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  1. Zap jumped up at his mother's response, but his flight launch turned into a hop and flutter once the context of his limitations were known and his face fell to learn more errands had to be run. His mother had all the context she needed to satisfy what Zap needed in the moment, not necessarily what he wanted. Ambrosia on the other hoof, was very good at saying the things that not only were not needed, but also not wanted. "What!?" Zap grew defensive immediately. "No she wasn't pretty. I don't even like her." At the mention of a treat, Zap was further from the cart, and therefore incurred a rare loss in a race against his little sister. When he reached in to grab his allowance of a treat, he pulled out one that seemed a little mangled, from Ambrosia's scavenging he assumed. After he bit into it, he was mildly repulsed. "Ugh. Banana flavor."
  2. Sunny liked to ask Izzy lots of questions. Izzy had a shorter than average attention span, but her memory was relatively sharp. Considering the rapid fire questionnaire she was getting, she would happily answer everything her best friend had to ask, with the most recent question being the thing she would expand on first. "Cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Like that!" Izzy pointed towards the laboring earth ponies who were frantically working to fill pizza orders. One of them was holding a large bag with pre-shredded cheese in it. "Earth ponies must like cheese a lot, too!" Izzy was slightly distracted by the shop ponies in their process of taking orders and making pizza. Things in Maretime Bay were much more industrialized than they were in Bridlewood. Izzy didn't mind the change of pace, as it kept up with the rate of her bouncing eyes.
  3. The theatrics and banter of the guard's voice entertained the crowd. And with the added intrigue of a classmate of the queen's niece at the School of Friend that was began by Princess Twilight Sparkle, the audience began clamoring with chatter and suspense. The shakiness of the griffon's voice could be heard, but was mostly drowned out by the sheer fact a griffon had approached as a challenger, his bond with the royal niece notwithstanding. Silverstream giggled. "Oh, yes. He's with me. Oh! Also, he told me once he is a fierce flyer, one of the most vicious from Griffonstone, and can beat anygriff in an air joust!" Silverstream played along with the guard, building up the atmosphere of the festival. Silverstream knew it would be a fun experience for Gallus, but she had no idea they would give him this personal of an experience right from the start! A large hippogriff wearing heavy black armor landed near the guard. His armor covered most of his chest, and all of his head. His helmet had a vent that allowed the hippogriff knight to breathe and speak. In an chambered voice, the hippogriff growled up. "If this is the best the griffons have to offer, then allow me to counter his challenge." The strong hippogriff turned to the guard. "If you will allow me the privilege to defend Mount Aris from this foreign threat, it would be an honor." The mysterious hippogriff stood still and obedient, awaiting the guard's projected decision. Silverstream started tapping her talons together with excited anticipation.
  4. Applejack's frown flattened out. Her friend was sounding genuine, although it felt incomplete and chopped up by the words that she received. Applejack knew her words could cut deep sometimes. The way she exposed another pony's intentions through conversation was always cathartic to her. It shoveled away the nonsense and left a pure pony behind to love and cherish. Coloratura was the kind of pony who carried many experiences around with her, and it often affected her emotions. Applejack would always try to slice away the insecurities of her friends when it was appropriate, but she felt that maybe this time she struck a nerve. Applejack interjected with a short grunt. "Rara." She plead for the filly to listen to her response before leaving the room. Applejack took a deep breath and stared at Coloratura's cutie mark. She concentrated on it before speaking her carefully selected words. She closed her eyes, took another deep breath, and then opened her eyes. "There are times when a pony can only do what she is willing to do. Anything more and it might ruin her life. And there are times when a filly is too scared to know when to take a chance. And sometimes it's a friend who helps show them how." Applejack began another pause, and slowly cracked a smile. "If you really think this is the right thing to do..." she looked up and the ceiling and then down back at Rara. "Then I'll do it."
  5. "Go Roughriders, go! We're the team that run this show!" Zap cheerfully shouted with her sister and anypony else in the vicinity that would join them in their chant invented during the halftime show. Though Zap and Ambrosia often didn't match each other's enthusiasm when it came to their own interests, the setting which involved the best earth pony mom in the world dominating all others in a friendly, yet ruthless ball game seemed to align the two siblings' attention spans fairly well. "Go, Roughriders, go! We're the team that run this show!" When Applejack ran back onto the field with her teammates in her wake, Zap fluttered up and blared. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  6. Zap folded his wings slowly and gave a look of disappointment. He didn't obey out of fear of the wrath of his auntie, but rather just felt unsatisfied with the reaction he got. He couldn't tell if his wings had done anything. And the fact that Auntie openly admitted his mother would likely punish her for allowing him to continue to spread his wings at the table only fed Zap with the ideas for leverage that he could use later to get the things he wanted. Flurry Heart might have the status of a young princess pony of a leader Princess pony to get what she wants. But Zap at least had the creative adaptation in his own environment in which he might be able to procure a situation of his liking, and he could do it without secret magical pony stares and strange echo-y voices. "Nu uh. Never been to the Crystal Empire. I heard it can get cold there sometimes with snow, and that they have a crystal heart at the center that glows." Zap sipped on his milk and gasped urgently when he cleared his mouth. "Is that why you're name is Flurry Heart!?"
  7. When Muziki intentionally tugged on his wing a little he flapped them instinctively when she let go. Like most pegasi, Zap did not like his wings being touched. He was generally willing to let his friends touch them on request, but Muziki's forwardness startled Zap slightly. But he smiled. Hearing all the cool things the pegasi were doing made him rear up and start shadow boxing random kicks and thrusts to his sides as if he was doing the cloudbusting she was describing. When she was interrupted, Zap's attention was strung. "W-what happened next!? Um, no she's not sell- she's doing other things, but..." When Muziki's parents called for her, Zap realized he would probably never hear what the pegasi were also doing. In order to give his mind some peace, he suggested to himself that what they were doing involved giving younger ponies on the ground a chance to cloudbust with them. Though, he properly failed to listen to his mother's call, he could not ignore the yelping of his name from his baby sister. He winced and looked around the corner of one of the buildings. He didn't want to reveal himself, but the risk of staying out of sight was probably too much, too early. And anyway, there was a chance he could cut lose if he played by the rules. He stepped out from behind a stationary cart. "I'm right here. Oh! Are the errands down now?" His slow trot dropped into a pouncing stance. "Can I go to the cloudbusting exercise now?"
  8. "I don't have a license to slice, yet. Oh, you mean the place with the sign that says 'License to Slice'. Gotcha." Izzy was guided by Sunny to enter the restaurant. "Oh, we have farms in Bridlewood, too. But I guess they just aren't as big. More like gardens. We grow fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and celery, but it's easier to grow things that would normally grow in the forest anyway. So we end up eating a lot of mushrooms, all different kinds of nuts and seeds, and berries from bushes. Oh! We also grow a lot of herbs like ginseng and passionflower, you know for tea." Izzy leaned on Sunny. "Yeah, we drink lots of tea. I like most the food we grow in the forest, but I also like to eat a lot of snacks. I typically went through a few boxes of cheese crackers every week. I also like eating macaroni, but most of the dried noodles end up getting used in a craft instead of being eaten.
  9. Izzy Moonbow had a lot to think about. Her brain was constantly racing with intuitions and daydreams about things that could spark her curiosity in the moment. The constant exercise of imagination kept her mind sharp and her intentions sharper. Combine this with all the events of the past few days finding new friends and making a positive change across all pony kinds? It was simply magical. Oh yeah, magic! Izzy feeling the tingling sensation on her horn felt oddly familiar, like she had experienced it in a previous life or something. Knowing that being able to use magic was a new feature didn't agree with the second nature she had controlling it. She wasn't able to shoot pony lasers or read other pony's thoughts, but she somehow managed to use levitation magic to set the Maretime Bay trolley back onto its tracks. She wasn't even sure how she found the courage to do so, lifting something heavy always meant you needed more strength. But unicorn magic was a funky feeling that gave Izzy the poise to lift anything as if it was as light as a feather. Later, having been removed from the magical rush, Izzy's horn stopped glowing inadvertently. However, her innate understanding of the magic she could now wield stayed with her reflexes. Being able to levitate almost anything never replaced her desire to use her legs for walking though. Something about traditional pony trots kept Izzy's brain paced on taking things in as slow or as as fast as her eyes could motivate. But for now, her ears were taking in the attention from her new best friend, Sunny Starscout. "You earth ponies have a lot more food shops than we do in Bridlewood, but we eat mostly the same food, I think. I've had pizza in Bridlewood before but it was a long time ago and had a lot more green leaf toppings that I see on signs here in the city." Another part of Izzy's body was tingling with magic, but this one was more primal than familiar. It also made a growling sound that came from the unicorn's underside. "Oh! Hehe, do you think we can get some!?"
  10. Hon-eeeee....


  11. I loved the film. It broke a few expectations, exceeded others, and in some cases, completely invented a way for me to be surprised. A lot has been said that I would basically agree with. The big thing to me is that I want more. Which is probably the goal in some cases. I think there are a lot of questions that they were willing to not answer since there will be more with these characters in the series. The movie is a good starting point, and dare I say it might even be a better starting point than what Friendship is Magic started with in it's first 80 minutes of content. It needed to connect the universe of G4 (It didn't need to, but I'm speaking as a producer now) while still standing on it's own, and that by itself is pretty impressive. Fit Right In is best song. Izzy Moonbow is best new pony. Sprout is a 'villian' I want to get redeemed just so we don't have to endure his awful antagonism and get better villains. My first Mane 5 of the new generation, ranked: 1. Izzy Moonbow 2. Zipp Storm 3. Sunny Starscout 4. Hitch Trailblazer 5. Pipp Petals Hipposcore: 8.5/10 A headcanon I have is that Zipp is somehow related to Applejack and Rainbow Dash, because of how much of both of their charcters she seems to take from. "But Hippo, wouldn't that mean Pipp is also related since that's her sister." Hey. Shut up.
  12. Applejack was a very stubborn pony. But even she knew when a reasonable argument was made, and it was even softer coming from a pony she respected. She was silent for a moment and continued to hold a grumpy attitude, though when she spoke again, her tone was calm. "The reason I came out here, Rara, was because you said you needed to grab from the inspiration I bring to the song writing process. Somethin' about my down-to-earth singin' from the heart. I figured that was noble, not the mention a compliment. I also thought it would be great to come out and spend time getting to know the older version of one of my best fillyfriends from my youth." She sighed. "So I came out here, on the condition that I wouldn't do any performances. But now you're telling me that not only do you still want me to, but you've already made arrangements to something I didn't agree to." Applejack was not happy. "I feel a little deceived." "And anyway, when you cut the tall grass, you cut it, and then bale it."
  13. Zaps bouncing increased in speed at Rainbow's question on how excited they were. Seeing a professional match like this in the front row was pretty great, too, even though the stadium was only big enough to house half the town, should they show up to watch the team play a big match. Zap may never understand how good of a hoof of cards he was dealt. When Mom made an easy way to explain why an opposing player would act the way they did, Zap nodded in full agreement. "Yeah, I want to grow up and beat number forty-seven, too!" Zap had heard stories on how Rainbow Dash was a cheerleader coordinator for the Friendship School. But when Zap looked up what a cheerleader was in his picture book, it didn't exactly align with what he expected out of Dashie. Nevertheless, he assumed she would know all there is to know about leading a cheer team, or family. And if Mom was signaling that they weren't cheering loud enough, then Zap would reinforce that suggestion to his other parent. "Blue momma, I mean, Dashie! We gotta cheer harder! Oh, also I want some cider now, I think." Zap was easy to suggestive sell ideas when he was having fun.
  14. Silverstream lit up at the prospect of the event speaker inviting onlookers to participate. She knew that there were very few moments when this would ever happen. One time she got to be a honorary participant in the celebration jousting event. To her, it meant a lot to be a part of the action and excitement with everygriff watching. What she would never remember to mention though, is that as a member of the Seaquestria Royal Family, she would always face a competitor who was scripted to either let her win, or act in such a way that made an amateur flyer like Silverstream look like a future captain of the hippgriff aerial squadron. She inadvertently bumped Gallus, but then egged him on. "Gallus you should volunteer. It's super fun, and no griff ever gets hurt for volunteering. I'll cheer you on!" The reality of danger didn't phase Silverstream, but maybe that was because there hasn't been anything to fear on Mount Aris since the Storm King was sacked.
  15. Zap held a strong smirk across his face as Muziki explained. He was always reminded how entertaining it was to hear Muziki speak. Though the common pony tongue was not her first language, the young zebra could still speak very poetically and affably. "Haha, yeah, like Jack. I need to figure out what to show and tell, though. Will you help me..." Zap's request for help finding a tangible show and tell object was interrupted by Muziki's firm suggestion about the pegasus ponies, and affirmed Zap in question that he would join them some day. Zap puffed his chest and stretched wings as far as he could to show their length. "Oh, absolutely! Ain't no pony going to be a better flyer than me once I'm old enough." Zap was curious as to what Muziki meant by what the pegasus ponies will do later, so he asked in a confident all-knowing way. "Yeah I know I'm going to like what they do later. Have you ever seen the things? The things they do later? And what did you like about it?" He paused. "Also, what did they do?"
  16. Royal decrees? Zap had always just assumed that royal decrees were only made by Princess that, you know, were actual princesses. Not princesses that just existed unbeknownst to anypony else, including her own parents. The school lesson in where alicorns come from was an interesting one, and the new chapter on Flurry Heart definitely threw a wrench at the definition of a princess and made it harder for educators to teach the next generation what it all meant. Zap only cared about one thing, though. Alicorns had bigger wings. Apple Bloom entered the room and when Flurry Heart spread her wings, Zap shouted "She's trying to fly!" When the young princess made her decree for milk, Zap hesitated. "Oh." He spread his wings, too. "Um, yes! Me, too! I want some milk." Apple Bloom was acting strange at the small request. Zap wondered if he could obtain such a power, or if it was something he could do already. "Thank you, Auntie! Uh." Zap respread his wings. "Also I want an extra slice of pie."
  17. Silverstream joined Gallus in the kitchen to help clean but mostly to continue the conversation closer together. "Yeah! I mean we all were, probably. I bet little baby Gallus hatchling got into all kinds of trouble." She leaned towards him to antagonize him a little. "He probably got into the trash a few times, drew pictures on the walls. Yeah, little Gally was a dirty birdy." Silverstream had an evil expression that was odd even for her, but then pulled back and laughed it off. And then out of no where, she blushed. She attempted to hide her blush as it didn't seem to make sense for the moment. Silverstream was fairly good at suppressing her emotions though. All she had to do was blurt out the next thing that would come to her mind. "Oh my gosh! We should volunteer to watch Zap again!" It was at this moment the cogs in the hippogriff's mind began turning and she realized that she was never invited to be here today in the first place. She hovered a landing. "Oh gosh. Are they going to be mad that I'm here?" Silverstream began considering the possibility of the professor flying through the front door at any minute.
  18. Applejack finished her short kitchen duty and sat at the table. "Rara, why would I do live shows when I told you from the beginning that I didn't want to do it anymore." She was noticeably disgruntled, either by the lack of transparency or the general misunderstanding that happens between friends who would otherwise love everything about each other. "The reason why I don't feel comfortable doing shows is because it takes time away from the things that are more important to me. My friends. My family. The farm!" Applejack convinced herself of the story that played out in her head if she had gone a whole season away from home. "Am I supposed to believe Apple Bloom can throw all them hay bales when the grass is cut?" Applejack escaped from her nightmare to think about the things Coloratura was implying. Though she was a pony of integrity, she wanted to give Coloratura the full breath and chance to explain herself.
  19. As the rumble on Zap Apple's side of the table continued, he began to feel feelings of resentment towards the guest of the day. Regardless of which princess it was, why was he not being served first when he clearly arrived at the table first? Mom had always challenged Zap and his sister on arriving at the table first, in order to guarantee that they would be here as soon as possible. But apparently, those rules do not apply when there is a princess, or if Auntie Apple Bloom was in charge. Not cool. Zap would successfully withhold his clever remarks for another time though, and would smile the moment a slice of pie was presented to him. Before he dug into it, he looked at Princess Flurry Heart to see if she had also been digging in. If there were in fact, new rules that Zap would have to abide by today, he would not want to infract on those principles in case there were serious consequences. So instead of diving in like he normally would, he waited to see what Flurry Heart would do first. Zap leaned in and smelled the pie, getting very close with his teeth to take a bite, but would wait until he saw Flurry make the first move. After several seconds of stalemate and waiting for Flurry Heart to do whatever it is she does when eating pie, Zap kept his filter off a blurted out the next thing that came to his mind, asking in a subtly rude way. "Why are your wings so big?" Zap felt a little self-conscious about his wing size compared to Flurry Hearts plumage, but didn't have the brain of an adult pony to dwell on those possible shortcomings.
  20. Zap understood the game very well. There were only a few rules. Rule 1: Roughriders were the best team. Not only the best team, but had the best player on the best team. Rule 2: Mom was the best player. There were some actors on the field wearing different colored jerseys that sometimes pretended to be the best, but there was only one true best, even if Mom didn't show it. On rare occasions, the other team would score against the best team with the best player. Zap never did fret too much about this because... Rule 3: If the Roughriders lose or get scored against, it's not Mom's fault. The only thing Zap didn't understand about this game was why it took eighty minutes to determine what he could tell you in eight seconds, that Mom was the best player and that she would carry the Roughriders to victory. "Eeyup!" Big Mac started in reply to answer Applejack's question that they were doing fine. He also held up a small basket of hay fries, some of which was already eaten by the little ones the big brother was watching over. Despite his chill demeanor, Big Mac loved watching the younger members of the family when the other adults could not. But it didn't happen very often, seeing as how Apple Bloom loved to volunteer to watch her niece and nephew. But also, thought he didn't show it much, he was a fan of rugby and was interested in even playing, but seeing as how somepony in the family was already better than him (again), he might as well support her from the sidelines the same way he would at rodeos. Zap jumped excitedly as she walked over to them. "Wow, Mom! You're doing so great. You should kick all the balls into the goal! Also number forty seven on the other team looked at you funny. You should beat him!" Zap stopped his insistent bouncing to grab a hay fry and once he was finished doing so, he started bouncing again. Zap was wearing a light blue roughriders jersey that was most likely donated to him because no one on the team could fit a jersey that small.
  21. Zap didn't hear or see pegasus ponies cloud busting for a long minute, so he inadvertently began fluttering down back to the ground. When Muziki asked him about something she wanted to show him, Zap looked at her and looked down at the frog in her hat. He smirked. "Ka-johnny Kah bitchy? Is that Unyasian for 'bullfrog'?" He chuckled at his own suggested question, but he was mostly serious as it was his best guess. He looked around to see if his mother had at all been alerted by his disappearance yet. "Show and tell? That's tomorrow? I don't have anything. I guess I need to find something." Zap looked around for something and found a stick lying next to a fence poll. He smiled and picked it up with his teeth. He grinned for a moment, before spitting it out back to the ground. "No."
  22. Before Silverstream closed the front door of the residential hall after they all walked inside, she looked around at the sleeping campus. She noticed some stray materials out by the water and a few windows open letting in a draft that would disgruntle the first one to walk into class the next day. "I think the school might need to invest in some campus security or something." She shrugged and walked into the dorm and down the hall. Once she got to her door and saw the other two get to theirs, she made her final remark on the night. "Thanks for finding me. I'd probably work all night down there if it wasn't for your common sense. Goodnight, you guys. Sleep well." She opened her door and closed it behind her. After she put on her nightcap and slipped into bed, she couldn't help but get excited about tonight possibly being the last time she slept in the dorms. But after only a few minutes of musing, she drifted and began dreaming about the adventures of a seapony vigilante who searched the abyss for trouble and mischief.
  23. Silverstream whispered loudly. "Yeah. Sure. I can help clean up!" Her chipper demeanor unescapable, she hovered down the stairs into the common area. She started picking up things in the living room like small bits of trash, equipment from the projector set, and stray crayons that fell from the table. As she straightened the room up, she conversed with Gallus who was busy scrubbing down his efforts in the kitchen. "Gallus. You're going to be a really good father some day." Silverstream mentioned it plainly, not giving foresight or any extra context that could have been provided. Had their been extra context, she would have likely blurted it out with her compliment, anyway. "I don't think the others back as school will believe me when I tell them how well you handled it. Well, except for the whole 'we thought he fell to his death' situation. Maybe we just leave that part out."
  24. Zap Apple's espionage of the downtown Ponyville area for pegasus activity led him closer and closer to what he suspected was the pegasus cloud-busting practice. He couldn't get a full view of it, though. From the ground he would peek around buildings, but then he would jump to light poles and wall climb to roofs in order to better his perspective. He could just fly all the way up and see what was going on, but he knew his mother would be able to see him, too if he had gotten that high. A voice from below said his name twice, which for about sixteen milliseconds made him fear that his mother was on his case, but instead he heard it as Muziki, a zebra filly that met Zap a short while ago. Without looking at her, Zap Apple gave her a sufficient enough answer to satisfy her curiosity. "Farm life is fine. Same old same old." He continued to look around and above trees for pegasus activity. But for the most part, he could only hear the occasional poofs and small thunderclaps that are normally associated with the elimination of small stray clouds.
  25. If anypony was a young pegasus colt on a farm who had to do chores on the regular, you would suspect that that anypony would be doing their regular chores at a time like this. However, if that anypony's parents were not there to supervise the young colt, what kind of expectation would there be for one such pony to behave and do things productively as normal. Zap Apple played. It was the thing he was best at. Maybe he should do his chores now, so that he doesn't have to do them later. Maybe he would be a good family member if he went inside to help his aunt clean up a mess he made literally a few minutes ago. Maybe having the freedom to do whatever you want seemed inappropriate during a time in which the youngest member of the royal Equestrian family was visiting the farm. But these thoughts would only occur in a pony who had the sensibilities of others built up over a life experience of relationships, hard labor, and unfortunate hardships. Zap Apple had no such experience, and would do best to stay as clear from that kind of experience for as long as his young wings would allow him. Unless there was pie. "Pie!?" Zap Apple threw the stick for Jack one more time, with this time having the intent to leave Jack hanging around outside with no pony to give the stick to. The russell terrier would be fine though, he had plenty of other things to do when Zap wasn't actively playing with him. Zap zipped into the kitchen, and without announcement, sat at the supper table and placed a napkin around his neck. He softly did a drumroll with his hooves on the table while licking his lips, waiting to be presented with a slice of pie by his mother. Oh, but his mother wasn't here. No matter, he assumed his experience would probably be the same.
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