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  1. So at the behest of the significant other, I have begun the Mass Effect trilogy. Everyone waxes poetic about it, yet in my first foray all I could think is "Shepard has got the shakiest hands I've ever seen. I hope there's some kind of super futuristic cure for mouthbreathing while sniping, or this is going to be a long game."

    1. Elderflower


      I'm a big fan of the first game. The love isn't as strong for 2 or 3, though. 


      But yeah, Shep needs an inhaler I think, it could really make a big difference. 

    2. tacobob


      Eh? #2 was probably the best of the series..#3 was good...until the....well, I will let you discover that bit.


      Also (And this was done by the VA who does Maleshemp.)



    3. Dio


      I liked ME1's story, but the gameplay is absolute garbage. ME2/3 had much more solid mechanics, if dated compared to modern cover shooters like The Division and Gears of War. Storywise, ME3 had its moments, but Casey Hudson threw a fit at the last second and the ending rewrite pretty much sank the game. That said, the series as a whole is quality sci fi with a great universe, interesting characters, and plenty of room for growth. Can't wait for Andromeda at the end of the month.

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