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Status Updates posted by Hippo

  1. Hon-eeeee....


  2. It's time to post ponies!

    1. Blueblood
    2. tacobob


      Also Huzzah!


      I also need to pose ponies.


      and dragons.

  3. Vacation almost over. Thank you for being apart of Hippo Week. May your rivers be forever hippo'd. I had one more project I wanted to tackle, but it's not urgent so I'll pop it later down the line. Now that my vacation is over, it's time to get back to work...

    ...posting ponies.

    1. tacobob




      Hippo Week is over! Time for The Century Of Tacobob!

  4. Hippo Week Day 9: Zap Apple


  5. Hippo Week Day 7: Posting More Ponies!  


  6. Hippo Week Day 6: RP Log revamp (part 1)  


  7. Hippo Week Day 5: New Open Thread!  


  8. Hippo Week Day 4: New Characters!  


  9. Hippo Week Day 3: Jointies!


  10. Hippo Week Day 2: Solo RP "Singles"  


  11. It's Hippo Week!  Day 1: 

    This is a short story I wrote that is directly inspired by the music included in the blog. It details the experience of a pegasus who falling in love, but is in a dream loop of falling.

  12. I'm so tired of waiting for baseball season...
    Everyone: "How tired are you?"
    So tired, I app'd a baseball pony.



  13. Congrats to SteelEagle and I for resurrecting a thread after 4 years, 7 months, and 22 days of inactivity. Even a 1,696 day streak can end.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tacobob


      And there was only one post! You made that very long post and nobody replied! Sniff! :oops: Until Steel saved the day!

    3. Ciraxis
    4. Alivda
  14. Anyone looking for a new thread open to all is welcome to come to Sweet Apple Acres to try some of the famous cider!  http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24486-47th-annual-cider-season-open-to-all/

  15. January lull is over, i hope! I have made current all of my RP threads.

  16. I can tell posting rate from regulars has slowed. This is okay, though! Holidays should not be stressful and I wish everyone a joyous hearth's warming to you and your kin. <3  


  17. Day 3 of cider season has begun!!





  18. Wonderbolts.  


    1. Ciraxis


      Challenge accepted.


    2. PyroBlaze


      *slides in his Wonderbolt pony*

      Wonderbolts, you say?

  19. Day 2 of Cider season has begun!  

    Any new and returning characters are welcome!


  20. What a ride.


    1. Bellosh


      But now, we must ride off into the sunset.....

    2. Hippo


      Nope. I'm gonna get back in line to ride it again.


    New RP Open to all!  CIDER SEASON!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SteelEagle


      Oh, there will be alcohol. There will be.

      Just not this early!

    3. tacobob


      Still trying to figure out what character I should use! :wail:

    4. SteelEagle
  22. I've surpassed 3,000 posts!

    1. Dusty


      congrats! maybe one day i shall hit it as well. 

    2. PyroBlaze
  23. Anyone want to RP as Terramar, Silverstream's brother? 34331ec40da07be9b334816478f41294.png

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