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  1. Just to let you all know. I am still making magnets and will post them when I get a chance with my camera. But they are still for sale :3
  2. Nahima was amazed that just in the last hour, she has met and befriended such wonderful ponies. She smiled at the goup and couldn't believe her luck. As she turned her attention to the muesum, she could see another pony in the distance with a sadden expression on his face. Nahima titled her head a bit concerened about the colt. Trotting a head a bit, Nahima tried to catch up to him. "Excuse me..? Are you alright?"
  3. Giving a welcoming nod, Nahima turned and walked up the stone stairs into the front entrance of the Museum. Paintings and sculptures lined the walls. Each being more grand the last. Nahima's eyes darted from side to side with amazement. She had only read about these things in books at the Cloudsdale library. Looking back at the group, she could see their own amazement and it gave her a smile. It was nice to see others interested in history as she was. But suddenly her happiness bubble was burst by the sound a grainy voice, "Welcome to the The National History Museum of Manhattan." The old mare's mane was up in a tight bun causing her wrinkles to be pulled back unnaturally. Nahima tried to give a polite smile at the older pony. “One Please.”
  4. "Well let me reintroduce myself than, my name is Nahima Haiku, its a plreasure to meet you all." She smiled and then bowed her head. She smiled at her new group of friends. "Its nice to see some friendly ponies in this huge city."
  5. Magnets Magnets! All for sale! I am selling them for 6 to 7 dollars. They are wanting good homes :3 If you buy two or more I will do a reasonable price. Please either comment or note me. They are all laminated and have magnets on the backs.
  6. Neither! :3 They are made from construction paper and glued together!
  7. Nahima stumbled when she felt the colt bump into her. "Oh!" She balanced herself with her wings. "Guess Manahattan is busier then I expected!" Nahima smiled blashfully at the pair. "This museum's newest attraction you were talking about, Dunder must really be attracting ponies from all over." Nahima moved out of the way of the pair and smiled at them. "Lets all go inside together."
  8. Baby Rainbow Dash magnet! She is just to cute for words, she is laminated and has magnets on the back. Waiting to sit on your fridge. She is for sale! 7 dollars :3
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Nahima

    Paper Pony

    This is an album that is for all my paper pony art.
  11. As per request Berry Punch!
  12. Alright here are two magnets I am selling. Pinkie Pie and Walter. Please pm if you want to buy it :3
  13. Some other ponies :3
  14. Grrrrr Pinkie Pie! She is just to mean for her own good! I really love the busts I have been doing, they can be more detailed then the normal ponies :3 If anyone wants I can do a magnet and sell it. It will be laminated. PM me. Changeling and Pabu!
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