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  1. You can simply dump water onto it with buckets. I don't remember if designating flat ground as a pond works, but you can always construct some quick walkways above the farm and designate the empty space above. For this to work you need to designate (with "i") zones: one on/above the farm, as a pit/pond, and another over a body of water, as a watersource. Once that is done, any dwarf with hauling labor and some free time will start making rounds with a bucket (you should start with at least one, and a carpenter can make one from wood rather easy). The benefit to this is that buckets don't cause much of an overspill, and you can quickly turn the process on or off by activating or deactivating the pond zone, without deleting it.
  2. I don't suppose you have already discovered the two pony mods for the game yet? As for not starving in the first year: it's kind of easy, once you know what you're doing. All you need is: a farm, a farmer, seeds, (maybe)water, and some time. Now, the actual skills involved don't matter for the mechanics of it, so for the purpose of this assume that when I say "farmer" or "plant gatherer" I don't mean a dwarf skilled in Growing or Herbalism, but a dwarf with the Farming(Fields) or Plant Gathering labors enabled. Having the skills doesn't hurt though. ^_^ First, you need a farm. For this you designate a farm plot, with "b"-"p". The interface will tell you where it's possible to plant a farm - usually this is soft soil with no rocks. For seeds you bring with you at the start, this must also be underground, otherwise you'll have to gather and eat/brew the plants from the surface. You will also need some water if you're planting outside, where there may be no dirt or mud for the farm - just spill some onto the floor, either with buckets or a cleverly positioned pump. Once you have the farm designated, if you have a farmer he will run to it and "set it up", but it will remain empty until you choose what seeds to plant on the farm through the four seasons. Press "q" to enter building tasks mode, and put the cursor over the farm. Press "a", "b", "c", and "d" to see the list of seeds you can plant on the farm plot in those seasons, and select which kind you want planted with "Enter". And that's that. Once you unpause the game (it automatically pauses in any designation mode), your farmer should start running back and forth planting the seeds. They take some time to grow, but once they do either a farmer or a plant gatherer will run over and put them in the nearest food stockpile - assuming you have one set up. To get seeds from the plants, they must be either eaten or brewed - cooking seems to consume the seeds as well. If you get a cloth or leather production running, make some bags - otherwise you'll have single seeds stored in whole tiles of stockpile space, which is kinda inefficient. Keep several farms running at once to make use of all your seeds, make sure at least one farmer dwarf has no extraneous labor settings so that he can focus on the food production, and as few as two 5x5 farm plots could feed a whole fortress indefinitely. It really is rather easy, just keep an eye on it once it's set up to see if it isn't going horribly wrong at some point (which, this being Dwarf Fortress, it is very much prone to do).
  3. Tied between INTP and ISTP, "Engineer"/"Architect", which I'd say is quite accurate. ...and by the pony table posted earlier, that makes me Spike and Twilight Sparkle... that makes this the fourth internet pony personality test that pins me as Twilight - and one was strictly based off my name (and only got a name in return, no personality). I'm sensing a pattern here...
  4. I'm not much into painting, truth be told. I get lost without an outline to hold onto. ^_^ But there is a great selection of brushes, and on the whole the program does a good job of simulating a painting environment. Not to the level of, say, Corel Painter, but still. Its primary advantage is the infinite canvas (and being free), so in my eyes it is most suited to sketching. The lack of even the most basic digital editing (bar the absolutely necessary things like undo, layers, and some basic blend modes) would probably make anyone except experienced real-life painters feel rather uncomfortable painting large pieces in it.
  5. I'm using digital pencils nowadays. Physical ones are great, but lack a good (i.e. non-smudgy) Ctrl+Z equivalent. ^_^ This was all drawn in MyPaint, with a "4H" pencil tool for most of the finer lines and shading, and a "2B" pencil tool for denser shadows and outlines. I find MyPaint, with its infinite canvas and a selection of realistic-looking tools, an unmatched program for any kind of creative sketching. The lack of digital editing is a pain sometimes, but the other benefits outweigh that.
  6. It helps if you ever ask an artist to draw your OC in the process of using magic. Though in my opinion it usually defaults to either eye colour, or the primary colour of the cutie mark.
  7. I draw mostly in pencil (or a digital equivalent thereof). Here you may find what few such uncolored drawings of mine there are that might be just good enough to be displayed.
  8. Yep, it is indeed Twilight Sparkle. I guess there are quite enough secondary hints in the design after all, even without the "mane" being a perfect match for Twilight's. Also, it seems the submission system ate my previous two uploads. Oh well.
  9. Um, post here? This is a forum, supposedly, commenting and expressing one's impressions on the works is, nominally, as easy as hitting the "quote" button. And I could never get the point of "likes", personally. If you actually like something, you comment on it. A "like" is nigh useless to an artist who wants feedback. *points at the catchphrase mentioned above*I can certainly try, but I won't promise that I'll be able to get it done, let alone on time if there is a deadline. (And I don't accept payments, unless you can send to WebMoney... and that's assuming I can even remember my account information. I usually work under the assumption that it's for free.)
  10. Okay, long time since I posted here last, let's see what accumulated in my art folder in the meantime... Aha. Going in chronological order of pictures being started on: The circus pony OC seen earlier, whose name is... Nightshade? Something like that. Okay, this.. er, this is not pony, but was made due to a comment on our #ponythread IRC channel. Nutmeg, were-timberwolf pegasus OC An.. alicat, basically winged cat, done as practice for a bigger picture. This is one of the two pics I'm working on right now. OCs Second Hand and Midnight, plus Vinyl Scratch, all being dressed up by a grown up Sweetie Belle. Quick OC picture for Topaz Some attempts at designing a wrestler pony character, as a request. Picture with said wrestler pony character. Tell me if it looks inappropriate please, though nothing of the kind was intended here. Wrestling is just a very full-contact sport. Which I know rather little about, admittedly, but still. Earlier-mentioned "bigger picture", in late detailing stage. That background is going to be the death of me. Random pic of my OC, Southern Sky. Attempt at drawing Cadance. I really need to work on an good alicorn design template. My OC, Southern Sky, next to another OC referred to as The Ponithid. It's a long story. I've left out some of the more random ones. ^_^ The two big pictures are the ones I'm probably going to work on in the immediate future, but if you have character requests, I'd be happy to try my hand at 'em. Even if my catchphrase is "I don't promise anything", my track record has been holding at "decent" so far. And, er, I decided I'd be just wasting yer server space if I upload all this to the Gallery. This isn't an imageboard, it's a forum, having a gallery seems... I dunno, superfluous? I'd rather keep everything in one place.
  11. Can't see the image for some reason. Got it to work from the parent site though. Just in case anyone else can't:
  12. Glad you like these. It's good to make a few consistently nice drawings for once, normally my art quality is all over the place. Ideas, though, usually keep a consistent, low to moderate level of inanity, with only short spikes - such as this latest one. Some of you may be familiar with the character concept of "futashy". If you aren't, consider yourself lucky and don't look it up. (it's NSFW) Ostensibly, the character was originally made simply due to the pun on Fluttershy's name. Recently I realized that there's more than one pun to be had here. (image safe for work, maybe a little not safe for sanity) May have been done before, but if it was I haven't encountered it. Still, kinda... interesting.
  13. Well, it's not quite a pony, it's a pony robot. It's also a teutonic robot, as in the Teutonic Knights. The crest and armor are modeled off theirs. Some more pics: Kem, a griffon engineer OC for Athaniar: Masque, an eccentric sort-of-thief OC, for someone known as Vinyl: A circus pony OC whose name I don't recall, for Tectonic Robot and monkeyboyinc: Maybe I should start one of those gallery thingies? I don't really need the hosting space, but at least it'll have all my relevant stuff in the same place. How does one go about starting a gallery around here anyway?
  14. I wanted to draw a horrorterror. The two things that immediately came to mind - a giant teletubby or a giant 3.5G pony - I couldn't remember the design of offhand, thankfully, so decided not to endanger my sanity looking them up. So I went for something randomly creepy and vaguely terrifying.
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