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  1. Is karasu still open? Had a mind for a shapeshifting kitsune to play devious spyfox.
  2. Yar, suppose I could summon mighty willpower to finish this today or something.
  3. Leo set her mouth in a less-than-amused line at the stallion's response. Had he just implied that ramen and dumplings were the same as any other food, so long as it was food? She must not have heard him correctly. The bass from the night clubs was interfering with her hearing. Yes, that had to be it. At the mention of staying warm and dry, she followed his gaze to her hat and the few glistening drops that still stubbornly clung to it. It had done its job admirably. "Aren't you?" she responded easily, smirking in response to his smile now. "I already look shabby enough, I don't need to add waterlogged onto it," she quipped. "Besides, I really cannot pull off the wet mane look." At that moment, the door opened once more, ushering in another gust of stormy air and a bedraggled... what was it, a kirin? The mare was rather sure. Despite spending a sizable amount of time in the East at this point, she still had a bit of trouble discerning the various draconic features of the different races that inhabited it. The young arrival seemed about as worn-out as she looked, though her unusual way of greeting them made Leonarrie grin. She even had a rather unique hairstyle that was appealing to the white pony in an almost personal way, as though she'd worn it that way herself once. She hadn't, had she? "I am indeed, and you should invest in a takuhatsugasa!" the wanderer exclaimed, indicating the headwear and winking at the pegasus next to her. "Everyone agrees, it's quite effective. You can even learn to weave your own from almost any strong plant fibers." She patted the next open cushion near them, inviting the kirin over. Nothing solved wet and miserable like ramen. Or dumplings. Or both. Reminded of the distracted gaze the male had earlier, Leo let her eyes truly wander the shop for the first time. It was nice, cozy. Her attention fell on the large statue of a wolf that overlooked the counter. For a moment, there was no reaction. Then a double-take. The ronin stared hard, taking in all the features of the stone yokai. It looked so incredibly familiar... Akemi? she thought curiously tilting her head. Leo could have sworn the lit tips of the incense flared ever so slightly, but nothing else happened, aside from the young mare in the back suddenly galloping to the front counter as though shot from a cannon. Despite no pony having said a word to her, she looked as though she'd been yelled at to serve the guests. "May I take your order?" she asked breathlessly, though politely. Every few moments she seemed to glance over her shoulder at something, though it was any pony's guess as to what. There was nothing behind her. Maybe she was just a really jumpy new hire. Leonarrie waited a beat before shrugging and taking the initiative. "Udon in a shiitake broth with daisy greens, please!" she announced proudly. "And two servings of kuri dango!"
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Akemi Sex: Female Age: Very Old Species: Okami yokai Eye colour: Ice Blue Coat: Varies, though typically some shade of grey or white. Soft, pleasing swirls and shapes of the contrasting color to her base shade often appear and fade at random throughout her coat. Mane/Tail: n/a, not separate from her coat Physique: Roughly the size of a normal pony on regular occasions, Akemi's very form is somewhat amorphous. Long strands of fur flow like mist about her, and she can seemingly alter her size at will (within reasonable limits). Residence: Her ramen shop in Long Kong Occupation:Restaurateur Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: As a yokai, Akemi is quite magical by the very nature of her being. She has many talents, the most common of which being her ability to alter her shape. This is most often shown by her statue form when presiding over her noodle shop, as she never directly appears to run the operation. The okami can also be invoked at any location simply by speaking her name, though an object in the likeness of a wolf must be present for her to appear. Due to her long life, the yokai has also developed a very keen sense of character, which she calls her "eye of truth." While hardly foolproof, Akemi can often discern whether or not somepony is lying if they are not extremely accomplished at masking their emotions. Finally, one of her most fantastical abilities is one of bending light about herself so as to appear effectively invisible when disguise isn't enough. This only works with an external light source, and becomes more fallible the weaker the light is. In darkness it doesn't work at all, as Akemi herself glows faintly with her inherent magic. History: As Akemi can count her own existence in various pony lifetimes, she doesn't often speak of days long past, preferring to stick with more recent occurrences. She moved to Long Kong from the areas surrounding Neighpon several years ago, having lost faith that the rise of technology would ever account for tradition and the old ways once it gained momentum. The wild and natural places were slowly disappearing, and she became disillusioned. In the spirit of joining what she did not see how to defeat, the restless yokai spent many months roaming the bustling streets of the city. Often this was done invisibly, other times as a statue or flickering lantern. Simply watching, learning. How could ponies, kirin and the like stand to be in such enclosed space? Were they not suffocating? It was a maddening conundrum to the okami. The air was heavy, the nights were loud. Just before the yokai lost hope, however, she met the mare that finally managed to change her stubborn perspective. Akemi happened to witness an elderly pony while sitting passively in her statue form one evening. The granny was headed into a noodle shop with what seemed to be her grandfilly, both lugging bags full to bursting with ingredients. It seemed that she owned the ramen house. Something about the warm joy on the elder pony's face intrigued the yokai, and she hid herself from sight to follow the pair inside. What she saw almost made her drop her invisibility spell in surprise, a rare thing for a creature usually so measured in temperament. It was one of the most traditional, beautiful interiors she had seen in a long time. Most definitely anywhere in Long Kong. Incense smouldered gently, chimes rang throughout, tasteful pots of bamboo were arranged about the restaurant. Everywhere Akemi looked, she was pleased. Enough so that she showed herself to the grandmare and her grandfilly the very next day. Naturally they were surprised that something as elusive as a yokai would introduce itself, but after a short time the two wizened souls were chatting away like old friends. When it became apparent that Akemi was despairing that the traditional ways would disappear, the elderly pony shook her head in disagreement. She responded that while progression and change was inevitable, the things we treasure only stop being relevant when there is no one left to care for them. So long as one person remains, so too does the treasure. The mare suggested that Akemi travel the world, see what it truly held beyond the fringes that the okami had inhabited for so long now. Perhaps she would find more clarity on such a journey. Sensing the wisdom in her friend's words, the yokai agreed to sojourn and return to tell the tale. She left Long Kong and traveled far beyond its borders. Over the years, rumors would spread of a great wolf that would appear, seemingly full of boundless curiosity about each new location. Akemi held true to her word, and even began gathering rare and powerful relics that she came across. Word had it that she even visited Longri-la, the storied refuge of the Serpent Council. Whether or not claims that she has seen the inside of the Dragon's Heart are true, she has yet to reveal to this day. After many summers, Akemi finally returned to the noodle house in Long Kong. She found her friend and her grandfilly still working, still honoring the ways. As promised, the okami regaled them with stories of her many travels. When the wolf finally finished speaking, she received a question in return. Had she found what she was looking for? The yokai thought long about her answer. Yes, she decided. There were still many ancient wonders in the world outside the tiny bubble to which she'd confined herself. Upon relaying this thought, her old companion smiled. It was time they switched places, was her response. Seeing Akemi's confusion, the wrinkly mare laughed and explained. She wasn't getting any younger, and she couldn't run the noodle shop like she used to. She wanted to see the wonders of the world one more time while she still had the chance. As a favor for the wisdom that she had bestowed upon the yokai many years prior, would she mind watching over the ramen house in the pony's stead? There was assurance that the grandfilly knew all the workings and could mostly run it by herself now, but it was always nice to have an elder hoof (or paw) guiding business. So it came to be that Akemi presides over a traditional ramen restaurant in Long Kong, keeping a keen eye on her only employee whilst helping unseen through magic and illusion. She still travels, often leaving the business in her capable ward's hooves during her absences. Rumors of the Sage Wolf still grow, and now those seeking her could always come inside for a warm meal and possible answers to their burning questions. Character Personality: Akemi is quite stoic, and often comes off as august and austere to those who do not know her well. Rarely is she caught off-guard to the point that she'll speak in anything other than a measured cadence, or even appear excited. That said, she is not emotionless, simply tempered by long years of wariness and exploration. She does become a tad more relaxed around those she knows well (though as her employee will tell you, this often doesn't do anything for her strictness). The most enduring of Akemi's monikers is the Sage Wolf, due to her ages-old propensity to dispense sound advice to those who ask it of her. While rarely immediately evident or understood by those who ask, time and again her suggestions have proven fruitful. Even in her current "settled" location within Long Kong, she tends to act as an information broker for her friends who seek counsel at her ramen shop. The yokai often favors company that appreciates the old ways, and individuals who seek knowledge to truly better themselves. Those who tell grand tales are very welcome in her home, especially those who are talented in the delivery of such stories. On the other paw, she does not lightly tolerate thugs and villains, which leaves her diametrically opposed to the Triad and various hooligans that associate with them. Rare is the occasion that a member of that collective has been allowed past her door, though it's not completely unheard of: she does believe in the concepts of yin, yang, and balance between the two. Though she doesn't often talk about herself, Akemi enjoys reading ancient scrolls and listening to the guqin being played. She keeps a rock garden in her spare time, and to the lucky few that are actually invited to her home (not the restaurant itself), they find themselves in a glade of pristine natural beauty. How such a thing exists about a ramen shop in Long Kong is quite the mystery. Character Summary: Akemi is the embodiment of wisdom and tradition accumulated over many, many years of learning. A very well-traveled being, the yokai finds pleasure in upholding the old ways and finding how to fit them into an ever-changing modern world. She houses a collection of very rare and sometimes powerful relics in her mystical glade that she maintains above her noodle shop in Long Kong, and often dispenses advice to those who come seeking it. Somewhat oddly for her kind, Akemi has over time seemingly forgone taking the guise of more common sentient creatures when out and about. She often appears simply as herself, a great wolf striding through the crowds. Her innate powers instill a mild protective glamour, in a way that only perceptive creatures or those actively looking for her will easily see her. Elsewise she is akin to a fleeting thought, drawing no more attention than any other might if one were to look at a crowd of complete strangers. To those she truly wishes to avoid, there is always her invisibility. The Sage Wolf still actively travels to expand her knowledge, that she might pass it on to others. And while she won't actively admit it, she does dote on her employee in mostly unseen ways despite said employee's thoughts otherwise. In the end, Akemi is a caring, old soul who wishes for nothing more than for those she cares about to be at harmony with the world. To that end, she sees herself as a conduit to times nearly forgotten, ever ready to be the window into the past that looks upon the future.
  5. From the shadow of a covered stoop, a glittering eye peeked from under the brim of a lifting hat. Raindrops slid together then dripped from the woven reeds of the headwear, but the storm had finally moved on it seemed. With a shuffle, the huddled form of a pony unfurled itself from its makeshift shelter. A worn saya slid into view from its hiding place under the frayed white kimono the mare wore, settling into place hung from a strap at her side. "Finally," Leonarrie exhaled, glancing skyward at the retreating clouds. The thunderheads still looked mutinous, but it didn't seem there would be another downpour for a least a little while. Plenty of time to wander about, and put more distance between herself and the bass-shaken streets near the riverfront. Usually Leo preferred to walk along rivers, but the clubs had been too loud for the sensibilities of someone accustomed to wandering country roads. Which urged the question as to why she was in Long Kong of all places? Culture, was her main response to this unasked query. Despite falling in love with traditional Neighponese habits and architecture, Leonarrie held a fascination with most things Eastern. Besides, Long Kong had some of the best dumplings this side of the continent, and she wasn't about to pass that up. Ramen too. Speaking of... The ronin slowed, her musings forgotten as her tail and kimono ruffled in the humid breeze. She lifted her muzzle, sniffing. Time seemed to freeze for one perfect moment. Even the final raindrops sliding from her white coat were held in place, quivering with anticipation. There was no denying it. That was the smell of ramen AND dumplings! With a near giggle of foal-like glee, off she trotted in the direction of that tantalizing aroma. The trail lead her past throngs of locals, and though she was completely unconcerned with trivial things like right-of-way and personal space, she managed to swerve around all of them in her single-minded quest. Soon enough, Leonarrie found herself at her goal: a hidden treasure of a ramen shop. Without further ado, she shouldered the door open and slid inside. Before taking a seat on a free cushion near the counter, she at least had the presence of mind to slip her sheathed blade from its strap to set it carefully beside her, followed by her large hat. With a curt nod of approval that also served to flip her spiky blonde mane from her eyes, she now flomped with eagerness as she awaited her turn to order. Her attention was drawn to a rather striking pegasus nearby, apparently also waiting for food. Her gaze lingered for only a moment before she offered a friendly smile. "Hello! Are you a hopeless fan of gourmet ramen and dumplings too?"
  6. Sweet honey biscuits that history took forever. And I knew it would. I'm sure I became disjointed and jumbled at some point between that and the character summary, so feel free to poke holes in it. I should probably also note that character interactions were used with permission from Zeig and Pretzels.
  7. It's Friday Eve. I'm excited.

    1. Dio


      The rest of us should run I'm guessing :P

    2. Solaria


      Just because my avatar now has a little red hood and GREAT, FLAMING EYEBROWS doesn't mean my excitement will be evil.

  8. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Leonarrie Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Bronze Coat: White Mane/Tail: Blonde Physique: Tall and moderately fit, though her lifestyle is slowly softening her Residence: None Occupation: Ronin/Wanderer, so none Cutie Mark: A stylized lion's head Unique Traits: Naturally in tune with the world around her. One of the few practitioners of a hidden sword style, though her ability to use its most powerful techniques has considerably diminished. She still carries her katana and wears her kimono untied, though they're just as slightly scruffy as the rest of her. The kanji on the back, standing for courage, looks meticulously cared for and maintained in comparison. History: Leonarrie doesn't know much about her early life. For as long as she can remember, she has been an orphan. Normally such a filly would have been taken in by a shelter of some sort, or a particularly generous somepony. Unfortunately, in the deep woods of the Badlands, it's quite easy to misplace entire groups, much less a single tiny pony. Thankfully, Leo has always been resourceful. She did in fact have a roof over her head. It was a small cottage with a cozy if simple interior, and the filly experimented with various berries and herbs until she had learned (often the hard way) which were edible and which would result in a long night of a gurgling unhappy tummy. On these long nights, with nothing better to do, Leonarrie would try hard to remember how she had come to be in this empty cottage. Sometimes she could recall whispers of laughter, echoes of the family she'd had. It had been so long that this was all she could conjure from her memory. One thing she did remember was that there was a terrible dragon somewhere in the vicinity. She knew for a fact that her mother had told her about it in warnings, even if Leo couldn't recall her face. There was no denying the truth to the cautionary tale either: the filly could frequently feel the ground shake, hear distant roars, and on rare occasions spot a plume of flame in the distance. Thankfully she never encountered the beast, until one terrifying afternoon in a secluded field. Leonarrie was picking her favorite grains for dinner when the nearby treeline cracked and splintered, leaves and shards of wood flying everywhere. In one single moment of clarity, the pony realized she had wandered very close to where she had supposed the dragon's lair to be. It was even more mane-curdling to actually see the creature. Legs as thick as tree trunks. Scales as black as night. Gleaming teeth like swords. As Leonarrie sat awash in its titanic shadow, she watched as one slitted eye rolled to study her. As luck would have it, apparently giant dragons have little time to waste on fillies smaller than their toenails. With a grunt of something that sounded like "Narrie" (she has no idea what it really said, she was petrified), it snorted a small gout of flame and rumbled back from whence it had come. It was a long while before Leo chanced move again, before galloping full tilt back to her cottage. That night, during a feeling of euphoria at having survived such an encounter, the pony looked over her only two possessions: a plumed golden helmet with a dent in the side, and a blunted shortsword with the name "Leo" engraved upon the hilt. She had no idea what they were, but assumed they had belonged to her parents. There was a small forge behind her dwelling, which she assumed one of them had used. At this point, the filly made up her mind. She couldn't live in the complete solitude of the Badlands any longer, not with only a dragon who may or may not choose to eat her the next time it saw her. Despite having no idea which way civilization laid from her home, she had to at least try. But first, she'd need a name. The pony not only failed to remember her parents from such prolonged isolation, but her very name. Who would refer to themselves in the third person anyway? In the end, she settled upon Leonarrie: a combination of the engraved name and what she had thought the dragon had muttered when seeing her. She wasn't even sure it was a proper name, but a sword and a dragon combination sounded mighty to her! Filled with purpose, she packed as much food as she could carry and trotted off in a random direction. Thus began her history of wandering. Having been self-sufficient for as long as she could remember, life on the road was rather easy. She did in fact find civilization, but never stayed long enough for residents to discover she was traveling alone. For someone to have had as much freedom as she was accustomed to, she didn't really find any interest in the idea of being taken in by somepony now. One town that caught her attention was a community that was almost entirely focused on producing recruits for the REA. Ponies here were proud to have their foals train to one day be valiant soldiers. As Leo had had no instruction in her own abilities beyond what she had discovered herself, she labored to join the academy there and was admitted after arduous consideration. She now had her second home in the dormitories. Over time, the growing pony began advancing quickly through her courses. Most of it was foal's play compared to how she had lived on her own in the Badlands. After her first major examinations, she scored top of her class for acute situational analysis and decisive course of action. It turned out she was a natural leader. This was her official observation summary, though her teachers all mentioned at one time or another that she seemed to express at least some sort of talent in nearly every subject. In response to this personal victory, her cutie mark appeared. She hadn't bothered worrying about it until that point, despite several of her classmates having theirs, but she was pleased all the same. A lion. A symbol of strength and courage. Leo vowed to live up to it. A few more years passed in training, with the now mare continuing her high scores and graduating top of her class. It was assumed by anypony who knew her that she'd be headed straight into a long and storied career in the REA. That's why they were all shocked when she packed her bags and left without much ceremony at all. Over time her ignorance over her previous life, her parents, everything had gnawed at her. She knew that who she was now was impressive, and such thoughts shouldn't bother her, but knowing and feeling are often separate. Leonarrie became a traveler once more, meandering the span of Equestria and eventually moving past her borders. Through her journeys she became rather infatuated with Eastern civilization, and came to wander Neighpon. Each community she visited furthered her attraction. Such was her fascination that she eventually completely adopted its culture as her own. Over time she had come to wear a faded, scruffy white kimono with the kanji for courage upon its back, a single katana, and her prized takuhatsugasa for keeping the sun out of her eyes. Plus, she enjoyed looking mysterious with the brim pulled low. She visited several dojos and schools along her way, picking up various techniques and above all, the samurai code of honor. Despite leaving her accomplishments behind in Equestria, some small part of her still wanted to learn, to achieve. It was during her wanderings that she came to know a ryuma by the name Rakuen Ryuichi. She was working part-time in the kitchen of a somewhat secluded inn and hot spring at the time, mostly using it as an excuse to perfect Eastern cuisine rather than needing the bits. Their interactions were somewhat infrequent, but she decided she liked the fellow. She would go out of her way to speak with him each time he visited. Of course they lost contact eventually, but she did learn that he had risen to become shogun of Neighpon. This would seem to imply that Leo was almost industrious during her time traveling. This was not so. While charismatic and talented when she chose to be, the mare was often fired from jobs for sleeping, staring into space, or eating her own cooking in the kitchen. This resulted in many jobs over time, but also many acquired skills. She even learned how to make her own sake, which was great considering how much she enjoyed the drink. Despite Leo's best efforts, however, she eventually became forlorn. Most of her life had been on the road or bouncing from place to place. She never had any lasting relationships with anypony, any enduring friendships. No family that she knew of. Distraught, she retreated into the mountains in the remote recesses of the province and essentially became a hermit. Days passed without fanfare, she simply existed in the quiet serenity of snow and rock while living out of a roomy cave. Her only entertainment came from trying new manestyles using her reflection in mountain streams, and from caring for her katana. She might have continued that way indefinitely if not for a twist of fate. While out gathering ingredients for stew, she saw signs of an incoming blizzard. Thankfully she had packed a heavy cloak, and quickly began the trek back to her cave. The storm hit not long after, and she nearly tripped right over a pair of huddled forms in the blinding snow. Travelers, lost in the flurries. Not having lost her compassion, the mare took them into her cave for a warm fire and a helping of stew. The younger of the two visitors, the daughter, caught Leo's attention. She seemed somewhat a kindred spirit, a mind buzzing with curiosity. Late into the night the pony shared with the kirin her prized possession: a written code of samurai honor. Leonarrie had rarely pulled it from its protective trappings, fearful that the harsh environment would damage it beyond repair. Once the travelers had fallen asleep in their exhaustion, she was gazing upon her companion, Hanari Rua, with strengthening resolve. This one had the fire she herself had once possessed. What had happened? Before morning broke, Leonarrie had left her cave for the final time. Kimono, blade, and hat were in hoof. Her treasured code, however, she left next to the sleeping Hanari. One sentence she had circled: "Righteousness is its own reward." It was her favorite line in the chronicle, and one that the kirin had inspired her to live by again. A spark of the young pony who trained hard at an REA academy had flared in Leo's heart once again. Nowadays she still wanders, but is much happier for it. She knows that being the best Leo that she can be will result in everything falling into place eventually. Until then, dumplings, sake, and friends made on the road fill her time. On occasion, she even wanders into Kyoma to rekindle her friendship with Ryuichi. She hopes to eventually see Hanari again someday as well. Leonarrie knows that she holds great potential within herself, and that someday she'll need to rise to prove herself worthy of the lion on her flanks and the courage on her back. That day isn't today, however, and thus the sake flows. Character Personality: Lazy. Leonarrie is the ultimate in wasted potential. Her list of favored activities is always topped by snoozing, eating, drinking, and generally fooling around. While there are a great many things that the pony is actually very good at, she finds that the effort is usually not worth the reward. That being said, those things she does focus her attentions on usually wind up very fun or fulfilling. Often quite light-hearted and slow to take most anything seriously, Leonarrie is usually first in mind when other creatures want to have a good time. Seeing as how she rarely has somewhere to be afterward, she puts her heart into enjoying whatever she's currently doing. That mood tends to be infectious, leading her to have quite a few friends. When alone for extended periods of time and feeling introspective, the pony will occasionally turn her thoughts toward her past and her current existence. This leads to one of the few things that will make her rather closed-off or vague, resorting often to one-word answers or quickly changing the subject. In a related note, those who force their opinions of what should be onto others who don't necessarily share their viewpoint is a sure way to rouse Leonarrie's ire. That, or spilling her ramen bowl. Many a site of devastation has been assumed to be the work of a natural disaster, only for it to be revealed that some jerk wasted the ronin's precious noodles. Character Summary: Despite her lack of motivation in most things, Leonarrie is deceptively skilled. Being quite taken with Eastern culture and tradition, she has become well-versed in sake production and the serving ceremony, cooking, and calligraphy to put her philosophical musings to scroll. She knows various martial styles, honorific mannerisms, and can adeptly care for her katana. She can even darn her kimono back into working order after patches wear out during travel. She can often be found in eateries off well-traveled roads if in the countryside, or snoozing in the shade when in towns or cities. True to her calm demeanor, rare is the onlooker who has seen her actually draw her blade for anything. Her favorite companions are those who share her admittedly hedonistic outlook on life, or at least those who know how to have fun. It's the moments where she's truly invested in something that are a wonder to behold, as her innate talents come to the fore. If nothing else, Leonarrie is at worst a great friend to have and at best a very reliable companion. In her own way.
  9. She and Leonarrie would be best buds. Ronin 4 lyfe.
  10. Works for me! Leo is actually very good at calligraphy, compiling information, poetry, and is skilled with bladed weapons from her training when she was younger. I'm thinking I'll just make this version possess a katana, because her normal bladestaff would be very unwieldy at her smaller stature. Martial prowess, upkeep personal military equipment. She's also a keen strategist when she has a mind to be, though normally that's turned toward how to get food and drink without paying for it. Free dumplings are best dumplings after all. When the situation calls for it, she's actually an excellent cook and practitioner of traditional Eastern hospitality. Due to her high interest in the culture during her younger days, she studied it intently. Though she'll often make a grand display of it, she quite enjoys brewing sake and formal method of serving it to friends. She's proficient in other areas as well, but those are the main ones that spring to mind. Get her invested in something and she's a prodigy. The true trick is gaining the interest in the first place.
  11. Well yes, but one friend and a brother? Need more,and more on top of that. Friendship is magic, or so I'm told!
  12. Alrighty, so. After review of the filled positions, there seems to be a lack of childhood friends or previous companions. All work, work, work. That's no fun. So I figured I'd request to have a character be a previous acquaintance. That would be none other than de-alicorned Leonarrie (some day, she'll laze about in her full glory). So, earth pony form. Essentially avatar minus horn and wings! I'll need to re-app this version, as currently she's only accepted as a Crossovers app, and that hasn't existed for a long time. Overall she's the wasted potential trope, forgoing superb abilities of both mind and body for satiating her wanderlust and fondness of relaxing. Occasionally rising to meet the challenge if the need is great enough, doing amazing things, then going right back to being a ragamuffin. Eating good food, bathing in the hot springs, some sake here and there... that's heaven. By her tendency to roam, she wouldn't be something completely constant, but would be around often enough when needed. She's rather jovial and spirited, and loves to make kabuki-style grand entrances. I figure such a companion would be a nice relief from what could be the pressures of Ryu's office. As Leo has long had her proclivity to travel across many countries, she could have met him at any time that's convenient for you. That, and she's quite a weeaboo in the finest sense: she adores Eastern culture. Not hard at all for her to have spent more and more time there over the years. Her original concept was more of a ronin alicorn that just laid about anyway. Let me know what you think, and I can make tweaks here and there. I'm right at the beginning of the creation process, so it'd be easy to make changes as I'm tearing down to the basic framework of the character to make the de-powered version.
  13. So at the behest of the significant other, I have begun the Mass Effect trilogy. Everyone waxes poetic about it, yet in my first foray all I could think is "Shepard has got the shakiest hands I've ever seen. I hope there's some kind of super futuristic cure for mouthbreathing while sniping, or this is going to be a long game."

    1. Elderflower


      I'm a big fan of the first game. The love isn't as strong for 2 or 3, though. 


      But yeah, Shep needs an inhaler I think, it could really make a big difference. 

    2. tacobob


      Eh? #2 was probably the best of the series..#3 was good...until the....well, I will let you discover that bit.


      Also (And this was done by the VA who does Maleshemp.)



    3. Dio


      I liked ME1's story, but the gameplay is absolute garbage. ME2/3 had much more solid mechanics, if dated compared to modern cover shooters like The Division and Gears of War. Storywise, ME3 had its moments, but Casey Hudson threw a fit at the last second and the ending rewrite pretty much sank the game. That said, the series as a whole is quality sci fi with a great universe, interesting characters, and plenty of room for growth. Can't wait for Andromeda at the end of the month.

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