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  1. I think the only logical outcome is that if FiM didnt happen another show would have taken its place and it would be a video series along the lines of G3 at best. But as bad as G3 was at least it wasnt G3.5
  2. I call this bug Spoiler tagception and came across it by accident. Normally one can remove tags in topics such These work fine but use the spoiler tags things get messy Looks fine right? Well for some reason you cant backspace out spoiler tags sometimes and sometimes you wind up with a bunch of nested spoilers Yeah if you accidentally hit spoiler tags they will nest inside eachother with no hope of erasing the tag. It may do the same with quotations too I dont know if its the forum software, my browser (google chrome on Linux) but sometimes it will act funny. This time seems fine but I had it bug out once and I wanted to artificially create the scenario I was in
  3. AHH!!!! DIE HELLBEAST!!!!! (Holds up bible and cross) BEGONE!!!!! (honestly Kyubey is pure evil)
  4. Hmm, Ubuntu being slow isnt normal, what are your specs?
  5. Chrome is my primary browser, especially on Linux
  6. I call this out a little here, my computer is by no means ancient. Sure its almost three years old but my specs should be enough to speed along on any OS. And sorry to say but Windows 7 is bloated, Its very slow even if you have it clean of access software. Even on hardware that is built for it it seems very sluggish. Windows 8 seems much faster but I can only attest for a virtual install of that. But I dont have a touchscreen so win 8 is out just for a little speedboost. Eh its still true there are more viruses on windows then on any other OS. Though yes thanks to social media any OS is fair game. Dont be calling my baby a bucket: Here are my specs: OS's: Windows 7 64bit Professional Ubuntu 12,04 LTS 64Bit Hardware (my own build): 1 In Win griffin yellow case 1 Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 PSU 1 Lite on iHAS-324-98B DVD burner 1 ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard with a onboard ATI Radeo HD 4200 graphics card 2 2GB Kingston Hyper X Blu memory sticks 1 HP dvd1260 DVD burner 1 AMD Phenom II Hex core processor 1 1TB WD caviar green hard drive I use as my primary drive 1 640GB WD caviar green hard drive I use for storage (its my older drive but it still works so why junk it?) 1 Vizio Television I use as the monitor 1 xbox 360 gamepad I use for console emulation/general platform gaming 1 Logitech K520 Keyboard 1 Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 And a partridge in a pear treeeee! Sure the video card is a little weak but was clearly rated for Windows 7 And yes 4GB of ram is small for windows 7 but one should not need to get 16GB of ram, but Windows 7 is a memory hog. Windows 8 boot times are usually because windows 8 really doesnt shut down, it more or less hibernates. How do you think I built my baby? And honestly I think you should give linux another run someday, Ubuntu is not the only fish in the sea if you dont like unity
  7. Well the media has called windows 8 as a flop, again I say somed of you folks if you hate win 8 give linux a shot, there is even a few that look like the old windows like linux mint.
  8. This is my latest PMV called "Into godhood" Its a very simple PMV in the end but the charmer is thge song... Well three songs, "The Mad man in a box" "song of captivity and freedom" and "song of freedom. All are wonderful works of Murray Gold This was a challenge as there was not just one song I wanted but sort of an opus, combining three sonngs into one. Like a new beginning, something of wonder and life. This is my gift to you fellow bronies.
  9. I am.... very mixed on the episode. I mean I knew that might happen but I am unsure if this will pay off still. 5 months to see this finish... hrm.
  10. Its Brad Pitt not Tom Cruse. Anyway one movie I suggest you see once: The Room Yup that one
  11. You know if its one thing I really must give my grievances to in this is Princess friggin Celestia. I mean my god how much more useless can you be Celestia? For a royal princess you must be dumb as a rock. I mean first you bring Discord to Ponyville and then leave for other business? What the heck is wrong with you, I mean we have the living embodiment of Chaos here someone who you knew had great powers and abilities and yet you decided to let him free on a day you knew you would be busy on a friggin summit? Jeez with this kind of stupidity I bet this was your speech at the Summit: GAAAAAAAAH!
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