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  1. LOL! That turned out much better than I hoped! I've still only made about 5-6 of these (3 of which were BAD), so I still worry that they will flop.
  2. Thinking about you and remembering Summer of Pony today...Good times.

  3. I wrote another pony mad libs! I know I'm not around much anymore, but I still love you all, and wanted to share! If you have never played this party game before, the rules are simple: A) Write a word for each of 12 blanks in the hidden story BEFORE you see the story. B) Open the hidden message, and replace the numbered blanks with the words you picked. C) Post your version of the story (with your words bolded, and the whole thing in spoiler tags) for all to read and enjoy! Parts of speech refresher: 1) Noun, Abstract 2) Adjective 3) Noun, plural, things 4) Unit of Time, Plural 5) Noun, plural, things 6) Verb, future 7) Noun, plural 8) Noun, abstract 9) Verb, future 10) Animal 11) Noun, thing 12) Emoticon/Smilie DON'T OPEN THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE WRITTEN YOUR 11 WORDS! The last one as a LONG time ago : )
  4. The sort is infuriatingly inefficient. I've observed multiple instances of superfluous questions caused by not dividing the sides into big enough groups. Progress is very slow... For instance, I like all of the mane 6 more than Big Mac, and after it knew the order of the mane 6 for me, it compared Big Mac to my number 1, then my number 2, then my number 3, etc all the way down through my number 6 AND all those ponies that manage to trump mane 6 ponies. It should have gone from number 1, to my number 6, and then done more if Big mac were between the two. Bad programmer! No cookie for you! Yes, poor lotus and aloe. Actually, I'm going to add them in. I edited mine to correct a small error due to forgetting who snowflake was. I still call him "flex", though that may never have been official.
  5. I got a new computer. I installed Chrome, then World of Tanks, then searched for this wallpaper.
  6. I'm glad to see others were horrified by fancy pants. This is a 100% departure from his character. The two CANNOT co-exist. The critic was a terrible character. He sucks at his job and shouldn't have it. Additionally, he has no self respect if he pretends to change his opinion for Celestia, then goes back to snubbing it. The art was excellent. I loved how the word balloons literally crushed or lifted her up, and did you notice the first set? Most are negative, but a few are nice! In my first pass, I missed this, as did Fluttershy. Isn't that how it goes? The nice things get drowned out.
  7. They cleared up a few things that were bugging me, ramped up the danger, and gave more personality to the villains. I was having a blast at this point in the last 4 comic series, so having hope of a good conclusion is a step backwards.
  8. I went to pick it up, but it was delayed a week at my comic shop.
  9. I was referring to the "peanuts" reference.
  10. WOW! Both classic and fresh. I wonder how many people are going to miss the reference...
  11. Free comic book day! Visit your local participating locations!

  12. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But there is a difference in Practice.

    1. StarStorm


      Woah.. That's intense :D

  13. Looks like they took the effort to provide a high quality regional version. From the twilight VA, in the second video "the others [beyond Twilight] all have very different personalities. I think everyone can definitely identify with one of them." Well said. The episode feels a bit different than our version, but not in a bad way. when Twilight tries to get out of brunch for instance, "FINE" sounds like frustration, while the Japanese version sounded like resignation. Good VAs: Twilight, Spike, Applebloom, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Nightmare Moon Unexciting VAs: Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity
  14. You are probably PST. Is the time in my post 4:46 for you? We will describe the game start in terms of PST and EST.
  15. Why should I listen to you? You're just a pigment of my imagination. Like bleen or gurple.

  16. Are you talking about doing it this weekend Browneh? That works for me, but I was hoping to give about 5-10 days advance notice.
  17. Am continue to be impressed by your outline-less creations.
  18. Welcome! I love your the contrast between your name and avatar.
  19. The absolute minimum number of players is 7. We need to get at least that many responses before we set a date.
  20. daylight savings time is annoying for calculating these things, but I think EST is currently GMT -4. That would be 5pm-7pm GMT. I thought we might shift it to eat less of your evening, but if that works for you, I'd prefer it, so I don't have to wake earlier.
  21. Are all of the participants in the United States/Canada? If so, 10am PST (1pm EST) through 12pm PST (3pm EST) might work. Including Europeans is also possible but we would shift forward a couple hours. I've had a 3 hour skype with a Tenkan while he was in England, and I live in Alaska. Saturday would work best for me, since I often have responsibilities on Sunday morning. However, I could potentially swing Sunday if we were careful. Please, if this interests you, post here with times that would work so we can gauge the possibility.
  22. You do not need a mic for skype. You can IM on it as well. In a normal game, you pass to the same person each time, so, conceivably, each person could be in a drawing room with the person before them, another room with the person after them, and simultaneously on skype with EVERYONE. The MC could make sure the game moves along and that we stay together. The bigger trick is convincing people to all get online for two hours at the same time.
  23. Heh. That would be funny. I can already see Twilight scratching her nose with a wing while saying, "But how could I get up there?"
  24. Ah true, that would be tough for me. Ideally, I could draw at a desk, quickly scan it, and send it off. However, I would try to draw with a mouse for the first time if that is what it would take.
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