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  1. Scarfish

    Fish's sprays

    some sprays that i have been doing
  2. Hey Guys. As You might not know I can't draw or anything. But I can spray paint. I have over the past month been making a bunch of pony stencils. People keep asking me if I have a template they can use and well I finally have three out (Twi, Rarity, Fluttershy) If any of you want to give them a try and make your own you should try them out and let me know what you think http://f15hb0ne.deviantart.com/gallery/36112453 I just need feedback on what I could do to improve the stencils and make them easier for people to use. thank you
  3. Found and image I liked then cut it out with and exacto knife and a manilla folder
  4. Also need to throw in there that he is a fan of flapjack, adventure time, and he was on regular show.
  5. Alright so i have been listening to a lot of Tyler the creator. While listening to one of his songs called BSD I noticed this http://www.metrolyri...he-creator.html (warning on language) 2nd paragraph. 6 and 7th line. he is talking about unicorns and ponies. Strange thing to put in a song like that? So that got me curious. Could he be a brony? I did some research and found this http://www.rapbaseme...tails-here.html (again language) Right at the end of the interview thing. i like ponies. I. Like. Ponies. If that isnt evidence of this guy being a brony I dont know what is. What do you think?
  6. whoa. got freaked out for a second.
  7. Threw my on personal twist on rarity. Dat flank.
  8. wait a second. you are right! damn! I at teh time of this did not have pink paint on me.
  9. Not fully yet. but all of my friends have watched an episode and dont hate it any more.
  10. You wear your brony shirt skiing everyday find yourself galloping when trying to book it to your next class.
  11. Yeah i watch because they fricking cute and the whole time i sit there grining like and idiot.
  12. I was going for marshmallow. but sure that works i guess.
  13. Scarfish

    Fish's Sketches

    Im not a huge fan of drawing but this was a lot of fun. You can find more of my work which includes spray paints and other little things like this here: http://f15hb0ne.deviantart.com/
  14. Alright here's what I did. Combine something you and him both love (me and my friends love the Wu Tang Clan) and ponies (there is bound to be a video out there) then show it to them. My friends wouldn't even look at this stuff before. But now they sort of like it! And some even started watching episodes
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