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  1. Emerald

    Emerald's Art

    All my "My Little Pony" art! I love to draw cute things like ponies and make them look like real horses! I also love to give complicated designs to characters!
  2. I loved this episode! I've been looking forward to seeing Twilight as a princess, that was the best! I adored the music. I just about cried when AppleJack started crying from frustration when she couldn't make the dress, that was heartbreaking.
  3. Emerald


    Thanks guys! And IcyHooves, draw him, draw him! It's so much fun drawing a flexible snake dragon monster thing LOL
  4. I love when people can make such beautiful art without lines ^^ Very impressive!
  5. Welcome to Canterlot and all that! We should do more trades sometime, I loved trading with you 8D
  6. That was a fantastic episode! I love how friendly, beautiful and loving Princess Candence actually was! I also really like the music in this episode, though they did all kinda sound the same. I hope we see more from all 3 of the Princesses in the future!
  7. Hahaha, thanks guys! Sorry she is a bit frightening XD
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Stunner, German is a fairly easy language once you get passed the basic grammer. The hardest part is actually using it lol This is my third year, 5.5 semesters in and I'm still afraid to use it in front of a class or teacher! EoLPinkie, I'm the Lollygagging Loper! I stand around with a friendly look on my face and all criminals who see it instantly turn away from their life of crime! Then I lope to another spot and stand around there! Such an active life I live XD
  9. I watch: Dr. Who Sherlock House Psych And cartoon type shows like Family Guy and Simpsons.
  10. You guys are making me laugh so hard! Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I have to say, this is the prettiest forum I've ever been on!
  12. Carrot sushi! I've only had sushi once, I'm not sure what kind it was. I do know it had fish in it LOL I do like carrot cake though!
  13. About myself: I'm a lazy lady who likes to watch movies in bed, eat cheesy pretzels and draw animals! How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: I was looking for a new MLP forum as the one I’m on now is very quiet, so I found this place on Google! How did you became a fan of FiM?: Watched the Winter Wrap Up video someone posted on another site I’m on. Been hooked ever since! My one favourite main cast pony?: Twilight Sparkle I’m a University student from the USA, studying German and Criminal Justice. I want to be a police officer or a TSA agent! I love drawing as a hobby, I did graduate my old community college with an associates in Art but I switched majors in my Uni. My favorite animal is the Red Panda and my favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda. I actually took a Kung Fu class for two semesters 8D As weird as it sounds, I really don’t RP. I just joined because I wanted to be a part of a community that loves MLP too! So I’ll probably be posting everywhere except the RP boards XD The character in my siggy and avvie is named Emerald Panda, I use him in all my different MLP forum accounts. I won’t be making him an application since I won’t be RPing with him. I also have Brownie Bear, my ponysona, and Ruby Lace that I like to draw pictures of.
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