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  1. "Well then.", Fire Walker spoke to a audience of one. Normally when one went into a mirror, there was a good deal more broken glass and a horrible headache that would going on right about now. But she felt alright. That was until she realized she was standing on her back legs. She fought the urge to get back onto her hooves as she realized she had none. This all seemed natural. She glanced at ten little red fingers that she had attached to thin....Fur-less arms? She had talons like a dragon or griffon, but they ended with tiny little claws that probably couldn't cut butter. But what about the rest of her body? As she glanced down, she caught sight of the fact that she was now wearing clothing, she had next to no fur on her body and there were two large objects in her clothing that were blocking her view. As she started to push away the clothing, an "AHEM" voice could be heard. There was what she wanted to call a monkey, but she appeared to be similar to her own new form. Except she had light aquamarine skin and a scruffy nest of cyan hair with a white streak. She also wore clothing. She held up her arms in a look of confusion. "I dropped something in there...Miss Mindyourownbusiness!", she growled. The odd monkey girl rolled up her eyes and walked on. What the heck was going on? This world she was now in felt so different, but somewhat familiar. With Miss Busy-Body out of her way, she could continue to check out her new form. She was wearing an military officer uniform. Well, one in training. She also figured out what was blocking her view. She was a mammal. All mammals had these, but they only came out when she was had foals. And they usually don't belong up here. Was this Discord's doing? She hadn't seen him in a while, but she knew he had a custom prank waiting for her. And turning her and anypony around into hairless monkeys sounded like something he would do. Ooop! Not hairless! She had a head of hair on the top of her oddly shaped head. Some things never change! She paused to look at the statue. It was a horse. Something her pal Zelda would make, but something was going on at the base....Magic?
  2. “I’m sure your folks won’t mind.”, the young dragon started to clean up. She was slightly curious what sort of creature he would turn into with that magic pearl. She heard horror stories from Spike that he turned into some sort of puffer-fish! Oh the horror of horrors! The poor guy mentioned he had to scratch his butt for the longest time, but couldn’t due to his useless flippers. And when he got a good look at himself via a underwater mirror, he was aghast when he found out he didn’t even have a butt! Phantom Flank! ARRRGH! Oh-Oh! She had to be somewhere! Smolder increased the speed of her cleaning. Gotta go fast “Thanks for stopping by Princess Bluebelle. It was nice to talk to an adult without getting the usual amount of judgment back." she nodded as the royal pony moved on. "And you Missy.", she gave her friend a wink. "When you get back from this little adventure with blue-bird-boy, you'll have to tell me EVERYTHING. Every little smooch, all the times he does that smooshy thing with his beak when he is perturbed. That kind of reminds me of a confounded sock-puppet." Wow! She was actually getting use out of her 'New Word A Day Calendar" Twilight got her for her birthday!
  3. “oh. right.”, Fire Walker’s cheeks turned an even darker shade of red. She really should have kept a list of ponies she had informed about her upcoming kid. She could have acquired some of Twilight’s scroll-paper as she had tons and tons of it, all in one room. She was really bad at drawing, so she would have to skip drawing cute little caricatures of those she would want to get a hold of. “I’ve been trying to get all my duties finished before I start to become a little less mobile.", the Pegasus pondered something before she added ,"Yeah, soft cheese can contain harmful bacteria..And with the castle ban on quesadillas here, I've been mostly staying away from all the cheesy stuff lately." There was also a ban on lady-bugs! Why was Twilight afraid of lady-bugs?! She gave her old friend a wink, "Don't worry, you'll be one of the firsts to know.." She nodded as the Duke spoke. "I'm super allergic to mangoes, so I'm guessing my mother forgot one of those...And thank you.", she smiled before she turned her attention back to Swift Squall. "Pfft.", she chuckled, "I didn't have to say anything, mom knew I was expecting the moment I entered the house. She didn't explain, but she just knew. As for what we might have...My eldest brother Cordy has two girls....Ticker Tape and Starlet and Speed has the twins, Beaches & Cream. One is a filly and the other is a colt, so I'm wondering if a boy is coming our way." She really wanted a filly, but if she had a choice, it would be a colt so Swift could do some cool dad and son stuff.
  4. "That's why there are publishers. They're the ones who handle all the boring stuff. Making copies, selling copies, sending copies.". Library books were different than book store books. Library books were put together stronger as they were meant to be read more than a few times. Her mother spent time between updating the R.E.A. manuals and writing her cute little romance adventure stories...However with other species joining the ranks of Equestria's military might, her books needed some major rewrites. Thankfully the higher rankers gave her a team for these updates. The mare let out a chuckle, "They try not to use the table for anything other than the map.", she glanced over at the helpful little bit of magic. "One of Cutie Mark Crusaders...I forgot her name..The unicorn...Freaked out when she decided she would enjoy a book and a cookie. The table turned on, and she freaked out and fell backwards on her chair. Nearly choked on her cookie." Yep! It was time to move on. "You two will like this room.", the mare pushed open the door and lead the pair into what she called the 'Media' room. Some comfortable chairs, a film projector and a screen. Fire Walker had a fun little documentary on the history of the castle that she needed to test out. Bevel and Dunnie would be a perfect pair to test this on. As the clever unicorn would be very good at judging its storyline and logic, while Dunnie would be the best at gauging the whole entertaining factor. She wouldn't say anything, but the moment the movie got dull, she would simply snooze away. No need for a hoof up or down, when this mare was sleeping, that movie wasn't meant for peeping. "Mister Spike did a great job at narr....oh." There was a rather large mirror standing in her way. "What is this doing here?", she gasped. And what mirror was this? It was clearly magical, but there were more than a few magic mirrors in the hidden storage. There was one that showed your greatest desires. One that showed an version of its viewer from another world. One that showed the 'fairest one of them all'. One that can be used to spy on somepony, and one that could allow you to travel to another world. Which one is this? "Um. I need to go find Princess Twilight...This shouldn't be here..", there was a hint of fear in her voice. They kept some really powerful magical items hidden away here. And not just in the broom closet or second half-bath, but in another dimension. "Let's go back the way we came...I can use the thing to alert her.. I know she's not that far away..I er...oh!", she let out a yelp as a what appeared to be a magical hand appeared from the mirror and pulled the poor officer in. She vanished without a sound!
  5. “I don’t see any issue with that.”, the dragon responded. “You can take him to experience the entire 'Three Days of Freedom Celebration', which I think would be fun. Three days of partying. And considering you missed it last year." She hated the idea of her favorite blue-buddy staying at the school alone this year...And what did SHE have planned? There was this year's 'Feast Of Fire' and she did have a really good story to tell this year. Still, three days of partying with Terramar or a pile of gems. Hmm. There was always a chance that yummy little bird was already seeing some creature. Ugh. And her brother had something he had been wanting to do this year. She could only assume he was going to tell his story via beat poetry. "There's also the other griffon cities like Rockwington. He might prefer a visit there soon...I heard it's not the prettiest of cities, but it's filled with artists and other creative types. Guy might get inspired and feel a little better about his kind." She knew Gallus was an orphan. What happened to his folks? Did they run away, or did they..er...best not to think about it. "Ah shucks.", she smiled back at the mare. "Still, would be nice to find out what happened to his folks....See why he became an orphan.", she turned to Silverstream, "Poor guy didn't even know what a cousin was when you were telling about your holidays...I don't even know who my cousins are, but I know what they are...what cousins are..." Dragons did not keep family trees! This was not good! Cousins would marry cousins! This is probably why there were some pretty odd looking dragons.
  6. She felt a bit odd, there were so many ponies here and she only knew a few. She wanted to say hello to Princess Twilight, but she had royal duties to do. And you do not get in the way of those! If it wasn’t for Dunnie, she would have found a proper excuse to leave the castle and head over to her folk’s place with her stallion at her side. Fire Walker made her way over to her friend and gave her a friendly hug. “Actually, this is Muggo-Free Jubel. No alcohol." Muggo's festive Jubel Punch involved four liters of chilled Jubel, one liter of chilled ginger ale (Ginger YELL Ginger Ale), two 46 oz cans unsweetened chilled pineapple, Sam 'O' Gonka Vodka. She was not sure how much, and pineapple slices, cranberries and mint leaves. And wallah! You have Muggo Punch! "I kind of...", had she told her former colt-friend? Um. Probably not. "I ah..", she brought her voice down low. "I'm having a foal. Just found out during my last-last little job. Dealt with a good deal of nonsense with Applejack. Probably tell you later. You might not believe it, but it all happened and I've been following the book and making sure to do everything correctly. No soft cheese. Avoiding wet paint. No caffeine! So no Earl Grey and no Dreaded Motaba Blend Coffee! And no Alcohol!" There was a good deal more that was part of a very big book she borrowed from the castle's library. The 'No's' were all written on a rather long scroll that was included with the book and when she opened it, the darn thing rolled out of the castle and towards whatever Ponyville called its 'Main Street'. Snagged poor Pinkie Pie in the process. "Still too early to tell if I'm getting a colt or filly."
  7. This was by far the silliest adventure she had ever been on. More so when she, Dunder, Muggo and her brother, Walk Walker were chased about the Everfree by a pack of vicious wolf fly-ders! These were Fly-ders, who in turn were a race of green-skinned multi-legged insects that fly, bite, and spin webs that were giant versions of said flying insects but also had wolf heads were reasons. Nature is weird. As the 'Ghost' broke out into song, the officer's boggled brain tried to catch up with everything, she caught sight of an old tin sign that were near the hooves. "Paradise Estate Studios", she read out-loud. Before she noticed the farmer was getting into a fight with the large what's it. But as she turned and got ready to rush over to her friend's aid, an trap door opened and she fell! This door closed, once the Pegasus was gone! At first, Applejack could not lay her hooves on the frightful fright. It dodged and weaved as it sung it song. It bopped and bobbed like a professional prize-fighter. Until its song ended, it stayed still just long enough for the feisty farmer to knab it, and she probably wish she didn't. As it felt like a very cold and very large pile of phlegm..It was basically a very large booger. "Ha Ha!", it laughed before it broke out into another song. As it sung, Applejack realized it was not it who she had caught, but It was 'it' that had caught her and was slowly pulling her into its body. "I am the meanest meanie I ever met But I'm just half as bad as I'm gonna get Why should I be humble? I'll make the mountain crumble..." Out of the corner of their eye, she noticed one of the robed guards had wandered into view who quickly shook off said robe. It was Swift Star! She appeared to have been in a trance and seeing her commanding officer in trouble was enough to shake her out. "Captain Applejack!" She was missing her uniform. She bravely charged towards the 'ghost' and pony, and gave the farmer a good nudge, breaking her free of the spirit's pull. Unfortunately she went directly into the gunky ghost's open maw. But after a quick tussle, she soon was out, and covered in a white, slimy goo. The 'Ghost' took off and floated up into the ceiling, leaving another pile of goo. As it left, it added. "You an't seen nothing yet!" Poor Swift Star curled up into a ball and groaned, "This is exactly how our last officer party went. Exactly..", she shivered.
  8. The comic actually has female Diamond Dogs...Shame the show didn't have them as they're freaking adorable.




  9. The young dragon nodded her head as Silverstream spoke. Sirens were rather scary. They were beautiful creatures, but also terrifying at the same time. The picture, well, it was a drawing showed three standing over a wrecked ship with a few pony skeletons laying nearby. They could take over your mind to make you helpless or even attack your friends, and then when you were done, it was all over for you! The part that creeped her out the most were their eyes, so dark and evil. Smolder did not sleep well that night. "They vanished? That's good." Or was it? Evil creatures had an bad habit of going away for hundreds, if not thousands of years only to return even nastier. Imagine going through your life as air-breather only to spend years living under water. So many changes. You'd have to learn how to eat underwater. Drink underwater..How do they do that? Use the restroom....And not just the usual 'oops' in the public pool she might have done once or twice recently. "Yeah, I wouldn't recommend you marry any cousins. That's how we ended up with Crackle." This was something that bothered Smolder about her own race. Unlike just about any other race out there, dragons were all very different. Some could look like ravishing beauties with orange scales, orchid scales and the body of a rock-star, or you could look like an terrible two-pony Nightmare Night costume. One dragon she knew was mostly a tail with feet. The dragon gods were cruel creatures. "I gotta say this and when I say this, I'm saying it as quietly as possible.", she dropped her voice down rather low, "Dragon Lord Ember is a better leader than her father ever was.", to be sure, the dragon glanced up into the sky, "She is actually um, leading us and trying to make a difference. I fought her tooth and nail when she dragged me to Ponyville, but she was right." And Smolder was spoiled with comfy beds, indoor plumbing and really good friends. This would be interesting! Some mountebank pretending to be royalty to swindle bits from the birds! Why would any creature do such a thing? That would be like robbing a rat and stealing his dumpster! Gallus rarely spoke of his homeland as it was all very unpleasant for him. He grew up without a family and very few friends. She had heard the griffons there were trying to make things better. She hoped they succeed!
  10. "Yeah, I'm alright.", the pony added with a grin, "Well, I have a few new bruises and I'm going to need to get my punch daggers fixed. Griffon nearly took my right hoof off when I tried to deflect a very powerful blow from a very big sword", she wiggled her hoof. "I'll see you when you're done with your shift..", she waved at the pony with her last good hood before turning her attention to the hubby-horse-to-be. "Pulling this has been rather easy, but lifting..eh..", she watched as the stallion's magic lifted the barrels and placed them over in the kitchen area, where two ponies started to work on one. Soon the festive beverage would flow into the empty mugs and there would be no chance any hatred or discord could be created for the windigos to feed upon. They would instead have to dine on Fruitcake and Hearth's Warming Eve pudding! Yum! "I was able to get help whenever I needed to actually lift these things..", she made sure to give the good Prince a proper bow and then a wave. Maybe she should have waved and bowed? "oh thank you.", she whispered to the attendant who helped remove her backband and push her cart back to its proper place. She could now enter the party properly. Knowing how absentminded she could get, the mare probably would have wandered the castle-grounds with her cart still attached! Whoops! "Don't forget to get a glass once it's ready!" Jubel was great both chilled, mulled and even in a shake! The officer made sure to give Ice Storm a proper wave. They weren't the bestest friends in the world, but the red mare could never be rude. She was still an officer of Twilight's, who was the princess of friendship and they were in the Castle of friendship in the village of friendship. Still, a few words floated by her ears. Words that made her rather annoyed. Was the new mayor speaking ill of her Dunders? Did she refer to him as a dog? Er, She was Blueblood's charge and...Her eyes turned a slightly darker shade of red before she shook the anger from her mind. Nope! She could take care of herself! Dunnie was a pro! She didn't need her ex stomping on an elected figure. Would not be helpful for both of their careers! Their new mayor couldn't be a villain. No pony named Spoiled Rich could be...oh dear. Maybe she should have voted for the other guy. What was his name? Goody Von Nice Guy? Oh boy. She turned back to her very special stallion. "Once we're done here, we'll need to stop at the folk's house....", she whispered.
  11. "I'm back and I have it!" Fire Walker had been a very busy pony this day! She had to visit both her obstetrician and psychologist. One for the upcoming future foal and the other for her previous mission that was just too silly! Normally she could handle such nonsense, but that trip to the islands was just beyond crazy go nuts. There were talking princess pigs, giant ghosts, large teen-aged Sirens with valley-gal accents, and the talking melon with the googly eyes. Her partner was very experienced in the realm of the super-nonsensical and was able to handle everything far better than the red Pegasus. Once that was taken care of, she needed to bring back a few barrels of the beloved holiday beverage, the drink that united Equestria and sent the Raptorians packing. While Cider was the drink of summer, anything stuffed with pumpkin spice was for fall and wheat beer was for spring, Jubel was the drink for the most festive of holidays, Hearth's Warming Eve! Especially when given a good mulling. It was made of love, which consisted of: seasonal spices, Rambling Rock Ridge water, wahoo bark, propylene glycol, mandrake root, sweet flag root, syrup, acetone and red dye #2, which gave it the perfect color for the holiday! There was also the special ingredient that was added between the wahoo bark and syrup, which was FRIENDSHIP. This was a special beverage her good friend Muggo could acquire through his usual sources. Unfortunately, when she made her way over to the earth pony's tavern to pick up her barrels, she learned that his usual delivery was very late. So she tracked the delivery wagon's route and noticed it passed near an noted Diamond Dog lair! Oh no! However, a quick visit to the lair did not prove to be fruitful as the Diamond Dogs were all very good boys! Yes they were! She did learn from one of the dogs that there was a gang of villains menacing a nearby village. Cordovan hat and little black mask wearing scoundrels! A quick visit to the village did allow her to reunite two warring families, help the sheriff with his stutter and to teach the local miser that friends were important than bits. This permitted her to defeat the scoundrels with the aid of the village and all the other ponies she helped. Unfortunately this was the wrong gang of nogoodniks! Her gang wore red masks! Diamond Dog were color blind! Six villages, two gangs and one lonely harpy later, she found Muggo's delivery and along with that, the Jubel! Huzzah! Along with Princess Twilight, there was an assortment of other ponies. Good ol' Dunder....Dunnie...She probably won't get used to that. Prince Blueblood. A rather cute little tan-coated bat-pony. If Swift (who was also here) could read her mind, he would have shouted Aerion! She preferred bat pony. It was fun to say. Ice Storm. And..oh-oh...She noticed Princess Twilight was doing that thing with her face. That facial tic she has when she had just shouted. The officer did not get to say hello as the Princess had princess stuff to princess. And Fire Walker had two barrels and a cart she borrowed from Applejack. Hopefully she was not yelling at anypony she knew. And hopefully it was not Swift. He was very passionate about certain topics. "Swiftie, could you lend me some magic." She really really hoped the purple pony had not yelled at her ever-dramatic hubby to be. She needed to get the barrels to the little dining room area they had. Jubel must be served and friendship will be made even stronger! His ever useful telekinesis spell could get the barrels to their spots just in time!
  12. No worries. I just miss seeing new art from you..And Pressy and Inkbrand and all.
  13. “Well, I don’t intend on spending my life as a pig..So I guess.” Once Applejack bolted, she quickly followed. Towards the temple of doom! While the farmer was a good deal faster than the Pegasus, Fire Walker managed to trail slightly behind her and with a gasp, she saw the weirdest battle. Pigs verses cloaked ponies! Little pink piggies rolled up into hog-balls and slammed into the heads of the ponies. She did not like seeing the weapons the guards had, but it seemed both side were fighting to stop, not to kill their opponents. Maybe the spell-touched ponies were fighting against their respective spells! Or whoever was behind the temple did not want blood outside their creepy temple. While not terribly fast, the Pegasus pony was rather agile and had little difficulty avoiding the guards, pigs and spells. “Sorry.”, she tried her very best to avoid interacting with the warring factions, but as two threatening, but still adorable piggies tried to sneak up on her, the officer sent them into slumber-land with two quick thrusts of her wings. Geez! Pig on somepony your own size! Oh no! Now there was the staple of the Daring Do books! The slowly closing temple door! And behind her, one of the larger hogs rolled up into a giant hog-ball! That’s another! It was similar to the larger boulder-trap the heroine would come across while lurking around creepy tombs! Thankfully Applejack got inside! But she was going to be late! The fleeing pony doubled her speed and quickly dropped into her stomach and slid....rather slowly under the door. which was still open. Applejack had control of the door. She could have ran and made it. Oh boy. “Uh.”, the officer grunted as she slowly got up. They were now in the temple. “Huh.” It looked all rather temply. But the closer she got, the cheaper it felt. “I think this ‘temple’ is an old movie set. She spotted a wall that was slowly rotting away and behind which was probably painted Styrofoam was a wood plank. Movie studios had a bad habit of filming on location and simply leaving their sets behind as it was more cost effective to do that instead of ripping them down. Still, while the temple was fake, the magic was real and she needed to stay on her hooves as anything could happen. What were they going to do? As she tried her best to come up with a clever voice, a creepy voice could be heard. It was SINGING? Oh I wouldn't try that if I were you You never know what I might do I'll disappear then peek-a-boo I'll hold your nose till you turn blue I'd get out fast if I were you Before you end up in a stew I'd say a'hey, say toodle-doo You've bit off more you can chew I'd get out fast if I were you You won't catch me, ever No one can match me, ever I'm simply much too clever...clever! I think it's time that you were through Or something awful may ensue Before your darkest dreams come true I'd get out fast, I'd get out fast Oh, yes, I'd get out fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast If I were you - boo! Oddly enough, Fire Walker had 'spooky singing ghost' on her bingo-card.
  14. Fire Walker watched as the be-goggled mare gamboled about the library. She didn't want to say anything, but there wasn't really anything here that was really that special. A few 1st editions, and some very basic spell-books. They were all library-bound, which made them slightly better than what you find at a book-store. There were some books higher up that had really fancy looking bookends, but they were just old copies of Knickerless Knickleby or Rarnaby Budge. There was a new and special edition of 'The Amazing Adventures of Captain Gladys Stoutpamphlet and her Intrepid Spaniel Stig Amongst the Giant Pygmies of Beckles'. But everything was safe. Bevel was not going to find an anything of interest. Powerful magic books were kept locked away, either in Canterlot's well guarded libraries or impossible to sneak into pocket worlds. Fire Walker had the privilege of visiting one during her meeting with Princess Twilight. They had recently learned the hard way that a powerful book could easily overwhelm even the more competent unicorns. "That would not be fair to the writer or publisher.", the officer responded, "That's why we have libraries. Like a book, take it home for a few weeks, but if you really like it, that's when book-stores come in.". Then you can read a chapter and toss it the corner. Fire had a really bad habit of buying a book, getting bored with it, and then adding it to the ever-growing library in Fillydelphia. And also her personal library in her room at the castle. And also the guest-room at her parents house. And the vacation house in Las Pegasus. She had freaking books all over Equestria. Not to mention the ones 'borrowed' by Zelda, Docket and Presteza. "I'm pretty sure the table only works for Princess Twilight and her companions. Maybe Spike...", she trailed off. Crickey! Bevel could move quick for such a little pony. "Well, unless you have any further questions, we'll move on to the next room.."
  15. “Ah.”, There was something that was bothering the young dragon. "If I recall from that one report you did awhile back.", her eyes fell upon Silverstream, "Your kind were originally straight up hippogriffs until the Storm King came to town, and then you used magic to turn yourselves into seaponies to escape his wraith. So I'm sure there are regular hippogriffs and regular sea ponies that can't transform into the other races? And what's with meremares? Is that a thing? And Kelpie and Sirens. I heard they're just really big seaponies that can use magic singing. Usually to distract lonely sailors into crashing their boats, and then they eat yah. ", She was slightly disturbed by Rockhoof's story about his encounter with the three Sirens. When he said 'eat', his eyebrows did that thing. Did he mean eat eat? Aka munch a bunch or baku baku? Or eat, eat? Like the one done best in private? Sweet Ember, her mind keeps going into one direction. Think of something not-sexy. Celestia. No....That's the opposite. Rockhoof...Nooo...Ah! Snips and Snails! Perfect! Smolder took another sip from her cup. There was a few bits of cold tea along with a small bit of harden honey that floated to the bottom of the cup. Yuck. She glanced back up and listened some more. "Nah, we're not anywhere near a ruling class. Maybe when our last dragon lord was young. But after that, we for the most part just kept to ourselves and avoided everyone..Sometimes a foolish dragon would try to pick on a pony and learn the hard way, size doesn't matter, especially when the poor soul you're picking on can use a spell to shrink you down to her size and hit you between the eyes with a hoof." Smolder managed to find some crumbs on her plate as the shape-shifting princess talked on. She nodded her head. Her future was out there and it did not involve sitting in a cave. She had far more opportunities than her parents ever did, and hoped she could find her way in this new world. She did miss her chance to see where Bluebelle's eyebrows went when she said 'cuddle'.
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