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  1. I'm alive, I've returned, and I want some Pop Rocks

  2. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]You're very welcome; thank you for having us, it was truly excellent. I should like to know the cupcake recipe someday, it was superb![/colour][colour=#282828]"[/colour] "[colour=#006400]I probably would give out the recipe out my mother's recipe, but I do not know the whole recipe's contents myself. You'd have to bring that up to Sweet Blintze some time she gets a chance to relax Earth Writer.[/colour]" [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had said in response to the stallion while the bill was in Sugar's hooves. He was slightly startled when he had just noticed Sugar Apple hovering and brought her forelegs around his neck. Bring his own hoof to wrap around her neck as he quickly gave a responding hug right back. "[colour=#008000]I'm happy to know that you both enjoyed your meals. You both have a great night and Happy Hearts and Hooves Day you two![/colour]" Greenshot began waving his hoof back as both Earth Writer and Sugar Apple trotted out the shop. Grabbing a towel from his saddlepack he began cleaning the table as the day was still not yet done and couples would still be coming to enjoy meals prepared by Sweet Blintze and served by Greenshot Apple. (Cues My leave..was a long time, but I had fun doing this roleplay with you two. Ciao for now!)
  3. As if he knew it was his cue, [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] came up to table just to take away the empty plates and glasses Sugar and Earth were finished with. Stacking them neatly on his back as he went to the back kitchen just as quickly as he came to take them. Leaving them momentarily alone with each other while he placed the dishes into the soapy sink with suds nearly spilling out. Greenshot came back with a pencil levitating as he got their check ready then trotted happily over to the two of them. "[colour=#008000]Well, I appreciate you both having spent your time on Hearts and Hooves Day here at our shop.[/colour]" Greenshot would place the check on the table that read their price, but he had put Free of charge since their meal was free cause Sugar was family and that day was special. Then, he would place two coupons that everyone received that day for a free pastry the next time they came to eat at Sweet Blintze's Pastry shop. "[colour=#008000]Their you both go. I hope you's have a splendid day and don't forget to stop by again when your in town Sugar Apple. Really nice seeing you again. Same goes for you Earth Writer.[/colour]"
  4. “Ah’m perfectly alright hun, ah wasn’t really in grave danger at all. Trust me; ah’ll be fiiiine.” "[colour=#008000]Of course your perfectly fine cousin, your an Apple after all.[/colour]" [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] said proudly at Sugar Apple before hearing Earth Writer say something as well. Turning his head to look over at the stallion as he was speaking. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Don't get too stressed out over us. We didn't come here to make your day difficult.[/colour][colour=#282828]"[/colour] Giving a soft nod, but shook his head lightly making his mane sway with his head shaking. "[colour=#008000]Oh trust me, my day is not at all difficult. Someone early in the morning choked of a strudel cause they were in such a hurry to eat it. The mare got angry and rushed out of the shop making a scene like it was our fault or something...Anyway, if ya'll would like anything else at all then please grab my attention. If not, just give me a hoof wave and I'll bring your check over so you both can continue your day together.[/colour]" Greenshot gave a warm, hearty smile at the both of them as he'd leave them to their chatter while he heads back to the counter to organize stuff behind the counter for the reservations that would come later when it's sun falls and moon rises. (by the way, I won't be doing a post until I'm called for ^^)
  5. (God, I keep forgetting to come back here. My apologies!) [colour=#800080]“Now just wait a minute cousin, [/colour][colour=#800080]Mah life wasn’t in danger...ah just had a minor swallowin’ problem... thet’s all."[/colour] [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple [/colour]gave a soft chuckle at his cousin's response to what he had said. Looking over at her then at Earth Writer who probably got his refernce. Greenshot meant to say that for saying her life, Earth deserved a reward. Wondering if he'd say something, but shrugged it off a bit as it seemed neither of them did catch it. Smiling anyway, he watched Earth Writer remove the chunk of food from his drink as Greenshot assumed he would probably need another drink and was already ready to leave to go and ask his mother for another Cider Smoothie. [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Er... I don't suppose I could ask for a second one?[/colour][colour=#282828]" [/colour] "[colour=#008000]Of course I could get you another one. It's no problem at all![/colour]" Greenshot gave a smile as well as a nod at him as he lit up his horn and brought the glass of cider to levitate off their table and just in front of him as he would trot away momentarily to drop the glass of smoothie cider by the washing area. Then, got a replacement of the drink from his mother and came back with Earth's replacement. Setting the drink down in front of Earth Writer and place a straw inside the drink as he looked at the two of them. "[colour=#008000]I really do hope your both having a good time. Are you feeling alright there cousin?[/colour]" Greenshot would say while looking over at Sugar Apple.
  6. Giving a nodding gesture over at Sugar Apple as he would indeed tell her aunt what she had said. The smiling [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple [/colour]watched as the two enjoyed what his mother had made for the couple and trotted off with head held high and a tray of empty glasses and plates with crumbs or streaks of sugar coating it. Many of the ponies who reserved seats were nearly all gone. Greenshot made a quick trip to the back to drop off the dirty dishes then walked over towards his mother and said in a happy and proud manner "[colour=#008000]Sugar Apple said that your food is great as always mum. Today sure is a great day for business though and I wanted to wish you a happy hearts and hooves day, hope you and dad have plans tonight and not just plans too work all day[/colour]." Greenshot's ears suddenly flicked upright when he heard the coughing of a mare. Quickly leaving the kitchen to look out at the ponies remaining in the shop to see Earth Writer assisting to Sugar Apple and see that she had been choking. Watching her cough up something and trotted his way over towards the two to make sure everything was alright. Some of the remaining couples giving Earth and Sugar weird looks while others just ignored the scene all together. "[colour=#008000]Are you alright their cousin Sugar? Need at water or anything at all? Awesome job and good reaction Earth Writer at saving the life of your future mare![/colour]"
  7. Back in the kitchen, [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] was assisting his mother with mixing ingredient's and bringing out bags of flour and sugared goodies to decorate the parties with. Coming back out to check on everypony out in the shop still enjoying themselves and their company. Looking over at his cousin and Earth Writer who had been talking with a soft smile on his lips as he would turn around and ready to bring them their order. Placing a tray on his back as his mother would levitate their Apple Cider smoothies onto the tray along with a hearts & hooves day cupcake as well as two apple strudel's. Looking back at his mother while his horn began to glow to lift over two straws as well as napkins and made his way out to the room and came up alongside Earth and Sugar's table. "[colour=#008000]Alrighty you two, your cider smoothies and pastries have arrived! I hope you two enjoy and wave a hoof if anything else is needed okay?[/colour]" Greenshot would place the napkins on the table in front of the two of them. Then, he'd levitate the apple cider smoothies to rest upon the napkins with two straws following suit to good into their drinks. Afterwards, Greenshot placed two plated apple strudel's in front of the mare and stallion along with two heart shaped chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling and frosting with a small candy cherry on top of each of them. "[colour=#008000]Please Enjoy you two[/colour]" Greenshot smiled at them while flicking his tail which had a towel on it that was cleaning the table which he had began looking at. The ponies had just left the table and place a tip of 4 bits which Greenshot placed inside his nit bag which was around his neck, but behind his neck underneath his flowing yellow-green streaked mane.
  8. "[colour=#008000]Awesome then. I will let Sweet Blintze know what you both want and It will be out here in a few, short minutes along with your Cider smoothies Earth and cousin Sugar. You both will just love the dessert and especially the smoothie. My lips are just dying to drink some now. I've not had anytime to break and still busy taking care of ya'll and the rest of the customers. I shall return![/colour]" With that, Greenshot Apple let the two have their conversation as he went of through the table to place the menu's inside a box full of them and brought the order to his mum of their requests. Sighing in relief to take a short breather against the wall just behind the register as his glowing horn levitated a cherry cupcake towards his mouth.
  9. [colour=#800080]“We’ll be havin’ cider smoothies t’drink, and ah think th’ strudel sounds like a good choice, don’t it Earthy?”[/colour] [colour=#282828]"[/colour][colour=#8B4513]Oh yes, the apple strudel sounds excellent. House specialty, isn't it?"[/colour] [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] nodded at both with his ears raised to hear what they had wanted while trying his best to block out the giggles and the chatter of the surrounding pony couples. He had heard what they requested and replied back in a smooth and calm tone of voice "[colour=#008000]Alrighty, two cider smoothies as well as well as two apple strudel's. Yes it is our house special for Sweet Blintze loves making her own version of the strudel. Is the order that I have repeated back to you both correct and if so, will there be anything else you may want? We got brownies, cakes, pies, blintzes and more.[/colour]" Greenshot had been looking over at Earth Writer during his talk, but then looked over at his cousin with a smile as he gave his tail a sway. His horn illuminating lightly as he would levitate both of their menus over to lay flat against the designed saddle that Greenshot had been wearing on his back. ((My apologies for taking so long to respond to this)) ((I'm not sure about those mixes as I am not a pop drinker. I only drink water and Aloe drinks))
  10. Walking away, [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple [/colour]began slowly trotting down the aisles of all the pony couples that were enjoying their drinks. Taking the plates with small pieces of crumb and frosting that stuck to the plate away from tables. Stacking them up on top of each other and made his way to the back to place the dirty dishes by the sink. Greenshot trotted over towards his mother, Sweet Blintze, who was working on customers smoothie mixtures while mixing cupcake batter in a bowl and even getting the finished cupcakes set on a plate and ready to serve. His mother was quite skilled at multi-tasking which is why their is no other cook, but her. He was talking to his mum for about a minute to just let her know that cousin Sugar Apple had come in with her date finally and that everypony seemed to be quite happy with the services he was giving and how delicious her cupcakes and pastries were. Trotting back out in a happy manner, Greenshot went back down aisles to take the ponies who had completely empty drinking glasses away and came by Sugar and Earth to tell them something really quick. "[colour=#008000]I'll be right back to take ya'll order cousin and future cousin-in-law.[/colour]" With a small grin on his face, Greenshot continued his trot back into the kitchen to place the empty glasses by the sink where the plates had all already been cleaned by the dish washing pony and went back out. Heading towards Sugar and Earth once again with a floating pad and pencil just below his chin. "[colour=#008000]Alrighty, so what will it be for you two. Have you decided on a drink yet and is their any kind of pastry the two of you would like to go alongside the special cupcake?[/colour]"
  11. Looking over at Sugar as she was beginning to make her order seeming to have wanted to order apple cider, but asked for a milkshake. He would then turn his head to look at Earth to see what he would want to have. A smile on Greenshot Apple's face that quickly turned into a confused look when Earth Writer said "[colour=#8B4513]Would it be possible... for you to make the milkshakes with[/colour][colour=#8B4513]the apple cider?[/colour]" Shaking his head softly, Greenshot spoke towards Earth knowing that..that was not possible "[colour=#008000]It could be possible, but I don't think apple cider and milk would really mesh well together. Especially since apple cider is already amazing as is though you could ask for a apple cider smoothie? That as well as any other smoothie also comes with the delicious cupcake we have for anypony today.[/colour]" He looking over at Sugar wondering if she would want an apple cider smoothie now or stayed with a milkshake and what kind of milkshake or smoothie the two would want. Looking away momentarily to notice that their had been tables waiting for plates to be taken away and more orders to make. Greenshot looked back at Earth and Sugar and smiled "[colour=#008000]Alright, I'll be back in a few moments That way you both can have your mind made on what kind of drink you both will like to have while I get to the other tables. Be right back lovebirds![/colour]" Greenshot turned and went over to assist the other tables.
  12. Behind the counter, [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had been placing bits inside a leather bag for the register was beginning to get too full of the shiny money. Placing it inside a tiny vault that only a unicorn could open and close, before coming back up to observe the customers once again. A sudden dingling of a bell that hung from the shop's door emitted in the crowded room of pony couples that single someone leaving or entering. His ears twitched a bit as he looked over and noticed his cousin, Sugar Apple followed with Earth Writer behind her. Greenshot eagerly trotted over towards to two of them with a hoof lifting up and over Sugar;s shoulder to give her a hug. "[colour=#008000]Hello Cousin! So nice of ya'll two too finally come by the shop.[/colour]" He then turned to Earth Writer and raised the same hoof, which was that one that had recovered it's injury back in the leaves race, to hoof shake with him. "[colour=#008000]It's really no problem at all you two. I still have your seat open just over here by the window. Go and take your spots there while I get ya'll some menus.[/colour]" The table were as elegant as the shop itself and where they were sitting was decorated with a solo red rose that was inside a crystal vase that sparkled whenever it was touched by a hoof just in the center of the table, meant for it to be touched and motioned out of the way so the two could look at each other while the crystal vase would shine brightly when they did touch it.. On the floor were two heart shaped pillows that would perfectly fit any flank that sat on them. Greenshot's horn was illuminated as he hovered two menu's over the customers to rest flat on the table for both Sugar and Earth. "[colour=#006400]Is their anything you both feeling like drinking at the moment? We have some delicious punch, apple cider, warm tea, variety of smoothies as well as milkshakes which will come with a complimentary Hearts and Hooves Day cupcake![/colour]" He then levitated a pen and a pad in front of him that came out a pocket from the outfit he was wearing to take down his cousin's and Earth's order.
  13. Inside the shop of Sweet Blintze's, Sweet Blintze herself and [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] were hard to work catering to the many ponies that had come to have a meal and chat with their dates on this wonderful Hearts and Hooves Day. Working their hardest to satisfy all the high class ponies that came in today. Every table in the shop was reserved so a sign on the window said "Reserved Seats Only." In the back, Greenshot had been bringing baking and cooking supplies into the kitchen for his mother so she could get to work with the pastry cooking. Leaving from the back kitchen and into the room where all the ponies sat with their glasses of tea, juice or even coffee, Greenshot began walking from table to table to see if their were any empty plates to take to the back room. His horn glistening as he began taking plate upon plate of empty pastry dishes from the tables and stacking them overhead until he went to the table near the window. This was the table he had reserved for his cousin and her date and wondered where they were at or why they had taken so long to get there. Heading to the back kitchen, Greenshot set the dirty dishes into a sink and let their dish cleaning pony clean them up. All rookies had to do this after all if they wanted a job a Sweet Blintze's "[colour=#008000]I wonder what is taking them so long to get here. I want to see how they are doing since I last saw them and to see the article Earth Writer wrote up[/colour]" said Greenshot to himself. Walking back out, he had trays of more pastries that he began placing on customers tables as they became ready to be served. A bright smile on his face seeing all the happy smiles on the mares and stallions inside the shop enjoying their meals by sharing food among their partners. He was a single stallion who hadn't found his special somepony yet, but that day will come in no time someday. He'd walk over to where the register was and watch everypony, waiting to either take plates away, wait to give the couples a special gift for coming in that day or to take anypony's order. Greenshot was a little tired so this was his breaktime.
  14. I've encouraged my niece and nephews to watch the show as well as cousins. ^^
  15. Just watched the episode, my thoughts... Guess this means everypony going to bow to twilight sparkle in every episode when S4 comes..if it does I mean. Only liked two songs of the 7? Celestia's Ballad & I've Got to Find a Way Guess Twilight is quick at learning how to use wings lol Spit take FTW Mention of Cutie Pox. Without Pinkie, Ponyville would end. Not a fan of Miss America 8/10 Apples --- Rating by Greenshot
  16. ^ I just ordered a heart shaped pizza for myself xP Happy Late Cupid Pony Shoots you in the Flank Day
  17. Ughhh I was waiting for this day to come. Hoped it wouldn't, but here it is. Seeing Fighting is shutdown. I'm heartbroken Soooo close....blasphemy! *Flips tables for charity*
  18. I agreed with what ya'll above said. Simply liked the fact they put episode 11 and 12 together to show what spike did and what the mane 6 did. Awesome. Good Job Rarity..now your a hair stylist for the Crystal Empire 4.2/5 Apples
  19. [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] gave a light smile from the expressions on both Sugar Apple and Earth Writer. Seeing the blushing of Sugar's cheeks and the sudden change in demeanor from Writer. Greenshot was going to stay out of this one being that he just wanted to see where the two were and after a bit realized his assumption was indeed right. The green stallion let the two talk for a bit until they were decided on going to visit him in Canterlot to bring him Writer's article and to have some delicious treats as a date. The horn on his head began to glow as he turned his head to look back at his saddlebag. His yellowish mane with green stripes swaying to the side as a tied up bag floated out from one of the pocket holes. Inside the bag was bits that he levitated over towards Sugar and rested the bag against her hoof. "Well, I think it is time for me to head over towards Sweet Apple Acres cousin. I wanted to give you this bag of bits for beating me in our little race to the finish. It is 50 bits and don't use it all in once place. I will not take no for an answer Cousin." Greenshot looked at her in a serious manner before getting down off of her recovery bed and looking over at Writer with a soft smile. "[colour=#008000]Best of luck with your stories and can't wait to see the both of ya'll again in Canterlot. Rest up well Sugar and try to get that new Daring Do book that came out today. I hear it is the best one yet![/colour]" WIth that, Greenshot with a tail flick and a soft steps headed over towards the door. His horn glowing as he motioned his head to the left to open up the door wide enough for the green stallion to walk out of. Stopping midway out the door to look back at them and wave his left hoof. "[colour=#008000]Bye Ya'll.[/colour]" Leaving the room as the door closed right behind him and went on his way. ((Greenshot Apple Out, thanks again for letting me participate))
  20. Nodding at Writer's response to his reply to the story Writer had told, [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had finished eating his entire apple and had been wiping it off with a cloth that had been in one of the pockets in the saddlebag he was wearing. His tail flicking behind him as he levitated the cloth back into the bag and would turn his attention towards Sugar Apple when she mentioned about the mafia Writer had talked about. While Writer responded to Sugar, Greenshot looked down at his braced hoof and moved it as best as he could, he had been thinking about something as he looked back up at Sugar then back over at Writer. "That is most certainly a bad idea Earth Writer!" Greenshot said in a serious tone of voice before hearing Writer wonder what he did for a living. A smile formed on his face quickly from the serious look. "[colour=#006400]Well, I..![/colour]" he said in a Canterlot voice before going back to talking lighter "[colour=#008000]am indeed a Archer. I have won several titles when I was just a colt. It is not a living though. I consider it my most favorite hobby and talent as anything that has to do with marksmanship interests me. As of late, I have been trying to get better in using a sling though I'll stick to levitating bows any day. Since I was a colt, I have worked with my mother and father back in Canterlot. My father's weaponry shop and my mother's pastry shop. So, If you could do me the favour, when you get that article done I mean, could you possibly bring it to me? SInce, we are both from their, come and stop by Sweet Blintze's for that is where I will be often once I get back to Canterlot.[/colour]" Greenshot looked at Sugar and nodded "[colour=#008000]You as well Sugar, you both can come as a date and my mum and I will hook you both up with the tastiest of pastries the shop has to offer! Eyup,[/colour]"
  21. [colour=#006400]Greenshot Apple[/colour] gave a wide grin from what Sugar Apple had said. "[colour=#008000]Indeed we did. The Apples ran a great race even though it was surely not a clean one. Yes, I will be quite alright after a few nights of rest. I know your going to do well as well in due time since you did in fact beat me.[/colour]" He said to Sugar. Levitating the apple that Earth Writer had given him to rest in front of Greenshot on the hospital bed that Sugar was recovering on. Looking over at Writer right after Sugar had asked him about how it was that he became a journalist. It would be interesting to know as well being that Writer beat him as well. Greenshot listened to what Writer was saying. Intrigued to hear that he had went to Canterlot University and that geography was his interest. The idea of learning Equestria's geography was indeed something cool to learn though Greenshot was not one that explored or traveled around often. His apple lifted toward his mouth in which he took a bite continuing to listen to Writer. Looking at him with focused eyes as he gave his mane a quick flick feeling the end of it being uncomfortable after it got stuck under the saddlebag on his back. When Writer finished speaking, Greenshot had an half eaten apple and gave a long nod to what Writer had explained to them with a smile on his face. "[colour=#008000]That is quite impressive Writer.[/colour]"
  22. "[colour=#008000]I am quite happy to see both of you are doing alright it seems. My right hoof is healing well. I just got to stay in Ponyville a view more days.[/colour]" [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had said in a warm tone of voice. Looking over at Earth Writer with a grin on his face from Writer's voice trying to sound like a Canterlot one. He seemed to be in a jolly kind of mood Writer was assumed Greenshot while his horn began to glow and lifted the delicious looking granny smith apple from his hoof. Walking over towards the other side of the hospital bed, Greenshot placed his braced hoof ontop of the hospital bed to show them how it was. Looking over at Sugar's condition and was still glad to see she had been quite lively as well. "[colour=#008000]I am going to see if Granny Smith and Applejack would allow me to stay at Sweet Apple Acres a few more days so I can heal up enough to go back to...[/colour]" Greenshot then looked at Earth Writer and said in his Canterlot tone of voice "[colour=#008000]Canterlot as fit as I was when I came to race!!![/colour]" A smirk on his face and a tail sway happy to show off his voice as he looked at both Earth Writer and Sugar Apple. "[colour=#008000]How are you doing Sugar Apple, Looking much better then when I last saw you at the finish line. I just wanted to apologize for pushing you and even myself to hard. Making us both need to be hospitalized, but also wanted to say congrats on your place in the standings. It was all thanks to me after all..[/colour]" Greenshot said softly, but with a smile on his face knowing that she did beat him then looked at Earth Writer "[colour=#008000]Have you done the Running of the Leaves article's yet cause I would love a copy to read?[/colour]"
  23. In another part of the Ponyville Hospital, [colour=#008000]Greenshot Apple[/colour] had been talking to a doctor who was taking care of Greenshot for the past few days since the finish of the Running of the Leaves. His right hoof was in worse condition then what he had thought during the race. It had to be braced tightly for a few days and had no way of eating except by the nurses that forced him to eat the hospital. What he wouldn't give for taste his mum's pastries again. Once he got home to Canterlot, he was going to chow down but today the doctor came in to tell Greenshot that he was free to go though he had to stay in Ponyville for a few more days to check on his condition later to make sure he was free to go back home and finish healing up. Greenshot had a smile on his face as he placed his light saddlebag on his back and slowly made his way out of the room. Putting more weight on his other legs and keeping his right hoof light on it's step. He knew that Sugar Apple was still in the hospital since he had been asking the nurse about her every time it came to getting his meals. Stopping over to the floor's checkout office, he asked a nurse who was looking at paperwork what floor his cousin Sugar Apple was on and what room she was currently recovering in. He then wen towards the elevator and went up being that she was a floor above. Arriving onto the floor, Greenshot Apple stepped from the elevator and headed towards the direction he believed was where. Sugar's room had been. Pausing by a water fountain, Greenshot's horn brightened a bit as he turned the fountain on and took a refreshing drink. Turning it off, Greenshot made it towards the room he was told Sugar was in. The door was slightly ajar and with his braced right hoof, knocked softly on the door and watched it open slowly. His yellow and green streaked mane visible from the door as he began to walk in and quickly noticed Earth Writer had been with Sugar Apple. "[colour=#008000]Howdy Do to you two! Hope I am not intruding?[/colour]"
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