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  1. Also, to continue on comments of colour, you might be able to dim down the harshness of the black, or make the black the center stripe. I also agree with the idea of making the eyes a lighter colour to help.
  2. Thrylos

    DJ PON3

    Is critiquing okay? I don't know if your fine with that...
  3. I think the title tells all. It even has dots withe the specific colors I used! Though, a complete drawing would have her with purple eyes. :3
  4. Except that its a boy, this signifies my reaction.
  5. :3 So...so...*head explodes due to cute* I blame Woona for my death. She used her powers on me!
  6. You haz tumblr? :3 rainyboltbrony.tumblr.com Its fun to read others, but sad when you have two followers(which I am glad even followed me in the first place ) and no questions.
  7. *sits looking at drawing* Should I make an inked version? ...nope... *goes ahead and does so anyway*
  8. Thrylos


    I keep thinking "oh look, a cat...no wait, nope. Not a cat" Its gotta be the ears and the :3
  9. Nice conversation, guys. The armour is very nice, and needs hardly any changing. Your point on simplifying? He controls the WHOLE EARTHS ROTATION!!! (if I read correctly) If his armor was simple like the royal guards, that would destroy the imperial look. What sort of emperor looks like a guard? And, if he lives in Italy, would his armour be based off of the same thing? Seriously, no the armor doesn't need a change. Though, the purple on the VECTORED image could be changed. My problems? Well, like before, the purple doesn't fit. Even Luna's purple is a little more blue like the night sky. It should fit his job as a ruler of the earths rotation. Maybe a terracotta or more earthy color would work, but one of the reasons why he looks very feminine is probably the color AND the old legs. The change in legs, by the way, helps a lot.
  10. I agree with the surreal fantasy. :3 Totally.
  11. Thrylos


    Paw-ses everyone so da can look at her epicness! Seriously, I'm lovin' it. :3
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