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    I like drawing, although I may not be the best, I still continue to grow better. I like sports, riding my Dirt Bike, of course My Little Pony, and I like to animate. I think that covers most of it.

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  1. The Marble Hornets Slenderman thing, doesn't scare me. What happens is it plants the idea of Slenderman in your head. Dark rooms, turning corners in your own home, even a walk through the woods becomes suspenseful. My brother let me play Grand Theft Auto on his computer. He said he is going to the bathroom. So I am playing, and he takes a mask we have, turns it inside out so it has no face, and stands outside our window. I glance out the window and see it, I think "It's just my reflection.". I moved backward and it didn't move. I roll back as FAST as I could, tipping the chair. I run out the door and he walks in laughing like CRAZY. I am currently plotting revenge.
  2. Man, you're LUCKY! I am not able to go to these, for I am too young to drive, and my parents don't know I'm a brony. But lucky you!
  3. Not sure if interests is from a pony, or humanoid...

  4. Paradox


    If noone else is going to say it, I might as well... IT'S ARROW IN THE KNEE! (Not "to" the knee.) Beautiful art, as well. P.S I play Skyrim quite often, and when I saw this. I was shocked. I never see art like this anymore.
  5. Attention gathered around Flitter's shop as she announced the registration for her competition. "A trophy and 150 bits to the pony who catches the rarest insect." Flitter said as she opened a supply closet filled with nets. "These are for all of you who have entered, and more for those of you who plan on it." Flitter said. She skipped inside and came back out with a little cooler filled with refreshments. "Registration will end at noon. Be sure to sign up before then!" After a while, Flitter came back out and explained the one rule, "You may not use a net other then the one supplied, and I myself will spectate and make sure the competition goes fairly." Not only do you get a trophy and 150 bits. You get discounts at Flitter's shop, a fair reward. You may also keep the insect you catch. As a pet, to show, or to sell. What you do is up to you!
  6. It's funny, this looks like a pony I've made a while ago. Mix Temp, maybe you've heard of her? Anyway, this is awesome. What program did you use? I like to draw, and this is the kind of stuff I'd like to do.
  7. The things that had happened in Sugarcube corner just then was chaotic. In fact, chaotic is an under statement. Out of nowhere a pony shot out the door, and gave Flourish a cookie. "A cookie? That's kind of odd." She slowly took a small bite. "I don't understand why-" Before she could finish, she was struck by the taste of the sweet cookie. It made her literally get up, and start hopping around. She ran home as fast as she could. With some sort of plan.
  8. I see you've gotten a great big welcome to Canterlot. Welcome to Canterlot, I hope you have an enjoyable stay.
  9. Upon trashing a cake, Flourish began feeling guilty. It wasn't in her nature to get so mad. She went home and grabbed a Rose. The walk back to Sugarcube Corner was a bit scary for Flourish. "What will she say to me? What will she THINK of me? I hope she's not too mad." Thinking of what she had done, a single tear fell from her face. As she arrived at the bakery, she noticed a couple more ponies arrived. "Oh no..." She walked inside and set the Rose on the counter. "I felt bad about what I did... And I.... I... I..." It was then that she began crying a river. She wasn't able to control it. Flourish ran outside and sat on the ground. "I've blown it, the one chance I had to fix what I had done, I messed it up." She didn't know what to do.
  10. I would hate to encounter one of these at night. This, is so... AWESOME
  11. I must say, I have yet to see a Dragon APP. I LOVE IT!
  12. I like how you addded quots. Very creative of you.
  13. Paradox


    Style? It screams BEAUTIFUL! This is quite the drawing. I hope to see more from you soon!
  14. "Sure thing" The Flourish said as she walked out the door. "I will be back in a while!" She said, walking out the door. She skipped along gingerly.
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