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  1. Big Mac nodded and tugged on his nephew's tail to follow him to the hospital cafeteria to look for the snacks Rainbow Dash suggested. He didn't waste time asking his nephew, he knew a physical pull would be required to get Zap's attention in a situation like this. He assumed there was a delay with Applejack's status, so instead of giving the young and misunderstood a chance to fret, keeping them busy with a task might prevent any possibility that the orange colt would involve himself in any unnecessary stress. The two gentlecolts made their way from the waiting area to a room filled with many vending machines. Big Mac walked up to one of them and slid a coin into the slot. "Are there apple snacks in this one?" "Eeyup." "Can I hit the button?" "Eeyup." Zap fluttered up to get a view of the food items in the vending machine, and upon a quick browse, found what looked like a small pouch of sliced apples. He inspected the icon it was labeled next to, and looked for the corresponding button. "This one?" He asked his uncle. "Eeyup." Zap flew into the button and then looked inside the vending machine to watch it dispense the apple slices. Without a hitch, the snack fell into the reach-in slot and Zap grabbed it. Big Mac allowed his nephew to carry the snack, it was after all, just a distraction. Giving the colt something to do was a good idea, thanks to Rainbow's quick mitigation. He only hoped it was enough time to stall what would prove to be a difficult cry for attention from the young pony. And even if it was a short trip, at least he had something to carry. Slowly but surely, Big Mac and Zap Apple made their way back into the waiting area. Just as they came back, Moonlight walked into the waiting room from the delivery room. Zap fluttered towards her distance cousin. "Moony, I have a snack for Mommy."
  2. Zap had slowed his pace to the rhythm of everypony's attention towards helping those across the bridge, which was now in a thousand pieces downstream. It took him a minute to soak in the idea that it was the same slabs of wood he ran across. His mothers would be so mad at him for being here. Supposedly, Applejack was preparing for the ceremony after the race. What what the face of his mother look like if she saw him cross that finish line coming out of the tree line. Better yet, what would her reaction be if crossed that finish line first? As the daydreams conflicted Zap, he followed all of the bigger ponies up the trail to a break in the woods, where wide open fields could be seen. Zap remembers this place, it was one of the family's favorite camping spots. The flatter paths encouraged the stronger ponies to gallop faster, and they began pulling away from him. Even his auntie, who had a bigger stride than him, was trying to close the gap in on the soldier ponies. As the path joined with the path from higher ground, he saw more ponies to compete with, including a bat pony, who would have looked a little scary had he not been full blush. It became obvious that the older ponies had a bigger stride than him. All he could do is move his little legs as rapidly as he could. Fortunately for him, Zap seemed to never run out of energy. So instead of slowing down from feeling defeated, he decided to keep to his own pace and try and take in the wonderful nature surrounding the running of the leaves.
  3. Bridge There seemed to be three separate gusts Zap could feel on his wing's feathers. They were still folded to his sides, but they could sense everything, just like Mother said they would when she taught him how to be aware of his surroundings. One of the movements of air came from above. The manufactured weather the pegasus ponies created was moving in, and it was borderline overkill. Applejack was right, they never did check for quality when it came to producing storms for the wilderness where no pony lives. The second movement was from the water. Oddly, the raising of the water level of the stream seemed to change something about the pressure of the air. Zap learned, again from his rainbow-maned mother, that every pegasus has an internal altimeter, the senses in their ear can tell within a margin of error how close a flying pegasus was to the ground. In this case, the ground, or water seemed to be getting closer. The last disturbance of gaseous molecules was coming from the sides, particularly the side that was closest to the opposite side of the bridge. The other ponies were speaking out to him, the purple one shouted urgently about Apple Bloom beating him. Zap daydreamed for a few seconds longer, until he snapped out of it and saw his feathers starting to get weighed down by the moisture that found itself on him. He looked frantically around and realized he was on a failing bridge. Everypony was almost on the other side of the bridge, and he needed to be with them, if for not the race's sake, but for the brilliant idea that he would not be swept away and finally get that swimming lesson his mother always promised him for. Today was not the day for swimming though, Zap had too many other plans, like beating ponies six times his age at a hoofrace. Zap painlessly tiptoed his weightless hooves across the rest of the bridge and found himself next to Apple Bloom. "This is fun, Auntie B!" Bridge Crossed
  4. Bridge Zap's senses were whelmed with the sights, sounds, and smells of the forests. With orange and red hues, they all clapped their leaves while cheering him on as if they were fans of the ponies that shared their colors. As his soft hooves pitter-pattered on the dusty path, the first wooden pallets buried in the dirt marked out the beginning of the brook's bridge. He didn't slow down much as his paced onto the bridge, but he did notice how his hoofsteps were echoing against the ravine walls that now set directly below him. The rushing water and the sound of the other ponies stampeding also added to the ambience. As Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie ran next to him, he felt protected to some extent, which to him was not necessary. He rather enjoyed the loneliness for the short time he executed the ambitions he made about being involved in the running. Auntie seemed a little fretted and out of breath. Even Zap could tell that was a bad sign it being this point of the race, they were only about halfway right? Pinkie Pie was less visibly exhausted, but that was typical. Zap knew the pink pony well, she was always around when there was a big party, especially his birthday. She was also what led to Zap Apple being ultimately confused as to what it meant to be a cousin. It took a half hour inquisitive conversation with his mother in order for him to realize that technically everypony is a cousin if you went back far enough. And these other ponies on the bridge with him, the pegasus with the white socks, or the purple one with the messed up horn, or that stallion who looks like he takes himself too seriously. Were they his cousins, too? He didn't really react much to the other ponies, except for showing an involuntary smile to share his pleasure with the attention they were giving him. But as they crossed the bridge, Zap was distracted so much with the scenery that he slowed to a stop on the mist-covered bridge and looked over it at the rush of water that flowed through it. He could hear the clouds rumbling in the distances as they casted a large shadow over the ravine, and he could smell the fragrances of churning water and damp soil. "Whoa." He whispered to himself, staring at the fierceness of the water building. He had no idea what the living ravine was doing. Was it singing a song? Was it like the trees? Was it also cheering him on?
  5. Bridge "I'm a big pony!" Zap stated it as if he was having an argument. He dare not let another older pony tell him he wasn't old enough to participate, even though it would have come from the best Auntie in the world. Zap may not have fully understood Apple Bloom's lived experiences dealing with an older sister who did everything more amazing than her. His only perspective gave him a few glimmers of opportunity, and foolish or not, Zap decided that this dusted path that weaved through many forests for the next several miles was one offered to him. Zap couldn't lie though, having his Auntie with him did make him feel better, and if the pack of ponies got away from him, he would at least not accidentally take a different unused path and get lost. When the road ahead forked, Zap could only see the kinds of ponies that took them. To the higher road, he saw ponies who looked normal and flirtatious. Going towards the brook's bridge, he saw ponies that looked like they normally wore armor. There was no doubt which direction he would choose. He was not a wimp, he was an apple. And maybe not now, but eventually he would prove to be one of the toughest ponies ever. Why wait for an opportunity to prove that, when it seems a moment has come to illustrate that to the world? He scampered towards the bridge and noticed immediately the depth that the bridge upheld. It wasn't that significant for Zap, who had been to cloud tops with his pegasus mother before. In fact it was pretty serine. The calm water underneath the bridge made him feel more calm about participating.
  6. Fluttershy comfortably trotted to the town center to cast her ballot for the next mayor. She wasn't typically involved in these kinds of functions, she was afraid of the ponies she didn't vote for finding out she didn't vote for them. But her friends encouraged her that it was important for her to vote her interests and that it would be completely anonymous if she wanted. With Angel resting in her mane to keep her calm, Fluttershy entered the building and made her way to an unoccupied voting booth. Once there, she hesitantly looked around to see if anyone was looking at her. Once confident, she took a ballot and began making her choice. Her choice was mostly made based on the aggressive moves one of the candidates seemed to make towards the thing she loves most, animals. It wasn't so much that she was voting for somepony, but rather voting against somepony. But she had to vote her conscious and she was determined to make it official. Once she checked the box she intended, she carefully placed it into the ballot box. Behind her, Angel had found a scrap piece of paper, scribbled on it, and shoved it into the ballot box. Fluttershy wasn't sure his vote would even count, but she felt it was necessary to at least make him feel like it could. After the ballots were submitted, Fluttershy walked out of the town center and made her way back to her cottage. She couldn't gain any extra energy to speak to the candidates there, she felt awkward about speaking to them after she released the pressure that had been built up inside the decision she made.
  7. He had totally forgotten about the race today. Once he finished the little chores around the farm, he heard horns and commotion down the road near the starting line for the annual Ponyville Running of the Leaves. Once he zipped there, he pushed through the crowds of ponies to see the beginning, and noticed it hadn't started yet. For what seemed like his whole life (forever), he had heard about the legends of his mothers' accomplishments. Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt legacy, Applejack's rodeo trophies. Speed records, endurance championships, title holders. It wasn't just one of them that were esteemed, the both were! Zap was constantly reminded of how amazing his parents were and are. And though he had forgotten the race was due to start today, he had never forgotten the stories his mother told him about the times she lost with Rainbow Dash, the times she almost won, and the time when she won it all. A true heart-stopper of a journey in a pony's athleticism, and it was his own mother! While these thoughts of success running in the family filled his head, he caught eye of his Auntie Apple Bloom at the start line. He could just make her out, even though she was hard to find among the taller ponies around her. Zap would jump and flutter in place to get a good look. But right as the whistle blew for the start of the race, Zap had made a conscious decision in his mind, one he felt he couldn't possibly regret. He wanted to compete. He wanted a piece of the glory. He spilled out of the group of spectators and could be seen running in the wake of the ponies across the start line. He couldn't see the path, only the dust that picked up from the hooves ahead of him. He hoped to at least catch up with his Auntie. He wouldn't even try to use his wings. Even if he could use them for a quick burst of speed, he knew from all of Rainbow Dash's stories about herself that for the leaf running, wings were banned for pegasi to use, and if Applejack caught him cheating, he might never live to eat another apple again.
  8. Remington blushed with slight embarrassment at his display of affection. It could be a cover for him just liking the music, which was all too true. He loved that record. But the thrill of his little performance was more of an ability to psych himself for how he felt about the mare in his room, even if the lyrics were subject to ambiguous interpretations. He saw and heard Moonlight giggle, and as the song ended and she scooted herself towards the desk, he realized she wanted to get down to business. But Remington wasn't done with the pleasantries just yet. He hesitated a moment, but then quickly took the needle off the turntable to keep the music from playing the next song. "Um, Moonlight?" Remington stood in front of Moonlight who was patiently waiting for him to sharpen his pencil. He swallowed excess saliva in his mouth nervously. "There is something I need to tell you." He looked down as if the words he wanted to say were written on the floor. "I..." *KNOCK KNOCK* Remington swung his head around and jumped to the door. He was mildly furious at the timing. He opened the door quickly. "Yes, what?" Standing there was the school's mail carrier, who was responsible for delivering letters and packages to students and teachers. "Uh, is this Remington, 206?" "Yes." "I have a package for you," he looked carefully at the card. "From a Mrs. Your Mom?" "Yes, yes. Thank you." Remington took the package and closed the door, somewhat rudely. He set the package down and looked to Moonlight with a smile. He inhaled to continue what he was saying, but another pair of knocks echoed behind him. *KNOCK KNOCK* He winced and went to the door and opened it. "Um, sorry. But this is also supposed to be delivered here. It's the belongings to a new student who will be rooming with you starting tonight." The carrier helped himself into the dorm room and dumped a large unmarked brown sack onto the second bed. Once the bag was secured on the bed, he saluted Moonlight. "Miss." He then walked towards the door and closed it behind him, somewhat rudely. Remington just stood there waiting for the delivery to be made. He could have been thinking about how all the sudden he has a roommate now, but instead just wanted the carrier to leave so he could talk to Moonlight in private. Once he left, he sighed. He looked back to Moonlight. "Sorry about that, I guess I have a roommate now. Anyway, where was I?" He took a deep breath. "Moonlight. I really like you. Like, really really like you. We've gotten along so well with each other, and the more time I spend with you, the more I realize that I might think of you more than just a friend. I could never have expected that somepony like you would even care to spend any amount of time with me. You've made me feel really special. And for that, I thank you. I don't ever want anything to be between us." Remington paused. He wasn't sure how far to go with this. He was too cowardly for the moment to lean in to any specifics, but he just wanted her to know how he felt. This was how he felt openly. There might have been more secretive things he thought about, but for the moment this was what he was willing to share. Remington's lips quivered with the fear of having nothing else to say, combined with the trepidation of wondering how she would respond to how bold the things he just said was. He finished with a, "And... that's it. Let's study." He sat down onto his desk chair.
  9. Fluttershy heard Solar Flare clearly. She seemed in good understanding of her relationship with her pet. It was good to see. Not everypony understood that sometimes pets needed some time away from their pony partners. Fluttershy hoped that Sunny had been exploring his more mature inspirations of companionship as doing so would indicate a healthy relationship with the animal community around him. She kept walking towards the snake homes and then commented on Solar's desire to help with anything requiring medical stimulation. "Oh thank you. I think most of the animals here are kept well and sometimes they need a bandage here or there, but nothing too catastrophic." Fluttershy bent down and poked her head into a snake hole. "Are you hungry, Monty? It's been eighteen hours since your last meal." She removed her head from the hole and grabbed a bag of snake meal, which looked like miniature bread rolls, but was actually a balanced vegetarian-based diet viable for snakes. Like all predators, Fluttershy would not allow any animal to eat any other animal while in the safety and confidence of the sanctuary. This was easily said but sometimes difficult to enforce, as many critters who are used to eating more protein-rich diets might find themselves losing weight and energy while under Fluttershy's care. But typically, the trade-off was worth any therapy the animal needed from the yellow pegasus. As Fluttershy tossed some snake treats to the snake that would eventually come out of his hiding place, Angel Bunny came hopping very fast towards Fluttershy with a sincere amount of urgency. He plopped in front of her to get her attention and began motioning to her with his paws. She answered to him out loud. "What? Jessicat fell from a tree? She was trying to, WHAT!?" Fluttershy picked herself up by her wings and started flying towards the area where Angel was leading her. At the base of a tree, she could see a gray cat writhing in pain. "Oh, what happened?" Fluttershy immediately started talking calmly to the animal. As she inspected the feline, she noticed right away that her left rear leg seemed to have broken, and was going to need splinting and wrapping. "Angel, go get my med kit." Angel saluted and hopped away.
  10. Fluttershy had let Discord lead her into the ceremony proper where they would take their seats. Knowing that this would be a moment where Zap would have to peel away from her, she spoke to Big Mac. "Zap needs to be in the ceremony, so make sure he is up there and looking cute! I'm going to sit with Discord, I'll see if I can't watch Zap again after the ceremony." Big Mac agreed and made sure Zap was ready to be presented in front of all the ponies at the ceremony. Zap understood the drill, his mother had told him several times already. He was to stand still between his mother and Rarity and not say anything until after the ceremony is done. No flying, no running, no noises. Fearing what would happen had he not complied, he was well in tow with Big Mac's guidance to the wedding party location and where he was to stand. Zap was well-behaved, this time. Remington was startled by Moonlight as she popped out of his peripheral vision. And she looked amazing, and he felt suddenly underdressed. When she said she was happy that he was his plus one, he responded sheepishly, "What are friends for?" When the two met Apple Bloom, the young pony seemed appreciative of Remington's role in Moonlight's life, whatever the waggling of the eyebrows had meant. She was just a kid, he didn't read in on it too much. He was indeed lucky though, Moonlight was a great friend. "What are friends for?" When she suggest they were a Manehatten power couple, Remington did not get a good understanding of what that meant. Moonlight had pushed him away from Apple Bloom like she was in a hurry. And of course she would be, the ceremony was about to start. Big Mac and Zap Apple were seen walking away from the crowd towards their roles in the show. Remington figured it was time to take a seat. "I guess we'll have to wait to see the others until after the ceremony, its starting!" Remington found a seat that had a clean open space next to it. He wanted to make sure he didn't have to endure the embarrassment of sitting alone in a wedding of ponies he barely knew. When they sat, Remington started blushing as he got a full look of Moonlight's dress for the occasion. She was very happy. Remington's friends were right, fillies loved weddings. It's a good thing for them, they were not too distracted with the overwhelming feeling of affection and romance. Remington was very happy to help fill the role next to Moonlight in this very important familial celebration. After all, what are friends for? After the ceremony, Remington gave an awkward hoofshake to his teachers who were now married. He daydreamed about what he would have to call them in class now. Where they Professor Appledash and Rainjack now? Or where they both Mrs. Dash? He had questions he was afraid to ask. After the pleasantries with the brides, there was a clear space between the student buddies and Big Macintosh and his nephew. Remington had been a very well-behaved colt during the wedding. He had allowed Moonlight to push him and pull him to and fro and position him where they would look the best. Of course he hadn't said much- "what are friends for?" was equal parts damning and lame- but she liked it a lot anyway. She was maybe just searching for excuses but he was probably so overwhelmed by such heavy, strong, big emotions in him that he could only put on a brave, dumb face to not show it. She'd accept her little trophy colt for the time being, and be happy he had agreed to do as much as he had. After she had whispered what she had to Applejack, she continued her hoof stomping in approval and leaned heavily back into Remigton, pelt on pelt. "It almost makes you want to, like, totally cry, right?" She said, fighting back tears of her own. "No." Remington wasn't crying. Maybe he wanted to make a stance on how tough he was, but he was really just answering based on the hair trigger of which he would normally have to answer that question, which might have been during hazing acts with his old friends from Manehatten. Big colts don't cry. "Oh, but if you want to cry, it's fine." Remington shrugged. He didn't want to look like a cold stallion with no emotion, but he also didn't want to feel vulnerable in what seemed like a test of will power to not saying something stupid. He was doomed to fail eventually. "Oh, and I dooooo!" She responded, a few tears rolling down her cheeks as the warmth of a filly in distress rose within her. Once you had that little fire burning it was like the waterworks wouldn't stop their vain attempts to tamper it down. She buried her head briefly into his mane, more so to wipe the tears away on something that wasn't an expensive piece of cloth. While there she spoke warmly into his ear before finally hugging him. "Have you ever seen something as, like, so totally beautiful, Remmy?" As he cradled Moonlight's weeping, he nodded continuously in solidarity until she spoke up. "Yes! I mean, no, I haven't. Actually, this is the first wedding I've ever been to. It was about what I expected. A little less formal though since its on a farm. I kind of like that." As he finished speaking, the married mares finished their walk together past the assembled ponies and that odd time between the end of the ceremony began where ponies felt the need to start moving but to no place in particular. She let him go with a smile. "It is pretty different I guess," she said as she wiped her eyes, stopping midway into the second when she remembered that she was trying to maintain an appearance and continuing when she realized it was too late. "Still, its totally given me ideas for my own wedding, Like, for real," she winked before she started making her way out of the row they were in. Fluttershy rolled her eyes at Discord's inability to see all of the beauty and significance that marriage brought to a couple in love, but she felt that he was close enough to soon be sensitive to those kinds of feelings. Although Fluttershy would be patient for the time it would take for Discord to realize how the chaos of a lifelong relationship is a new kind of chaos he could grow to like. "Um, I don't know. I think we follow the brides to the reception and go from there. Whoever's in charge of the reception will be the one who decides when things happen, and that's probably Pinkie Pie." Fluttershy started walking towards the wedding reception area in the barn.
  11. Silverstream had gotten ahead of herself in thinking Gallus was completely on top of everything he was doing today. Of course, she couldn't fault him, it seemed like everything was fine until she showed up. Still, she was a little impatient at the lack of knowing the foal pegasus. "You think!?" She remarked on Zap's ability to fly. "How could you not know for sure? He wouldn't just jump off the cloud would he?" Silverstream said it so bluntly, it was almost as if she enjoyed the sound effect that one could hear in their own mind while such an expression was insinuated. She hurried to the side of the cloud just outside the front door and looked down. Through a few spare clouds below them, she could see the vast array of patchworked farmland sewn into the grassy green fields with the occasional building to house the ponies that tilled it. No dark orange specs could be seen. She looked back to Gallus. "What are you going to do?" She hadn't included herself part of the problem. Not yet, anyway.
  12. As it so happened, Zareb had packed a few bananas for his trip, and never ate them because of how hospitable the travel arrangements were. "Ya kuvutia. Really? I did bring some seeds from fruits from my tribe's region in case I wanted to start a garden with them or share them with plant growers in Ponyville, with the town's chief's approval of course. I know how invasive some plants are." Zareb hinted at the Everfree Forest, acknowledging the dangerous, yet oddly fascinating cultivation of a mysterious ecosystem of dense foliage and wild environments, something most zebras would otherwise call 'normal'. Zareb took in all of rambling the Prince gave about the different ponies that could have met him by now but hadn't. He wasn't entirely disappointed. The architecture certain was a marvel, but he was expecting more of an invocation. Zareb took a healthy swig of apple juice. It was very tasty and refreshing. "Wapi. Where is everyone? Are they at the school? Should we go over there and see the place? I'd like to see what it's like at the place I will be spending most of my time. The castle is great and all, but I'd like to explore the campus. Can you take me on a tour?"
  13. It had been a long night for everypony. Even with as much energy as Zap Apple was capable of, he was completely outdone by his mother's endurance. Or rather, by the endurance of one such to-be sibling, something he had not really understood the full capacity of. Everypony in the family was bigger than Zap. They were all older and bigger and stronger. Of course, this inward perspective yielded him the best opportunity to express his egocentric attitude he mostly imparted from his pegasus mother. However, he had no idea what they were talking about when they motioned down to him how he has to be a good big brother, and how he was no longer going to be the baby of the family. He had no other universe to know of other than the one in which he is the center of attention. To imagine it be any other way would be liken to insist that apples grow from the ground. Of course, all apple ponies old enough to go to primary school knew apples did grow from the ground, if only they waited long enough to see how that might be possible. Zap's seedling of an existence, though adventurous and exploratory, had only began to sprout. Zap had been with the rest of his family when they arrived at the hospital. The commotion was overwhelming, and he was excited to see what would result. He didn't understand it completely, but he got the basics. Mommy had a baby in her belly. Eventually the baby would come out. And then there is a party afterwards or something? Zap had a birthday party every year, but he would never consider the significance of it due to his inability to remember his own birth. When minutes turned to hours, Zap was taken back home while the dedicated family members began a watch to wait on his mother's process. Big Mac was the one to walk him home, and when the sun would rise, he would walk him back again. Having been used to the family's repetitive before-dawn routines, Zap was already awake before the rooster crowed, and he was tugging on his uncle's tail to get him out of his bed to walk him to the hospital. As the two walked towards Ponyville General in the pre-dawn darkness, Zap fluttered alongside Big Mac, heeling to his sturdy pace. "Do you think Mommy is going to be alright?" "Eeyup." "Is the new baby going to be a filly?" "Eeyup." "Is there any chance it'll be a colt?" Big Mac looked over perplexed at Zap who was fluttering at eye level. "N-nope." "Aw. I was kind of hoping Mommy would have a colt. I'd like to have a brother. Wouldn't it be cool to have a baby brother?" Big Mac's eyes smiled at the irony of his nephew's question. "Eeyup." When the two arrived at the hospital, the receptionist motioned to them to proceed back to the hallways where the others had been waiting all night long. Zap flew towards the rest before Big Mac finished his trot. Zap zipped around quickly to see if any confirmations had been made. He saw his auntie asleep, but his second cousin once removed had just walked out of a tent. He landed to concentrate on his question. "Are you guys... camping?"
  14. What are your favorite moments as admin here at Canterlot RP? What are your favorite accomplishments to the design and organization of the forum?
  15. Silverstream held herself from overreacting to the peculiar nature of Bluebelle's appearance coupled with her explanation of just how temporary her slender look could be. She was bewildered. Of course there was magic all over the place, and Silverstream herself could change into a completely different creature by just touching and meditating on the rock necklace she wore everywhere. But changing of the composition of your chromosomes seemed way stranger than suddenly growing a fin. "Really!?" Her eyes were wide. She looked at Smolder for reaction fuel, and then looked back at the princess. "That's so weird!" She said bluntly as she started chuckling a roll of laughter. The hippogriff would flap her wings a few times before laying on the ground having collapsed her legs from the shear stunning information she had just been imparted to. Of course, Silverstream knew she would sometimes be too much, but instead of pulling back like a normal creature, she pressed forward using compliments to save the atmosphere from being completely sabotaged. "I can't even imagine having to split my time with that kind of identity. But you pull it off so well! I thought maybe you had a twin brother." Fortunately for Silverstream, the princess made it clear that she was not about to use her so-called curse as a means to compromise the confidentiality of this tea meeting. And Silverstream made no reservations to not take her at her word. She was thinking about asking her about what guys think about, but before she could, Smolder asked a question inline with her thought processes. Bluebelle had some experiences on both sides of the spectrum. Who better to explain it than her. It's not like there was another pony at the school, like a student, who went through a similar transformation. "Yeah, what does the guy I like think about? How do I know if he likes me?" Silverstream curled backwards from her revealing mental slip. "I mean, how do guys think?"
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