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  1. Yay *flies into new body and walks around* Much better, Thanks for the body! Now I must be off, Frosty away!
  2. Yay, Chocolate body! *leaves his old ice cream body, making a big ice cream mess on the floor as he hovers in his ghost form*
  3. Sure, if I'm getting a new body. Well Vanilla, or chocolate please but if you can, I could use a new body. Thanks for the bandages but I think my ear is in someone stomach. wow That's a lot of replies.
  4. Oh good!, Then can you make me a new body please... this one is missing an ear.
  5. Yea, I figured... So I changed it. Sorry...
  6. ... ... ... Ow... And for the last time I'm not ice cream D: and I don't have cherry filling either.
  7. Hello Angie *has bandages over both eyes*
  8. I would also like to know the reason why.. But I'm happy it's back.
  9. Noo, I'm not a snow cone with red jello! *runs around and hits the door again.*
  10. *now has a bandage across his right eye* Argh!!! I'm now a pirate! Hi Tyler008bon, Thanks for the bandage! Hi Peggly!
  11. *walks in and hits the door* Hi everyone.
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