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  1. Not much. Came back recently as well. Welcome back.
  2. Silverbolt listened intently to Pocket's tale, a smile forming on his face. A Tower and surrounding areas in the far reaches of the Empire? One that was now abandoned by Griffons? Where did he need to sign? He was completely on board with this adventure. He gathered up the gear and stowed it in his saddlebags. "Definitely! We can discuss this further on the train but first we must eat and rest up for the journey ahead.", he responded as he took the lead. He guided Pocket back towards the town and to a rather small building near the center of town. There was a sign that read, "Dr. Wisp's Dental Clinic.". He gave a smile and said, "This is my home away from home. She's expecting me to arrive.". He pulled a key from his saddlebag and put in the lock, turning it and opening the door. He entered the darkened clinic and gestured for Pocket to enter with him. The lights suddenly came on and there was a soft cough. He froze and gave a cry of surprise before he looked up to see the short and stocky frame of his mother standing at the other side of the lobby. "It's about time you came to visit! I've been worried sick about you ever since they put you on those wider runs!", she said with a frown that softened to a smile. He quickly regained his composure and gave a grin. "Well, I'm here now and in one piece still! I brought a friend. I'm taking some much needed time off. Is he welcome to dinner?", he responded as he stood aside to allow her to have a look at Pocket Change. She furrowed her brow and looked the unicorn over from her position by the door to the loft area of the building. She hemmed and hawed a bit before smiling a bit. "Well, if you're a friend of my son's, you can stay for some food and perhaps rest. He normally drops in for dinner and heads off to Cloudsdale to sleep. I'll get everything ready and call for you.", she said before she turned around and headed upstairs towards the living area.
  3. Silverbolt gave a grin as he saw a familiar face come over the hill. He gave a wave as Pocket called out to him and quickly rose from his seated position. He trotted over and set the package down before Pocket. "I made it, Mister Change. I did have to stop and get some supplies for the journey ahead. Didn't have a chance to change out of my uniform.", he replied with a sheepish grin and rubbed his forehead. He fluttered his wings as he began to open the package for Pocket Change. Inside the package there was a set of durable, portable camping equipment. There was also a small sword and dagger. You never knew when you'd need to defend yourself. He had been taking a few classes on the side in various regions he had layovers in so he had some confidence in his abilities. He shed his courier uniform and packed up the gear into the saddlebags he had brought. He tossed on the traveling gear that had been in the package, pulling the goggles over his eyes and gave another small grin. "I got what we needed to get started but we may need to resupply along the way. Now you had mentioned that you had heard of something lost out in the snows of The Crystal Empire?", he added with a brightness in his brown eyes. He personally had not been out that way in a long time, if at all. The wings of the air courier service seldom went much farther than the Crystal Spire. If there was something out there for them to find, it'd be a grand discovery indeed! The very thought of it excited him. Regardless of dangers, at the very least it would keep him free from boredom. There was a small bit of anxiety and trepidation regarding the whole thing as if he were to be injured, it'd be much worse or dangerous than that rogue cloud in the Everfree Forest. "Care for some dinner? I'm supposed to pay Sunrise Wisp a visit.", he said with an offered hoof of invitation.
  4. Silverbolt made his return to Ponyville with a flapping of wings. It had been a long time since he had come back to this place, his wayward rambling and courier routes keeping him from coming to visit. He had owed his mother a visit but it would have to wait. He had heard some rumors through a rather frequent client of the courier service, Pocket Change. As he landed, he chuckled to himself. He still recalled that whole mess with the bugs and Pocket. What a fine mess that he narrowly avoided! The rumors he had heard was of some sort of old treasure or artifact being hidden somewhere far away from Ponyville but wanted to meet him here, mostly away from prying eyes and ears. There was some prudence in choosing Ponyville, it was home to Princess Twilight and still sleepy enough that as long as you avoided the Crystal Tree you could speak in relative privacy. At least that was what he could gather from his somewhat cursory overview of the town. He trotted towards the appointed meeting place, wearing his courier uniform and carrying a package. The package was shifted to his back as he now waited for Pocket to arrive. Their meeting place was at the edge of town, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres. He yawned as he now sat down, waiting for the arrival of the white coated unicorn stallion. There was definitely an air of excitement about him as he considered the potential for fame and glory. Perhaps he could hang up the courier's sack for a time if things went well!
  5. I fell off after moving. I'm gonna start something now that I've an idea for something. I'm also listening to FF. This helps.
  6. Alright. For the adventure one, any particular preference between Greater Equestria or The Outlying Lands?

     Scheming has been fruitful. It is the beginning of adventure. 

  8. I'm looking to get the adventurer ball rolling for Silverbolt so I'll push him towards Pocket Change. He still remembers that whole insect weirdness. For general Ponyville fun Sunrise or Timid Star could be on tap to play around with or mentor Smolder.
  9. I'm interested. I have a few characters that would have probable cause to visit the castle.
  10. I've returned and I have a few ideas as well. Looking to dust off Silverbolt. I'd say #1 or #3 would be a lot of fun.
  11. Off work. The time for scheming an RP has come.



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