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  1. Rust found it hard not to stare at her as she walked out. The look in her was hard to bare. His nervousness shifted to a bit of worry for her seeing her present state. "I don't know how much help a simple earth pony like me would be that someone like yourself couldn't do." he rubbed the back of his neck "Well maybe not that simple seeing as I just jumped through time. Still I would like to know as much as I can about this place. If I'm going to be stuck here."
  2. Rust jumped hearing the voice and quickly turned. He was in shock of what he saw. A draconequus standing right in front of him. Thanks to his watch he had been transported to some rather dangerous places but he had never had to come face to face with one of them. He knew he was no match for such a power creature. Rust thought it was best to keep his cool seeing as she didn't attack him right off the bat she probably didn't mean any harm just yet at lest. " A Draconequus..." he said almost nervous to speak to her " How did you know I was a time traveler?" he said before what she said after caught up with him "Wait what do you mean the cause of all this? What happened?"
  3. All was silent in the ruins inside the Everfree forest as the moon cast its like apon its chambers. Weeds seem to have over taken most of the halls as well as broken though most of the stand glass windows leading to the chamber of harmony. Moss grow freely across the break wall which were badly damaged from the elements of nature and caved in roof. It was a sad to think the sisters that ounce ruled the land could no longer protect it. As the night went on a soft glow started to shine in the center of the room. It quickly started to grow lighting the room in an instent before a power blast of energy lite up the room completely and died out almost just as fast sending a lone earth pony shooting from the light hitting the ground hard with a thud. He gasped for are as he struggled to his hooves. His rust colored mane fell over his face as he tried to regain himself. He looked up at the moon making his brown eyes shine for just a moment before he fell to his flank and sighed rubbed his brown coat feeling a bit soar from the landing. He looked down at the watch attached to his side with a metal chain "When am I now? I thought I fixed this thing?" He said to himself having no clue where he was.
  4. Someone PM me I'm bored!

  5. IM BACK!!! I need to get back into RPing again. I want one with Lyra ^^ but any would do for now. PM me Ponies! Say hi or lets start something ^^.

  6. I dress up every year. You are never to old for Halloween. I am not sure who I am going as yet but I am going as something.
  7. Welcome to Canterlot! I am always happy to meet new people and make friends. I am always up for RPing as well. I hope you have as good a time as I have.
  8. Welcome welcome welcome to Canterlot! I know you will love it here as much as I do and if you are looking for a friend as well as an RP buddy I am always happy to make new friends. I hope to see you around!
  9. I just spent so much money on pony stuff...what is my life coming to.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. tacobob


      I'm kind of annoyed. On the same day, I ordered some Pony comics and cards from Hot Topic. I also ordered an keychain from Welovefine. Got the comics VERY quickly (Like three days before I was supposed to get 'em). While checking on Welovefine's site, my order is still processing! #:(

    3. tacobob


      But I can't get mad at these guys..Sent an e-mail asking about the whole 'processing' thing and their customer service replied back right away, and the rep had a little pony OC of her own. Could you ever get mad at someone with an cute little pony OC? :3

    4. Gears9333


      Lol I think that's why they do it. It's like they are to adorable to be mad at so you let them slide on everything they do lol.

  10. Welcome welcome welcome. I hope you have as much fun as I am here. If you want a friend to talk to or just RP I'm always game for making friends. I look forward to seeing you around.
  11. Hmm whos your favorite pony again? I don't think I saw it...lol jk Pinkie is my favorite too (besides Gilda.) Anyway welcome to Canterlot and I hope you have as much fun as I am. If you ever want a friend to talk to or even RP I'm always up for making friends.
  12. I know right. Its so much more fun that way too.
  13. well i tryed but I seem to have a problem getting on.
  14. Rarity and I don't really go hoof and hoof. I really don't care for how she flirted her way to get Spikes gift as well as blow off Twilight's birthday. I can go on but I rather not go into a rant
  15. That's how awesome she is. She does't even have to be a pony to be best pony.
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