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  1. aw, catca doesnt like me :C If you two fight I'll be forced to drown everything in pudding so you cant hurt eachother
  2. -gives catca as many scones as they can eat- I made them aaaaaaalll orange chocolate flavor. I'm pretty sure I'm contractually obligated to pander to people so they think they like me
  3. IwannabestuffeddownDavvy'sthroat I mean whaaaat who said that.
  4. If you like citrus flavors Catca, might I recommend my lemon meringue pie? I can make the crust out of ancient wyrm scales, which have a surprisingly rich flavor
  5. how much tea do you want Davvy? And i'm wondering what Catca wants theirs to be flavored with.... Everyone should get their own special tea for this party tonight
  6. I suppose nows as good a time as any to just hide?
  7. yes I remember you Cathy, I also remember you hate being called Cathy. And I suppose I should make a barrel of new tea for the fun and strange cat
  8. B-B-But I dont have any special tea made for you, I don't even remember you...
  9. o-oh, right. I havent done that in awhile too... -gets tea tray and pulls a few essentials from his bag of holding, including Davvy's 'special' tea-
  10. Heyya Davvy, havent seen you in 5ever The party should have started already i dont know what you're talking about fawkes
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