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    North sept I'm a Belle at heart!
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    I love everything involving art that you can think of. Music is my passion but I also draw and paint (ponies often being my influence) and that is what keeps me sane. I also love to practice ASL and plan to become an interpreter. Also, love. I am utterly in love <3

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  1. T.T I feel like death. Getting tested for Lyme Disease on Monday.

  2. Awe thank you both so much Yeah I'm working on resting it.
  3. Haha no problem! I have an issue everyone. I'm right handed... And currently can't move my right arm. Tis in a sling >~<
  4. UPDATEEEE I am getting to all of the drawings I've just been swamped with life the past few days SO please excuse the time it is taking me o.o I apologise greatly.
  5. T.T Oh sadness... If anypony sees this and has aim, I could really use somepony to talk to. Aim Name:AerieFlew

  6. Ell if you want to do it, do it!! Just practice you don't need a class. Just do something fun!
  7. Haha thank y'all so much!! Feel free to cuddle I am super glad you like :3
  8. Well goodness everypony!! Thank you kindly for all the warm welcomes! I am loving it up on here website so far and I am so glad to be here
  9. Not a problem It may be a little while. XD I try to do at least one pony drawing a day, so I need to do a bunch still, but I'm getting there.
  10. No problem!! :3 I'd be more than glad to draw him sparrow sounds good ^.^ Oh thank you, I'm already feeling a little better today after being able to sleep in. Thank you kindly though.
  11. Alright! Phil, here is your pony! I've added you SirShadowdeath
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