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  1. It's all good. I think most of us got sidetracked in the mean time anyway.
  2. On her run back to the front lines, Janice noticed a figure on the ground that wasn't a horribly mangled robot. It was a severely injured Nova with another pony running away with a wooden baseball bat. And that second pony was running straight into rocket fire from a massive version of the ponies that had shot rockets at her earlier. He was going to need backup. [colour=#ff8c00]"'Ey! Watch out for da..." [/colour]The newcomer easily dodged the rockets coming at him, and returning fire with what looked like a similar weapon to her own, yet his was glowing. Glowing gun or no, an extra gun was always a good thing against robots. Taking another route, Janice ran around the shed where they were bunkered in before to try and flank it. [colour=#ff8c00]"Ding dong! Special delivery for ya!" [/colour]Janice open fired at the back of the metal pony with her scattergun. The robot turned to face her and started firing rockets back at her while continuing it's march forward. Expecting it this time, Janice was untouched as the rocket exploded a few feet to her left, just where she was standing moments ago. [colour=#ff8c00]"Dat all ya got, ya big bucket a bolts! I ain't gonna lose dat easy dis time!"[/colour] She yelled defiantly, pumping the reload switch as fast as she could. Come on, he's almost down. Just a little more, and we win.
  3. So, my understand of what just happened is thus: Janice and Edd died. Janice respawned first because Scout and started running back to the fight. Tinker never died, hanging on at 1 HP. He Rescue Ranger'd a Teleporter to himself, TP'd back to spawn, and made a dispenser. He missed Janice, since she respawned and was gone by the time Tinker TP'd. He's currently sitting next to a Disp, healing. Nova basically tore apart the majority of them, but is now slowly bleeding out. Swift entered from somewhere that isn't near spawn, BONK'd himself down to Nova and started giving him BONK too. Now a Giant Kritz Solly is walking onto the battlefield, on WAVE 1 of NORMAL. Okay, after we take down this Giant, the wave's over. No more bots. Point of note, there's a handy-dandy little list that says what's in each wave. If we're trying to keep it as close to the source as possible, it might be worth having this somewhere handy. In other words, Wave 1 consists entirely of Scouts and Sollies, and Wave 2 will consist of a tank with endless Sniper and Pyro support. And so on.
  4. Eh. I had a similar reaction that Phil and others had. It was mildly feels-y, but it felt like a lot of feels-y points stuck together without any idea on how or why those points worked elsewhere, but not really working here. It's kinda neat that they explained where snowflakes came from, and Snowdrop was, admittedly, kinda adorable, but ultimately it feels like it was made for the sole purpose of being sad without actually succeeding at being sad. Kudos to everyone involved, however, I imagine it was a huge undertaking on their part, especially as an amateur "studio." There's room for them to improve, so I'll keep them in mind, but "Snowdrop" was just meh for me, and they could use some work.
  5. After a few more moments of catching her breath, and a bomb shaking the ground, Sweet Scent finally managed to pick herself up off the ground. Her body still hurt, but it wasn't impossible for her to stand now. What she needed was a proper place to rest, and probably a few gallons of water. As Reveille and Belle Plaine, as the new mare had introduced herself as, began chatting, Sweet slowly began making her way back to base. If there was to be a drop of water anywhere in this forsaken place, it would probably be back in the base. As she passed by the two, she remarked, "If you'll excuse my rudeness, I shall be heading back to the base, should you need me. It might just be me, but I would like a nice glass of water or eight before I risk my life again." She continued her slow walk back to the base. "I would like to get to know whom I'm working with better, so I would ask you come as well. And to sweeten the deal, so to speak, I would like to remind you that I am a spa pony. This isn't exactly a spa, but that doesn't mean I can't still try to do my job," she called over her shoulder back at the other two. "Well, my other job, anyway," she mumbled to herself.
  6. And, posted in Maneworks. Technically not on Saturday, but sue me I got distracted by other stuff. Coal Town forthcoming posted as well.
  7. Things just went from bad to hell, fast. The Engi, shot in the chest, leaving his Sentry to go up in smoke from the Sentry Buster. The Sniper, stabbed in the back by another type of robot, the Spy bots. The robots, carrying their bomb with little to no firepower stopping them. Her own body, battered to the brink and more coming. Well. At least they tried. With one last spark of desperation, Janice whipped out her bat. With a loud cry, she charged straight into the fray. Every robotic head at that exact moment swiveled towards her. The heroic charge was cut short, as the robots made quick work of her. Dead. After a brief moment, and with a jerk, her senses returned to her. She was standing back in the base where she had met the other two; Tinker and Edd. She put her bat away as she patted herself down. Still wearing the shirt she was given, still wearing the bag full of not only her Scattergun and Pocket Pistol, but a hefty sum of bits she retrieved from the robots. In the distance, she could hear their metallic hooves clanking on the ground. Presumably still bringing the bomb to this very building. But... she died. She knew she died, there was no way she could have survived a frontal attack like that. She, by all accounts, should have joined the Royal Sisters in the sky. Yet here she was, back in base, with the sounds of battle ever approaching. Perhaps this was a test. To see if she was worthy to join the Sisters. To redeem herself. Or maybe they had an instant teleporter thing that zapped you away the instant that your death was imminent, healed you in the process, and spat you back out in base. A number of possibilities shot through her head, but right now, she still had a job to do. Kick some robot butt. As she turned to leave the base, she finally noticed the large sign above the counter she had so casually before sat at. A big honkin' sign in the big bold letters that read "UPGRADES" hung over what looked like a bar selling all kinds of deadly weaponry and generally unpleasant things. Face palming, she stepped up to the counter, expecting someone or something else to show up, but nothing happened. Putting her Scattergun and the rather heavy bag on the counter she said to herself, [colour=#ff8c00]"C'mon, I need somethin' bigga to stop 'em. This thing ain't gonna do jack without some extra powa."[/colour] And almost like magic (spoilers: it's magic), her Scattergun and her bag glowed for half a second, then disappeared. Her gun came back a moment later with some new mechanism strapped to it, presumably to make it hurt more, and her bag came back, missing almost all of it's money. [colour=#ff8c00]"'Ey! What gives! Where'd my money go!?" [/colour]There was a note inside her bag and, true to form, she completely missed it. [colour=#ff8c00]"Bah. Whateva, I don't need it anyway. I got me some robots to bang up. Thanks or somethin', magic bar." [/colour]With a single-minded determination to do better, she set out at full sprint, ready to take on the robots once again.
  8. Balls. Sorry, I kinda forgot about it for a while, I'll get something up for Coal Town and Maneworks some time today. (Saturday) Well, here's the thing. Since it's a RP, actual class synergy doesn't really have to apply. Want two Scouts? Sure, why not? Bear in mind, some characters may take hostility towards another of their class being on the battlefield (see: Janice, the other Scout), but from a purely RPing point of view, sure, we could have an entire team of Scouts. Why not? If you really feel you need to change class, we currently have at Maneworks an Engi, Sniper, Spy, Scout and Pyro. That leaves Soldier, Demo, Heavy, and Medic not taken.
  9. The loudspeaker told everyone to go to the Fire Bowl. The first thing that came to mind for Fleet was a giant bowl filled with fire. While that was a really cool image in his head, the actual Fire Bowl was probably just going to be a big bonfire or something. Fleet walked with the crowd, excited as ever to see what this mysterious "Fire Bowl" was. Turns out both were wrong, it was just a stage with the staff introducing themselves. Fleet sat in the crowd of children, listening to the counselors introduce themselves and their role on staff. He recalled Razor pointing at him earlier saying something like "I already like you." He wasn't sure what he did to get liked by the survival instructor, but at least his class sounded interesting. Tracking animals and making shelters sounded like fun, and would help him explore even more back home! His last remark about his sister went completely over his head, as Fleet's mind had already began thinking about the cool possibilities being able to make shelters and things out in the woods would open. He could start his own little club-house-camp-thing out in the woods back home! They were tiny compared to the Whitetail Woods, but it would still be cool. [colour=#ff8c00]"I wonder what else they're gonna do here," [/colour]he thought aloud.
  10. Season 4 coming out was never in doubt. The fandom has been as active as ever, and it doesn't look like we're going anywhere any time soon. And honestly, as long as there's a large audience, especially the bronies, Hasbro's going to keep pumping out Pony until it becomes a clear case of nothing but profit. Hopefully, and this is a very big "hopefully," they'll learn from their mistakes in season 3 and go back to the quality of the prior two seasons. If they don't... Well... At least we still have fan works to rely on.
  11. From my understanding, it's supposed to be Silt/Makuzui next. I think someone screwed up somewhere in the posting order, but everyone who was supposed to post before me has posted by now. So although it was out of order, it's still technically "correct." So, yeah, Silt/Maku is up.
  12. [colour=#00FF00]"Wow I've never seen a griffon before. Oh do you fight monsters and slay dragons?"[/colour] Fleet had never actually seen a dragon, let alone kill one. But he did remember something related, [colour=#ff8c00]"Oh! That reminds me! I know some totally cool stories my dad told me about dragon-slayers and stuff. They would totally make for some cool campfire stories." [/colour]Boulder also mentioned finding some ancient ruins. Fleet suddenly got really excited, since he WAS an explorer after all. It would be silly for him NOT to get excited over the idea of finding new places, especially ancient ruins. He was about to start discussing the finer points of archeology with Boulder before another voice caught his attention. [colour=#ff0000]"Hey everypony! My name's Fresco, and this is Silt!" [/colour]A new pony makes her presence known! And she was addressing him. And she was asking, like, a million questions at him. [colour=#ff0000]"...What's your name, bud?"[/colour] With only a moment's thought, Fleet launched into his response to those questions, [colour=#ff8c00]"Yep, just still growing. Cynos are usually smaller than normal griffons, so I guess yeah. I can't fly but I can run really fast. I've only ever traveled around Aquellia, and with my parents, but yeah. And my name?" [/colour]He stuck out a claw for her to shake. [colour=#ff8c00]"Is Fleet Paw. Nice to meet you Fresco." [/colour]He glanced over her shoulder at the other, more reserved pony she had referred to earlier, [colour=#ff8c00]"And you too Silt! Come over here, I wanna meet you too!"[/colour] Not even ten minutes here, and he already met not just one but three ponies, and they were already turning out to be really cool! Granted, he technically hadn't talked to the third pony yet, but still, he seemed cool. This was going to be the best summer ever!
  13. Crate 50 came out. It's a salvage crate, but it has Strange Bacon Grease. Turns normal Frying Pans into strange ones... And now we play the waiting game. (If someone, somehow gets a crate 50, I will give you all of my money lots of stuff for it. Like, all of my stuff.)
  14. It's supposed to be me. I might be late posting it today though, got things going on.
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