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  1. Do you have Photoshop? What I do is complete the basic shading and add the general background and shadows while the image still has layers. After I feel like I'm done with that, I flatten the image and use "color dodge" and "overlay" in the brush settings to do the lighting effects. :) The reason why I flatten the image is because you can't use "color dodge" or "overlay" while the layers aren't merged.

    Thanks a bunch! :D I have a Photoshop version that is a little old, but gets the job done for just about anything I need. This is really going to come in handy and I cant wait to get some practice in. Thanks a million! ^-^

  2. [colour=#3D3D3D]You are REALLY good. I kind of want you to draw my oc now... Problem is, these seem to be commissions, and I'm broke. :/[/colour]

    Actually these commissions were paid with virtual monetary on another site I visit! I do freebies from time to time when Im not busy. :3

  3. Not to hate but this OC is kinda useless if the Weather Team in Cloudsdale takes care of the weather.

    Meh. Its not my oc so I really dont know what kind of powers she has. Maybe she does more than create storms, maybe she can create hurricanes or make volcanoes erupt or cause earthquakes. /shrugs

  4. Ah, a unique idea, and well executed. It reminds me of one of my favorite in-show images of Rainbow. The one in Dragonshy where she is frustrated at the slow walking pace of Fluttershy up the mountain.

    Is it inspired by Cinderella?

    This is actually more of an idea my boyfriend and I are messing around with. Before Twilight does any actual princess duties, Celestia and Luna are having fun being trolls and make her do mundane chores and whatnot since she's the newbie princess. xD My boyfriend calls the project "Intern."

  5. I think the magic glow looks just fine, and you picked a good color that matches his cutie mark and the clouds below which gives the whole piece a bit more balance. :) There's lots of different ways you can get glowing effects, layer effects, clipping masks, layer masks, duplicate layer styles.

    Thanks! For the last few days Ive been working with layer masking and I think Im slowly getting the hang of it. Ive also been doing alot with glowing effects and been having alot of fun with it, also at the same time not knowing what in the world Im doing or creating. xD

    And oops! I just noticed I made a bit of a mistake in the caption. "Unicorn companion", not pegasus. This is why I shouldnt upload things and talk about it when Im very tired.

  6. Well, once you figure it out, you ought to tell us what sort of pony she is. :)

    You know whats funny? This almost became my avatar. I whipped this up quick after I finished creating an account, but my earth pony was too awesome to pass up. >w<

  7. I don't think the Cutie Mark is that bad. Honestly, I'm a fan of simple cutie marks in general. (Also, the horn glow is neat, though in my mind having a wrapping band of magic seems more like a sign of precision control than pure strength... for whatever its worth.)

    Thank you. :3

    I was just playing around with the glowing effect without having it be too distracting or obnoxious looking. I wish I had given myself more room to play around with the horn a bit more, but for now it will do.

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