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  1. Hello everyone! As many of you might be aware, its the time of year where many people are busy with work, school, and other activities. The same is true for the members of our humble little podcast. I'm currently in university, for instance. As such, I've been unable to record as often as I used to or visit the forum as often for that matter. The other hosts are also having the same difficulties. So for now I am putting the Canterlot Voice on hiatus until further notice. However, we don't want this little thing we started to die off so quickly. If you guys are willing to pick up where we left off, we are willing to pass the podcast on to a new group of hosts and editors. If you are interested you can contact me via Skype. We will share what we've learned so far while making this podcast and leave it to the community. Thank you for listening to us these past months! Until next time!
  2. I just got off /r/mylittlepony to see how well the forums were taking it. You guys are doing a much better job. I can tell you that. I knew there was going to be a bunch of drama and rage when I first saw this. Apparently, /mlp/ exploded. I didn't go there to confirm knowing what I will see there will be neigh nigh impossible to unsee.
  3. Could you draw my zebra in a hut similar to Zecora's mixing some medicine for one of Fluttershy's rabbits (Angel is invincible so he can't get sick)? He could be at a desk with random herbs and containers lying around pouring some sort of dust/dried herbs into a mortar and pestle. Fluttershy would be in the background watching him work with the sick rabbit in her hooves. Take as much time as you need and thanks in advance!
  4. I noticed that people are wondering why Pinkie wouldn't want to give Discord a second chance. Its probably because Discord does what he does for his own amusement instead of making everyone smile/laugh. So he basically goes against what Pinkie believes is important which is making everyone smile.
  5. I actually hope that Fluttershy (and the others if they give him a second chance) fail or at least partially fail. Don't get me wrong, I love Fluttershy as she is superior pony. However, we already saw the reformation thing with Trixie and Babs. Also a good lesson to learn is that not everyone is wiling to be a good guy. You simply can't kill some people with kindness (which is what Flutters will undoubtedly try). There will be evil people in an imperfect world. Equestria, no matter how much some people may deny it, isn't perfect. If they do decide to reform him, I hope its only partially. He won't be all out evil (wanting to make the entire world chaotic) but he would still be rather sadistic and a prankster who would be willing to help/socialize with the characters from time to time. All in all... HOLY **** DISCORD IS BACK AND ITS A FLUTTERSHY EPISODE!!!!
  6. Nah the Soul Eater picture balances it out
  7. It seems pretty subjective on how much pony is too much pony. Just like kunio, the bed sheets and stuff is a bit too much for me. However, I'm fine with pony toys, t-shirts, and other merch. I have 2 t-shirts (flutteryay and RD with Bronies written on it), keychains of the Mane 6, 2 blind bag ponies (lyra and Big mac), a Nightmare moon messanger bag, and a couple brushables. At one point I did have over 500 pony related pictures saved on my computer. That was too much. 0____0 PONI OVERLOAD
  8. I recently just saw this video: http://youtu.be/1I1xNmL9Qqo and I started to wonder, how much pony is too much pony? I know this is his room and all and he can do what he wants with it and I'm not saying he's obsessed or anything since I don't know the guy. However, it got me thinking about where the line is between liking the show A LOT and complete obsession. Any thoughts?
  9. Nice! I remember Spike saying something about controlling the weather in Canterlot with magic during the Winter Wrap Up episode. I'm guessing that Apis controls the wind for Canterlot exclusively right?
  10. I noticed that some posts basically went along the lines of "Not all villains need to be developed or have a back story." I kind of agree with that, but I still prefer it if they had given him a personality of some sort, at least. The fact that they didn't makes me believe that he wasn't meant to have a personality or any other characteristics other than being the antagonist, or they gave him those but cut it out because it wasn't necessary or approved (they were correct to do this).
  11. So I've noticed not a lot of people like King Sombra. And for good reason too. His character was not developed AT ALL. He said very few lines and most of them not very intimidating. As a matter of fact he doesn't act nor look particularly intimidating. Many have likened him to a bad OC. However, I think that all of this was intentional. I have two possible explanations as to why King Sombra was so "terrible" in this episode. He is nothing more than a plot device. As you guys might have noticed, these the two episodes were Twilight centric episodes. She had to pass a test and there was a lot of subplot about preparing for something big that may happen later in the series. So perhaps King Sombra wasn't meant to be a characterized villain like Discord or Chrysalis was. Perhaps he was just meant to be an obstacle for Twilight to overcome to further her development. Dark magic could play a pivotal role later in the series and they may have needed him to introduce it, as well. He is going to play a larger role throughout and/or later in the season. Perhaps the writers want him to show up again as a villain in the later episodes or perhaps he will be showing up as a main antagonist throughout the series. When he was defeated, his horn did remain intact. So he could regenerate himself from that horn. If he is going to come back, it would be another reason why they basically introduced dark magic as canon. Perhaps he will try to lure Twilight into becoming evil like him (a la Star Wars) or perhaps his dark powers will be utilized by somepony else. I find this doubtful looking at the synopses for the later episodes. Basically, I find it hard to believe that the writers would do so well on the other villains and somehow drop in skill when writing Sombra unless he was written that way for a specific reason. So what are your thoughts and opinions?
  12. Yeah, there was definitely a subplot for the two parter and it will continue in my opinion. In this Season 3 promo/commercial: it says "One pony will discover her true destiny" with Twilight dead center performing some magic. So there is definitely something big planned to happen over the course of season 3 that may have been planned from the very beginning.
  13. What I'm wondering is whether this can be considered canonical. I mean they have the permission from the writers and creators of the show and from Hasbro. So if stuff happens in the comic can it be considered canon or "fanon" or some sort of side-canon?
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