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  1. She took FOREVER but she was worth it. Also, there's plenty of more accurate hand-made plushies out there, you just gotta look.
  2. I just made THIS!!!!!! What does everypony think? :3
  3. Paint's the best I can do since I don't have Flash Professional. Hopefully I'll get better at using it though.
  4. Where's the rest of the Mane 6? And I KNOW Nightmare Moon was AT LEAST as tall as Celestia.... And would it really kill them to make a Luna like in the Nightmare Night episode?
  5. A mate I created for Fluttershy :3 Made using MS Paint
  6. Flarabelle1428

    My Ponies

    OC's and merch I've made
  7. I looked for MLP: FiM forums on my own :3
  8. I've only recently become a pony fan. I've seen all the episodes now though, and I really love the way it's written, especially the friendship lessons. I love making things, especially my own Pony merch, mostly hats. Made 2 plushies so far too, and just now a pair of slippers :3 I hope I get to meet lots of new Bronies and Pegasisters here in the forum!
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