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    Hello, everypony! I like to draw, I lift weights and do push ups on a daily basis, I like animals (mostly dogs), watch TV (mostly anime) and I play video games. I also really enjoy music, pretty much what keeps me sane in this world. I mostly like rock (from Metal to soft) and techno/electronica. I love Sonic the Hedgehog and MLP Friendship is Magic! My favorite Sonic character is Knuckles and my favorite pony is Applejack. Hope to RP soon as well.
    Wanna know more about me?: www.canterlot.com/topic/4422-hello-all/

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  1. I cried my eyes out. Pretty much spent this week rewatching the show with a stream in preparation for the finale, and I ended up crying more this week than I usually do in a year. MLP has been such a massive part of the last 8 years of my life; I never would've journeyed in art and writing without it, I never would've attended cons without it, and I would have absolutely zero of the internet friends that I currently have without it. So, unsurprisingly, I'm feeling a mixture of really cathartic and really depressed feelings even today. I owe so much to this show and fandom that it's nuts. Whatever may come next, I know I'm not getting off this ride.
  2. Same, I learned how to make pizza dough from scratch from my grandma. She used to work at a pizzeria in this town many years ago and was pretty well known for making people coming specifically for her pizzas.
  3. Been a hot minute, haven't been active on this site since 2012. Wassup, y'all
  4. Since iTunes just hired Dərpy, we get the new episode early. Apparently, iTunes messed up by setting 11 Feb 2011 as the release date for this episode. Sorry brainblackberry for posting an episode, I'll delete this topic if you tell me to.
  5. Just want to post one last thing! I have a Skype now, If anyone wants to talk! My username is FlameLoneWolf
  6. Even though it's unicorn poop, it still looks tasty...
  7. I read that comic as well, it was so beautiful!
  8. Your story is so cool! Bronies can be ANYTHING!!!
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