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    General geekery from Doctor Who to games to reading to yeah. :D

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  1. RedPepper

    Pony Paintings

    The little pony digital paintings I whip up in spare time.
  2. I made like twice the amount of plugs than original. DX
  3. AgtMulder: Just start taking classes and you'll know. Gorgutz: Actually- I'm still in Dayton, OH, and yeah it's snowing here. Apparently up in Detriot it was still 40 and raining according to my fiancee. Yay for being in the process of moving.
  4. Believe it or not- I love it! I was a nursing student until I took the class- and well I've always had an interest in immunology. So ayup! And I've already posted some of my art in the gallery. Or rather- all of my pony art.
  5. That's what I call expensive fine art paint mixed with cheap craft paint. So yes, happy accident.
  6. Sadly it was a commission. I've kinda halted the sculpting right now. Maybe I'll pick it up again.
  7. HAHA, probably not. Or at least not anymore than a normal pegasi would.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wujiEeZje_M Tearducts- prepare them!
  9. RedPepper

    Pony Customs

    Sculpts and customs.
  10. What I've noticed about this fandom is that the roleplaying isn't all that strict- but fun. So welcome!
  11. A pony photographer! Do you take cute photos of ponies having fun outside?
  12. About myself.: 21 year old microbiology student. Sort-of gamer and artist with little time to do either. How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: DeviantART How did you became a fan of FiM?: Friends My one favourite main cast pony?: Miss Rarity Hello! My name is Red Pepper. (Or Aellos if we want to go there. ) I'm 21, and a fan of My Little Pony. AND A GIRL. (OMG *gasp*) Now that that silly 'girl gamer-special snowflake' thing is outta the way and I successfully told you my gender... Um, I'm terrible at these things, but I guess this is a shot. I love art and games, and games of art. Though being a microbiology major and working as a nursing assistant gives me little time to do this. So I guess you'll be seeing some art from moi. Umm, I guess this is a thank you for having me here?!
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