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  2. Im no where near done with my main cosplay, yet my brain is like "hey lets work on another one too for the con" BRAIN STAHP

  3. Keep your kissing to a BARE MINIMUM when you're out at a restaurant!  NOBODY wants to see a full-blown makeout session that's about 3 seconds away from baby making! :scream:

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    2. SymphonicFire


      @DreamySunday You took the words right out of my mouth.

    3. Rosewind


      I totally do this with my husband in public. I bite his ears too and grab things.

    4. SymphonicFire
  4. *sketching rainbow dash before work*

  5. What is this concept of "days off" of which you speak?  I have "days in which I pray that no one calls me to take their shift and days where I conveniently lose my phone so that I dont have to take any calls from people begging me to take their shifts."

    1. tacobob


      I'm always in the middle when it comes to that. I do like the time away..But I also like the money. :o

  6. The things that go on inside a restaurant hostess's mind, I.e. a typical shift. "Why didnt you call ahead." "No, I CANT seat you there!" "When are you leaving I need this table." "Are you seriously telling me you need a table meant for 6 people when there is only 2 of you?!" "Stop seating yourself you are confusing everybody!" "Why didnt you call ahead???" "Its not my fault your table went to somebody else. I texted you twice saying your table was ready. You chose to take your sweet time getting back!" "You've been here for 2 hours its time to leave" "Unless you wanna be served by a ghost you're not being sat in the closed section." "PLEASE go to the bar! PLEEEEEEEEASE" "CALL AHEAD OR ELSE I WILL BEAT YOU AND ALL 20 OF YOU" "I JUST CLEANED A TABLE SO IT WOULD BE READY FOR YOU WHAT YOU MEAN YOU WANNA SIT ELSEWHERE" "No if I seat you there Im double seating and the server will have my head on a pike for doubleseating in her section" "YOU'VE BEEN AT THIS TABLE FOR 4 HOURS WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING" "You are not the only party of 12 who decided not to call ahead on a Saturday night. Now either wait 4 hours for a table or leave." "EXCUSE YOU WHO SAID YOU COULD SIT THERE DID I TELL YOU YOU COULD SIT THERE?!" "Im so hungry... I wonder if there's any dead food in the back to pick at..." "Asking me about your 1 HOUR WAIT TIME will not make your 1 HOUR WAIT TIME go any faster now vanish from my host stand." "Im sorry you're upset that you and your party of 10 have to wait 2 hours for a table. There are 3 large parties ahead of you and two of them didnt call ahead just like you didnt call ahead, and there's no server who isnt already swamped that can serve you without being a miserable wreck all night. You are free to leave us your number so we can call you at a later time when a table actually is ready. And if you arrive within 10 minutes, we can seat you instead of giving your table to someone else. Until then, GET OUT MY FACE." "If you wanna camp do it in the woods not in the restaurant! LEAVE NOW OR GET THE HOSE"
  7. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'll keep this up and draw the rest of the Mane 6. Here's Fluttershy!
  8. All MLP characters here belong to Hasbro. The fanart is drawn by me.
  9. Super sad right now!  Its the eve of Katsucon and Im not thereeee Dx

    At least with my new job I should hopefully be able to plan new cosplays and cons!  <3

  10. [attack on titan theme intensifies]
  11. Went to a Woman's March in my state today. 1000/10 must go again. <3<3<3

  12. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    Realized Ive got to give Pinkie Pie some love! This took considerably less time than I thought it would. Enjoy!

    © Art is mine, Pinkie is not

  13. Currently playing Animal Crossing New Leaf!  Its so cute and pure.  ^ w^

    1. SymphonicFire


      I know right? Especially Isabelle and Merengue <3 

    2. Dio


      Pure?  What about stealing Tom Nook's drug money from his rock stashes and becoming kingpin of the illegal bug trade? :P

    3. tacobob


      They recently did an update, so I had to dust off the game and try it out once again..


  14. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    Havent drawn something that I was happy with in ages! Started off as a lazy scribble then kept going. I think I was going in some direction with her hair, then decided "meh I like it. This can stay." and kept going. Wasnt originally going to be Rarity, but somewhere down the line it turned into Rarity. 1st pic of the new year too!

    © Art is mine, Rarity is not.

  15. Happy New Year everyone!  Let's do our best to make this year a lot less terrible than the last! 

  16. why is nobody talking about the fact that a live action Naruto movie (brought to you by Hollywood!) is coming? *smashes panic button*

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    2. SymphonicFire


      Lol remember Black Butler? I haven't finished the manga so I wouldn't know for sure, but they made Ciel a girl in the live action.

    3. starswirlthebearded


      Japan hasn't made many LA animated movies. It is always other countries (mainly China and America). I think the only one that I saw in recent memory (for TV shows) was Kenshin. Which looked good, but was less Kenshin and more red haired samurai movie, with a vaguely kenshinish plot with the same characters.

    4. SymphonicFire


      Well, now we have one good live-action: Ghost in the Shell.



  17. Got engaged over the weekend.  And here I thought we were in NY for some squad fun. Lol.

    1. DreamySunday


      CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you!

    2. SymphonicFire
    3. Dio
  18. Popplio is my precious precious cinnamon bun of a son and I love him.

  19. *dances* Pokemon is out for me on the 18th! 

    1. DreamySunday


      <Pokemon dances with YLB>

    2. Dio


      Don't play early!  You'll get hardware banned!

    3. YourLittleBrony


      You dont have to tell me twice! ^^  Im getting my copy legitimately tomorrow!

  20. Would any friendly Canadian like to adopt an American in need of a new home?  Im housebroken and very good at "Sit" and "Heel". 


    1. SymphonicFire


      <pats>  I can't take you in, but the Canadian immigration site is running again. XDDD 

  21. I am trying SO HARD to avoid the Pokemon Sun/Moon leaks...


    1. SunsetSombra


      Juuuust pretend that they don't exist! ;3

  22. Im NOT ready to go to the polls tomorrow.  *sighs forever*

  23. *watches latest Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer*


    1. Ciraxis


      Huh, curious.

      *watches trailer*

      Cynthia! YES!

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