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  1. TTX: Well, I'm learning. In fact I've already gotten better at drawing them since I've posted this! ^_^ But the muffins are supposed to be stacked on each other, just kinda thrown into a pile.
  2. Finally finished my drawing of Derpy Hooves! Please, tell me what you think!
  3. Shadowrunner: Thanks, I already love it here! JJChocolateWings88: Thank you!
  4. SilverSwirl: Thank you for being so kind and welcoming! MyLittlePonyTales: Thanks, I plan on using it quite a bit ^_^ Dessa: I really love this show. It's brought out a side of me I never knew existed. It's amazing what just a good cartoon can do to a person. Armony: I think I chose the right one to start with everyone here is so nice. crp_dude: Yeah, honestly wish I would have, but... I guess it WAS late when I made the account on here
  5. Getting better at drawing the body and head of the ponies, but the legs need some work.

  6. Ryan

    The Moon Rises

    Everything you did with this is beautiful! The tail, the shadows, the gradient of colors in the background. It's all so pretty!
  7. Ryan


    I really love the way you drew her eyes. They are SO cute!
  8. Drawing Derpy!

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