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  1. i was just wondering, by posts does it mean to reply to 3 things or 3 topics? not sure but im doing the latter! the last thing i have to post about is minecraft, i would love to come and join as many pony servers as i can handle, i would also love to live in a pony village that is in the sky like cloudsdale on said server, (as my oc is a pegasus) please post the: server name (optional) server ip (must) anypony you would like me to say hi to and/or build with (optional) thank you!
  2. hello everypony, i need to make another 2 intro posts so here is one, i would like to know any good fan ficton writers that wouldn't mind writing a fan-fic about my idea, i have tried doing one before, i am aware that i have 1 tracker and 2-3 followers! yay!
  3. hello, i stumbled a cross this forum and wondered, how can i get people talking? so, i would like you to post any funny pictures that are pony-related, or at least the url link! thank you!
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