muzzle. "Dog feel better..." he declared to nopony in particular.
  8. So quick update, two statuses in a row, yadda yadda:


    I just watched some kind of black ferret-looking thing get its butt handed to it by a murder of crows. They were divebombingnit and just coming out of the woodwork. It was awesome.

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      You could call me a silly old crown, but me and my love of those birds are from the same feather, it's just beakcause I really love these birds, and I'll squawk my love for 'em if I have to.

  9. I always thought you were cool! What video game? But then who/what will the robots' jobs be outsourced to?
  10. Learned people are nothing but trouble! Them folk what tell me what they thinks the constitution says with their famcy mobile telecommunications devices and them 'online lawyer' witchcraft.
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