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  1. Future Coder sent it back to Past Rosewind using the one-time spell, but Derpy knocked over a candle and it went a little awry. You can find your winnings in Baltimare City Hall, room 3234, on August 9th, 2099 at 2:23PM.
  2. Let's do a little size comparison... Fluttershy at summer flight camp (where she could barely fly) Scootaloo in Cutie Mark Chronicles Fluttershy is much taller (she's about 3 heads tall, Scoots is about 2 heads tall). So I'd say to give Scootaloo some time (and you can't use the Cake Twins for comparison, since cannon explicitly states newborns have weird talent spurts.)
  3. They got paid. AJ had put the ride on her Pony Express card, don't leave Equestria without it.
  4. A) Maybe they're magic tickets. They came from Celestia after all. B) Maybe Twilight enchanted them. C) "A wizard did it"
  5. The music cues are also fun to pick out, you can hear the Jimmy Hart version of the in Hearth Warming Eve, for example, when Princess Platinum is discussing the dazzling new land they've found. (12:40 in on the iTunes version)
  6. Well, if it were real equines, you don't need that many stallions per mare. General "Buck" Turgidson: Doctor, you mentioned the ratio of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn't that necessitate the abandonment of the so-called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned? Dr. Strangelove: Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the human race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious... service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature.
  7. Of course, due to the overwhelming force known as status quo, Fluttershy has to learn the Aesop that you shouldn't let people try to make you into something you're not, and return to fluttermeek by the end of the episode. First Trixie, then Flim and Flam, now Iron Will. Ponyville sure seems to get a lot of traveling salesponies out to fleece the townponies. Doesn't Celestia have her own version of the FTC?
  8. You foal, that's a fainting couch. You need to go back to furniture identification kindergarten. Cutie Mark Furniture Identifiers are GO!
  9. Damn, I'm looking good today! I only wish I had that fit a physique.
  10. I can't reveal the source, because it was said off the record, but I have it on good authority that the video was NOT altered. This makes sense, as reanimating scenes is not a trivial undertaking.
  11. Well, if it's any boost to my credibility, the story I've writing is for a 6-time Pulitzer Prize winning paper, and I'm a member of both the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Of course, this is the Internet, so I could be a dog...
  12. If by fabricated you mean that Hasbro and Hub were coordinating a message to publicly release, then yes, it's pretty clear the the folks at the Hub were waiting for an official statement from Hasbro, since Hasbro calls the shots. This is the straight dope folks, I've been working with this PR person at the Hub for weeks (she set me up with an interview with Jayson T last friday). It's also totally understandable, since the last thing Hasbro needs is a parent's boycott of the toys. I'm somewhat amazed by the sense of entitlement some folks in the Brony community feel they are due. We're not the show's primary audience, and we should be on our knees in gratitude for the fact that we get the shout-outs and adult references that we do get in the show. The more we become a hassle to Hasbro, the more likely they are to turn the show into Strawberry Shortcake: The Next Generation, because it's just not worth the trouble. Ask yourself, is that really what you want? Would you rather have no new episodes, or lousy ones, just to 'save Derpy'? If you want to be frustrated or saddened at someone (not angry, that's an emotion that should be left to Glen Beck disciples and Call of Duty trash-talkers), direct it at the culture that has become so hypersensitive to this kind of dreck. Frankly, I'm a thousand times more disappointed at the obscenity-spewing, vitriol-flinging hate-fest that portions of the Brony community have participated in over the last few weeks. We're better than that, or at least I though we were. I thought I had found a group of people who wanted to apply the idea of love and tolerance to the world. Over the last few weeks, it's looked too much like what the demographics would have you believe it is, a bunch of immature young adults and teenagers. Love and tolerance is like freedom of speech. It's easy to love and tolerate things you agree with, or only mildly disagree with. The trick is to love and tolerate people who you don't agree with at all. I'm not Christian, or religious at all, but the idea that you have to love (in the sense of want them to get better and more happy) people who may hate or despise you isn't a bad one. It's pretty easy to call down the Windigos in what you think is righteous anger. We've been given this marvelous gift of a show, and rather than actually listen to the message it's trying to teach us, we're using it as an excuse to do the exact opposite. Everypony needs to grow up a bit. If Derpy being called out by name was the core of your existence, and the redacting has destroyed your life, I'd like to direct you to the community mental health section of your local yellow pages. I want to enjoy this show with people who are more interested in being happy than angry. If anger is your thing, I hear 4chan is a great place to get a head of steam going. Personally, I avoid it like the plague. There's enough crap going on in the real world that makes me want to turn in my citizenship in humanity, I don't need to manufacture more over a blond background pony's name.
  13. This is almost exactly the same wording I got from my contact at Hub PR today, it's legit. Coder
  14. I would be absolutely shocked if Apple did anything to the video, for several reasons. 1) They'd get sued out of their pants, it's not their intellectual property 2) They are the largest company in the world (market cap) right now, there's no way they're tracking minutia like this. 3) Who do you think did it, some mysterious Apple redubbing censorship department. It's conceivable that Hasbro/Hub/DHX had to modify the version to get it back onto iTunes, after complaints to Apple. We'll know the next time the show reruns on the Hub. Oh yes, and how the heck would Apple underp her eyes, they're not an animation house...
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