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  1. It's Friday Eve. I'm excited.

    1. Dio


      The rest of us should run I'm guessing :P

    2. Solaria


      Just because my avatar now has a little red hood and GREAT, FLAMING EYEBROWS doesn't mean my excitement will be evil.

  2. So at the behest of the significant other, I have begun the Mass Effect trilogy. Everyone waxes poetic about it, yet in my first foray all I could think is "Shepard has got the shakiest hands I've ever seen. I hope there's some kind of super futuristic cure for mouthbreathing while sniping, or this is going to be a long game."

    1. Elderflower


      I'm a big fan of the first game. The love isn't as strong for 2 or 3, though. 


      But yeah, Shep needs an inhaler I think, it could really make a big difference. 

    2. tacobob


      Eh? #2 was probably the best of the series..#3 was good...until the....well, I will let you discover that bit.


      Also (And this was done by the VA who does Maleshemp.)



    3. Dio


      I liked ME1's story, but the gameplay is absolute garbage. ME2/3 had much more solid mechanics, if dated compared to modern cover shooters like The Division and Gears of War. Storywise, ME3 had its moments, but Casey Hudson threw a fit at the last second and the ending rewrite pretty much sank the game. That said, the series as a whole is quality sci fi with a great universe, interesting characters, and plenty of room for growth. Can't wait for Andromeda at the end of the month.

  3. And lo, the wanderer returned. Not for anything so philosophical or empathetic as "I wonder how those others I once talked to are faring.." No. Something akin to "I'm pretty bored. Didn't I used to pone rp?"

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    2. Solaria


      Quite so! Around the same time, too. Sugar sense was tingling.

    3. Elderflower


      When doki calls.

    4. Solaria


      Sugar family get-together is still a must.

  4. Someone or something has drawn me back from the void. I blame Dio.

    1. Dio


      I'm the admin. Gotta love me.

    2. Dubstep


      We blame Dio for everything anyway.

  5. Steel your heart. Lift the veil. Split the dream.

    1. TheFinestSorcerer


      I don't wanna put raw steel anywhere near my heart ;3;

      Teehee! <3

    2. Dio


      Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky.

  6. Come children, play in the darkness. It's ever so much fun ♪

  7. I've been listening to enough awesome music at work that I really need to get Haunting Nocturne into some rp. Anyone want to start something with a snarky batpony guitarist?

  8. Alright, now that I have definite time off each week... Plans: Finish chronomancer unicorn and earth pony Manechurian chef. Then, on to the dread pirate Black Pearl!

    1. Dio


      She liiiiiiiives

  9. Mmm. Lengthy work hours tried to slay me. It was cute.

    1. tacobob


      know how you feel o_o

  10. Love is not a finite resource.

  11. We can dance if you want to!

    1. RainbowDarlingDash


      We can leave your friends behind.

    2. QuickLime


      Cause your friend's don't dance, and if they don't dance then THEIR NO FRIENDS OF MINE

  12. Dat Final Fantasy VII remake. Finally. And Heavensward this Friday. T'is a good FF week!

    1. Ciraxis


      They...doing it. The...really...really...doing it.<faints>

  13. Woohoo! Got one of those rare nights of sleep without super apnea, and holy fudge butter am I wired. You people who can sleep normally have got it made. WHO WANTS TO RUN A MARATHON?!

    1. AlextheAngel


      I envy people who sleep. ._.

      But I'll still run that marathon!

    2. InSaNiTyCaT


      I say no to Marathon! But I can sleep through thunder storms, earthquakes UK, hoovers, ya know!?

    3. CanvasMayHogany


      I WILL I WILL!! (I will sleep i mean, Im am not running a marathon)

  14. Love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!

    1. RedCedar


      Love. Exciting and new.

    2. Solaria


      A timeless classic!

  15. Will you cater to every fantasy I've got? Will you hose me down with holy water if I get too hot? Will you take me places I'd never go?

    1. RedCedar


      I can do that. I can do that.

    2. Dio


      Take me to church.

  16. One way MySpace trumped Facebook: Music playing on user pages. I miss that.

  17. I have been and always will be a willing slave to 80s rock.

    1. Dio


      Shot through the heart and you're to blame...

    2. RedCedar


      I am putting a clause in my will that states no one inherits anything unless "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is played during my funeral at peak volume.

    3. tacobob


      Which would work extra well, if you were killed by cannibals. Mmmm. Sugar-glazed RedCedar!

  18. Ever wanted to relive history? How about Equestria's history? Be on the lookout for the historical comics shoppe Time and Again, owned by a mare who can help with just that!

  19. Seaside ponies and travelling merchants/traders beware, rumors that Black Pearl and her crew are on the prowl have increased as of late.

  20. After I finish Chowder it'll be time to gear up for watching Codename: Kids Next Door in its entirety, followed by Misadventures of Flapjack and Rurouni Kenshin.

    1. Hawkeye12


      I was honestly not a fan of Flapjack when I wstched it as a kid... but KND is pretty dang awesome. ;)

  21. Ah, feeling good! If I could draw this would be the day I'd make something cool. Instead I'm going to go home and command my Siri slave to blast Gaga over the speaker.

  22. Fun is life. Life is love.

  23. Sometimes you just have to stand up and rock out to Dragostea din Tei

    1. Dio


      Office DJ F0X-3

    2. Solaria


      That'd be an awesome stage name.

  24. For Equestria was set ablaze by the light of her glory, those who beheld her presence became inspired and totally inexplicably ripped, and Castor's teacup wobbled ever so slightly in his study... the Lady Archon Knight cometh.

    1. Dio


      With nary but a look, the teacup was no more, for it had dared to move in defiance of Castor's orders. And so the Admiral carefully considered what had happened. What could possibly compel the teacup to stand against him, stand against its most certain doom?

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