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  1. Celestia smiled upon hearing Ice Storm's reply to potential tutelage. "I'm glad to hear it. Send a letter whenever you wish to start. I'm sure we both can find time for a bit of private tutelage." Ice Storm went on to say how she had an unfair advantage with the cold, and that she was immune. Obviously Celestia herself was not, but she was no stranger to magic that was able to keep ponies warm, herself included. "I don't mind the cold Ice Storm, I've become rather adept at keeping ponies warm over the course of my life" Celestia playfully retorted with a bit of a giggle. "Regardless if you prefer to put my comfort over your own, I fully appreciate the gesture." Celestia continued. Ice Storm brought up expeditions and how she planned to go back barring any emergencies. "I do hope you get to go on your expedition. I certainly don't hope for any emergencies that would keep you in Equestria." Celestia started with a warm smile. "For now though, let us start our own expedition through the far less frozen garden." Celestia said playfully as she started to lead the way out of the castle through the exit of the hall leading to the garden. Upon reaching outside, they were met with a frost covered evergreen archway. Celestia extended her hoof to the entrance of the garden... "Shall we?"
  2. Ice Storm expressed an interest in the solar ray inverting magic that Celestia had devised for sun viewing. Sure she could presumably teach it, though she never tried before. Not even to Twilight... not yet at least... Then again Twilight always enjoyed learning from books, and this was one that Celestia had written down on a single scroll. Even with Twilight's reading she could not read every magical scroll in Canterlot. Still... the teacher in Celestia prompted a response. "Well I do have some experience in teaching Ice Storm." Celestia said with a sly smile and a clearly playful tone. "Though we would have to find time in each of our busy schedules for that to happen. I could lend you the scroll though, to help you get started. Just promise you'll test with parchment and not your eye to see if it was successful." Celestia said with an air of mentoring. "If that would interest you we can pick it up before you leave from my study..." Celestia paused. She realized it had been so long since she wrote it down that she wasn't sure if it was still in the study or moved to the archives. "That is... I think it should be in my study..." Celestia followed up ponderously. "Well we could always do both," Celestia began to detail her plan now that she heard the will of Ice Storm. "The garden isn't so big it would take an entire day. We could walk through it and even have tea after, or even sit down in the center when we want to take a break from walking and have it then. I'm sure one of my attendants would not mind bringing us some tea and cakes." Or perhaps they would mind... it is somewhat chilly out Celestia quietly thought to herself. But no matter, it wouldn't be for long and all of them knew their way through the garden. "But let us start for the garden first. The quickest way is through one of the side exits." Celestia beckoned her to follow.
  3. Celestia smiled and nodded as Icy responded to her greeting. As she listened to Icy's very serious answer to her somewhat facetious question she smiled. "Truth be told," Celestia started mimicking Icy's start "I don't quite like using the throne room as a starting point to social visits if it can be avoided. Naturally for dignitaries and the like, it is almost a required stop, but not those I choose to invite as guests and friends. That is a place of work, not relaxation and socializing. I would have greatly you be taken to my solar where I was finishing up work, but if you enjoyed the walk through the foyer, who am I to argue." Celestia paused before she continued. "It really is a lovely foyer, isn't it? The castle architects and designers do a fantastic job at maintaining the hall and adding to it when I, and now my sister as well, sees fit." Celestia continued. "And as lovely as the castle is during the day, it does have a certain charm by torch and moonlight during the night hours." Celestia said with a smile "And though it may seem like I am boasting, I do believe that the night sky view from Canterlot Castle's Observatory is without peer. Speaking of the observatory, if you are interested, long ago, I devised a spell for viewing the Sun through a telescope safely. It isn't a complicated spell, but a difficult one as it requires reversing the rays of the sunlight in the complex mirrors and lenses of the telescope, preventing the harmful rays of the sun. The result is a close up light inverted view of the Sun. It is quite the sight." Celestia finished that bit, and now it was down to business. Celestia smiled warmly at the mention of the hall being a reminder of what she protects. "Your dedication to protecting the realm is part of the reason I invited you for a social call. It is always nice to pay thanks to those whom willingly protect Equestria." Celestia began. "Now you are my honored guest, so what we do is ultimately up to you. Though I have to say, the Castle Garden is especially lovely with the holiday snow lightly coating the winter plants. Of course we can also take a more detailed daylight tour of the castle, or just have tea and cake." Celestia said warmly awaiting the ultimate decision, as this was not the first time a guest had made a social call.
  4. Celestia was always one to strengthen bonds with those whom were ready and willing to help. Between her work with the Magic Guild, the Equestrian Defense Force and just being an active member of Equestrian society, Celestia sometimes wished to have special audiences, like with the mare Ice Storm. She had previously extended an open invitation to Ice Storm, but for some reason their schedules never matched up. Alright, so perhaps being a business owner and being part of the Equestrian Defense Force had something to do with Icy's schedule and being the Princess of Equestria isn't exactly a part time job... But still... it was a always a bit disappointing that they were never able to make good on the arrangements. To Celestia's pleasant surprise, Ice Storm had notified her that during the height of Hearth's Warming holiday time she would be able to make good on the invitation. The holidays are no less busy for royalty though, perhaps even more so, between civic matters, public ceremonies, requested appearances, the Canterlot Hearth's Warming play, and just her normal schedule that she had to... more or less... abide to daily (though she became very adept at accomplishing her tasks while sneaking away, much to the chagrin of her staff). Most ponies assumed that Celestia did all her work in the throne room, which, to most outsiders would seem logical, after all, that is where she met almost everypony for official visits, and where she held open forum. However, most of Celestia's work occurred elsewhere, whether it be in a meeting room, the dining room or in a private chamber when necessary. Today Celestia was doing some work in her private solar, where she often went when she didn't want to be disturbed while doing more mundane tasks. It also had the advantage of having ways out of the castle in case the tasks became too mundane. She gave express instructions to the staff that she was only to be disturbed if a guest had an invitation. She promised not to 'disappear' in the meanwhile. The pony to do this was Ice Storm. Her staff alerted her that she was making her way to the Throne room. Princess, your guest, Ice Storm, has arrived and is awaiting at the entrance of the throne room. One of Celestia's guards had alerted her. Celestia finally got up and stretched long and hard after sitting for so long. Unfortunately for her, though she could do so through other means, there was no real way to get to the rear doors of the throne room to greet Ice Storm there without making her wait unduly long. Though it was never in the Princess's plans to use the throne room anyway, not only was this a social visit, but there was no way she was planning on staying in the castle if other options were available... so long as Ice Storm didn't mind of course. And so she let her hair down, and made her way to the grand entrance of the Throne Room. Ice Storm was already waiting by the door when Celestia had arrived behind her. Celestia cleared her throat audibly to hope to elicit Ice Storm to turn around so she could greet her face to face. When she did Celestia smiled and politely greeted her. "Ice Storm, it is so lovely to see you again. Thank you for accepting my invitation..." Celestia paused a moment, not letting the chance to break the ice a bit slip by, after all, the last thing she wanted was a pony she invited socially to stand on ceremony "Though, I have to ask, why are you just standing in front of the Throne room entrance?" Celestia said with an impish grin.
  5. Chaos is a ladder.

    1. Bellosh


      I tried to climb it once. I failed and never got to try again because the fall broke my spinal cord. :green:

  6. Reading the book now. Fun story, fun references, sometimes painful prose. I'm not sure how the movie will handle everything, like with most things I'm excited but will wait for reviews.
  7. Hilariously I finished the minor edits I wanted to and forgot to update it. So... Ready???
  8. Well, the stars don't move, so... this doesn't exactly make sense. Neither does the sun mind you (this is TECHNICALLY not correct, but for the purposes of this it is correct enough). Though I always assumed that they were working of the logic of ancient peoples that believed deities moved them across the skies. Thus Celestia and Luna became those deities, being in control of the sun and moon.
  9. No worries, even still I wouldn't mind, especially for this character, because she abandoned her given name anyway. So in an RP setting no one would ever call her that.
  10. Last time they put up half the season during the midseason break. And then put the rest up. Otherwise, historically, they have waited for the entire season to finish then put it up.
  11. Yeah, I do. If I'm not done in a month and a half I might just request to have it refiled though. It's more about energy and time at this point.
  12. I still use your Okami Tia, because awesome art is awesome. Also I love Okami. Fantastic work (also I still consider Okami Tia rather apropos since Amaterasu is a sun goddess.)
  13. Well the next season is confirmed as happening, which is Season 7. I THINK they paid for S8 to be produced as well, but I'm not sure.
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