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  1. The only thing that isn't Mature is my story, Flare of Hope, and it's rated Teen. The other two were only bumped up to Mature because of one or two scenes that had to be there for progression.
  2. I had to restart cuz my stuff was stolen, but had my friend send me an Absol right after getting my first pokeballs. My team is an Absol who has been my friend since childhood, Froakie, cuz dat ninjaness, Sylveon, who is the most adorable dragon slayer, Charizard no mega, Fafnir the Flygon, and Omni the Pupitar
  3. Well, Pokemon X and Y are coming out today. Shut-in status: Confirmed.

  4. Treble had finally finished putting the finishing touches on the decorations for the party, as she heard a knock on the door. Her mane was a mess from the rushing and worry that the decorations wouldn't be done in time. She dashed to the door, and stopped halfway, looking into the mirror at her mane, and turned to go fix her mane quickly, then stopped, nearly pacing between the door, and her bedroom debating on whether or not to fix her mane, then just decided to say 'Screw it' and move to the door. She looked through the peephole, and sighed in relief, as she saw Cherry standing outside, then opened the door. "Good morning, Cherry. Are you the only one?" Somehow, some way, Midsy had convinced Bass to visit his old favorite sandwich shop. Bass sat at the table, as Midsy frantically looked over the menu. "Midsy, what are you doing? You always get the same thing here." Midsy continued looking at the menu, trying to figure out which item would take the longest to prepare. "I just wanted to try something new!" "Midsy... you never try anything new..."
  5. Well, let's try this. Deep Bass- What is Light? Where is Laughter? (Skrillex Remix) Mid Wobble- Ardjet (DJ Uraken Remix) Soft Treble- Treasure by Flyleaf
  6. It had been a while since Bass had been back to Fillydelphia, but he was glad to be back. As he soared over the skyline, he looked around at all the familiar locations. He spotted the restaurant where he had shared his first date with Lilia, the record shop that he had worked at for the longest time, and the countless clubs and bars where he had performed, either with his old band, or solo. It was a nice trip down memory lane, but the memories were just that. Memories. He slowed to a glide, and landed, not long after being waved down by a familiar figure, who immediately took wrapped him in an ecstatic hug. "Bass, you're back! Treble said you'd be coming home, today! I'm just so happy to see you again! Happy birthday, by the way!" Bass laughed, as Midsy wrapped him in a tight hug. "I missed you, too, Midsy. And thanks." After a second, the mare released Bass from the hug. "So, what are you gonna do now? I bet there're so many things you wanna do, now that you're home, huh?" Bass shook his head. "Not really anything just yet. It was a decent flight from Stalliongrad. I kind of want to just take a nap." Midsy's eyes went wide. "Oh! Well, you can't do that! Treble's trying to get the apartment nice and clean for you. You don't want to imterrupt her, do you?" Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Treble was frantically hanging decorations around the apartment. "Oh, why didn't I do this sooner? And when are those guests going to arrive?" Treble had gone through the trouble of planning a surprise party for Bass, and inviting just about everyone, but no one had arrived yet.
  7. Welcome, new friend! I would add in my welcome wagon gif but it's on my old phone. So here's this instead
  8. That's right, Fillies! It's Bass and the crew back in full swing to break things and frighten small childre- what do you mean wedon't do that? Oh, well anyways, let the rock roll on!
  9. Sweet. And what about the coat and mane colours?
  10. Ideas I like: Cloudsdale Theatre, Sky Bar. Character: Deep Bass, since he's my only pegasus. Public or private: Public. Shipping: What happens happens. Though it might not be with Nocturna, I don't mind shipping at all.
  11. So, a while back, I made a post asking about creating a guard char, and now, I kind of want to know how if it's possible to app a Lunar Guard. And if it is, what category would it be under? I've done a bit of reading lately, and most of these stories have different origins for the Lunar Guard ponies.
  12. All my random Pony pictures, including my music title drawings, Fanfic pictures, and just random pony draws.
  13. From the album: My Random Pony pictures.

    A picture of one of the characters from Flare of Hope. She is one of Prince Flare's personal guards, and favors ornate armor, and bows.
  14. From the album: My Random Pony pictures.

  15. See, I've already got one with a lot of meaning to me, and I'm getting another soon. The one I have now is both a tribute to my beliefs and a tribute to my gamerness. It's a runic auroboros with the WoW Death Knight rune symbols inside it. My next one's gonna be a lot more meaningful. It's just a bass clef, but that clef has a thousand meanings to me. Especially if you look through my char log, or read my stories (which let's face it... you haven't.)
  16. I completely agree. I was recently put in a position if leadership with no prior experience with leading, but I had been watching my previous supervisors, and learned two things, just like I believe RD did. 1: How to be an effective leader. 2: How not to treat those that you're appointed over. And apparently, word in the division is that I'm a good leader. Who knew? And to everyone who is complaining about Spitfire becoming a jerk, I have two words for you. Military Training. Seriously. Look at the uniform.
  17. Dun dun dun dun dun HIIIIGHWAAAAY TOOOOO THA DANGA ZONE! DAHDUN DUNDUNDUNDUN Now that that obligatory reference is out of the way, I loved the episode. And did Pinkie's overbearingness remind anyone else of The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash? No? K. Definitely want to app Thunder Dust.
  18. You fall asleep cuddled up next to a plushy
  19. Not too good on places that aren't already canon but I can do people and items like crazy.
  20. Thank you, thank you. Love goes all around.
  21. I'm gonna test her out in freeforall before I app her.
  22. Yep. I'm trying to work out how a pony would use a bow, and I'm drawing a blank. However, if ponies can hold spears, drumsticks, cellos, guitars, violins, etc., i'm sure they can do a bow and arrow.
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