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  1. Fire Walker sighed, "I could see that happening, and thanks to my brothers, our up and coming will have lots of a little cousins to hang around with as well.". her latest sibling that was married was her older brother Moon. He married a white mare named Bunny Hop. He had a coat as dark as the darkness in the darkest pit, while his wife was as white as Hearth's Warming Eve snow. They were tying for a first. What would this child look like? Also, what would Fire and Swift's foal look like? Green and red? She prayed their child would be born with Swift's perfect snout and not her square sniffer. "Eh. She doesn't have any titles to worry about anymore.", she whispered. What happened to alicorns who stepped away from power? Both Luna and Celestia had to have parents. But did they need to be alicorns? Neither of Princess Twilight's parents were alicorns. What were the pair planning once they grew tired of their whirlwind retirement? And why was she thinking of this right now? And what was with all that noise? It was a wedding! The red Pegasus blinked as she heard all that sneezing! How rude! After one, or even two, the sneezer should have taken it outside! Curious, she glanced around the room, only to see that it was her old friend Presteza who was guilty of public sternutation! And not only was it loud, it was magical? Not wanting to get magic snoot-juice on her lovely dress, she tried her best to shield herself and her beloved with her wings. Whatever she did, the magic avoided her, but not her special unicorn. Who started to float. She knew right away that Discord had everything to do with this. She wished he at least considered not going so low-brow. Maybe sneak a bottle of 'Fizzy Lifting Drink' in Berry Punch's hooves. This was a beverage young officers would sneak into parties and watch the shenanigans begin. And while that involved loud belches that would lift the drinker into the air, burps were nicer than sneezes. And the drink, which along with its enchantment, the pink and bubbly drink consisted of an fruity Crème De Cassis with more of a hint of spicy ginger liqueur. That drink was good. "Swift!", she noticed her beloved was also floating about. "Do you know any cancel spell, spells?" If the draconequus was behind it, and he was, she realized that a unicorn's spell probably would not stop his powerful magic. So for now, it was her job to make sure her husband to be, did not float away.
  2. “Security guard? Doesn’t our janitor Scruffy do that job when he’s not sweeping up yak hair or laying down sawdust on floors creatures just yakked on?”, she caught a familiar sight resting on a chair. “Actually isn’t he over there?”. He was not there, it was actually just a pile of brown rags somepony left. This was all getting to her. She was sleepy. The young dragon was so lost in thought she nearly missed what Silverstream had said. Common sense? Was she talking to some creature behind the dragon and Gallus? "Oh yeah. That's my middle name. Common Sense!" Smolder waggled her eyebrows at the Hippogriff. Having a middle name was very difficult to have, considering she did not own a last name. "We just need to look out for each other.", she winked at the girl before she quickly added, "G'Night." It quickly dawned on the groggy dragon that she shared Silver's room. Whoops. She started to follow her roomie as she paused. "I hate that. Try drinking milk and counting slowly and to yourself from one hundred. This usually works for me.", she whispered. And REALLY! Poor Ocellus did apologize for nipping her that one time. It probably hurt her more than the dragon. "Night.", she whispered to her friend as she vanished behind the door. It took her seconds before she was on her bed and snoozing away.
  3. "Your best bet is to avoid weddings. For some reason, I always run into Discord and 'you know who' at these things. If I do cross a certain unicorn mare's path, I simply smile and move on.". She wondered if wedding planners simply hire the draconequus so he could amuse those who were unable to, or did not drink to at least keep them amused. She had been to her former colt-friend's wedding recently and the crazy critter kept the dullies away for most of the event. It also kept her from thinking a little too much about the wedding itself. Three ponies were getting married and two could shape-shift. Her husband to be's amateur dramatics could also help, just as long as he doesn't annoy the wrong creature. Aka anyone who could destroy him with a thought. Fire Walker listened to the purple princess' further details about the Windigos. "Wow, I am even more terrified about those now that I know more." Was there a good chance they would appear at the next sporting event she attended? Usually a major rivalry had a split stadium. "Oh, I'm well aware of the protocols one must follow when facing an 'Dangerous Antagonistic Magical Negative Nuisance', which the class referred to as 'D.A.M.N.N!'" Her cousin J.J Walker created and starred in an informational instructional video about D.A.M.N.N. In the video, his character was bedeviled, befuddled and be-dangered by an unseen powerful foe. He would shout out 'D.A.M.N.N!' and then explain the situation. Once the solution had been found and applied, he would then shout, "Dy-no-mite!" Mostly this would involve contacting those who could handle the threat, and making sure innocent creatures were removed safely from the area. The red mare glanced down at the alicorn's poking tool. Heh heh! She was such a spoony pony!
  4. Smolder managed a rather delayed chuckle over the griffon’s questionable joke. Not so much on its contents, but on how Gallus had told it and the look on his fuzzy little face. And now that face was going to get extra soggy as it was time to return to the water. Down there it's better. Take it from Silverstream. She waited for the big blue bird to dive in after Silverstream before she followed. The dragon would make sure her friend would get back to dry land without any issues. Once they returned, she crawled out of the water, “Oh yeah!”, Smolder had planned to sound as if she was filled with enthusiasm, but the sleepy dragon was only able to blurt out those two words. “Erm. I mean, we do some pretty awesome things when we’re all together. I need not list them all. Cause I’m sleepy. And wet.”, she grumbled as she shook off the excess water and followed the pair back to their rooms.
  5. I have had ZERO free time this month. Like zero. I work and sleep. If anyone is waiting for my post, please skip me for the moment. Thanks

  6. Smolder was rather surprised. “Seriously? Queen Novo is –old-?”, she gasped. She assumed the good queen was as close as the Hippogriffs got to Princess Celestia. The pony's former ruler was full of magic. If she lost her magic, she probably would turn into a pile of dust. The hooved creatures was all rather cute, but when they got old, they got old. Example see Granny Smith. Or that incredibly sweet mare at the ice cream parlor who gave her TWO cherries on her milkshake. She was very old. Wrinkles on wrinkles. The dragoness was also informed that the queen managed to look even more beautiful when she was annoyed. She had the look of an cruel, cold governess that will be happy to teach you more, only if you do something that would satisfy for her ravenous hunger....Oh geez. Smolder REALLY needed to check the ENTIRE category of the books she picked up at the book Shoppe in Canterlot they sometimes go to. It was 'Horror' but it was also Romance as well. Or did Alicorns need magic to live for so long? Was it just something that was just part of being an Alicorn? "Yeah, I'm getting a little on the sleepy side...Might read another chapter of my book...Something good is gonna happen.", she purred. The Cruel Governess was now teaching two new students. There was the aloof and mysterious bad-boy named Draven with the dark past and fire in his eyes, and there was the beautiful but deadly mare named Bellatrix. Who would become the Cruel Governess' new apprentice? And would they discover the true identity of the mysterious, 'Mysterious One?' That was a good question, and it showed how the once mighty dragoness was starting to turn into a square. Seek out the Purple Prissy Pony's advice? Ugh. She could hear her brother say those words. "Yeah, you should ask Starlight. She's kind of cool. I'm sure she'd want to know if we were building a giant sink-hole near her school." Smolder tried not to laugh when bird-boy mentioned Grandpa Gruff! Sweet Baby Genius, he was old! And ugly! Poor guy was probably sleeping in the ugly tree, when someone took out an ugly axe and cut down the tree, causing the old buzzard to hit every ugly stick along the way. Speaking of Blue Boy. He had a joke. One she did not get. "Ugh.", she groaned. "Sorry Gallus, I usually find you hilarious pretty much all of the time, but I'm just too pooped to chuckle. Maybe tomorrow." She also realized they needed to swim back up. Hopefully Silver had a short-cut.
  7. Fire Walker watched the wedding ceremony. What a weird world she lived in. Would she ever believe that one day her former colt-friend would have the ability to turn into a mare and marry a stallion that many considered unbearable until rather recently. This Prince or Duke could also turn into a female at will. They in turn would be marrying another mare. The Pegasus was not sure if she could switch back and forth either. Was bigamy legal in Equestria? Would this technically be bigamy? They were all getting married at the same time. This felt more like Salt Lick City than Ponyville. Still, she was happy for her favorite Dunder. If only Muggo were here, although this might even be a little too much for him. Hmm. Were Dunder's parents here? His sister? To her great annoyance, the brown pony never introduced her to his family. Was he ashamed of her? Swift made his over to the mare and whispered something about toys, this caused the officer to giggle, as silently as she could. The goose however, wandered over to the late pony, eyed her up and gave her a WAAAAGH of her own. “Due to my little condition, I didn’t have a ton of friends to play with. What colt or filly wants to hang around a hospital?”, she whispered, “By the time I was better, toys were the last thing on my mind.", There was one other topic that popped up, “Well, they had Queens and Kings in the past, in other lands. Princesses just seem so er..”, she shrugged, “Childlike. Ruling is still far away from them. They get to learn and play. A Queen rules. Not sure why Celestia never took that title. She’s a majestic person. One that inspires so much.” She smiled as the bouquet would soon be tossed. It wasn’t a secret that she soon would be marrying the silly pony next to her, but if something is gonna be thrown, it should be caught!
  8. “Oh thanks.”. Wow! A watery hole in the ground that would be hers once all of her friends die. She couldn’t wait! She decided not to point out that if Silverstream and her friends die of old age, and not some random epic event, plaque or bunny stampede, the dragoness would probably be too big to fit down here. The land also probably belonged to the school and there was a very good chance those in charge were or would be aware of this underground lake. “Considering we’re all still very young. That won’t happen in a very long time, so I wouldn’t even think of such things.”, she added. She still had a world of things to do before kicking the final cave door. She needed to hit the Ponyville legal age limit so she could visit her very first bar. She needed to meet, date and enjoy a romp in the clouds with Terramar. She needed to watch her first adult movie and not just sneak into one or require the involvement of Gallus and a trench-coat. That old joke never worked. She also wanted to attend college and gain one of those paper things that gave you a real job. "We all have things to do, and I'm sure the most fun we'll have when we do it all together, and it's gonna be like a very long time since any of you guys start croaking. How long do you guys normally live for? 200? 300 years? We got lots of time to do crazy crap! Lots" "I do intend of getting a place here once I'm finished with the basics. Graduate here and then find a good college. I heard it's just like going to regular school, but the parties are a bit more epic!". What would she go to school for? This was still something that bugged her. She was a -decent- student, but did not really specialize in anything. If only she could get a degree in staring outside and looking up at the stars. She smirked at her blue birdy buddy. "Honestly, I don't know. Garble and I rarely bother with adult dragons. So no dragon has yet to tell me if dragons can get drunk. Guess we'll find this all out soon." This was something she had hoped would change. Real dragon adults taking interest in their own kids. Real families that looked out for each other. Not like that con-dragon she and Spike had to deal with awhile back. "I would never drink to get drunk, but just to relax with friends. And enjoy the goofy little names and tastes.", she added with a wink. She knew these two creatures for awhile now and did not need to prove she was tough. They knew she was a toughie. "So....", she glanced at the others. "What are we gonna now? Hopefully nothing that would seem like a good idea at the time, but make conversation very awkward between the three of use for the next few months.."
  9. Fire Walker grinned as it appeared she had helped the purple princess improve an old friend’s reading aspirations. Once those novels got boring, and it would happen fast, maybe she would upgrade her books even further? Maybe a copy of ‘Eating The Leaves Of Grass”, “The Canterpony Tales?”, or even “The Handmare’s Tale?” As a member of the Wonderbolts and technically the R.E.A., she also had access to one one of the best military libraries in all of Equestria, if not the world? “Oh.”, the officer gasped. “That is rather disturbing, but it makes sense. But I was always confused on how many ponies it too to summon one of those ghastly things. Ten? Twenty? I believe the stories had that there was a general feeling of distrust against the three tribes. It can’t be a population thing, but maybe if there’s a general concentration of distrust in one area?” The mare listened to the stallion’s worries that a certain Dunder-stealing unicorn had her sights on the cold-casting stallion. “If she attacked you without any real provocation, then you would have the right to defend yourself and or get legal help as restraining orders can be helpful.” The office was pretty sure this would never happen. “Also, I’m confused. You live up in the north and doesn’t she own a little ice cream parlor in Canterlot? I haven’t spoken to her in ages, so I might not be currently updated to her status..”. the red mare was probably best not to continue anymore in this. She did not truly know what was going on with Blizzard Blitz and the mare. Still, the question intrigued her. What could the frosty stallion do? He could teach Cryomancy! What would be more popular during the hotter summer weather? A pony who could summon snowflakes! Unlimited Ice Cream? Well, at least he could summon ice for those horrible flavored ice treats? The liquid flavor would always settle in one spot, and you'd be eating mostly ice flakes. Yuck. Maybe ice sculptures? He could always set up temporary locations for pop-up ice skating rings?
  10. “While I was still rather annoyed at him over having nasty old spoiled chocolate milk dumped on me right before a shift..”, the former Pegasus whispered as they walked down the hall. “I’ve decided it would be wise not to be friendly with a guy who could literally do anything to you, anywhere and anytime. He kind of still scares me, thankfully it appears Lady Fluttershy has kept him from going all ‘King Discord’ on us all." Celestia? She glanced over at the strange sight that was her former colt-friend. What was so bizarre moments ago, the officer was quickly finding somewhat appealing. Dunnie’s hopelessly long legs, hairless face along with those incredibly long stockings. It must have taken her ages to put those on...But did she? Whatever magic that transported them into this weird world made sure they were fully dressed, which was nice. And these creatures they were had such tiny little mouths and noses. The eyes were about the same. "I had spoken to her a few times during my stay in Canterlot. Now I take my orders from Princess Twilight now...But even in Canterlot, it was rarely anything official.." Her former favorite fuzzy brown pony had another question. “Before I joined the R.E.A, I was a horrible little pony.”, she kept her voice down low. “Rude and a bit of a bully. I even had my mane cut short during my sophomore year...It looked horrible, but it was easy to maintain.” Her eyes trailed the doors. It was weird. The letters were different, but she could read them as if they were Equestrian. “I got into all kinds of fights, and while I made sure my grades were good, but not nerd-good, I was rather rude to my teachers...”, she sighed, “Wish I could could go back and change all that. Be a good girl. Not be such a jerk to my parents. Maybe even Wind Walker being born fixed me as well, as I usually had to watch her..” Fire Walker watched as he old friend tried to open the door. “Er...I think...You position your hand, like a cup and reach around the knob...I think.” Thankfully nobody was here to watch this, and being the smart sort, Bevel was able to get them through the puzzle-door. Things were easy when you were as clever as Bevel was. However the room they entered was also empty. “Weird.”, Fire whispered, forgetting they could talk normal for the moment. She did notice one thing. An small box rested on desk with an odd version of the R.E.A logo. It was locked. “Oh. These. Keys..”, she had felt a few keys hit her thigh when she first entered the odd world. There were a few keys that hung from her belt. One of them fit just right. She opened the box and found another key, an map of the school and note. It read. “GO TO THE BASEMENT.”. It was written in red ink. “Guess we have our first orders.”, she grasped the key and held I up.
  11. Apparently the new MLP will be PG. or at least the movie.


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      REALLY? (Looks)  Rated PG for mild action....Wow...It was rather tame even when compared to the show..

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      witch movie? is it the one with the pirate cat in it?

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      er... the cat was more of a thief... (closer to "scoundrel" ...) --- it was the bird who was the pirate

  12. Wow, they put together a pretty solid voice cast for the new MLP!

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      And the animation's looking good, so I can't wait myself

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      I like the style. It was actually designed by an longtime MLP fan artist. I do find them rather creepy when they make them all smile the same way. :scream:

  13. “Yeah, and after ponies, griffons, dragons and a few other races joined forces to defeat some rather rotten folk not that long ago, all are pretty much welcome to join Equestria’s army. They only require a creature with a brave and good heart.”, she added, “And when you join the Wonderbolts, you’ll also technically be in the R.E.A. So there’s also the great benefits and such as well.” While Zelda was not a member, she worked as a contractor for the military, and managed to acquire some pretty darn good benefits. 10% off of tickets (Non-Black out days) at Whinny World. A free subscription of the R.E.A Quarterly magazine. A 410K that matches the amount you put in and then doubles it! And of course, a pension when she retires. Go R.E.A.! “I’m sure you know as a Wonderbolt, not only will you perform as an entertainer, possibly star in a rather risqué Wonderbolts Calendar for charity..They are sometimes called for rather tough missions...Like a few years ago, some were called to Ponyville to stop a rampaging dragon. Heard all about that from Fire Walker. This happens more so during the off season, so life will generally be rather interesting, but in a good way.”, she grinned. As the threesome walked the street, the black griffon could not help but be annoyed by all the trash about. Thankfully her cousin had a few things to say that made her eventually ignore all the rubbish. “Oh.”, she smiled. “The others might be intimidated by you.”, she whispered, “Many ponies have grown up never meeting a griffon, and we can be rather scary to those who have never encountered our kind, so we tended to make quick friends of those who are smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.", she added with a wink. "And from what you're telling me, she is probably trying to help you reveal your true potential, and in her own fun little way, is pushing you to become better..With her teasing and flirting and the possibility of some future snuggling and smoochies. And you do need to feel special, because you are.." That was kind of cheesy, but it needed to be said! The little bar was cozy and not a run-down mess the blacksmith assumed it would be. Could this possibly be a result of the Emperor's new moves? Was he actually going to restore the former great city? Hopefully! "I'll probably go simple and have a Mule...Can't go wrong with that. just a bit of vodka...lime juice..lime wedge, some yummy ginger beer and ice and you got yourself a little bit of fun in a copper cup!", she nearly sang.
  14. “Rainbow Dash..”, the officer muttered to herself. “We could take something she enjoys, young adult adventure..”, she paused to ponder something, “And give it a slight push, and please, be careful with your eyes, as I would probably roll mine up so high if these books were suggested to me, maybe so much so that I would probably be able to see my brain...But maybe.”, she added with a wink. “We could gently nudge her from young adult to adult adult with maybe some of Mister Prancy’s books. It’s mostly spy fiction and military fiction. And yes, the sell his books at train and air-ship gift shops, and while he's been dead for over a decade, they still put out books under his name, and also my parents would both disown me if they saw me with those books, and my dad loves garbage. But it would still be a good move towards some actual good books....", she smiled back at the princess of friendship. "I have read a few of them as they tend to have piles of his books at my obstetrician's office..So I would know she would like the dumb action and such. Even if they would rot her brain." She pictured herself being permanently banned from the book club. And maybe even society itself. Off to Monster Island! This only caused her to chuckle. And then something caused her to stop. "Wait a second.", she was pretty sure he had said.."You still have....Er...We still have Wendigos?", she gasped as she turned her attention back to Twilight. "I thought they were all gone? Like we have a holiday and all that celebrate them being stopped, and while they did come back, only for you and the old heroes to banish them again..But just to even imagine they're out there in the North, waiting for stuff to go all....As my sister-in-law from Trottingham would say barmy....And they would appear again...", she shuddered. She had heard the original Wendigos were ponies that had gone mad from an extreme amount of suffering...hunger....fear....sadness...When they died, they turned into the great spirits that feed off of the fighting and hatred between others.. At least that was what she read. It might not be true. But those giant spirits were terrifying. She remembered watching the great terrors from a good distance. So beautiful, but also utterly horrifying at the same time. She would hope the old pony tribes would not ever break up again... Thankfully Blizzard Blitz had a question that did not involve the giant undead. "There's a fun little theme park in the west called 'Whinny World'. It's has rollercoasters, dark rides and all kinds of fun places. All heavily themed. Even the bathrooms have epic stories behind them. Sometimes they have areas that are meant to blend into the background. Entrances to employee areas....Garbage cans....fences...They paint this special green color that is so forgettable that it makes the painted item hide in plain sight. It's probably magic*....An typical guard's armor works the same way. You may know they're there..But they just blend into the background..As guards have been in the background since day one, they just exist without being seen...", she added, "I however am an officer and an Twilight Guard Officer. I wear purple armor and do not cover my face or hair, so I tend to stick out.". The very wise for her age Twilight Sparkle spoke even wiser words. "Yeah, she's not worth it.", the Pegasus mare added, "Not her personally, but what would happen if you attacked her..There would be arresting's and lawsuits and possibly a scary father. Not worth the pain. You just need to move on with life. And possibly avoid large weddings.". Both she and Discord were tied for how many weddings Fire had attended lately. Was she there to steal her current colt-friend? Would she rush off with Swift Squall? Maybe.
  15. Zelda waved as her aunt left the pair alone. Hopefully this bar was going to be worth it! She had been to many a bad bar. From a few overpriced Canterlot taverns that focused more on crystal chandeliers and marble flooring than their bartenders and drinks to whatever insanity she found in Las Pegasus. Hopefully this bar they were going to was one of the few things that had been fixed recently. Norton Breakbeak would have been wise to make sure his village had a few good watering holes before he started the great re-build as construction workers needed a good place to go after their shifts ended. "Yeah, Pegasus are alright.", she smiled as she noticed her cousin was started to shift her tone, from defensive to relaxed. This was good. "Fire Walker is probably one of my oldest friends. We met when I moved to Canterlot to attend school there. Her family has been part of the R.E.A, which is the Equestria Royal Army since Equestria had been formed. They're all Pegasus Ponies. Not very good flyers though...Besides Star Dust...", she added. But was Fire cool? Eh? She was alright. She was still a little disappointed she ended up with the fancy boy. It wasn't too long before the pair were ready to move on, and move on they did. A coupon? What could it be? Double drinks during happy hour? Free potato skins? Gals drink free? The last one would be very deadly to the blacksmith. She had issues when her local bar have one bit shots. "Yeah, she's moving alright." Poor thing probably needed a drink after she did whatever she does for a living. The black bird kept up a smile as they walked. This was going to be relaxing. No drama. She would spend a few days with her adorable cousin and aunt. Maybe even help around town.
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