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  1. Smolder kept close to the soggy griffon, but not too close. She knew he would be very uncomfortable if she was right on top of him while they were in the water. She had remembered their first visit in the underground, where they faced their fears. Compared to the others, her challenge was very tame. Silverstream had to face a version of the Storm Lord. Gallus' challenge was so severe, it slightly disturbed the dragon, and she normally didn't have any issues with tight spaces. Tight spaces that wanted to crush you. Ouch. There were the others, but having tea with fancy mares in fancy dress was kind of lame. It was more the idea of her being caught. Still, nowhere near as bad as spiders or being stuck as Queen Chrysalis. Smolder also rocked that blue dress. She kept an eye on her friend, making sure he did not have any panic attacks. Although she was not sure what she could down if this happened. Thankfully she did not have to do anything as they were soon out of the water and in a cave. "Eh.", she shrugged. "I lived in one during the majority of my life.", she made sure to ask Gallus, "Hey, when we're in the water and you have a freak out, is there anything I can do to not make you freak out..I had a few ideas, but those might freak you out even more...So.." She glanced about and checked for hoof-prints.
  2. “Blixem. Right.", the large military man was already in the process of filling out three 'Canterlot High School' Guest I.D badges. He quickly tore up the 'Blixen' card and wrote up one with the proper name. "Here you go girls.", he handed over the cards. "And Equestria and Hayburgers? Guess I don't understand your young lingo.", he chuckled, "As for demons, It's probably the usual. Some teen-aged hooligan gets his dirty mitts on some Bambalachacha, Smoochy Woochy Poochy or Square Dancing Tickets and soon everyone is seeing demons!", he chuckled a bit more. Fire groaned even more. His smile vanished as 'Blixem' described the aftermath of Dunder breaking up with his daughter. "Sorry to hear that. Normally I would have introduced a mother of all whooping's to the guy who broke my little girl's heart, but your brother is a good kid." The pair could hear Fire Walker let out a sigh. "Just show this cards to the Principal Celestia. She's in the office on the left when you enter. She should have all the information you need. If you have any questions that she can't answer, just call me on your phone.", he made his way over to Fire Walker and gave her a awkward public-dad-hug before heading off to a strange looking wagon with a top. There were no ponies in front of it? How did it work?". The odd wagon made a loud noise before taking off down the road. The red haired officer finally spoke, "Wow, poor Princess Celestia. She went from a powerful royal ruler to running a high-school...Wow.", she laughed, "Also, what's a phone?"
  3. Oh. Why bother if she was just going to jump into the lake? The young dragon let out a grunt. “Well, it would be because of the surprise. Maybe she didn’t want to get wet, but we made her...get...ugh.”, she decided to leave it at that. While she wasn’t a teacher’s pet, wasn’t it forbidden to go out swimming by one’s self? At night? And while Silverstream was an aquatic creature, it was a blanket rule they all had to follow. Smolder followed the Griffon down to the solid ground. Why in the world was he afraid to get wet? They had done more than a few actives that involved swimming. There was also that horrible time they got to paddle a canoe and Gallus kept elbowing the dragon’s head. Or maybe he had a reason? Did the seapony have one of those accursed pearls? Would he turn into something horrible if he went into the water? Smolder already knew what she would turn into, and that was a fate far worse than any death. And while her buddy had the cat's fear of water, for reasons, she was sure he did not need to go in, but he did. And she followed. SPLASH! She would both need to find her shape-shifting buddy and also make sure Gallus did not freak out and drown. She also did not want to become a rotten egg.
  4. Unless Pound and Pumpkin Cake kill her first. They were out for BLOOD. Also, I wanna see a 2,000 year old Smolder. I -believe- this new gen takes place 2000 years after FIM. I think...
  5. With the movie quickly coming upon us, what would you like to see in this new series? From what I've heard the movie will lead into the new TV series. 1. Cutie Marks? What are they all about? We all know why they have them for the toys. So they could just use the same mold over and over with the only difference is their color and butt-mark. But why does an icon appear on an pony in the show's universe? Most of the other living beings don't have this. And why is it there? I'd like the show to explain this.. 2. Flurry Heart...A villain...She's a gonna grow up weird. As a foal she had both an adult pair of wings, horn and a head. And she enjoyed stacking other babies on top of each other. Anyone else?
  6. “I guess it’s like any other ponies that are in the ‘family business’. Some families farm, some run businesses and some join the R.E.A.”, she shrugged, “Thankfully the Royal Guard is not just ponies marching around in armor, we cover a ton of different fields, from magical research, defending our borders to say my mother, who writes and updates officer guide-books.”. With the Royal Equestria Army opening its ranks to non-ponies, her poor mother had to form her own team of writers to add all the new creatures to the books. “An officer’s job is never finished. Even when our family lived in the big ol’ house in Canterlot, it was rather rare for us to actually get to enjoy a meal with everypony. We were always so busy and scattered about.”, her smile vanished as the unicorn mentioned his graduation. A very old tradition had to be broken that day. Why they didn’t just reschedule it, or do a special meeting with Celestia later on? Apparently the Princess was considerably shook up over the disappearance of her special student, which lead to her not being at that particular graduation. From the little Fire Walker knew about magic and magic school, a 'Special Student' was not necessarily the strongest spell-caster in the class, but was a unicorn with great potential that was being held back for some reason. Princess Twilight was probably Celestia's greatest student. The Princess of the Sun took a powerful, but socially awkward filly and turned her into the ruler of all of Equestria. Wow. And also 'wow' to that college career advisor. What a jerk. "That's not a sort of pony I'd want advising my kids.", she huffed, "While ponies probably rushed to snatch up the common jobs, there is always going to be a need for someponies with obscure skills. Those should be celebrated, not insulted." "Captain Walker, is there anything you can't do?" She said with a laugh, recentering herself on the stallion. The guard glanced over a the ruler of all with a a grin, "I can't whistle.", she made an an attempt and it was all just wind being blown. "I also can't get into any of those popular, but dry fantasy series. Like the ever popular, 'Magie Du Cheval' series. Everyime they introduce a new character, they got into like a hundred years of the character's family lineage... This is Puffy Hooves, son of Clamper, who is blabby blabby...I tried to read the first novel and I can't get through a page before it puts me to sleep." The red coated officer liked her coffee black. This Twilight knew. But what sort of coffee did Blizzard prefer? You could learn a good deal about a person on what they put in their Java. She sometimes liked to add a little Cinnamon to her coffee. Some ponies liked cream and sugar...Some...ugh...liked BUTTER in theirs and even worse, eggs.
  7. Fire Walker was amused at her new gift, “I’m going to keep this if you don’t mind.”, she pushed on the faux-goose and it made an pleasing, “WAAAGH!” sound. The adult mare could not be even more pleased than she was at the moment. She named her new friend, ‘Goose-tave’. qThe red mare enjoyed her brief moments of affection from both her good friend Dunnie, and her hubby to be. She gave Goose-tave another push, an he responded with another “WAAAGH!”. The mare’s mile faded as Swift got into his dramatics and when got further into the drama with the griffon-boy she sighed, “But my Grace asked me if he was suitable to be an officer, and I asked the boy the standard questions. That signature would never stand alone, even if he were properly sober as he is underage and would require a signature from a parent or guardian.”, Fire pointed out. The mare was the very least pony on this planet to lecture any creature about drinking. The pony gods would rightfully strike her down if she even thought about even having the desire to pull out a chair, turn it around and sit on it backwards while feeling the desire to ‘rap with this youngster’. She was a terrible role-model for such a thing. Still, she did feel bad for the cute griffon who appeared to be very stressed out over this situation. “Good, if you ever desire to join the R.E.A. at the time you see fit, please visit your local recruiter.”, Fire sounded like a proper officer. “And if you wish, tomorrow morning, I will send a letter to the head recruiter and made sure your invalidated paper is rejected. And for now, why don’t you go hang around with your cute little dragon friend over there. She looks a little lonely.” And she was really going to town with those fries. Good gravy. “Huh. Thanks.”. the young dragon liked fries, but preferred the potato variety over the more pony friendly and rather dry ‘hay’ version. But free fries beat no fries. She started to nimble on the horsey-treat while others chattered on, and some crazy pony played with her toy goose. And poor Gallus. He sounded rather scared and she needed to help her cute lil’ pal. She made her way at her friend’s side. “Good idea, your majesty. Let’s go..”, she whispered to Gallus with a wink. “We can swipe some cake on the way out.”
  8. Something Dunnie said made Fire Walker's eyes grow a little larger. "Oooh! That reminds me of something!", the not-pony rubbed two of her fingers together and made what sounded like a snap. "Hmm. Weird.". This new ability caused a little pause for the former mare. "Spike....Er...Princess Twilight's little dragon-boy...I remember him mentioning that he had been turned into a dog..I assumed he just got caught in one of the Purple One's magically 'whoopsies', which I've been a target of more than once.", She had been turned into a little filly a few years ago and spent a Hearth's Warming Eve as a crystal pony thanks to the Ruler Of All Equestria's occasional magical accidents. "Maybe he and others visited this world? He could have turned into a dog. I can assume other races would turn into mundane versions of themselves here..And my wings?", she placed a hand on her back. It was all back! No wings! "No wings or horns, but just these dumb things.", she slapped her chest with her free hand. "I don't get the idea of these..Why are they so big?", she noticed a few people give her an odd look as she interacted with her bosom. "And those other monkey creatures give me an 'eye' when I touch them.", Fire Walker whispered. "So freaking weird." She poked herself a few times before a very loud Could be heard. Before their eyes, stood the largest of the strange creatures they had seen so far. It was an rather fit older male with dark skin, and dark hair with grey sprinkles that was cut in a military 'high and cut' style. This fellow was dressed in military clothing. Both Fire and Dunnie knew, this was the former Pegasus' father, Brass Hat. "Daddy?", Fire could only squeak out. Brass Hat could not help but be confused, "What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be in.....Oh!", he noticed the two others that were with his 'daughter'. He glanced down at Dunnie, "You must be Miss Blixen. Dunder had mentioned he had a little sister. Shame the thing with your big brother didn't work out with my little Fireball. Guy could swing a good sword and an even better spatula.", he shook his head in sorrow, "Now my sweet angel is dating some fancy boy from the big city! Oh woe." Bevel was the last one he noticed, "And you...Miss Bevel..I though....", like his daughter before, an idea popped up in his rather large head. "I get it! You three are to here to investigate the school! The weird goings-on and what people are saying Demons! Ha! Guess Ol' Pommel found something you would be perfect for!" Fire Walker could only grown and wish she could die of embarrassment.
  9. Ice magic could be rather scary. An adult pony’s body was made up of seventy percent water. An unicorn that specialized in ice magic, or as one would call an ‘Cryomancer’ could truly mess a fella up. Just apply all that magic to a pony's bare flesh and Walla! You got yourself a horrible way to die. Actually, most ways of dying tend to be horrible. Hopefully she'd kick the bucket while sleeping. Sleeping when she was very old. She bit her tongue with the stallion mentioned Ice Storm. Fire Walker tried her very best, but she never managed to make peace with the mare. Not like they were in an never-ending feud, but the unicorn stole her colt-friend away from her! Her beloved Dunder! And this was not because the ice-wizard was able to charm him away with her icy-good-looks, but it was some sort of scheme she had and it utterly failed, leaving the officer with a broken heart. "Yes, I am.", the mare responded with a tiny bit of pride. "My family has been serving the princesses since the day after they vanquished the former King Discord." Wow. What an utterly crazy world she lived in. King Discord. Discord the Cruel. Discord the Mad. The Spirit Of Chaos whose cruelty was only limited to his imagination. During this month, she had attended at least two weddings where he was a guest. During both of those weddings, she was happy to fetch him a class of punch. This was probably Fluttershy's fault. She was the beauty that tamed the beast. "Thank you good sir.", the mare replied without an single ounce of sarcasm. "I'm just a humble little ol' trainer who sometimes goes on crazy little adventures with ponies as crazy as I. And sometimes I have tea with royalty." Her smile vanished as he spoke of his parents. More so when he mentioned his father. "Oh yes, Sargent Storm Runner. My father had mentioned him before. Said how broken he was when you were presumed lost. Something my dad told me that he was under the impression that your father did not believe you had died, but had to have survived. Said if any pony could have conquered the frozen north, it would have been you, and he was right." She said with a wink. Her eyes fell upon the current ruler of the land the pegasus was currently standing in. "History of the Royal Equestrian Coffee. Hmmm.", she grinned, "Shortly after Princess Celestia and Princess Luna gave Discord a good whooping, they started work on the super important parts of restoring a kingdom. Addressing borders, cleaning up crazy pockets of wild magic and trying their best to restore connections to old allies. While they were unable to create trading alliances with the dragons and griffons and other 'High' races as they were called, we did manage to keep them from murdering us in our sleep. Which was good. While the good alicorns were doing the important stuff, they gave lesser, but still very important duties to ponies who had served them during their war against Discord. My great-great-great and a buncha greats-more Grandfather helped to build the first base near the castle that is now in the Everfree." Which was now a clubhouse for some teens. How did that happen? "There was one very important thing all good officers required and that was coffee. The Princess requested the help of their Head, Royal Chef to find the best coffee bean they could use, but he actually passed away shortly after the Discord-War was over. His letter was received by his daughter, the small, but brave Crema Cortado! This brave little donkey went on this epic adventure, which I really don't need to go into great detail, as they made a few movies, musicals, book-series, action-figure collection, ice show, comic books, and there's a ride over at Whinny World based off the movie..Or the comic book..I forget.. er..it was all based off her adventures. She gains new friends, defeats and befriends a cranky Ophiotaurus named Kerberos and even saves the princess Callidora. And together they discover a coffee bean so potent that we would later mass produce and use for our special suppository-strength R.E.A coffee ever since then." "Oh, I forgot.", she blushed, "There was an junior-officer a few years ago who tried to change our beloved coffee to..er..", she shuddered, "Instant coffee, but we chased him up a flagpole and made him bring our old coffee back. The end.", she added with a grin. Yep. She was only a few weeks pregnant, but she was already going a little bit mad.
  10. Fire Walker playfully stick out her tounge with a ‘bleh’. Near the lowest level of Tartarus was a place reserved for the inventor of ‘instant coffee’. Under that poor soul would be the guy who came up with the powdered roasted-grain coffee substitute called Puttsum. Years ago, one of the Junior Officers at base decided he would switch the coffee for that nasty stuff. Thankfully, for his sake, he was a fast runner. Still, coffee needed a coffee-maker. It needed to slowly shift through a filter and become one with hot water. Or however coffee machines work. It was all magic. The officer smiled at her old friend. "Yeah, makes me feel like I've been taking too long to set up my own wedding....", she sighed. Both she and Swift had been so busy as of lately. The pegasus pony was soon shaken free of her thoughts when Blueblood called her over. "Yes, your royal highness.", she quickly made her way over to the stallion, while she made sure not to step on the odd little dragon-girl. He wanted her (and Dunnie) to judge an young griffon. Was he suitable to become an officer? There were no griffons in the R.E.A that she knew about. There were some who worked in support, like her good friend Zelda who was one of the blacksmiths. Considering Equestria was becoming a country of more than just ponies, it would be wise to let non-ponies in the guard. How was this bird? The first thing she noticed was his bright blue color. Zelda had mentioned encountering such a young bird during her adventures in waiting in line for cider. She said he was a cute and very scruffy blue griffon. A little too young for her taste, but she mentioned he would be an utter Gever of a Griffon in a few years. Fire did not ask her what a 'gever' was. Was this the same griffon? She gave the student a good checking out. "I don't see why he would not make a good officer.", she glanced at the young creature. "He just needs honesty, courage, self-control, decency, and conviction of purpose.", she knew this worked better when she was in uniform and not a pretty white dress. "Do you have those, son?", she glanced down at him with a look of utter seriousness. As Smolder realized mixing red wine with vodka, a strange pony got just a little too close with her wings. "Wagh!", she growled, "I am a mighty dragon and I do not get si....oooh that's nice..Keep doing that. Whatever you're doing.", she liked having nice and soft wings on her. It was like being hugged by a pillow. Or cloud. Or a pillow cloud. She could have stayed there all night, but one thing caught her ears. "Gallus? An officer of the Royal Equestrian Army?", she started to chuckle. Then she thought about it a little harder. Fluttershy's no-talent brother was in the guard, so they might have really low standards. Speaking of both no-talent and low standards, he glared at Baron Comrade-Pants. She was not hungover. Not yet. Hopefully Discord would zap him.
  11. Oh, and the first animation of sorts with the new characters.
  12. Fire Walker glanced back at the odd Draconequus and smiled. It was so strange seeing the powerful and former Mad King Of Equestria so relaxed and reserved. She could only blame Lady Fluttershy for such a thing. Her kindness and beauty could turn the sour into sweet and war into peace. "I would not miss this for the world, Your Highness.", the Royal Captain said with a proper bow. So many weddings, but not a single bachelorette party. She wanted to see Princess Twilight dance like she did a few years ago. While rushing to get over to her brother's Canterlot office, the red Pegasus pony took a shortcut through one of the gardens, and noticed the purple pony was dancing rather drunkenly while wearing what appeared to be an potato sack with a pink ribbon tied around it. She wanted to see -that- dance. Although she wondered if Alicorns could get drunk. These images quickly fled once she received a kiss from her favorite stallion. There was a sphinx? How in the world did she miss such a large creature? She always felt sorry for the sphinx in a story she had read. Was it a Daring Do book? She felt sorry for the beautiful creature. She probably was lonely and wanted a friend. And there was Dunder, or Dunnie. She could never get used to that. The red mare waved to her old friend. She really hoped Muggo' would be here, but she had a feeling he would not be able to attend. Their previous adventure with the good Prince, while it happened years ago, she still remembered every bit of it. There was that talk of O&O. She tried to read the 'Players Handbook' during her high school day, but she got as far as the 'Haldo!' old timey greeting on the 1st page. That was far too nerdy for her. One thing shocked her. "I did write...A few...", did she use an old address? "Well, to make things quick. Was hired by Princess Twilight to form her new guard. Then all the crazy stuff happened. Fought the Changeling Queen, an Centaur and what I believe was a preteen filly, and also I have a kid on the way.", she whispered, "Also faced an evil pig with Lady Applejack. This little piggy wanted to take over the world and turn everyone else into piggies. We managed to make her go 'wee wee wee all the way home'.", she added with a wink, "We'll have to find time to talk after this. We have a good deal to catch up with." Smolder's right eye cranked up a little higher as Wordsworth Psmith said the word 'comrade' for a hundred or so times. Was he paid a bit every time he said that word? She had no idea what he was talking about. She glanced over at her bestest bluest birdy buddy who did a better job at talking than she could at the moment. This was his gift. The gift of the gab. The jib of the jab. The bad and the rad. The toad and the tad. The scantily clad and newspaper ad. "I'm just watching him and using the 'buddy system'.", she managed to grunt and walk at the same time. One thing struck her as odd. Was Prince Blueblood talking to her? A real prince! She would let the griffon respond to him. Gift of the gab and all.
  13. "Always happy to be of service..." Oh Oh! Her brain wanted her to stay 'Your Highness'! She must fight it! Hundreds of years of loyalty to the crown was in her blood. "Twilight." Thankfully their guest was here. And it wasn't Muggo' Ale, Dunder, Princess Luna, or even Pony Joe, it was...this guy... She had no idea who he was. Did Ice Storm have a brother? If her sister-in-law from Trottingham was here, Jammy would probably say he looked a bit dodgy. Thankfully Fire Walker was a very mature pony. She at least tried not to pre-judge. It took a moment before she realized that this was probably Blizzard Blitz, a unicorn that was once part of the school of magic and vanished! He was later caught stealing spell-books. She was curious why he left the school? Maybe it wasn't challenging enough and he demanded more complex spells. The school probably did not allow him to use such spells. Maybe they were worried about his safety? So to gain such higher powered spells, he would need to swipe them! Sounded like he was a Hedge-Wizard! Twilight Sparkle had mentioned him in passing before. "You assume correctly.", the mare responded with a friendly, and not at all overpowering smile. It was honest and warm. The good purple princess had sent him a book and helped? Fire wondered what that book was. As she waited to hear more about this, she fixed her tea with a bit of milk and cinnamon. Mmm.
  14. I heard they had other ideas for the story...One involved Celestia's and Luna's long lost brother..One had the PONIES ARE IN YOUR WORLD idea, ala every other animated to CGI movie out there..Ala Sonic...Smurfs..Garfield. Thankfully they did not do that. Storm King was also supposed to look like this:
  15. Yeah, the MLP/Transformer comic was adorable. And the movie. I heard it's going to flow into the new series, which will not be a reboot. Of course that's just rumors..
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