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  1. “Oh, right. Magic stuff.”, Fire Walker was HORRIBLE when it came to special armor. Somepony would give her a impressive suit of magic armor to wear, and the forgetful mare would almost always forgot to use the cool features, either due to the rush of battle, or maybe she felt it was cheating. But she would be of no use if some creature started to control her. She would probably end up attacking her friend or even worse be forced into poses one should never be caught dead doing, and have rude pictures taken of her and mailed to loved ones. True evil. The mare pushed her purple button and paused to let the magic do its thing. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted more of those cute little beach piggies. So cute! If Wind Walker hadn’t already owned a dog, she would have brought one of the little porkers home with her. The officer slowly walked along with the farmer of many talents. There probably wasn’t a single thing that mare couldn’t do, and if there was, it wasn’t worth doing! Still, she could not help but notice more pigs. There sure were a lot of them on this island! The red mare nodded her head as she moved along with the Earth Pony. Right a distraction, she would do one of those. Before she could think of a clever diversion, one of the pigs stepped out from the woods. Unlike the others, this one walked on two of her hooves, and held a mirror in her right front hoof. The odd creature had curly red hair and a golden crown with a emerald that oozed unpleasant energy from it. The crown was matched by a medallion of the same color and build. Her green, rather greedy looking eyes glanced away from the mirror and with an malicious grin on her face and pointed at the pair and let out an loud squeal. In moments, a small army of no longer cute piggies appeared behind her. Fire Walker really wanted to laugh at the whole spectacle. Somepony actually put lipstick on a pig! Instead she asked... "Uh, Applejack? What is that?"
  2. If I need to post in your RP PLEASE tell me. RL has been a thing again and I think I'm missing something here. o_o

    1. SteelEagle


      I can always use you in our adventure, and always need you in my wedding. <3

    2. tacobob


      Posted at the wedding..Will do it again and CRAP. Will post in the adventure as well. For some reason I thought I was waiting for you! :razz:

  3. Smolder could not help but smile at Bluebelle's 'droll' comment. She understood why she said it. That was a bit silly. Judging a mate on how they can burp. Still, she patiently waited for the royal pony to exchange a few words with her friend and only spoke when she had the opening. "I hadn't really noticed it until recently, but with my brother's friends have been hitting on me and all... Well, they hit me and I then I hit them until they fall over. But instead of looking defeated, they just smile. That's the old way, dragons want strong mates to produce strong whelps. But now that certain pony things are coming in like marriage, I really don't want to end up with a big lunk-head. I' want something more than 'grunt punch breath fire grunt grunt' sort of guy and if you have something unique or different, dragons tend to mock you for it instead of celebrating like the other creatures do. " The young dragon realized she was starting to repeat herself, so she asked, almost shyly. "Would I be bad if I looked to other creatures for my er. um.", A million words floated in the dragon's mind. None of them polite. A few would either get her suspended or arrested. "Aggressive cuddling? Eh?", she glanced around hoping she was safe. "Other creatures have more dimensions.", she glanced at Hippogriff, "They might be silly at times, but they're also cute and funny and know what to say to make you feel better, even if it's not positive but truthful. And also are capable of giving good cuddles. Some of my brothers friends look like they were put together by bored toddlers and are truly capable of very little. And I'm sorry I'm rambling but all of you have grown up with this experience. Families. Parents who stay with each other and do cute little things like give each other baby names or kiss each other on the snouts or beaks or whatever. Last Saturday, she purposely hung around Sugarcube Corner watching the Cakes interact with each other. After the one hundredth, 'Can we help you' ,. she told them a little white lie saying she needed to watch how a candy-store operates for her studies. Well, she need to watch how a candy-store married couple operate, and operate they did! They each knew when to support the other and how. They knew each others weakness and were able to counter them. Like some big stony bridge over rapid waters or a well oiled machine. They even knew how to handle Pinkie Pie! "My kind might have that kind of relationship in the future, but now? I'm worried that if I go for the easy route and date a griffon or pony or any creature that's not a dragon, would I be bad for not helping my kind advance just a little? Am I making any sense?", she glanced at the pair with a true look of utter wistfulness.
  4. I will be totally offline!? Where are you going? The 1930s? Say hi to Fatty Arbuckle and Greta Garbo for me!
  5. The red mare grinned back at draconequus, "I'd usually say if you hadn't brought your umbrella, it would have rained all day, but the Pegasi of Ponyville made sure there was going to be perfect weather for a perfect wedding so they were all out there getting rid of the clouds earlier today. Even my folks and lil' sister were out there helping out.". Once Wind Walker freshened herself up and got her dress on, she would hopefully get here just in time for the ceremony. And what sort of gift would Discord have? Hopefully a gift card. One that did not try to eat the brides. Ah, the mare's name was Berry Punch. "Heh.", she let out a chuckle, "I could never even picture my father, the 'Old Major' pushing a shopping cart through the local Cantermart while Muzak played on in the background. Nope. He'd probably lose it after a few minutes after trying to figure out what the difference was between ketchup and catsup.", She did raise an eyebrow when the sneaky serpent tossed some garlic into a bowl. She was about to say something but stopped when she noticed a familiar pony via the corner of her right eye. Tempest Shadow, the traitor. The mare who got away from justice. Fire Walker quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind. This was a wedding. Happy thoughts. And besides, she did not know the full story. There had to be more than what she knew. Tempest might have had reasons to do what she did. Thankfully happiness did appear in pony-form. There was the always impressive Fluttershy, Applejack's big and handsome brother, and the farmer's first foal, Zap Apple. "As his mother would say, he's cuter than a speckled pup under a wagon with his tongue hanging out." Did Applejack say that? Or was it the grandmother? Maybe even little Apple Bloom said that? Huh. She simply smiled back at the small group of ponies And then there was her fiancé who was being extra-Swifty today. "Well, considering how many weddings I've been to, I'm probably an expert by now,", she leaned into the nuzzle. There she caught the stallion looking at the broken horned-unicorn. "Relax.", she whispered, "Don't worry about her Swifty..We're just here two celebrate the coming together of two very special ponies. No drama. I'm sure she'll be good." She spied a pony deserving of praise, "Archancellor Bluebelle.", the red officer bowed her head, "Lovely to see you as always." Good gravy! There were too many attractive mares here! From Fluttershy's perfection, Bluebelle's regal magnificence, and even Tempest Shadow's menacing, haunting beauty! Compared to those mares, Fire felt rather old and ugly. Somepony was going to confuse her for Swift's mother. Or grandmother. Or make her sit in the 'mule's section'.
  6. If you can, check out MLP/Transformers comic. It's far better than it should be. Adorable art. Adorable team-ups. And adorable battles.



  7. "Nothing like the present to start a good habit.", The red mare kept her voice down low. "My hubby-to-be is a total teetotaler and while I could never really give it all up, I probably could cut it out for the moment, considering I also have a little one on the way as well." She was still way too early to be able to use the 'I'm eating for two!' excuse considering her kid-to-be was the size of a bit. "Thankfully he, or she will be out long before next year's 'Taste Of Ponyville' starts. I heard they'll be doing Apple Cider Mules and I can't miss that.", her whole family loved Mules. During her brother Walk's wedding, her family completely wiped out the restaurant's vodka and ginger beer supply. "I'm pretty sure I've seen you more than once. Can't say I remember your backside." Ugh! What was her name? Berryshine? Pinot Noir? Or was it Berry Punch? "Lived in Canterlot before I came here. Both my parents and kid sister live her as well. I..." She stopped. She had that odd feeling and there was a familiar scent in the air. "Hello Mister Discord." she had a feeling he would show up. Grape juice? Fire wondered if the powerful creature could even get drunk? Of course, the things alcohol does to the brain. from feeling more impulsive, less anxious, and less restricted. This was something Discord already felt. "Excuse me.", she was always rather polite to the odd looking creature, "I was wondering if you could help a lady find her dear Swift Squall, my most dearest and dapper Draconequus? I'm hoping he isn't bugging Princess Twilight, or even Applejack!" He was a goof, a sweet goof, but even he would not dare bug a bride before her wedding!
  8. Applejack is a good friend.



  9. Smolder glanced over at at Silverstream as she spoke. Good question, but probably not the best way to ask it, aka it being 'weird'. Which it was. But they lived in a world where many things could be considered 'weird'. It wasn't that long ago that she would have considered anything ponies did as 'weird'. Smolder had also considered asking how the transformation went. Was it a nice and safe POOF? Or did she shift back into her male form bit by bit. Would it be painful? This she did not need to know. She would push this image into her mind. Bluebelle shouted 'Shimbaree, Shimbarah, Shimbaree, Shimbarah' or maybe even, 'Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!' and a magic poof of magic would magic into the air, and magic her into a him. That's it. Nothing like that one werewolf movie she saw last year. The young dragon nodded her head as she spoke about gold-diggers. "I completely understand.", Smolder spoke as like someone who had been through the same thing. "During the last dragon migration I completely shattered old Belchgutt's record by letting loose a burp of over a hundred and eleven decibels! I nearly blew the scales off my brother!", she could not help but look a little on the proud side. "After that, EVERYONE wanted to hang around with me, which was cool at first with dragons hanging on my every word and offering to do stuff for me, but it got old very quick. Mostly they wanted to know my secret, and that was a cold can of Nozz-A-La Cola! Drink that really quickly, then you need to eat an apple, also quickly, jump up and down, and Walla! You got yourself a big ol' burp!" She thankfully, did not actually act this out. After that PERFECTLY proper talk to a member of royalty was over, she listened to the dreaded secrets of her transformation! Was it a magic word? Magic Sword? Did it only happen on the second full moon of the third month? Nope! It was her choice of coffee or tea! Smolder tried to avoid coffee as it made her need to avail herself to the little girl's room and as dragons would say, dig for Andalusites! "Well.", she actually had a question to ask, "Since dragons are slowly getting closer to the pony way of thinking in some areas, like relationships and marriages and families and such, how do you know when a guy or gal likes yah?"
  10. It was her second year at the academy where they taught defense against mind control. Even non-unicorns needed to study and learn how to defend themselves from nasty magic. And unlike unicorns, they couldn't just throw up a magic shield. There were other ways. Never looking directly at the spell-caster. Never concentrate on what they are saying. Ugh. There was so much more! And they learned about those who could use such spells, from unicorns to great beasts. Even horrible aquatic spirits that could put you under their control and drag you into the sea. "Huh?", Fire Walker allowed herself to be slack, making it far easier to be moved, or pushed into the bushes. Where she tumbled far longer than she really wanted to tumble. "Ouch.", the Pegasus pony groaned. She was going to be hurting tomorrow. Thankfully she was very sure nothing broke. Did she see anything odd? Besides the stars that were circling her head, she didn't see a thing. "No..I wonder if our valley girl friend has something to do with this. She is a Siren after all." The red mare really hoped it wasn't her. "We should be sneaky and find the creature that is controlling everyone. Usually if you knock out the puppet-masters, all the puppets go free." But first they needed to know where they were.
  11. Oh how things have changed so much over the last few months. At the start of the year, Fire Walker had moved to Ponyville to accept a position at the castle and become part of Princess Twilight’s special guard. And then a good deal of craziness came crashing in. There as a battle and now Twilight was ruler of all of Equestria, and the red mare was back in the R.E.A. Her own wedding was quickly rushing towards her and she was now with foal. Thankfully this foal was the size of a penny. Still, the fact that she learned all of this from a valley girl siren just seemed to make sense for her way of life. She still made sure to visit her doctor once she and the others got back from their mission. And now she was attending the wedding of a pony she considered the bravest, and toughest country gal that ever roamed Equestria and also Rainbow Dash. She was a decent sort. The officer’s fiancé was supposed to be here. Whew. She was beat. And thirsty! Thankfully there was some food and drink prepared like some juice-bowls. But she could not just go willy-nilly into these. She had to ask. Thankfully there was a mare who looked like an old college friend of hers named Pinot Noir was she one of the caterers? "Excuse me miss.", she made her way towards the mulberry coated mare, "Are any of these non-alcoholic? I need to watch what I'm drinking...And also any without mango? I'm really allergic to that." The rather worn out looking creature really needed to just sit down and chill for a moment. This was not her wedding. She was just a guest.
  12. Ponies had celebrations for EVERYTHING. Some made sense. There was Nightmare Nights, which was her favorite. Creatures could dress up in all kinds of costumes and there was free candy. The local movie theater also sold cheap tickets for fun old horror movies. Hearth’s Warming was also fun with the decorations, food and gifts. The movies were not as good, as most of them either one where the 'Gift Givers' reindeers can't give out presents due to some silly excuse, or a movie where a busy business pony is too busy with business to handle his or hers kids and holiday demands! Oh no! Will busy parent spend a day with his or hers kids or finish the deal with the Dinklebirds!? And there was also the stress over being an 'Hearthswarming Helper' and not doing a joke gift. Although Gallus did look really cute in his lederhosen that was two sizes to small. Maybe slapping him on the but while shouting, "Tanz für mich Vogel junge!" might have been a bit too much. There was also this 'Summer Sun Celebration' which was a thing. There was also a event going on in the castle. She knew her friends Silverstream and Gallus were here. Did they invite her to tag along? Nope. Hmm. They have been spending a good deal of time together. What could that mean? She slowly entered the garish building. Did she smell fire? Could anything actually burn in this place? Everything was made of crystal! Even the toilets! Well, there were at least potato skins. She liked those! Nice overcooked half a potato loaded with cheese, crispy hay sticks and sour cream! Yum! Now where were the others? Was she going to find her pals hiding in a room somewhere giving each other beak-smooches?
  13. “Dwah.”, the dragon cooed, “His adorable little quirks make him far more appealing. And I tend to maybe.”, she tapped two of her claws together as she spoke, “Sometimes and occasionally might air a minor grievance from time to time.”, she added with a wink, “I don’t do it to be mean or just to hear myself holler, but to correct a mistake. And...”, she paused to take a sip from her mug. “When going to a public pool, I’m actually rather terrified to step on the drain as I’m worried that it might suck me in. Just don’t like them. They’re like jail bars or a gateway to another world.”. She shivered a little bit as she thought of what creatures could live there. Those hairless monkey creatures Spike told her about? There was one thing that the good princess mentioned that confused her so. “Wait a second, you did not get a marefriend until your curse? Didn’t that happen recently? And you were already rather.” Her little Shoulder Angel who now appeared as a white rabbit for some reason shouted ‘Don’t Say Old!’ ,”Well into the early stages of being an adult. If I may ask.”, she moved a little closer to the royal pony, “Why did it take so long? I saw a picture of you as a guy and as we dragons would like to say, you were a bit of a hotty.”
  14. It had been a rather long time since the red coated officer had been in an actual real battle. This was always a good thing, because she believed her job was to keep the peace. Technically she recently had been part of a rather large force of ponies, dragons, gryphons yaks, changelings and many other types of creatures that were asked to stand against the Changeling Queen, Lord Tirek and some small child. She was not asked to attack, but to keep the two villains and one child unfocused by flying really quickly by them. This was successful and the baddies were turned to stone. Something that ended well. She was also later told the kid was a evil kid. Huh. After making sure the others had the right spot to hide, Fire Walker quickly found one of her own. Once the spell was cast and the mercenaries were startled into fleeing into random members of her squad, their foes would be easy pickings. And sure enough, Gleaming Shield's scary snake illusion was terrifying. But something was wrong. Instead of running for the hills, the mercenaries stopped what they were doing and slowly waddled towards the fake snake with their weapons drawn. The way they walked reminded her of a horror movie, a zombie movie. She then noticed something was odd with their eyes. Oh dear. Worried, the officer poked her head, 'They are being hypnotized', Fire mouthed to the farmer. And what creature had the ability to do that?
  15. Smolder snatched up her second sandwich while the others spoke. This was something she both hated and liked during a proper afternoon tea time. Tea-Sandwich-Roulette. There was always a chance she would get something she did not like. Like a herbed onion sandwich. Those always made her gassy, and one never should make a dragon gassy. Of course, she could always either ask the gal who brought the sandwiches, or simply lift up the bread, but where would the fun be in that? "Wow..This is really good..", she was out of her comport zone. This was new to her. So far she tasted mayo, a hint of onion, which was okay and artichokes? Hokey smokes, that was good and she feel slightly embarrassed once she noticed it was already gone. One must savor the flavor and not misbehaver and gobble her tiny sandwich so quickly. "Hmm." Pony names were weird. She was just 'Smolder'. It wasn't a pretty name at all, as with most dragons as they tended to sound more like threats than actual names. "Yeah, I never got that. If you're not going to use that letter, don't have it in your name!" Guy was probably really far on the 'fancy' side. Wordsworth! Ha! Oh right! He was her -younger- sibling, which confused the dragon as he was really tall. Like about the same size as Applejack's 'ayup'n brother. "Eh.", she shrugged her shoulders, "I have not really said that much to your brother, but I wouldn't." Uh-Oh! Don't go there Smolder! Thankfully her very own shoulder-angel that only she could see, appeared before her. No salty sea puns! No innuendos! To be safe, the angel carried a very large rolled up newspaper if the dragon dared to go astray, she would whack her with it! Yes, the dragon was gill-ty! She dolphin-ately wanted to get aboard his ship and..WHACK. "Ouch." It wasn't there, but she could feel it. "I mean,who wouldn't want to hang out with Terramar? He's kind of cute..."
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