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  1. Haha, well, who doesn't love shiny thing? So yes. TPBM's favorite colour is red.
  2. Hey there, and welcome to Canterlot. I like RPing in third person as well, and I think most of those here would agree. So you don't have to worry about that, I don't think. Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself here. And I hope to see you around some time. Welcome!
  3. Heard of them, but, I haven't watched/listened to their stuff long enough to really "like" them, let alone love them. TPBM owns a pillow pet.
  4. I thought it was good. Honestly, I like Russell Crowe, but I didn't really like his singing. Other than that one thing, I thought the film was great. I couldn't stop crying though. Really wish I had brought some tissues with me or something.
  5. Hey there, and welcome to Canterlot. I certainly hope you find the kind of RPing scene you're looking for here. Anyway, welcome again. I hope to see you around.
  6. Hey there, and welcome to Canterlot.
  7. Shivaree

    My Ponies

    My original Ponies that I've drawn.
  8. Hey there, and welcome. Glad to have you with us, here on Canterlot. Hope to see you around, and enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I hope to see you around the community some time.
  10. Hiya, and welcome to the community. Hope to be seeing you around soon. And here, have some Twilight Sparkle. :) :)
  11. Mm, I like kitties, not so much cats. TPBM enjoys listening to electronica.
  12. So, I've been trying to plot some ideas, and I came up with something that I thought might be a neat idea. Basically the Dance Academy of Canterlot (not sure if there is a dance school already established in the Mane RP, so I just came up with one myself) would host a sort of community dance competition. Think talent show, but focused primarily on dancing. Anypony of any age or skill level would be allowed and it would be divided into three ranks: Novice, Journeymen and Master (this is subject to change however, as I do not know how many will participate). The purpose of this competition is to spread the joy of dance, provide a show and entertainment for the masses, and of course, to have fun. Now, of course any competition will need competitors. As mentioned before, anypony is welcome to participate. Aside from the participants, we will also need judges. I was planning on just having three. Judges on the other hand will have to at least be a Mare or Stallion, and have some expertise in dance or performing. And of course, during the course of the competition, anypony is welcome to just be apart of the audience. I'm welcome to any feedback and suggestions. If anypony is interested at all in signing up for this competition, please say so, and include which pony(s) you wish to have participate. P.S. I know I say "anypony," but I don't see anything wrong with allowing other creatures from the Mane RP into the competition. That is all. As for me, I was going to have my OC Starlight Dancer be a competitor in the Masters division. However, if there is an empty judges seat available that needs filling, then I'll have her take on that role.
  13. Haha, I'm gonna go with option B as well. Hey there, and welcome to Canterlot. Hope to see you around, and I (along with several others) would be interested in seeing your art as well. Anyway, I hope you have fun here, and enjoy your stay.
  14. Saw The Hobbit and Les Mis. When I went to see The Hobbit though, I saw a trailer for Pacific Rim. I. Cannot. Wait.
  15. To this day, nothing quite beats the memory of defeating the Elite Four for the first time ever. I never got to that point when I was younger (mostly because I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to get past that darn Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow. But I think it was Gold version that I defeated the Elite Four for the first time. That was the greatest accomplishment (gaming related) that I've done to date.
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