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  1. Neon Bright smiled at Compass Rose.[colour=#00ff00]"Oh it's okay!I zone out sometimes too."[/colour]She said.
  2. Rainy Splash looked over to where Leif was pointing and he saw his best friend.[colour=#808080]"Nee nee!"[/colour]He said using the nickname he gave her.She blushed and waved.[colour=#00ff00]"Hey Splashers."[/colour]She said.
  3. Rainy Splash flew down from the tree in front of Lief and said.[colour=#808080]"Of course she is the best friend in the whole wide world!"[/colour]
  4. Rainy Splash smiled.[colour=#808080]"Howdy!I'm Rainy Splash!And yeah I'm pretty sure this is your flyer!It looks like a concert my friend Neon Bright loves music and stuff like that.Oh sorry I'm rambling!So what's your name?"[/colour]He said happily.
  5. Rainy Splash was flying around in the clouds when suddenly a flyer hit him in the face causing him to crash into the branches of a tree.[colour=#808080]"Whoah!"[/colour]He said holding his head and brushing the flyer of his face.Then below him he say two ponies talking.[colour=#808080]"Hi!"[/colour]He yelled to them being his usual friendly self.
  6. ((Maybe I should bring in another character to interact with Lief and Darkness.I have a perfect one too!))
  7. Neon Bright smiled.[colour=#00ff00]"Hello! I'm Neon Bright!And you are?"[/colour]She asked Compass.
  8. Neon Bright didn't like feeling the third wheel or to be anywhere near a couple that she wasn't exactly involved with too many memories of other ponies and it just made her sad.
  9. Neon Bright nervously laughed.She could tell that Darkness wanted some time alone with Leif so she said.[colour=#00ff00]"Um you know what I'll go see what they are doin over there I'll be right back."[/colour]Then Neon trotted over to the other two ponies.
  10. ((I've been gone for a while sorry.)) Neon Bright chuckled.[colour=#00ff00]"Hey my best friend is a wonderbolt!"[/colour]She said.
  11. Neon Bright grinned.[colour=#00ff00]"Heh heh.I'm sorry are we making you uncomfortable?"[/colour]She said sarcastically.
  12. ((Oh okay sorry!I don't mind if that would happen though I do need to get used to shipping RPs anyway.))
  13. Neon Bright looked to Darkness.[colour=#00ff00]"Hey buddy don't be shy I won't bite!"[/colour]She said. ((By the way why is Leif flushing because of the wink or what?I just would like to make sure so I don't mess up the story.))
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