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    I'm a 3rd year Design student, living in Queensland Australia. I like art, design, comic books, illustration, reading, sci fi/fantasy, British shows (Doctor who, Misfits, Skins), good movies, video games, and My little pony of course :P

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  1. PetiteLaSouris


    An album for my rough earth pony Briar, and those of her family and friends who like to get on her bad side :P
  2. PetiteLaSouris


    A strange little earth pony http://askwhisper-pony.tumblr.com/
  3. http://askwhisper-pony.tumblr.com/
  4. I'm sure i had the link in the album description? Will double check
  5. Thanks for the advice As I said I have low traffic on my art and pony blogs so I'm not really expecting to explode like manequin pony (though that's a great concept, hope it goes far). I didn't even think of being able to reach out and interact my oc with other blogs, thanks
  6. Well I set one up Weather It's any success of not, thats a different story ask whisper
  7. ....... completely forgot Briar's cutie mark. The updated image is here
  8. Keep an eye out for the finished version
  9. Will do ^^ I'm still feeling around for some more interest on tumblr and other sites before I do anything, but I'll defs post a link if and/or when I start one
  10. That was my thinking Whisper is a relatively new pony I made just for halloween but her stories been fun plotting out because I haven't seen something too similar before
  11. So as the title says, i was thinking of starting a pony ask blog, but since I don't get much traffic on my tumblr I'm not sure it would work :S Still I'd love any opinions. Pitch 1; Briar, my main girl, insecure and sarcastic her friends have really brought her out of her shell. Blog would also include Skimmer, Ash and Storm. Pitch 2; Dizzy and her clann, a laid back horticulturalist this blog would be a little bit more adult since Dizzy doesn't just use her mushrooms for medicinal or culinary purposes. Her brother Oak and sister Babies would both be big parts of the blog aswell. Pitch 3; Whisper, a strange pony with the gift to see the dead her best friends are both spirits longs since passed. Anyway, let me know what you guys think, I've always wanted to run one of these
  12. PetiteLaSouris

    Cloud Skimmer

    For my witty pegasus
  13. So pretty! She certainly is a very cute gloomy pony, and I just love your style
  14. I definitely plan to some day soon though I'm pretty rusty
  15. Still interesting to know I love where it's gone since. I wish uni wasn't so full on so I could be more active
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