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  1. We need to make a Quicklime film...Where she's hated and ostracized by her family and neighbors, because she's quick, and they're all slow...And she wishes to be slow! Oh woe! And even begs Luna to 'fix' her, but Luna is too busy being cranky. So she goes to Derpy, but they discover that Nightmare Moon is back and she's going to overthrow her sister, and then there's angst...

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  2. What a sweet little pup. What sort of dog was she? My cocker spaniel is getting up there in age..Almost 13..I was almost 100% sure I was going to put her down the other day considering how she's been lately..But she has hope...Spent another fortune at the vets....She just needs to eat..Which she isn't currently doing, so back to the vet for her tomorrow. Sigh.

    Still, dogs are the best.

  3. Well done. Thankfully in all of the RP's I've been in or have read, Griffons are given all sorts of personalities..They're probably closer to Pegasus ponies in that regards, so we get them as heroes, villains and everything in between. And while the show has only given us only two griffon characters, I've always assumed griffins were allies with Canterlot since Gustave was permitted to be so close to Princess Celestia without a single guard in range...And the ponies of the Crystal Empire seem to like them, since the whole place is littered with griffon statues.

  4. Nah, I'm art-challenged, found that online. I just love the angry eyebrows on filly RD. Considering how scruffy filly RD is on the show, I could picture her mother spending OODLES of time putting together some complex mane-do on the poor thing, only for Rainbow to shake it all off before heading off to school.

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