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  1. As Silverstream spoke, the young dragon glanced around the area. She removed some of the water? Wouldn't that cause a horrible sinkhole? Wait! How did she know this? Why did she know this? It took her a second to realize this was from her last class with Professor Applejack. She said, "Sinkholes are formed when the land surface above collapses or sinks into the cavities or when surface material is carried downward into the voids. Sinkholes can be triggered by pony activities such as overwithdrawal of groundwater." Oh no. She said it more like "Sinkholes ahr formed whe-yn thuh land surface above collapses or sinks into thuh cavities or whe-yn surface material is carried downward into thuh voids! Howdy! Sinkholes kay-yun be triggered by pony activities such as: overwithdrawal awf guh-roundwater. There's a snake in mah boots!" Much better! "Well.", Smolder spoke up. "I've said it before. Pony-life has spoiled me rotten. I can't go back to living in a cave after sleeping on a bed. Or being able to bathe in privacy and not hearing comments from other dragons just begging to get their butts kicked. Or going to book store and just chilling with a glass of chocolate milk while reading a book I didn't pay for or has that library-funk smell." Should she be drinking milk? She's not a mammal! Is that weird? "As long as I don't do something stupid...er..", she eyeballed Gallus, "Fatally stupid, I mean." She did at least five stupid things a day at the least! "I'm gonna live a really really long time. So I can always hang around here for a hundred or so years...Maybe more if I don't get bored." She smiled as the blue bird spoke. "Eh, I was just kidding. I wouldn't touch that stuff. Now drinking. I intend to do a lot of that. Especially after what I heard that this drake claimed he could make booze out of gems. Magic or something.", she huffed. "Supposed to taste like liquid rumppy-doodle. He said that, not me!", Smolder corrected, "And then he wiggled his claws together, tugged on his tie and rode away on his zeppelin. Actually, that might have been a fever dream I had last week." Or maybe after she ate that old potato salad on Sunday? She had some messed up dreams after that! There would be three of them at least hanging around Ponyville. What about Fuzzy-Smash, Cute-Shifty, and that pony...What was his name? Hufflepuff? Ziggy? Duke Snooty the Fancypants? Harmonica Rachel, Mistress of the Iron Rail?
  2. Anyone watch Loki yet? Great show! It was fun to hear Tara Strong (Twilight) do her very best Applejack.

    1. SteelEagle


      I need context and I need it now!

    2. tacobob


      I had a very tiresome day at work today, so I'll be lazy and give you the wiki version:


      After stealing the Tesseract during the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), an alternate version of Loki is brought to the mysterious Time Variance Authority (TVA), a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space and monitors the timeline. They give Loki a choice: face being erased from existence due to being a "time variant", or help fix the timeline and stop a greater threat. Loki ends up trapped in his own crime thriller, traveling through time and altering human history.


      Tara Strong does the voice of the TVA's mascot character, who usually narrates the educational videos they have playing in the building. She does a country sort of accent, which is rather similar to the mascot character in the first Jurassic Park. Mr. DNA.



  3. Horse Puns!

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      Man, you're always here to stirrup trouble! 😆

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      Sight...why haven't anyone reined in this tendency of yours?

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      You think you can rein me in? You're worse than my neigh-bors! They always ask me to colt it out! I always tell them to ska-saddle! They never show me any horsepitality! :scream:

  4. Fire Walker could not help but frown a little as it very obvious she had lost Blizzard Blitz. This did not surprise her, as magic was not her specialty. She had taken lessons in her officer days on how to defend herself against enemy spell-casters, from dark unicorns, Cockatrices, Blibbering Humdingers and more. Still, this did not allow her to carry much of a conversation on magic with a unicorn, especially ones as powerful as Twilight and the frosty unicorn. Thankfully the stallion was ahead of her and pushed the conversation somewhere into her zone. Thankfully he did not ask he what her favorite coloring book was. "Daring Do is more of a sister thing. My little sister Wind Walker and I, would get in line at the local book-store for our preorders. Usually its owner, Lore Weaver, would set up little fun activities for the kids before the shipment arrived. Costumes usually were involved. The nearby café would sell Daring Do inspired treats. Sometimes getting the book itself was more fun than the actual book.", she added. It was a few years since they got to enjoy such an event. Lore had moved on and his bookstore closed. Still, the two sisters planned little things to do when the latest copy of the famous adventure books came out, and thankfully, Wind Walker showed no signs of 'being too old' for such a thing. "As for what I normally read?", she paused, "Mostly military fiction and non-fiction. SlaughterHorse Five....Long Halftime Canter..The Quiet Equestrian..Homage To Coltalona. And my mother would be cross if I did not match her romance adventure novels she put out. Two so far.", she chuckled. While the books made Daring Doo look more like Shakespony, the elder mare enjoyed writing them, and had a decent-selling series of books on her hoof. And Fire knew her mother needed to write such things as she had always felt she was doomed to forever update and edit the same military handbooks she had been writing for decades. She could not help but smile was the stallion mentioned 'happiest moment of his colthood' "Wow, a living book of sorts.", Fire responded, "It would have been devastating if such a journal had been lost.". It was a shame she had lost the library. While most could have been rebuilt, her home was an actual, ancient tree that had been mostly hollowed out, but still managed to live. Thankfully the old tree had been avenged, and from what she had heard, the sweet, purple pony had beaten that horrible centaur bloody until he turned cowardly and pulled out his trump card. It would take a very long time for another tree to grow large enough to take its place. She bit her tounge when Twilight mentioned a rather long title. She was not going to ask! If she did, the officer would been just like every 'normal' pony that she would see in books and movies. The 'Audience Surrogate' character. One who was involved in a conversation with clever ponies. They would stand there,mouth agape, and ask the clever duo what they meant, or please use 'modern ponage' so the lesser witted audience would know what they meant. She would not ask..Nope. Instead she was curious what the good princess would say. She used an assortment of magical accessories, from an amulet, leg bracelet, and other, helpful magical thingamabobs and whatzits.
  5. Smolder got a little worried when her little griffon friend tended to get anxious and he seemed to get that a lot lately. She needed to figure out how to calm her and become like one of those little dogs ponies carry around in bags. What do they them? Service dogs? She’d be the perfect service dragon! Maybe a quick rub on the beak or his fluffy stomach. They would just need a big enough bag for her to sit in. She sniffed the area. There was cake here somewhere! Hopefully it wasn’t one of those lame weddings that had cupcakes or....GASP...Pastry! She smiled at her friend. It was a proper, pony style smile! Not sarcastic nor sassy, but a true one from the heart. After she caught what appeared to be the line to the sweet stuff, she nodded and quickly made her way over to the land of the sweet, sweet, stuff! The grand goose gift was more than enough for the red pony to forgive the draconequus for dumping old chocolate milk on her all those years ago. After catching the good Prince nearly leap out of his horse-shoes, the officer decided she would keep her new 'pet's' honks on mute for the rest of the wedding. Still, she did permit the goose a meeting with Dunnie. "I just realized I didn't have a lot of little toys like this growing up.", her toys tended to be more sport-oriented. She let out a chuckle. "Nah, the bird and dragon are far nicer than I ever was at that age. I'm going to take a guess because they go to that fancy school Princess Twilight made. It kind of reminds me of the boarding school they had in Canterlot. 'Prissy Prim's School For Polite And Proper Ponies'. They promised to turn your ruffian of a child into the most proper of ponies, or double your money back! Thankfully Twi's school was far nicer to look at with its waterfalls." Oh, she how she enjoyed a good waterfall. "Oh.", she gasped as she was quickly placed into a hug. She noticed her beloved was chatting up a storm. "I never could understand pony's obsession with princesses.", she grumbled, "We need a queen." Other races had queens and empresses..And kings and emperors. Princess seemed so juvenile. They belonged in foal's cartoons and coloring books. She always believed Celestia was a queen, while her younger sister was a princess. Princesses play, while Queens rule. "Oh neat." Apparently Discord's gift of a goose was actually a living toy goose as she watched the magical toy gobbled up some random bread crumbs from the floor. Thankfully, to the comport of Blueblood and Swift, it kept quiet as it did. "Don't worry dear, Lady Fluttershy is brave when needed...And so adorably shy for the other things..", she sighed before she leaned into the stallion for a proper hug.
  6. As Brass Hat took off via his odd, horseless carriage, Fire Walker could not help but repeat what he had just said, “Bambalachacha, Smoochy Woochy Poochy or Square Dancing Tickets?” Somehow her odd father was even odder in this world. She imagine monkey versions of both her dad and Colonel Pommel as they had to watch the mandatory R.E.A 'Hey Kids! Drugs Are bad, M'Kay'?' film-strip at the base. Every year in high-school she had to watch that, along with a SPECIAL MEETING from an old action star named 'Crack Stuntem' who wanted to warn the school of the dangers of the wacky weed or Smoochy Woochy. Which took place in the gymnasium. Once a year. "Well, as long as she doesn't want to refer to her as our 'Princi-pal. Like the real one who I believe still runs the high-school in Canterlot. Guy is like over a hundred years old. ", she grunted. She could only assume he croaked and Celestia took over after she retired from ruling the land. Was Twilight the princess here? "Discord? Help us?", she chuckled as she pictured the odd draconequus as he 'helped' them. Probably turning them ducks. Or geese. He had to be silly. She smiled as the inventor took in her surrounding areas,probably trying to figure out how things worked so she could take them home with her. "I have a feeling the lack of common magic.", she was not sure if there was any magic in this world. "Made the inhabits turn to gadgets to get their thing done.". Two legs were not better than four and the lack of wings. So much walking needed to be done. She lead the pair towards the door, "Considering my last adventures, I seriously doubt this one's gonna end by asking a version of Celestia. But we can at least ask.", she glanced down at the doors. Normally one would simply push a hoof against the wood and walla! Both doors were metal with glass in the middle. Thankfully doors worked the same way here and in moments, they were a long hallway. "First time I've been sent to the Principal's office for something good..", she whispered.
  7. "Don't worry. While I normally find you hilarious when you safely freak out. Like when your beak curls up and you star to flailing your front legs about, but not when you're actually gonna get hurt...We can't have that..", she whispered for no reason. "And oh....there she is...", Smolder and Gallus finished their quest! Huzzah! Next mission, RETURN TO BED-MOUNTAIN. When asked how long she was following the salty sea-pony, Smolder glanced down to pull up her long sleeve, so she may look at her watch. But what was this? She didn't own a watch and she was not wearing a shirt. She was naked. Wandering around in the school grounds with nothing but a frown on. "Um. Not a clue.", she shrugged, "Like Snuggles McCutebooty said, I was looking for snacks and I had to make sure our favorite blue bird of sappiness was safe..After the others decided it would be better for sleeps..So..." She glanced around the cavern, "Pirate Cover?", she replied back with a smirk, "Please. This is gonna be the secret spot we take boys to for some secret smooches and even smoke a few cigarettes while we wear our black jackets, cause we're bad girls.", she added with a wink until...The dreaded...non-dragon emotions started to fill the orange beastie. Was this going to be a special, secret place just for Silverstream? One she could just relax and get away from it all for just a bit? Did Gallus just ruin this for her? Was Smolder completely not-guilty of this? They never arrest creatures who were accomplice to a crime! Or do they?
  8. “Hot days, eh.”, she shrugged, “I’m thinking really nasty days in a really hot area like the San Palomino Desert, where you only have a teeny tiny bit of moisture to work with. You’d have to be really creative to get things done.", she smiled as he mentioned his finals day prank. "I guess that's a little more creative than the usual soap in the water fountains." She listened as the ice-casting unicorn went on a little bit of a rant. He had a slight obsession. He wanted to please the ol' sun-queen. She understood. She was an incredibly impressive pony and to gain her favor, would be a dream to most. Her brother Moon had a friend who was also a guard. He tried his very best not to stare, but could not help himself when he spotted the former ruler as she enjoyed a glass of orange juice. He watched in stunned silence as she slowly drank, and even more so, as a little bit missed her mouth and slowly rolled down her chin and neck. She finally noticed the extra butter. Normally this would be very bad for a pony, but he was a really skinny stallion and a few extra pounds would do some good. "Considering how many variations of her books they have out, I wouldn't be surprised.", Phooey! She was pregnant! She could have a little extra butter on her biscuit as well! "There's the usual international editions with the weird art, the anniversary editions. The limited edition Cantermart editions. The odd one where she's called, 'Daring Do Dazzle'. There's also the special convention versions with the special covers. I have the one edition of the 'Marked Thief of Marapore' where the cover animates when you tilt it.", she added with a ever-so-pleased look on her face. The pair had a question of their own. One Fire Walker was probably beyond under-qualified to answer. This never stopped her from trying. "I believe they're similar to those little sticky tab things they put on foal's horns, before they can properly control their magic. But bigger. They place these pads around the spell-caster and if a spell goes a certain distance and hits the er, pads, they simply absorb the magic so it doesn't hit anypony." She felt like an pony with arithmophobia trying to explain an complex equation to a pair of mathmagicians! Oh, she liked that little treehouse library. It was incredibly cozy, and she really wished she could have visited more before it was reduced to ashes. Still one thing bothered her. "Whatever happened to the previous librarian?" Maybe she could get her mother to write a mystery book. 'Mystery Of The Golden Oak Library" or maybe "The Closed Book: The Secret of The Long Lost Librarian?"
  9. “Oh.” Fire Walker was a little spoiled with the train. While it was far from fancy, it had a well heated cabin with comfortable cots and a full sized bathroom. And they provided everypony with warm clothing to wear along with the armor. But still even with that, the red mare was still cold! Cold weather was the best when you were admiring it from inside a warm home by a fireplace and drinking coco. Or snuggling with a loved one. Swift was a A plus snuggler. He might not admit it. “Oh, I’m sure your magic is at the peek of its core in the winter, but did they ever have you practice magic in a desert? During summer, during the midday when it’s the hottest?”, she cringed. And, yes, the usual effects of cold based magic would be less annoying when there was a bunch of it already laying about. Still, she would avoid getting annoying an well skilled Cryomancer. They just need to touch your skin and in moments, they could turn your blood into ice! Ouch! And also Bleh! As you would be dead. She smiled as the stallion mentioned his little book-runs. "My mother is a writer, so she attends these Writer and Publisher conventions they have...The Las Pegasus Writers Conference The old LPWC. And for me, and my siblings, it was the best day ever when she would return, as she would be pushing a big box into the house and it would be filled with upcoming books they would just hoof out during the convention. These weren't even first editions, but better, as they were early critic review copies..". she added, "I have a friend who used to own a bookstore and he had book signings every so often. Got to meet Miss Yearling and had our books signed. She was a little on the frumpy side, but she quickly warmed up." The good writer appeared to be somepony who probably rarely left her home, but still had such an amazing imagination and was able to come with all kinds of crazy plots. And there was his question to the ruler of all the land. Does she have a safe-place for her magic? Thankfully now, but the red mare had been part of a few 'whoopsie' spells over the last few years. Thankfully none were scaring or harmful, and all ended rather nicely. She, along with a few others had been hit by an foal-spell that turned almost all into kids. Fire got to experience being a foal without all the issues she had the first time around. And she also befriended the heroic farmer, Applejack. There was also the time she was accidentally turned into a Crystal Pony, which being rather odd, made the holiday night more interesting. Yes, there was Twilight's little pocket dimensions. The officer had been in a rather large one of the unicorn's little magical hidey-holes. Ulp! It was her turn to answer the magic question. Both of the other answers were perfect, but she could not just copy theirs. She needed to remember those goofy little comic strip stories they had in that foal's magazine they would have in the hospital. The one with 'Galton the Gold Medallion Stallion', who was perfect and good, and made sure to practice and use his magic properly and wisely. And then there was his counterpoint, Oczy Mlody the Wyrd Wizard who loved her magic over others and did not care what it would do to others. Usually in the 1st panel, Oczy would do some sort of mischief magic and the in the next panel, Galton would reverse the magic and show what the Chaos Magic unicorn should have done. So, what would Galton do? "Normally when an R.E.A. unicorn needs to practice on the fields, they set up these little pads around in a circle, like a fighter's ring. This makes sure no magic can get past the pads. 'Neither up or down, or all around' as they would say. You can't just wander out into an open field as magic as way of effecting anything anyway, from poisoning the plants or turning the local critters into weird hybrid half-fruit, half-animals." She was not sure who did that awhile back, but her bits were on the purple princess, as it was Ponyville.
  10. “A guidance counselor should only guide all the students or none at all.", the mare responded by shaking her head. "And nothing ever stays antiquated...Take the old 'Vodka Buck' or 'Mule'. It's just vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of lime in a copper mug. It was really popular when our grandparents were hoofing it up at the pubs back in the days, and then it just fell out out of popularity. It became antiquated. That was until recently some bartender found it in an old cocktail book and Walla! It's back to being popular again." The mare bit her tounge when the unicorn mentioned Ice Storm. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. She was still blessed that Dunder remained a close friend even after the icy mare snagged her colt-friend. Just hearing the unicorn's name gave her heart-burn. Thankfully Blizzard Blitz moved into a far more interesting topic. "Wow, you too!?", she gasped, "About a year before the Kingdom returned, somepony found some U.M.R's, or 'Unusual Magical Residue' where the lost Kingdom would eventually pop up, so they built some train tracks and connected to what the time was the military only rail. Every few months, they would send a squad of officers and magical investigators to check out the spot. We also had to make sure the tracks were clear and ready to be used when the Crystal Empire did return, and sure enough, as we know it did. Wonder if I rode along with you?". She smiled as he made his joke. "Oh yeah, I know all about the 'MRE's. Those things are made to last forever. And we did try to trade them when we could, but Yaks? You must have a stomach of steel to eat their food." Not like the MRE's ' bean and rice burritos' or 'Chili-Macs' were even better. She turned to the good princess who had a question. "Erm. Sometimes you find a spot in your life that you feel really comfortable and you just stay there. Even if you are gifted, you worry that if you step out of your comfort zone, you might feel the stinging sting of failure. And instead of allowing that to be a lesson, you retreat back to that old spot. Never to try again.", the mare took a quick sip from her drink before adding, "And then there's the opposite, those who are constantly challenging themselves and pushing their limits. I guess it's like any gamble you face in life, which I can only guess it based off how well you know your own skills."
  11. Smolder kept close to the soggy griffon, but not too close. She knew he would be very uncomfortable if she was right on top of him while they were in the water. She had remembered their first visit in the underground, where they faced their fears. Compared to the others, her challenge was very tame. Silverstream had to face a version of the Storm Lord. Gallus' challenge was so severe, it slightly disturbed the dragon, and she normally didn't have any issues with tight spaces. Tight spaces that wanted to crush you. Ouch. There were the others, but having tea with fancy mares in fancy dress was kind of lame. It was more the idea of her being caught. Still, nowhere near as bad as spiders or being stuck as Queen Chrysalis. Smolder also rocked that blue dress. She kept an eye on her friend, making sure he did not have any panic attacks. Although she was not sure what she could down if this happened. Thankfully she did not have to do anything as they were soon out of the water and in a cave. "Eh.", she shrugged. "I lived in one during the majority of my life.", she made sure to ask Gallus, "Hey, when we're in the water and you have a freak out, is there anything I can do to not make you freak out..I had a few ideas, but those might freak you out even more...So.." She glanced about and checked for hoof-prints.
  12. “Blixem. Right.", the large military man was already in the process of filling out three 'Canterlot High School' Guest I.D badges. He quickly tore up the 'Blixen' card and wrote up one with the proper name. "Here you go girls.", he handed over the cards. "And Equestria and Hayburgers? Guess I don't understand your young lingo.", he chuckled, "As for demons, It's probably the usual. Some teen-aged hooligan gets his dirty mitts on some Bambalachacha, Smoochy Woochy Poochy or Square Dancing Tickets and soon everyone is seeing demons!", he chuckled a bit more. Fire groaned even more. His smile vanished as 'Blixem' described the aftermath of Dunder breaking up with his daughter. "Sorry to hear that. Normally I would have introduced a mother of all whooping's to the guy who broke my little girl's heart, but your brother is a good kid." The pair could hear Fire Walker let out a sigh. "Just show this cards to the Principal Celestia. She's in the office on the left when you enter. She should have all the information you need. If you have any questions that she can't answer, just call me on your phone.", he made his way over to Fire Walker and gave her a awkward public-dad-hug before heading off to a strange looking wagon with a top. There were no ponies in front of it? How did it work?". The odd wagon made a loud noise before taking off down the road. The red haired officer finally spoke, "Wow, poor Princess Celestia. She went from a powerful royal ruler to running a high-school...Wow.", she laughed, "Also, what's a phone?"
  13. Oh. Why bother if she was just going to jump into the lake? The young dragon let out a grunt. “Well, it would be because of the surprise. Maybe she didn’t want to get wet, but we made her...get...ugh.”, she decided to leave it at that. While she wasn’t a teacher’s pet, wasn’t it forbidden to go out swimming by one’s self? At night? And while Silverstream was an aquatic creature, it was a blanket rule they all had to follow. Smolder followed the Griffon down to the solid ground. Why in the world was he afraid to get wet? They had done more than a few actives that involved swimming. There was also that horrible time they got to paddle a canoe and Gallus kept elbowing the dragon’s head. Or maybe he had a reason? Did the seapony have one of those accursed pearls? Would he turn into something horrible if he went into the water? Smolder already knew what she would turn into, and that was a fate far worse than any death. And while her buddy had the cat's fear of water, for reasons, she was sure he did not need to go in, but he did. And she followed. SPLASH! She would both need to find her shape-shifting buddy and also make sure Gallus did not freak out and drown. She also did not want to become a rotten egg.
  14. Unless Pound and Pumpkin Cake kill her first. They were out for BLOOD. Also, I wanna see a 2,000 year old Smolder. I -believe- this new gen takes place 2000 years after FIM. I think...
  15. With the movie quickly coming upon us, what would you like to see in this new series? From what I've heard the movie will lead into the new TV series. 1. Cutie Marks? What are they all about? We all know why they have them for the toys. So they could just use the same mold over and over with the only difference is their color and butt-mark. But why does an icon appear on an pony in the show's universe? Most of the other living beings don't have this. And why is it there? I'd like the show to explain this.. 2. Flurry Heart...A villain...She's a gonna grow up weird. As a foal she had both an adult pair of wings, horn and a head. And she enjoyed stacking other babies on top of each other. Anyone else?
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