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  1. Pony Name: Tibbles Pony Type: Pony Personality Description: http://www.canterlot...tibs-top-final/ Cutie Mark Description: It can be seen in the picture below. I simply do not have a proper picture of the cutie mark itself. In the foreground is a set of calipers, behind which is a round lab beaker on a stand.
  2. Tibbles leaves the other ponies to deal with the fire as he gallops into his house, skidding to a stop amongst a room full of equipment and piles of books. He was free to put something together to deal with the source of the fire now that the secodary fires under control and there was no longer a risk of the conflagration jumping to the nearby forest. Water was all well and good for conventional fires, but only he was aware of the source. The blue earth pony trots over to a shelf serving as home to a plethora of beakers and canisters, skimming over their labels, plucking one or two out of the collection and setting them on a nearby writing desk with two empty beakers, one about twice the size of the other. Once he had everything set out, he begins to work, rather haphazardly measuring a number of dry components into the larger beaker. Once that was out of the way, he takes the smaller beaker, filling it with a aqueous solution of some sort before setting it in the larger beaker, stopping the latter with a large cork. His makeshift extinguisher ready, he plucks it off the desk, being careful not to allow any of the liquid in the smaller beaker to spill into the powder. That was the last thing he needed. Emerging from his house once more to find things still under control thanks to the efforts of the other ponies, he makes a bee line for the door of the burning shed. He tries to get as much momentum behind himself as he can before bowing his head low, swinging it back up as he flings the beaker inside. Finally he changes his path to avoid charging head first into the flames as the beaker flies through the frame.
  3. Tibbles struggles to unravel the hose for a moment before finally managing to get it ready to use, grateful for the garden nozzle he had forgotten to put away as he turns on the water. Unfortunately, even though the nozzle allowed him the range to hit the fire without getting too dangerously close, it was still just a garden hose, far loo little to put an appreciable dent in the fire before him. The situation seemed hopeless. Tibbles could only hope the fire didn't spread to the surrounding forest before it ran out of fuel as the hose was doing almost nothing. It was only when he had practically given up that he realized that he wasn't alone, a green earth pony galloping from the woods toward him. Returning his attention to the fire as the green pony approaches, he spots a rainbow wake trail shooting into the clouds out of the corner of his eye. Moments later, the source of the trail reappears, managing an impressive turn of speed as she pushes it over the flames before unleashing a torrent of rainwater upon them. The blue earth pony quickly returns his attentions to trying to fight the fire, with the additional unexpected help, he might actually be able to put it out. He doesn't get to continue working on it much longer, though, as a second pegasus plummets from the sky, managing to slow his descent at the last moment to land on the ground. Tibbles wonders for a moment whether the two pegasi were of the same party as it speaks, replying urgently “Can you take this for a moment?” attempting to hand the grey pegasus the hose so that he can retrieve something from his house. It was only then that he realizes the green earth pony had been standing there for a bit, Tibbles struggling for a moment to come up with something for him to do before settling on "Can you help him with the hose? I need to grab something." The fire was already beginning to seem less fierce under the combined efforts of the ponies, but it would take something more to put it out entirely.
  4. Alright! Started the thread I mentioned before. Here's the link:
  5. It was a less than prepossessing pair of structures that stood in this particular clearing in the Everfree Forest. The larger of the two was a stone cottage containing a surprisingly large collection of books and lab equipment currently out of use. The smaller was rather less sturdy than the cottage, a workshop of some sort judging from appearance. The reasoning behind it's light construction and the storage of most of the equipment in the main structure rather than within was soon to become apparent. It was within the latter that Tibbles could be found at the moment, stooped over a desk before a small window as he takes some notes with a pencil grasped in his mouth. His preliminary notes completed, he nudges a pair of brass rimmed goggles over his eyes and gets to work. An hour later the earth pony dashes from the door of the workshop and dives behind a nearby log. Scant moments later something in the workshop touches off, causing a gout of flame to erupt from the door and windows. Tibbles seems to panic for a moment but recovers quickly, galloping over to the cottage to grab a water hose just as the lab's roof catches and attempting desperately to put it out.
  6. "Hunh? Oh hey, thanks, pal! Heh, it's been a day, lemme tell ya." The dragon replies as it takes Tibbles' place in line, "So, hey, don't think I've seen you around Ponyville before. The name's Spike, work in the library, work with Twilight Sparkle. Nice t'meetchya!" straightening up as it offers a claw to shake. Tibbles steps into line behind the dragon once the latter takes his place, the name of the dragon's employer failing to mean anything to the pony, new to the area as he was. He allows himself a slight smile as the dragon offers it's claw "Not a problem. I'd guessed as much." raising his hoof to give it a quick shake as he considers whether or not he should bother giving his actual name, quickly settling on giving his nickname "I'm Tibbles... a pleasure meeting you as well." Tibbles adds a moment later "I suppose I would call myself a scholar of the sciences" he said that last bit in a slightly reverential tone "Just moved into a place in the forest." Introductions out of the way, the earth pony continues "So you work in the Library. Are you a scribe, then? Or an archivist?"
  7. Alright. Removed the manse. Made him an earth pony.
  8. There. Reverted it to something closer to the first draft.
  9. Tibbles cants his head slightly as he hears something muttered behind him, turning around to be taken aback as he realizes the source is a young dragon. Despite standing on it's hind legs, the lizard was still a head shorter than the earth pony, seeming even shorter due to it's slouched gait, telling of an exhausting day. He wasn't quite an expert on dragon physiology, but the pegasus knew enough to tell that something was amiss. Eventually he manages to get over the shock of finding a dragon enough to give a concerned frown, leaning forward as he addresses the creature “Are you feeling alright?”, looking about quickly before the dragon can answer before stepping out of line “Go ahead. You look like you need something to drink more than I.”
  10. Aye. As Tales said, it is usually the artist that comes up with a price, and even if it weren't, I stated in the OP that if it was going to be a proper commission, I would need to be PM'd a price.
  11. I'm checking about for someone able to draw the OC here: http://www.canterlot.com/index.php?showtopic=6584 so that I don't need to use the pony creator pic. Honestly, I would be grateful for anything. However, I would especially appreciate it if he could be drawn at a desk intent upon a book as he reads it by the light of a single lantern filled with fireflies, with some really heavy light/dark contrast reminiscient of a chiaroscuro painting. (Example, for those unfamiliar with chiaroscuro http://upload.wikime..._The_Orrery.jpg ) If it is to be a proper paid commission, I'll need a pm with the price, and it may take a week or two for me to get back to you, as I don't have the cash to spare just this moment. Anyway! Thank you for your time!
  12. Equestria Chronicles. I figure a less grimdark pony site might do me some good.
  13. Thank you! I will remember to pester you when/if I have any questions that need to be answered. I already stated how I ended up here, though. The last site I was on went belly up, so I typed 'My Little Pony Roleplay' into google and this was the first thing to pop up!
  14. Hopefully I don't make too much of a mess of this introduction, so here it goes. I come from that terrible and mighty nation of Canada. Found the site after another pony site exploded due to... issues. My favourite member of the FiM cast is Rainbow Dash. I became a fan of FiM rather recently, only getting into it after reading a few crossover fics, namely, A Foul Light Shines and Better Living through Science and Ponies. Well. I'm afraid I haven't much more to add. I would be more than happy to answer any questions, though. Much better at telling people about myself when directly prompted.
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