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  1. Hello everyone. I come on...a quite different kind of note. I have been part of this forum for quite awhile now, and I have accumulated many friends. I've had my own experiences with the fandom, individual members, and the show. But tonight, I'm afraid I have to say good-bye to all of you. Before I do, however, let me leave in the beat way possible; with a wall of text. I joined this fandom confused, nervous, and awkward. I never liked the idea of liking a show for little girls. I constantly got pissed at the fandom, and lost my respect for bronies little by little everyday. I pissed myself off, but never left the forum. I stayed here, and made many friends. I regained hope for the fandom simply by conversing on this forum. I even got into RolePlay, and made my own OC's. Yet I never considered myself a brony. I had too much on my mind. Anxiety. Depression. Insomnia. It constantly affected me to noticeable points. And even as I had little to no respect for bronies to the point where I was disgusted to even call myself one, I stayed in here in hopes of better times. So, let's clear things up here. I'm no longer a brony, if I ever really was, but I respect many of the people in this fandom. I have my own strong views of haters and the fans, but none I want to really discuss as of now. So, before I leave, I want to thank all of you. This is one of the best forums I have ever been apart of. If you know me, I bid you farewell. If you do not, I can tell you that this forum is great, and there really is no reason to be ashamed of this fandom. Goodbye Canterlot, I'm leaving this forum for good. If you would still like to keep in touch, my skype is shadowdeath251. Feel free to add me. Sincerely, with best regards, SirShadowdeath
  2. No, No I am not. In all seriousness though, I didn't do it. I just posted it here.
  5. This isn't adorable at all. You can have your opinion but I won't agree with you. At all.
  6. Ahem, would anyone like to play some Mann Up? I got three more missions left, and I'd be happy to invite some peoples.
  7. No no, the visual appearance and ideals of it are nice. It's just the whole idea of it and the direction that windows is going in that sucks.
  8. Windows 8 discussion thread. Blah blah blah future blah blah blah tablets blah blah blah evolution blah blah blah Metro Metro Metro Metro. I'm not excited.
  9. Underage small children shipping. Great. Better be trolling, Krypt.
  10. What if I've never actually been trolling this whole time?
  11. Well, at least they were nice about it.
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