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  1. Bonfire adjusted the straps on his new armor... again. The unicorn had had numerous sets of armor over his career, from functional field armor in his regular REA days to the more decorative armor of the Royal Guard. There was always an adjustment period getting any new armor to fit correctly, and this armor was just different enough that it would probably be uncomfortable for a while to come. Bonfire's new apartment in the barracks of Ponyville Castle... Friendship Castle? Did the castle even have a real name yet? Anyway, the place was still full of partially unpacked boxes. The unicorn had been surprised at how much... stuff he had accumulated during his time in Canterlot. Military life usually involved a lot of moving around, so you you just didn't keep many posessions. The more stable life in the Guard had given him more time to accumulate things. Granted, much of the stuff was old armor and weapons, But there was a surprising amount of personal items too. There had been an entire box of old unit and family photos. One of those now stood on the table next to the bed. The frame was filled with unicorns of various ages, most in shades reds, oranges, and yellows. Many of the pictured ponies appeared to be smeared in dark soot. Last year's family reunion had gone a bit off track due a wild fire. But with a whole family of pyrokinetic unicorns, the conflagration had been contained with ease. Bonfire remembered the day fondly. The fact that he had even GONE to the reunion was a bit unusual though. After after not taking any leave for several years, Bonfire had been sent on an 'enforced vacation,' After that, he had begun to realize that he was too wrapped up in the day-to-day of the palace, and that he needed to get out and change things up. That's why he'd finally accepted that invitation to visit the family, and why he now found himself in Ponyville, rather than Canterlot. Since her ascentsion, Princess Twilight had been without her own detachment of guards. While the Princess and her friends were a formidable force on their own , so were the Royal Sisters. And Celestia had had guards for centuries. No matter how powerful a pony was, they still had vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Several attacks on Canterlot had proved that to be all too true. When Bonfire had heard of the formation of the Twilight Guard, he thought that it might be the perfect change to get him out of his rut. Finally deciding that the new armor was fitting as well as he could get it, Bonfire trotted out of the barracks. The sun was barely up, but he wanted to be early. This would be the first opportunity to meet his new CO and the rest of the fledgling unit. Arriving in the castle, he found that several mares had preceded him. The first he recognized right away. Applejack, Bearer of the Element of Honesty, national hero, personal friend of the Princess... and one of the lowest ranking ponies in the unit. Even after reviewing the personel files, Bonfire was still surprised that the mare was actually here. At the moment, he could not fathom why the mare had enlisted. I mean, he could understand the desire to protect a friend or a loved one; nearly any pony in the Guard would feel the same. But starting out at the bottom as she was, along with her other duties... He shook his head, having no idea how that would work out. Of the three remaining mares, two were young unicorns. That would be Placidity and Raven Shadowfire. The first was also a bit odd to be an enlistee, being a specialist in therapy. The second mare's file had drawn his attention from her talent for fire-based spells. Similar to his own, but also very different. No real surprise on her enlistment though, coming from a Guard family. The final mare he approached before stopping and standing at attention before giving a practiced salute. Taking in the mare's armor, he said, "Captain Fire Walker I presume? Sergeant Bonfire, reporting in. Good to meet you, ma'am."
  2. Name: Sergeant Bonfire Reason for Joining: Despite his gruff exterior, Bonfire enjoys training and mentoring young guards. The formation of a new branch of Royal Guards seems the ideal opportunity for this. His own mistrust of Princess Luna has faded, and he no longer feels a need to remain in Canterlot to watch her. In addition, he feels a need to... sharpen his own skills. Too many times the Royal Guard has been... inadequate when it came to threats against the Princesses. With the strangeness that seems to center around Ponyville, it seems a good place for that.
  3. Fluttershy began to notice how many ponies... beings, rather, that were all gathering around the two Princesses. Consequentially, she also found herself as a focus of attention. An old, but powerful impulse prompted her to run away and hide! Too many eyes!! Fluttershy pushed down hard on the impulse. She could handle this. With friends around her, she could handle this! She might need to hyperventilate later, but she could handle this!! She was glad to see at least a bit of the tension drain out of Twilight. The Alicorn tended to put too much pressure on herself. Luckily, she had friends to keep her grounded. Already, Twilight was sliding back into her role; As the Princess of Friendship, Twilight could find a way to make friends with nearly anyone, and, indeed, seemed to know many of the beings addressing her already. When Halvard announced his impending marriage to the large cow beside him, Fluttershy was delighted, She did not know the bull well, but any marriage was a thing to be celebrated. "That's wonderful! Congratulations!" she said sweetly, while looking over the unique invitation that had been hoofed to Twilight. The bull's next offer got more of a response. "Oh! I would love to meet creatures from the arctic!" she gushed. "Maybe I could meet an arctic fox, or a snowshoe hare. Maybe a polar bear, or a sasquatch!" Calming a bit, Fluttershy cleared her throat daintily before she addressed the couple, adding, "Um, Thank you. It wold be my pleasure to accept your generous invitation." Fluttershy was a bit taken aback, both by Halvard's declaration that a member of Sigrun's clan not only knew about her, but wanted to meet her, and the cow's declaration that she had heard of Fluttershy's 'bravery.' She blushed a little as she waved off the claim. She didn't know Sigrun's title, but, had Fire Walker just called her 'Queen?' "Oh, I'm not brave... Your Highness?" she said, uncertainly. "I could never have done the things I've done without Twilight and our friends." One of that mares Twilight had greeted, a teal pegasus with unusual markings on her coat, came up to Fluttershy. When she asked about the cure for Swamp Fever, Fluttershy was quick to correct her. "Oh, I'm not sure how much help I could be. I found the cure, but I didn't discover the cure," Fluttershy told her. "The pony you should talk to is Mage Meadowbrook! I think she has gone back to the Hayseed Swamp to help her get used to the new World! After being trapped in Limbo for over a thousand years I mean..." Fluttershy looked at both Princesses as Twilight and Luna both asked about her birds. "Really, it's nothing to worry about," she assured Twilight. Turning to Luna, Fluttershy saw that the darker Princess seemed to be enjoying herself, despite the magical mix up. Once, Fluttershy had been frightened of the Princess of the moon. Now, she looked up to her in the same way that she would to Celestia. "Thank you for your offer, Princess Luna, but it's nothing I can't take care of myself. I'll just need a little bird seed!" Fluttershy's eyes widened a bit as she came to a realization. Looking down at Spike and Twilight. she asked, "Um, is there any bird seed in the castle?"
  4. Fluttershy flinched back a little from the panic-y purple Princess as Twilight flew up to meet her, Even with her crystallized appearance, Fluttershy saw bits of Twilight's magically styled mane beginning to fray. The alicorn had already been stressed from setting up this event, and now a mistake in her spellcasting had compounded it. Fluttershy approached Twilight, placing a hoof on her shoulder. "Easy, Twilight," she soothed. "Remember your breathing exercises." All of Twilight's friends had seen her in this state before, and knew the best ways to get her calmed down. "I'm sure Princess Luna won't think any less of you for a mistake. Besides, look around you!" The pegasus gestured to the town square and the altered landscape. "I've never seen Ponyville so... sparkly!" The effect on the town was striking. Rarity was going to regret not seeing her boutique this way. As she looked around, Fluttershy saw a little crystallized dragon running their way with mugs in his claws. She swooped down and took one of the mugs. "Thank you, Spike!" she said with a smile, before pressing the mug into Twilight's hooves. "And everything at the Castle is fine... well, except for a teensy problem with the choir, but..." Fluttershy stopped, not wanting to add to Twilight's distress. "Now!" she said, encouragingly, "You get down there and greet all your caribou guests!" Fluttershy's eyes went wide as she realized what she had just said. "C-c-caribou??" Instinctively, Fluttershy zipped around behind Twilight, away from the towering warriors. She had been wary of caribou since one of their clans had attacked the Crystal Empire. She had not been there, but Twilight's stories... and injuries, had been enough to scare Fluttershy badly. however, as she peeked around her friend's wing, she realized that she recognized one of these caribou. Halvard, a large blue bull, had been a representative when Fluttershy had met Empress Yù Yuè. Emerging cautiously, Fluttershy turned toward the bull, hovering to stay at eye level. "Vakstyra Halvard," she greeted, hoping she was not mangling his title. "I-it's good to see you again. You and your... friends are here for the celebration?"
  5. Despite the fact that much of Ponyville's celebration was to be held outside, that did not mean that the inside of Twilight's castle was not ready for the season. The large atrium was strung with garland, wreaths line the halls, and even the roots of the old library that hung over the Map table were adorned with magical lights. The castle was not only filled with holiday cheer, it was also filled with something unusual for the season: Birdsong. A pale yellow pegasus stood before two long perches of song birds. Each colorful bird sported a tiny scarf and a hat. The birds were chirping Hearth's Warming carols, but something was not quite right. Some birdy was off key. Fluttershy tapped her conductor's wand against the music stand in front of her to get the birds' attention. "That was lovely everyone!" she said encouragingly. "But, um, Bernard, you were a little flat. Like this, please." The pegasus sang wordlessly, but perfectly on key. At the end of the verse, she addressed the feathered choir again. "Now, lets try again. 1, 2..." Before she could say three, a wave of magic passed over Fluttershy and the birds. Fluttershy gasped as her coat turned crystalline, as it had when she had visited the Crystal Empire. The birds did not react so well, flying off in multiple directions in a panic. "Oh my!" Fluttershy gasped. "Oh, everyone, calm down please! Bernard, your hat!!" The pegasus' calming words had no effect as the little songbirds flitted about randomly. Trying to soothe her friends, Fluttershy took to the air. "Don't worry, I'll figure out what's going on!" she said, and flew toward the castle's large doors. As she exited the doors, Fluttershy was greeted with an unusual sight. Ponyville, rather than being the country village it usually was, now looked like a scene from the Crystal Empire. The streets, buildings, and ponies all had a crystalline sheen. Despite this, Fluttershy was able to spot two ponies at the center of the effect. Fluttershy flew toward the pair of Alicorns. "Um, Twilight? Princess Luna? What's going on? I mean, not that the effect isn't lovely, but..."
  6. You can post in Free for all at any time, but to post in WoE, you need an approved WoE character. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  7. Pinkie Pie's eyes went wide as the coach pulled into the manor courtyard, her jaw dropping open involuntarily. The grounds were full of ponies... laughing! And having fun! This was nothing like she'd come to expect from a Canterlot party! The decorations outside, and in, would not be out in place in a party she herself hosted, but her balloons and streamers couldn't move! Well, they moved when she shot them out of her party canon, but that was different. The decor was playing with the ponies! Her hoof flicked rapidly down the page of her check list, checking off multiple categories and liberally applying stickers and glitter. "Twilight! This... is... amazing!!" she called out, unable to hold in the excitement anymore. As the two mares dismounted the coach, Pinkie could spot the refreshments through the windows. From just a glance. she was starting to drool a bit. Completely disregarding her previous vow of seriousnessness, she began pronking toward the doors beside Twilight. However, the figure in the doorway made her pull up short. There was , of course, no mistaking Discord for any other being in Equestria. The appearance of the draconequis made Pinkie stop in confusion. She knew that Discord's reformation appeared to be genuine... this time... but Pinkie still felt conflicted. On one hoof, she knew all too well that the chaos being was great for a laugh. But on the other hoof, she still couldn't quite trust him. And, conversely, that just made her feel sad. She'd never developed the kind of bond with Discord that Fluttershy had. But, Pinkie wanted to be friends with everyone! But how could she be friends with someone she didn't quite trust?! The knot of confusion in her head that was Discord traveled down her back to her tail, making it vibrate. The vibration traveled back up her spine to her ears. At the same time, her left hind hoof became itchy... Pinkie breathed a sigh of relief. At least her Pinkie sense told her that the chaos noodle didn't anything too suspicious up his non-existent sleeves. Taking heart, she resumed pronking toward the entrance door. "Hiya Big D!" she called jovially. "You haven't seen a pony named Firestorm, have you? I wanna give my complements to the host!" she said with a smile, just as she passed the threshold of the door...
  8. Very cute episode. However, Pinkie was really riding the line between quirky and freaking annoying. I recently read a blog post by Kkat, the fan-author who wrote Fallout: Equestria. Link Here. She points out that this season seems to be setting up Starlight and her own group of friends as focal characters. We always had the Mane 6 and the CMC as separate focal points before, now the writers look like they are giving us a third: Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, Discord, and now, with today's episode, Maud.
  9. Pinkie eased her way into the coach after Twilight. She admired the festive decor... professionally, of course, before sitting down across from her friend. The seat gave a little bounce as she did. Hmm, interesting addition! She'd have to test it out, of course. After several bounces that went to the ceiling and back, Pinkie suddenly stopped mid-bounce when she saw Twilight watching her. The pink mare cleared her throat and said, "It is... satisfactory." she said, marking off a check on her clipboard. She then added a sticker for good measure. The stallions harnessed to the coach (all appropriately attired, Pinkie noted) began trotting toward the manor house. As they passed through Canterlot, Noted the rigid, formal homes of the wealthy unicorns that lived there. There was a reason the Party Mare was not her usual self tonight. Canterlot parties tended to be, well, dullsville. No cake, no games, no cake, no fun, and no cake! She was hopeful that Firestorm could break that mold, but she wasn't getting her hopes up yet. Pinkie's ears perked up as they got closer, already hearing festive music from up ahead. When she finally saw the big, brightly lit house they were headed toward, her eyes went wide in pleasant surprise! The whole atmosphere did not feel like a typical Canterlot party already. Still, she clung to her skepticism. If she didn't project her hopes about this party, she wouldn't be disappointed, like during that first snore-a-minute Grand Galloping Gala...
  10. As the foals gathered on the platform, a sudden BANG sounded from somewhere in the station house. Strangely, it seemed to have come from the Stallion's bathroom. After a moment, the door to the bathroom swung open, and a cloud of gray smoke billowed out! From amidst the smoke appeared two colts, coughing as they struggled out into the light. Both colts wore saddlebags, but the bags worn by the shorter, grey colt appeared to be scorched, and also appeared the be the origin of the smokey pall. "Darnit, Snails! I told you not to put the spark sticks with the smoke bombs!" cried the shorter, rounded colt. "I didn't do it!" retorted the taller, lanky unicorn colt, coughing. His normally orange face seemed to be smeared with soot, and his mane looked like it had been blasted backwards. "It musta been one of the fizzing whizbies!" Now calming as a got fresh air into his lungs, the shorter unicorn replied, "Nah, there'd have been a whistle if it was a whizbie." He turned toward his friend and produced a handkerchief from the non-smoking section of his bags. The colt used his telekinesis to wipe his friend's face off, as if this was something that happened a lot. "Well, at least we got here early, nopony should have seen that..." Meanwhile, the Snails' eyes had narrowed to pinpricks. "Uh, Snips,' he drawled. "I think we're in trouble." "What'd'ya mean?" Snips said, turning, "There's nopony he..." The words cut off as Snips noted his classmates all gathered, and a certain mulberry mare. "Uh... I... That is..." he stuttered. Forcing a grin onto his still blackened face, Snails managed to say, "Um, g'morning Miss Cheerilee??"
  11. A pink pony emerged onto the train platform, following the Princess. This pony did not bounce out of the train car; in fact, she stepped out sedately. Her mane, normally a mass of curly fluff, was pulled back into a bun on the back of her head. Ok, the bun was still pretty poofy, but the pony had managed to to get it to stay in place... for now. Perched on her muzzle was a pair of half-moon-framed glasses. They were Mother Pie's old frames, though the pony wearing them had removed the lenses. When the pony had looked at herself in the mirror, she'd giggled at how much she looked like her mom, but quickly reined herself in. (Get it?! Reined! It's a joke because ponies.... AH HEM!) The pink pony shook her head to clear the silly thoughts. This was serious, and she needed to stay serious, seriously. It was the very first thing on the clipboard she carried in one hoof. Well, there were some glittery stickers above that, but still... When the Princess called back to her, the pony answered, "Ready, spaghetti, Twilight!" in a cheerful voice. She stopped, then slapped her hoof over her mouth. Darnit, this was harder than she thought! Settling back to a neutral expression, she re-phrased. "I mean, I'm ready, Princess," she said in a much more subdued tone, adding a respectful nod to the Alicorn. With that, she began heading out of the station toward Firestorm's manor. Pinkamena Pie: Party Inspector was on the job. Seriously.
  12. Snips! 'an Snails! Will be there! Uh, do the princesses, like, have insurance?
  13. Moments after Rainbow Dash burst into the room, Fluttershy entered, knees shaking, and looking quite windblown. She'd managed to lasso the speedy pegasus alright, but actually CONTROLLING her was more of a challenge. The best Fluttershy had been able to do was vaguely steer Rainbow toward Sweet Apple Acres, then hang on for dear life. Thankfully it was enough. "Oh (pant) thank (pant) Celestia!" she gasped out. "We (wheeze) made it!" However, the yellow pegasus' exhaustion soon gave way to excitement. "Oh my gosh! The foal is here!" She began quickly buzzing around the room, hugging Rarity and Discord, as well as the assembled Apple family members. She then leaned in to give Applejack a gentle nuzzle, before grabbing Rainbow Dash from behind to hug and to look over her shoulder at the new foal. "Aww, isn't he cute!!" she cooed. She squeezed Rainbow tightly, saying "I am so happy for you!"
  14. With two very enthusiastic heralds like Rainbow and Applebloom, Fluttershy heard the announcement even at her cottage outside town. She had been preparing for this for months. The pegasus grabbed the saddle bags she had set aside for this day, and quickly took inventory of the contents. Tranquilizers: Check. Smelling Salts: Check. Bandages (just in case): Check. Most importantly, Applejack's Lasso: Check. Now, she just needed to track down her oldest friend. As much as she wanted to be there for AJ, Granny Smith was more than capable as a midwife. No, Fluttershy's goal was to try and rein in a hyper-active, super-sonic streak that was currently flying erratically over Ponyville. She knew there was no way she could catch up with her own wing power, but all she had to do was get close. She'd practiced with Applejack for weeks, anticipating this. Fluttershy ascended over the town, getting to the altitude the errant rainbow blur was flying. With a few careful twists of her neck, she threw the lasso loop at Rainbow Dash...
  15. Carrot Fields is with Bramble's RD if that's who you mean.
  16. Snips and Snails both took in the stallion's very impressive Dark Canter armor. Snails' eyes were wide with awe, while Snips just suddenly felt inadequate. He looked backward at his own costume, noting in the cheaper materials, the little spots where he hadn't been able to get the details quite right, the non-functional lights and knobs... "Man, my costume sucks... why did I think we could win anything..." he said, dejectedly. Snails looked at the shorter colt in surprise. "Hey, yer costume is awesome!" he said, enthusiastically. He jerked his horn toward the stallion on stage. "Just 'cause he's got more bits, doesn't mean his armor is better!" Snips' brightened a bit at that. His lips spread in a small smile, thinking of the surprise they had in store. "Heh, yeah, his armor is great, but I bet he doesn't have a spell..." That's when the other Canter lit his spellsaber. Both colts' eyes widened at that. "Whoooa....." they both drawled. The stallion started reciting lines from the comic, in a voice that was deep and frightening, personifying the character. Even Princess Cadance seemed to be affected. His entire performance was... terrifying... The colts stared at the stallion ever after he'd left the stage. Snails was the first to come back to himself, and his dropped jaw morphed into a wide smile. "Snips! Did you hear that? The Princess knows the lines!" Snips shook his head to clear it. He had noticed Cadance playing along and even he was... impressed. Reluctantly, he conceded, "Ok, points to Cadance..." Snails' smile grew a bit smug as they moved closer to the stage. The next pony on the stage had a whole performance to show off her vampony attire. Snips watched, hoping the some of the fog she had used stayed around. Snails, on the other hoof, only had eyes for the alicorn sharing the stage. In fact, Snips had to prod his orange friend to move forward as they were called. Snails came back to himself, and realized that he needed to try to impress the Princess! "You ready?" he said, his horn starting to glow. Snips moved a hoof up to close the mask on his helmet, and in a deep voice answered, "Ready!" The two spellsabers on the colt's belts levitated into the air. Each lit up, the blades showing the same colors of the colts' magic auras. Unlike the previous Dark Canter, these blades made no sound, and wouldn't have been able to cut through bread, but they had one thing the other blade didn't: a sparring partner. The colts began spinning the pretend blades around themselves as they began a mock dual on the stage. When the blades met, the boys made 'Tssh!' noises with their mouths, and whirring sounds as they moved them around. They traded blows for a few moments, before Snips pulled back. Raising a hoof, several balls balls from the playground wizzed toward Snails. Snails, using his buckball skills, deflected all of them with his saber. Snips engaged again, driving his 'foe' toward the edge of the stage. Snails fell back, eventually dropping to his rump. A swipe from Snips' saber knocked Snails' weapon away, then hit the tall colt's foreleg. Snails shouted theatrically, holding the 'wounded' limb to his chest. His armored opponent approached, saying in his deep voice, "Poni Wan never told you what happened to your sire, did he?" "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!" "No, Sky Walker. I am your sire!" "Noooooo! That can't be true! That's impossible!" With that, Snails dropped off the edge of the stage, out of the sight of the audience. A moment later, the colt's head popped back up again, and he climbed back to the stage. The two colts then turned to the audience and gave a bow.
  17. Snails had been in Ponyville's barber shop many times, but not in the dark. He stood near the door, looking down the row between the wrought iron chairs. In the half light, the backs of the barber chairs almost looked like some kind of armored ponies, standing in formation. "Snips, c'mon!" he called toward the back of the shop. "We're goin' ta miss all the good candy!" The lanky unicorn colt wore a loose white tunic, stretching back over his flanks, bound with a darker belt. Pouches and a metallic cylinder hung from the belt. His rear hooves were bound in light tan wraps, down to hoof boots of the same color. A pair of decals covered his snail cutie marks, showing what appeared to be a sword of light, surrounded by a pair of wings. From the back of the shop, a muffled voice called out "I'm almost ready, for pony's sake! One more minute!" Then, the sound of a needle touching a record came from the back room. An ominous march began to play, and Snips stepped out into the dim light. The shorter colt was covered from horn to hoof in black armor. The plates rattled a bit, giving off a tinny noise. A box on the colt's chest flickered with lights. He, too, had a belt, and a similar metallic cylinder hung from it. In addition to the armor, a black cape hung down the colt's back. But the most noticeable feature was the helmet. Shiny and black, it covered Snips' entire head and face. Even his ears were encased, though his horn was allowed to protrude. The horn, however, was colored the same black as the helmet. Two black lenses covered his eyes, and his muzzle was hidden by a triangular grill. Snips began slowly marching toward the door, the music setting the mood. The cape fluttered behind him as he walked. The colt strode between the silent sentinels of the barber chairs toward his friend. When Snips reached Snails, a heavy, rhythmic breathing could be heard from the helmet. Then, with a gasp, Snips raised a hoof to the mask, raising it up. "It's hard to breathe in this thing!" he called out, gulping in air. Snails was all smiles, however. "Coooool..." he drawled. Seeing his friend's reaction, Snips, gave Snails a high hoof... or as high as he could considering their difference in height. "This is going to be the best Nightmare Night ever!" Snips exclaimed. He eyes his friend's costume before asking "You ready to go, 'Sky Walker'?" "You bet, 'Dark Canter!'" The two colts eagerly galloped out into the night. Well, Snails galloped, Snips trudged along under the weight of his costume. "So, where do ya' wanna got first?" Snails asked. "I'm thinkin'..." "The Castle!" Snips answered, at the same time that Snails said "The costume contest!" Snails stopped, turning back to his friend. "Why the Castle?" he asked, a bit suspiciously. "Well, Princess Twilight is going to be there!" "Isn't Princess Twilight always in the castle?" A little uncertainly, Snips answered "Well, yeah, but... well... Princess Luna's gonna be there too?" Snails just stared at his friend, eyes half lidded. Drawing himself up, Snips asked, "Well, why do YOU want to go to the costume contest so bad?" "Well, um, look at us! We've got awesome costumes this year. We could win!" Snails answered enthusiastically. Then, in a quiet voice he mumbled, "AndPrincessCadancewillbethere..." Snips just smirked knowingly up at his friend. Frustrated, Snails burst out, "Aw come on! You get to see Twlight all the time! I only get to see Princess Cadance if she comes to Ponyville!" With a huff, Snips conceded. "Ok, fine, we'll go to the contest." Then, more enthusiastically, he added, "And maybe you're right, we might win somethin'!" As the two colts arrived at the platform, Snails looked around rapidly, trying to catch a glimpse of a certain pink alicorn. However, he spotted somepony else first. "Uh oh... Um Snips?" "Yeah?" Snails pointed to one of the other ponies in line for the contest. One in a very familiar costume... With a defeated slump, Snips groaned "Oh, ponyfeathers..."
  18. Fluttershy gave little Fresco a reassuring scritch between his little ears as the fruit bat seemed to cheer up. She stepped back from the Empress, looking around the rest of the garden. Others, including that big caribou from before had noted Yue's presence, but none had yet approached. The Empress appeared to have genuinely gotten back some of her poise, but Fluttershy still didn't think the guilin was up to dealing with a crowd of attention seekers. Turning back, Fluttershy's eyes went wide in shock! The Empress was disrobing in front of everyone! Well, there was only a handful of creatures here, but still! Instinctively, the pegasus raised a wing to screen the Yue from view, a blush tinging her cheeks. Fluttershy relaxed as Yue handed the silk garments to Liviel. It was a strange facet of pony socilization; whether a pony was dressed or undressed, it didn't really matter. but the actual act of dressing or undressing should be private! The pegasus looked questioningly at the Empress as she made her request. Certainly, she could lead the diamond dog to the Empress' suite in the palace, but... "Your h... I mean, Yue, are you sure you are going to be OK by yourself?" she asked. However, she became aware of the state of her own garments. She was going to hate to explain this to Rarity... "OK, Yue, we'll be back. I... should probably change too." She gave a respectful bow before looking at the dog. "This way, Sister Liviel..." ((Exit))
  19. Fluttershy felt a little more relieved as Silver described his sister's condition. It was even a little bit funny, that the artist would see being blasted with a sonic rainbow as inspiration. But a nagging part of the pegasus' mind kept wondering what she could have done to prevent this whole thing... but she firmly told that part of herself that it was not her fault. She did brighten a bit as Silver asked about Fresco. "Oh yes! Presteza came to my Animal Adoption Fair, and she and Fresco hit it off so well!" Fluttershy stopped then, her eyes widening. "Fresco!" she called out in alarm. She hadn't seen him since the fight! To her relief, the little fruit bat emerged from Silver's mane, alighting on Yue's head. "Oh, thank goodness.." she breathed, holding a hoof to her chest. She took a better look at the bat upon his royal perch. Fresco didn't look as if he were hurt, but the poor little thing looked so sad, and sounded the same. She picked the little fruit bat's head up with the tip of her hoof. "Oh, Fresco, sweetie, don't worry! I'm sure Presteza will be just fine!"
  20. Yue seemed to dismiss any compliment on her act earlier. Fluttershy frowned as the quilin insulted herself. Young she may be, but 'dull' was the last word the pegasus would use to describe her. She knew she should say something, but with the arrival of Silver, Yue had once again become The Empress. But now, Fluttershy could see the cracks in the mask the young mare wore. Yue needed friends more than anything. Friends who could see past the Empress to the pony... quilin beneath. And Fluttershy just happened to know a certain Princess who was not much different... Fluttershy was a bit taken aback by the way Silver spoke to her. She knew that the stallion was a Guard, and his tone seemed to imply he was speaking to a superior. A tinge of a blush lit her cheeks. She'd never be totally comfortable being recognized as some kind of 'hero,' despite all the things she and her friends has done together. "I-it's nothing, really..." she demurred. "Presteza is a friend, and a wonderful artist!" The healer in Fluttershy winced a bit as Silver described his sister's ailments. Part of her wanted to go help, but the artist was with doctors that could take care of her. At the moment, she needed to be here to support Yue.
  21. Fluttershy had made a decision. During the ceremony in the garden, she had been determined to remain formal with Empress Yù Yuè. The quilin had seemed to be a pillar of strength. Though young, she was the ruler of an entire nation, and without the benefit of an Alicorn's powers. Now, Fluttershy saw something else in the Empress; a young mare, just as uncertain of herself as anyone her age would be, thrust into a position she wasn't sure she was ready for. So, the pegasus cast aside all the formality of the occasion. Yù Yuè didn't some formal arraignment with Equestria at the moment, she needed a friend. Fluttershy had been very surprised to learn that the female diamond dog who had been at the ceremony was not only a monk from Long Guo, but a friend of Yue's. Fluttershy's impression of diamond dogs was, admittedly, very limited, but it had not been positive... However, Liviel was very well spoken, and seemed very loyal to Yue. She nodded her head in agreement at the dog's words. "She's right, Emp... Yue. Don't blame yourself for this!" Hesitantly, Fluttershy put a wing over Yue's back. "Wild animals can be unpredictable. And Philomena... she... well... she... likes to play pranks on ponies. You had no idea she would act like that! If anything, I should have seen it coming!" Fluttershy stopped there, before she started blaming herself for the fight. "But you," she continued, "You stepped right between two powerful, magical creatures to stop them! I think that was very brave!" The pegasus pulled back a bit before adding, "And... um... two birds fighting is hardly the worst thing that I caus... that has happened at a Gala..." Fluttershy looked up as a stallion approached them. The silver stallion looked familiar somehow, and not just from his resemblance to Presteza. The pegasus winced a bit at the thought of Presteza being blasted away at the beginning of the fight. Fluttershy had been reassured that the unicorn was OK, but it still had been frightening. She looked down at Yue uncertainly before saying to the stallion, "Y-you're Silver, right? Presteza has mentioned you before! But, um, I'm not sure the Empress is feeling up to meeting new ponies right now..."
  22. Day one of Trotcon:  Went to Q&A panels with Ingrid Nilson (Voice of all of Pinkie's sisters) and John DeLancie.  Ingrid sweet and nice, but JDL much better interviewee.  Went to a couple of other panels on Steven Universe and Head-canons.  Didn't do much in the evening until after dinner, took a walk to hit Pokestops.

  23. Heading to Trotcon next week!  Anyone else from Canterlot going?

  24. It lives! It lives!!! Hide the wimmins and chil'ren!!
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