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  1. That's EXACTLY what I can do, but I want them to look in different ways.
  2. Does anypony know a way to do derp eyes, either in real life or in a photo changer? I'm gonna use that for the Derpy Day photo AND to impress my friends
  3. Just wanna know . Ok, I´m going to start: I was just checking newgrounds one day, then in the main page I found the video called Epic Cupcake Time, I watched it, and I was like AWESOME!. Here's the Video (NSFW for language): Content removed Now tell me yours. Post NSFW content in the 18+ sections of the board if you're old enough and content is within the board rules and guidelines.
  4. I need a new name for the pony in my profile pic, right now it has one: Lightning Fire. But I don´t feel so good with that name, so I thought about changing it, but if you think that name is good enought, say so.
  5. I forgot to mension that he is my LITTLE bro, so no cell phone
  6. Good choices, But I have only chosen one, and I just need 2 more.
  7. NSFW for language. This video is actually the reason that I´m a brony.
  8. And to make it worse, HE´S A MILITARY MAN!!!.............Help.
  9. Gotta admit, that pony sure looks cool! :!:
  10. Hello everypony! I am really happy to be here! I found this place by looking for places to RP, but I´m not that good, but MLP is so awesome, that it is making me to! Right now, I am in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. And how I became a brony is that I was just looking for some good music, then I saw a rainbow dash you´re gonna go far kid song, and I clicked it for some reason that I still don´t understand right now, then after I saw it, I kept watching it over and over, then my sis came and she was like WTF?!?!, then I told her that I only liked the music. She didn´t believe me. 2 days passed after that, and I was still hearing the song, but I actually started to like rainbow dash, too. Then, after that, I posted a comment that says: Because of this video, I am going to start watching MLP:FIM and I´m proud of saying that!, after that, I told myself to wait to see how many people thumbed up. After a week I had more that 200 likes, and increasing! I was like WTH?!?! IS THIS SHOW REALLY THAT POPULAR??? I am really going to start watching this! And that´s the story. So, I hope you all accept me in you´re herd.
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