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  1. It was, in fact, probably something Cinnabar Star had read in a romance novel. She tended to eat those up like candy. The dark red Crystal mare gave a snort, looking a little offended again. "You told me to describe my ideal stallion, so I did. I know that there's no such thing as an "ideal" stallion. I'd just be happy if somepony actually showed up for the first date, for once! I mean, look at me. I'd be a nice mare to have as a special somepony!" Her lip started to quiver a little. "It just doesn't seem fair, doc."
  2. Donut Joe blinked in surprise when Sweet Surprise asked him if he would like to go to a party with her. Then, that must mean... She wasn't just interested in him because he was a customer! The disappointment left replaced by a little excitement. "You wanna go to a party with me, huh? I gotta say that sounds like it'd be a lotta fun!" He beamed widely at her, then blushed a little. "Heh, I'd have thought a sweet mare like you would already have some stallion to do things like that with."
  3. (OOC: I thought it was QuickLime's turn to post. Might be better to try PMing next time, so the thread doesn't get clogged up with OOCs. I'ma gonna take a turn, I think.) "Being a guard is a very fulfilling job!" Moon Walker said proudly, as he trotted along. "Canterlot is a beautiful city, as you can plainly see, but hey, that's got to be natural for a royal capital, right? As you can see there in the distance, that's the royal palace. It is only open to the public on special occasions and during touring session intervals. Depending on the current level of security in Canterlot, the first floor of the palace and the royal gardens will be open for touring to the public. This week, we have been enjoying a high level of security with minimal threat potential, and I believe tomorrow, they'll be having another touring session. Miss Zecora, if you will be here that long, it's really something you must see!" "Now, where we are right now is often called "Gift Shop Central" because it's located so close to the train station. Many short-time visitors will spend hours browsing the shops in search of souvenirs from their time of being in Canterlot. It's not a bad way to spend your time, but you definitely don't want to miss out on the many great things to see here." Sometime later, they reached the edge of the city, and Moon Walker gestured to a row of binoculars set up along the railing of the edge of Canterlot. "For instance, there are various look-out areas. Canterlot's prime location up in the mountains has afforded it a very nice view. I wouldn't say you could see all of Equestria from the look-out spots, but you will see some breath-taking Equestrian landscapes." He waved his hoof at Pyro and Zecora. "Go on and take a look!"
  4. (OOC: Gugh, why did I think I had already posted sometime? SORRY! I hope you guys weren't waiting on me too long!) The Daily Turnip was the exact opposite of prestigious, but Honeydew beamed with pride, because in her mind, it was THE best newspaper. The compliment helped worked to cast her suspicions to the side for a moment. Oh, they were still there. She was almost CERTAIN that accent was fake, but then, she'd seen plenty of ponies use fake accents before to look more exotic. No, there was something else off about the model. In any case, maybe it would help if she tried lowering the model's guard first. Instead, she casted her suspicious gaze on the little griffon, looking her up and down. "Hm. So, I'm rooming with two kids. Coincidence?" She walked past the griffon and slid open the door peering out. "Something bigger must be happening around here than I thought. And SOMEPONY doesn't want ME to know about it." No big deal. Once everypony had fallen asleep, she'd start investigating this peculiarity further. She closed the door, and her eyes snapped back to the young griffon. "You look a little young to already be engaging in unspeakable acts of evil in the name of fashion," she said slowly. She outright stared at the young griffon when she hugged Valen, as if the designer was already committing some act of unspeakable evil right in front of her.
  5. Donut Joe smiled at the DJ unicorn; although, it appeared her charming attempts had been ignored. It wasn't that he hadn't noticed; it just he wasn't sure what to make of it. For all he knew, she could have some kind of bizarre eyebrow condition. "Not as easy running the donut business outside as it is inside, but I think I'm managing. If it's donuts you want, yous have come to the right place because nopony makes donuts like I make donuts, lemme tell you." He gave a wide gesture at the stand in front of him. "I don't got as much variety as I usually do, but I've got the basics covered. What would you like? Got your jelly-filled donuts, cake donuts, your average donut with sprinkles, long johns, even got a couple of custard-filled." He seemed rather proud of the donut stand's set-up, even if it was less than what he was used to working with.
  6. "I'm a reporter from Manehattan. I'm going to have to see proof," Honeydew said, seeming to agree with Watermelon Gush. "A mud pony would be destroyed without mud. Are you afraid of being utterly destroyed, Mud Pie, IF that's your REAL name?" She didn't seem to care that she repeating herself. She saw it as important that the mud pony saw that she was on her guard and would tolerate no attempts to lower her defenses. "So, go on. Clean yourself up. I'm waiting." Without a thought, she picked up the bowl of fruit salad and started munching on it, still keeping her eyes trained on the pegasus colt.
  7. But bragging and tooting my own horn can be such fun! Of course, it is good to let people know ahead of time that one's ego may, in fact, be the size of a small (or fairly large) planet. Anyway, I think this is an excellent post for the newbies! It's good to get to know people as people first.
  8. But of course! Seriously, though, I'm excited!
  9. As the player of Fancy Pants, might I just say: Splendid! I would be ever so delighted to roleplay with you dear lady!
  10. I don't really think any of the characters are Mary-Sue like. They all serve a purpose and flow well in their stories. Even Rainbow Dash, a character I dislike, has fairly decent characterization. The woeful lack of character development consistency bothers me, too, though.
  11. Fancy Pants finished a sip of his tea before he looked up. He did, in fact, recognize the khaki-coloured unicorn. It was practically his job to know everypony who was anypony, but he had a good eye and ear for faces and names, anyway. He gave a charming, little smile. "Ah, Dr. Merlot! Jolly good to see you." He nodded to a seat in front of him. "You are certainly welcome to join me; please take a seat." He gave a suitable pause at the mention of negotiations. He could never be sure who was listening, and he preferred to keep such matters as private as possible. The task was nearly impossible with so many reporters taking up residence in Manehattan, but that didn't mean he could speak as freely as he pleased. Integrity had to be upheld, after all. "Negotiations are ongoing," he said politely. "But I must say, this city is ever the delight to visit. It's almost like a new experience every time. I'm sure you know much better than I do about new experiences, though. Do tell me how the wonderful world of archaeology has been treating you." He took another sip of his tea before setting it down to give Dr. Merlot his attention.
  12. Well, I don't think you should feel uncomfortable unless you do go out of your way to be mean and nasty. And from what I've seen of you so far, there's been no such indications of meanness and nastiness. Also, I am burning with Mudkip questions.
  13. Honeydew clearly did not appreciate being splattered with mud, but it appeared she was less concerned with the mud and more concerned about what was clearly a mud pony in front of her. Strange, though. As far as she knew, mud ponies couldn't stand on clouds or fly. Honeydew eyed him suspiciously and pushed Watermelon Gush back with a muddy hoof in an oddly protective gesture. "Be careful. Mud ponies are known for luring their victims into a false sense of security, so that when you least expect it they can pull you down to the center of the world and keep you there as a slave FOREVER." She stood up straight and pointed an accusing (and still muddy, though, apparently some of it had gotten on Watermelon Gush when she had pushed her back) hoof at the pegasus colt. "You want to explain what you're doing here, Mud Pie, IF that's your REAL name?!"
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